(2016-09-21) Sorting Lights, Darks, and Lies
Sorting Lights, Darks, and Lies
Summary: Things do not go well for Daxton and Rebecca in the Laundry room
Date: 2016-09-21
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This is tha laundry room, a the center is full of washing machines, the dryers line the walls. All clear front loading affairs. There are some couches here with a TV so no one has to leave their laundry unattended. In the back is a rail with stairs going down to the main facilities core to run the systems and infrastructue of the establishment. Slightly lower, one can see the panels that say, usually, that everything is functioning with locked doors leading to the facilites themselves.

Presently there is a crack in one of the walls of the room, in the laundry section for students. Thankfully this area isn't near the walls that keep the ocean out. Since the first crack appeared, there is not a bit of crumbled section roughly a spread of spider like cracks from an indentation about the size of a fist. As well, a scorch mark has appeared on the walls.

The evening had started out well enough, Becca was out in the hub studying. She's the kind of girl who tracks all the words she looks up in the dictionary and highlights flashcards. She's careful to keep her eyes up for the whoosh of Dax coming back from work or what ever drew the Ares boy out at night, maybe just the need to run. Being around other students again after the emptiness of the school and the craziness of summer takes some getting used to. Eventually Becca got tired of her ears burning and slipped into the laundry room to study in the quiet, seated on some washers.
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It doesn't take Dax long to find her. Hoenstly he likes the Laundry room, the constant stimulation allows him to relax some. In his comes, smelling of pizza. No left overs in his hands. No, today it's two more milk shakes. He grins, his hair still wind blown, "Hey Becca….Marshamellow or Chocolate Coconut?" He'll find one that she doesn't like…eventually! Both are offered as he steps over to look down at what she's doing. He never seems to actually do any homework.

"Chocolate coconut." Becca smiles and reaches for that one. She pats the washer next to her and looks at the wind tossed hair. "Hey Champ. Good day at work?" She wonders and offers him a stack of flash cards for one of his classes. She really needs a job or something to distract her from school work.

Daxton easily hops up next to her, starting to suck down the unchosen drink. "Eh…it ws okay. Tips weren't stellar." But no no bruises it looks like, so that's good. His nose wrinkles, "What's this?" He knows what it is, but can't fathom why she's handing them to him.

Becca smiles wickedly. "Flash cards, for class." She tells him helpfully. "See? I even color coded them. Blue cardstock is definitions, green is dates, and yellow is for people or principles." She explains to him and sips on her milkshake slowly as she studies him.

Blue eyes look down at the cards, then up to the pretty girl in front of him, then back to the cards, "Uh-huh." He flips through a few, not very impressed. "Well…I guess I'll leave you to it then…"

Shaking her head, Becca leans in to kiss him softly and smiles. "I'll make a nerd out of you someday Daxton. You'll see." She teases and looks at his blue eyes. "You should see the flashcards I made for me. I even have them marked to indicate the difficulty I have recalling the information." She tells him with a dreamy look in her eyes.

Daxton scoffs, but kisses her back, "I doubt that, unless it's a gun test." He frowns slightly, glancing down at the flash cards in his hands, "Who's are these for then?"

"You. I had a little extra time, and with you working during the week too I thought you could use them to help with your classes." Becca says and turns the top one over so he can see the definition of a science term. "You can shoot a gun? I've never tried. I know how to take them apart and disarm one though."

Daxton just blinks at her for a very long moment. "You made me flashcards….for my classes." He frowns, looking down at the definition, "Of course I can shoot a gun." Army brat plus super secret army experiment ! "disassembling a gun is important, but so is knowing how to shoot it." he'll need to remedy that. "Why do you think I need help with my classes?" There's an odd tone to his voice when he asks, eyes finally flickering up to meet her's briefly before dropping to her chin.

"Who can't use more study time? I'd make them for Tabs too, but she's up more than me-so she has the edge on study habits." Becca shrugs. "I wanted to be able to help-since you're working or we're sneaking off, and I had the time."

Daxton do not look impressed or enthused by the idea of more study time. "You do know I'm not stupid, right?"He hops off the washing machine, "I'm in completely different classes than you anyway."

"Why would I think that?" Becca blinks, surprised at his reaction. "I know your classes are different. I just thought I'd make you something useful. I'm always just baking sweets and trying to act like things are normal. Toss them if you like, I'm sorry." She looks down at her own notebook. It's covered in notes on Isreal, cities specifically, some of them are crossed off. The textbook with her is US History.

Okay, maybe he's overreacting. Daxton sighs, looking back down at the note cards. He is kinda stupid, sometimes. "Okay…thanks." This si not the fun night he had in mind. "I like your baking…" Normal is good, it's the only thing that grounds him anymore. His gaze follows hers, quickly scanning the notes and frowning when they don't match the book with her. "What's that?"

