(2016-09-21) Deadly Drinks and Lunch Talk
Deadly Drinks and Lunch Talk
Summary: Because lethaler apparently isn't a word!
Date: 2016-09-21
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At one time this served as the crow's nest and lighthouse of the fort. About the size of a small land based lighthouse, the bottom floor has been converted to a modern glass structure that serves as the seating of the cafeteria of the school. There are a dozen tables, enough to seat the entire student body of the school. Each table has four or five aluminum chairs around it, each with a view out of one of the glass walls. The stairwell up to the light and crow's nest is in the main room but is marked as off limits to the student body.

Rissa's here, staring at a bottle of some sort of viscous fluid. It doesn't look very pleasant looking, and she doesn't seem eager to bolt it down. Next to it is another, smaller bottle which looks to be some kind of clear bottle of much less dubious provenance. Seated at the bench, the young woman contemplates the two substances with the gravity one might contemplate bomb they're expecting to go off. As usual, she has gotten here a little early and has picked an empty table to start at.

She has not, so far, proven to be much of a social butterfly. Maybe because she stares at bottles. At least they're serving pizza today!

Ollie -is- a social butterfly and when she notices that there is an empty table with someone she knows, she heads right on over to plop her tray down. If they had cheeseless pizza, she grabbed that, but if not, she chose whatever vegan option was given. That, at least, hasn't changed. She sits, adjusting the skirt of her uniform, and takes a sip of her glass of water before looking from the bottles to Rissa, "What's that?" is asked in a friendly tone.

Social butterfly is one of many terms that can be used to describe Felicia, so is troublemaker. It's that last one that has her roaming around the cafeteria, plastic apron on and a bottle of cleaning stuff and rag in hand. Lunch time detention, she's serving it. Seeing Ollie joining Rissa at a table she makes her way over there. Nothing much to clean just yet with it still early in the meal time "Hey!" she greets with enthusiasm, even though she is in the middle of a punishment for who knows what. "sorry about embarrassing you yesterday Rissa." she comes right out and says that upfront.

Oh look! Ollie is treated, as ever, to more envy from Rissa. At least it's not as present or intense as last time. More like background. And with all the odd dietary requirements likely to spring up at the school, cheeseless pizza is probably quite easy to acquire (even if it takes them a moment to run one through the oven). "I THINK it's a mixture of battery acid and some heavy metals. The clear stuff is something to neutralize it. I'm getting one of the doctors to help me build up my chemical resistance, but… Well… it's probably gonna give me a tummyache, and I'm expecting it to taste AWFUL. So I'm not eager to drink it." Pause. "Now that my heart is working again, I should be fine, it's just… It's going to taste AWFUL."

At least Ollie's attention seems to have cheered her up a little. Even if she's looking pretty serious. The addition of Felicia earns a genuine smile. Two people she's had positive interactions with! "It's really alright, Leesha. I'm just totally weird about… sex-stuff and innuendo. I've never really had friends to joke around with, so I'm not quick to pick up on things or deal with having eyes on me."

"Felicia!" Ollie greets with a big smile but then looks at the spray bottle and rag, "How did you manage to get lunch detention? And if you sit, we won't tell…" is offered before she looks back to Rissa with a blink. "Wait, what? Why would you have to drink that? Won't it kill you? I mean…that sounds horrible!"

She then looks between the two other girls…if she picked up on the jealousy, she doesn't draw attention to it. "Ok, now I have to ask…what happened?" Her eyes flick back to Rissa, "You're going to get attention for a little while because you're new. When you're old, like me and Felicia, then you won't get as much." It's said with a grin before she takes a bite of her cheeseless pizza.

"Well of course it is going to taste awful. If it tasted good everyone would be drinking it..and dying." says Captain Obvious to Rissa. "Well I will try to control my mouth then." wish her luck with that one, she really doesn't have a very good sensor.

"You know the new teacher…with the squid face?" Felicia starts to answer Ollie's question "I asked him if he was going to met with Captain Jack later for a rematch." no sensor at all sometimes

"Worst case scenario it'll destroy my stomach and tank one of my kidneys. I'll just use my thymus to take over the work of screwed up kidney since it doesn't do anything, and I don't really need to eat anyway. I'm veeeerrry hard to kill. Besides, this stuff is already pretty diluted. Once I heal and everything's back online, the corrosives and heavy metals won't be nearly as dangerous as they used to be, so I can move up to a lower dilution. I still have to psych myself up though. No worries." A pause. "I wouldn't actually drink it here, anyway. I might make a mess. But it makes me feel more normal to have have something when I come here."

Rissa shrugs helplessly and looks over at Felicia,"This is probably enough to cause severe discomfort and nausea in most people." Pause. "And don't worry, Leesha. Just… you be you. I'll adapt, or I won't, but it's not actually hurting me. It's not your job to police yourself to make me comfy." Another pause as Felicia reveals the reason for lunch detention, and she seems shocked,"I… I can't be sure if that's offensive or not. Does… does that happen a lot here?"

<FS3> Oliver rolls Acting: Failure.

Ollie actually giggle-snorts at Felicia's reason for being in detention. It's deserved, but was probably so worth it. She looks back to Rissa as she describes what might happen, and she can't hide her disgust. "Why? Why would you do that to yourself? And what happens if you end up ruining all your insides? Then what takes over?" Not that she knows exactly how Rissa works, but she's heard enough to sort of guess.

The change of subject, however, is met, "It's one of the best things about Felicia…she doesn't police what she says…good term. So you know she's never fake."

"Dude, because she can." The way Felicia sees it Rissa is taking a risk, and she is all about taking risks, the riskier the better "I don't know. If I were you I would get an audience, charge admission. Make a show of it." and she would totally do that. She loves an audience! She is the textbook example of an Ares student.

There is a bit of head cant "Who else am I going to be? Felicia is all I know." and she is still working on that one herself. "Thanks Ollie." she gives her a grin "It's an actual mental effort for me me lie and sensor myself. I'm horrible at both." she taps at her head with the spray bottle "Brain damage kinda wrecked out this thing in here works. For the better in some ways, for worse in others."

"What happens if you get in a fight with someone and they clip you just right? What happens if you trip and break your neck? What happens if someone throws a fireball or beam of light or something and it hits a little too dead center? This is how I work. I was shot… IN THE HEART. That's how I got here. It's better to take the chances while I have a school like this to watch me. And if I work it out well enough… I won't ever have to worry about it again. One more thing I'm safe fro-" Then the subject is changing. She is only too happy to let it go.

"Even if I don't like what someone's saying, I'd always rather them be straight with me…" Rissa looks sideways at Felicia then, and as horrible as it sounds… she's easily influenced and wants people to like her,"… 10% if you can arrange it in away that doesn't break the rule- No. Wait. That's a bad idea. Then I'd just be a spectacle." Rissa frowns,"I don't want to be a spectacle." She actually reaches out to check Felicia's tie as before, and neaten up her appearance,"It's a beautiful brain and it works the way it's supposed to right this moment, anyway."

"Well, I think you're awesome, damaged brain and all," Ollie smiles before looking back to Rissa. She's not as much into taking risks as some other students — rather, her risks are very different. "I think you're only a spectacle if you want to be one. Or if you care what other people are saying." Not that it can be controlled. She falls quiet then, an eyebrow arching as Rissa moves to fix Felicia's tie.

If she had a free hand one would be going to Ollie's shoulder about now so instead Felicia just gestures to her "People like Rissa and I, that have died or had near death experiences, we typically don't do what ifs. Those are for other people. We either do it or just don't think about it." the way she says it makes it sound kind of freeing, though she is only 16, what does she know. "But you do make a point..about the spectable thing." there is a bit of chuckle when she cuts off the rule breaking "Hello. I'm an Ares rule breaking is in our mission statement." or maybe that is just her mission statement. When Rissa starts fussing with her crooked tie and wrinkly clothes there is a sigh, but she doesn't fidget. "If you say so, though getting rid of that large gaping hole in it would be nice."

"Well, tell you what. If I ever figure out how to shunt my thinking to, like, my spleen or something, I'll give you a piece of mine to fill it." She taps her chin thoughtfully at that. Nope. Not something even she is willing to try, yet. "I always heal clean, but it still takes a lot of time to power through major stuff." Rissa finishes with Felicia's clothes and tie and returns her hands to herself, staring at the bottles again,"I like the way you think Leesha. Prometheus, me. I'll let you blaze a trail and listen to your gossip when detention is over. Rule-breaking, not always so much our thing." She thinks. She's new anyway.

Ollie just listens and looks between two as she works on her slice of pizza. "That's not entirely fair," is offered quietly to Felicia when she explains about her's and Rissa's similar past history. She won't, however, delve into it to start an argument. Instead, she just falls quiet.