"Cities. Hotels to call, friends he had in Isreal. Lots of dead ends. I'm LA gossip fodder. Rich dad goes missing, mother implicated and MIA in China, boarding school for freaks. Did he bolt to save face? Off him self from shame?" Becca sips her milkshake and looks at Dax. "I can't seem to keep busy enough. Or cook enough to not feel bad I haven't found him yet-or he hasn't reached out for me. I already owe you and the Unit big, I've been calling, emailing, all that on my own."

Daxton nods, "We know he was taken by people with power, Becca. Don't worry what anyone else thinks, oaky?" He steps closer and tries to put his arms around her, "I got a call from Inferno today during class, he left a message. It's about what they found."

Becca softens a little and nods, letting herself be gathered into his arms. "For all we know one of their half baked phasers buried him." She says miserably and props her chin on his shoulder. "I'm sorry the Unit is still on this. You guys must have more important missions."

Daxton's head shakes, "They want to help. There was a phaser there. And a fire elemental of some kind…" He sets his shake down and cradles the back of her head, "Knowing what powers they have will help us know what to train to fight against. Help us make an accurate plan of attack and rescue." A soft kiss is pressed to her temple, "There was a group, a lot actually. Possibly two groups." Dax wasn't there but Inferno is generally never wrong.

"But nothing since that fight?" Becca asks. She's comfortable leaning up against him. "Tabitha went out there…her and Sierra. She was going to go with or with out me so I went too. They knew I'm weak to magic…we never got the chance to investigate." She lets out a little breath.

Daxton frowns, "Tabs went out there? When?' that could have been bad if she messed with evidence…or ran into the Unit without warning. He then stops, "Wait…what?" He pulls away enough to look down at her confused, "You promised me you wouldn't go…"

"Tabitha was going to go with or with out me. I couldn't bare to let her and you were gone. I was going to tell you when you got back, but then you were in sick bay and then China…" Becca shakes her head. "It was a short fight, and we bailed, Sierra was shot, and I got grabbed and I honestly think that's the only reason Tabs stopped fighting and few us out of there. I think she'd have kept going even with Sierra shot." Her voice softens as she looks down at her hands. "They would have killed them Dax, or taken them…"

Daxton's jaw tightens and he lets go of Becca. "It was a short fight?!?!? What the fuck, Rebecca!" He takes a half step back, blue eyes flashing, "You promised me! And then are just telling me now?" Clearly upset and angry he shakes his head, "You're right, they could have been taken or killed. Because they shouldn't have gone! You withheld information form me…from my team. That's not okay. That's how you get people killed. My people." It's hard to tell with the washing machines, but he may be vibrating slightly.

"I was going to but after China it seemed worthless. My parents are gone. I haven't heard from my mom, she might-your team might have killed her and my dad is no where to be found. Tracking him down seemed more important and I know I promised-but she would have gone alone. Just Tabs and all those Triads…" Becca shrubs her face. "I couldn't have her blood on my hands too."

Daxton's face darkens and his arms fold, "But you could risk my team by not telling me all the intel. Nice." his bangs sway slightly as he shakes his head, "And telling me the true seemed worthless?…You're damn right we might have killed her. If she was there and actively trying to stop us. That was our mission." There's no empathy or remorse on that possibility. Weather it's his training leaking through, or his anger at his own father, Becca's mom gets no second chances in his eyes.

"I…I didn't know it would even effect your team, it's been weeks and no news, nothing. We didn't even learn anything-except that bit about magic." Becca slides off the dryer and walks over to the couch, sitting down and drawing up her legs before she looks at Dax. "I'm really sorry, I am. It just slipped, I've been so focused on if there's still a threat or a record of me out there in that gang and with my dad…I have a grandpa in assisted living, but…he's not considered sound enough to be my guardian-I'm sorry, I just-my head isn't on straight."

Yeah, look at the good that info did them. "Of course it could have effected my Unit. Or more importantly, if you did something like that again, they could attack them, thinking it was the people that attacked your dad!" He doesn't move over to her, still angry, "Things like that don't 'slip' your mind for this long, Rebecca." A hand raises and runs though his hair in a very annoyed manner. Almost like e's annoyed at the hair, along wont Becca. "Is there anything else? I need to let them know."

"No, if I moved or breathed outside the school besides that, you knew about it." Becca says quietly. She sinks back into the couch, eyes closed, letting herself phase. "I won't go anywhere with out telling you again." She adds after a second, looking down at her hands. "I killed someone there, I think. I sunk him most of the way into the ground and never got the chance to pull him out. Tabitha had four men on her, Sierra had another two. There were eight in total. Two very strong types, one of them was the one from the cell. The Magic users, you've met one of them too and gun men."

Daxton doesn't say it but his expression clearly implies he doesn't believe that. "You don't have to tell me , you can go where ever you want." It doesn't matter, does it? Oh, betrayal, even of the smallest forms is rough when you're 16. His jaw tightens but he doesn't move as she tells about the killed man. that explains some of what Inferno said. "You should talk to a teacher." The first kill is the hardest, right? "I'll let Inferno know." His voice is laced with a lot of emotions and he turns to leave. On the washing machine is left his milkshake and flash cards.

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