Felicia wrinkles her nose "The spleen…if your spleen is acting as your brain how is is supposed to do what it is supposed to do?" which she has no idea what it does. "I do it the easy way, just don't get hurt." one thing she is is hard to hurt. It happens but rarely.

There is a frown at Ollie, she isn't exactly sure what about what she said isn't fair "I'm not exactly sure why you say that…"

Rissa grins though,"So, Ollie, when you graduate, what big horizons are you headed off to, old-timer?" In deference to her seniority. As for Felicia,"It's kind of hard to explain, I just… It's sort of like my organ tissues are SUPER-GENERALIZED, so I just sort of look around for cells that aren't doing anything or have spare capacity and just kind of… shunt it around. My favorite is the thymus because it's hard to really hurt it. And since my body is already pretty resilient, it's easy to let some things fall by the wayside temporarily. Like, my lungs basically serve no purpose, for example."

There's a shake of her head as Ollie just tries to dismiss it, "It's nothing." Rissa's change of subject is welcome…sort of. "Oh, I still have another year. Felicia's the one graduating this year! I haven't really decided what I want to do. I mean, I thought I did, but I don't really know anymore. I'm probably just going to look at the one college in town and if that doesn't end up happening, I'll figure out something else."

"I may be graduating and be a senior Ollie, but you have been here a lot longer than I have." Felicia says to Ollie "I only started here in March." she waves a hand "But doesn't ask what my plans for after graduation are…I don't even know what I will be doing five minutes from now let alone ten months from now. Rissa's explanation is followed by a "Huh." her go to word at things that should surprise her but doesn't and in this case doesn't fully understand "You don't see that sorta thing in comics that often."

Rissa nods to Ollie as she finally snatches up her bottles and rises,"Better aspirations than I have right now. I want to go full-time comic-book hero…" As for Felicia? "Yeah. Is that a… what was Tabitha calling it? A soup-or-salad-in (Super Saiyan?) thing? I dunno. Anyway, girls, III am about to go give myself the most wicked stomach-ache ever. See ya'll tomorrow! Felicia, I have a had that would be darling on you, Ollie, I'd share this scarf I have that would look darling on you, but you' can make better. Ta for now." She's trying SO hard to get the lingo.

Ollie looks up as Rissa rises. "Hey, I like that aspiration! I mean, I sort of know what I want to do, but…" she isn't so sure anymore. A face is made as the goth girl mentions going to try that chemical drink, "Ugh. Good luck? Let me know if you need anything like…a Tums?" Would that even help? "Thank you for the offer, but I think I have a scarf! I bet the scarf looks amazing on you too!"

She then looks to Felicia and smile, "Just because I've been here longer doesn't mean I have a clue about what happens when I graduate. I'm actually trying not to think about that too much."

Rissa gets a double thumbs up from Felicia "Be sure you do that in the bathroom. I don't want to have to clean up that mess." with her dentions it could happen! "Later Rissa." there is a nod given to Ollie "I don't think about it at all."

Ollie smiles a little and looks down at her tray of food, "Lucky. Things are going to get tricky for me even before I graduate though…although it's close enough that it might not be that big of a difference." There's a little sigh before she finishes off her pizza and goes in for the side salad she also got. "How long are you stuck on Lunchroom Duty?"

"Tricky how?" Felicia has no idea, does he mean the girl thing? The alien thing? Something else like math or english? She looks at Ollie a bit worriedly "For the rest of the week, but it beats writing an essay."

"The rest of the week?" Ollie's eyes widen, "Wow." But the question about the trickiness gets a shrug, "When I turn 18, I'm not longer a Ward of the State. I'm an adult. No stipend, no assistance…I'm completely on my own."

Felicia nods, she must have really touched a nerve with Krucheon, the new teacher with the squidface. "Wrong!" she makes a buzzing noise. "You may not have a earth biological family but you have friends, great friends, so you aren't on your own. Not really."

The quick response gets another smile, "Thanks, Felicia, and I know that, but it's not -quite- the same." Ollie picks some at her salad, "Anything I have to pay for comes from me…it's why I'm not sure I can even go to college. I may just need to go right to work so I can figure out where and how to live. At least I can save on clothes…" mostly, since she can add some of them into her ability. "And if you guys go off elsewhere to college or something…"

There's another shrug before Ollie looks up, "Quick…I see Squiddy coming in. Look busy!"

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