(2016-09-20) Lethal Drinks and Lunch Talk
Lethal Drinks and Lunch Talk
Summary: It's lunch time people talk
Date: 2016-09-20
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At one time this served as the crow's nest and lighthouse of the fort. About the size of a small land based lighthouse, the bottom floor has been converted to a modern glass structure that serves as the seating of the cafeteria of the school. There are a dozen tables, enough to seat the entire student body of the school. Each table has four or five aluminum chairs around it, each with a view out of one of the glass walls. The stairwell up to the light and crow's nest is in the main room but is marked as off limits to the student body.

She's got her uniform on! It's even designed to fit so that with some effort and some padding it looks like she has proper small curves and such. All in all, it's a step in the right direction for her feminine presentation. She is, however sitting alone. Why?

No, no one's avoiding her, really. She just hasn't been around long enough to really accrue a horde of friends to sit with her at every meal just yet. She doesn't seem in bad spirits though. Even if she isn't eating. No, she's just tapping away on a tablet pc, apparently distracted enough with that. The cafeteria is busy yet, though, and fairly bustling with the noon-time diners (it's why she's turned her hearing off!).

Felicia is just leaving the food line with her tray of assorted lunch foods. She is not a picky eater, so she tends to get a little of everything. The teenage Titan glance about the cafeteria trying to decide where and with whom to sit with today. She is a social butterfly so it isn't always the same people.

Oh! a newish face. That's where she will go. Felicia heads to Rissa's table and plops down across from her. The girl's own uniform is a it wrinkly, the tie crooked and loose "Hey there." she greets as if she has known Rissa for years, that's just how she rolls. "How's things? How ya likin' it here?" boy is she friendly.

She's got a deep-ish voice for those strong features, but she's working on it, darnit! "Oh, it's really great. Everyone's super-nice, and virtually everyone I've talked to has been super-welcoming, too." This said as she sets the tablet down and plops her chin down in her hand so she can look Felicia over. "Hiiii…."

After a moment of looking at the girl's clothes (no comment on her scar or such), the girl reaches out a hand tentatively,"Your tie is crooked, do you mind if I fix…" Pause. "Sorry, Rissa. I'm a bit of a busy body sometimes. When you don't eat, you find other ways to fill your time. I guess maybe I spend a little too much time paying attention to others."

"Yeah, That's the great thing about this place. Hardly any bullies." at least that bother Felicia. Students tend not to mess with the Ares students, they’re usually the troublemakers, none more so that Felicia.
Not being fiddly with her uniform or having a problem with personal space Felicia shrugs at the offer “if ya want." it’s lunchtime and the pair are sitting at a table. It's just the two of them at it so far, but that probably won't be the case for log

Cue Rissa reaching out to straighten and neaten up Felicia's tie, and then she begins patting the girl's uniform where appropriate, trying to smooth some of the wrinkles out. Yep. She's a fussy kind of lady. "Sorry. I just have a thing about… clothes. It's weird." A pause. "I imagine it's harder to be a bully when there are people who can teleport your brain to the moon going to class with you. So, what year are you? Is it polite to ask that?"

Besa steps in, having been quiet most of the day. Strangely after all the fuss, there's no hat (Not that he can wear it in classes) and no product in his hair. The boy has a large book opened is is reading, only glancing up to make sure he's not going to bump into anything. The lunch lien is long, he's got a few people ahead before he needs to start thinking about grabbing a tray and what food he can deal with today.

Besa finally closes his book and gets his tray. An apple, salad and oh, look! A sandwich! The Dark skinned boy is being adventurous. Bottled water and a few lemon slices and he's now looking for a place to sit. Eventually his eyes land on Tabs he he starts walking towards them.

Tabitha gives Felicia a quick upnod. "Not much. Class, rehersals, etcetera. How's it going with you?" Then she smiles at Rissa's compliment, the smile getting a bit wider as Rissa remembers to make herself more people-colored. "Super Saiyan, because of the whole 'beat me up and I come back stronger' thing you've got going on." She offers the others some lemonade, pours some for any who accept, then takes a vial of a dark, sooty powder from her shirt pocket and pours it into the pitcher then gives it a stir. Besa's approach is noted and she pulls out a chair for him.

Felicia gives a shrug at the next question as she noms a few fries "Probably. From what I gather I am one of the youngest of the seniors. When I was enrolled here and tested they said I was a junior, I wasn't going to argue with them." which means she was new just last school term. There is a grin at the term used for Tabitha "Yeah, if we had a welcome to CS club here, Tabitha would be the ring leader…" there is a thoughtful moment "Or would it be Becca?" she gives a glance to Tab's for confirmation. "Everyone here is a whole bucket of weird in their own ways." a can of Monster is pulled out of her trouser pockets…how on earth did she fit that in there without it showing?! There is a chuckle at the Super Saiyan "Goku for the win!" as Besa approaches where they sit she finally gives him a wave.

Rissa looks over Besa as he approaches, eyes tracking him gently. Fingers wiggle in greeting to the boy, but otherwise does not call out. Other people have acknowledge the boy. Greetings will eventually follow, she's sure.

Rissa lets her gaze drift back to Tabitha, pointing,"That one. Yeah… Give me a moment…" She looks distant. Still, her skin regains most human pinkness, and she even picks up a pulse for the moment. "Right. So I'm apparently an Uber-Sayitagain." Okay then. She's trying, honest!

Time to goggle at the copious amount of refreshment Felicia totes,"What's a Goku- and how the heck did you fit something that big in those pants?" Her face says that, no, she's not at all conscious off the abusive potential of that phrase,"You must be super-smart."

Besa smiles, assuming the seat is an invitation. "Hello everyone. I hope the day is well?" His accent is think, and clearly arabic in nature. Rissa gets a nod, but her exclamation about Fel's pants makes him blink and wisely shut up. Instead he just sits and starts arranging his food to eat.

"And I'm probably the oldest sophomore." Tabitha makes the comment on the heels of Felicia's of being young for a senior. She works on her large pile of food between drinks of her now soot-grey lemonade, then shrugs at Felicia's bit about the welcome wagon. "Not sure. I think it's a toss-up between Becks and me, but at least now we're concentrated in one dorm room." The smile is back at the 'bucket o' weird' remark, "Yes, indeed. We've got everything from shapeshifters to wizards to merfolk to living water to our own version of Frankenstein's Monster and every flavor in between."

Besa's arrival gets the smile turned his way, "So far it is. How's school going for you?" Rissa's butchering of 'super saiyan' causes Tabs to choke just a tiny bit on her lunch. And it's good that she was recovering from that when the 'in your pants' remark is served up, because it means she's not going to choke a second time. She does cough a bit more and then can't help but say, "That's what she said."

"Goku is a super saiyan in Dragon Ball Z." Felicia says to Rissa "It's the anime Tabs was talking about. There is a snerk at Rissa's comment "You should see what is in my other pocket." there is an eyebrow waggle followed by a wink to Rissa at her risque teasing. "Super something, smart ain't it." troublemaker would probably fit the best.

"Hmmm…flavors." Felicia is in a mood today, a weird one but at least it is good, but when isn't it with her. "It is a hard choice…though Becca does make the cookies." such good cookies…yum! "It will be better when classes are over." she tells Besa. Classes…she isn't a bit fan, but its where all her friends are.

"Nice to meetcha, guybro. Rissa." Yes. She just called him guybro. MAYBE she is trying to sound more cosmopolitan? "I feel relatively normal about my placement now." She eyeballs the lemonade,"Are you eating… carbon?" She eyes the lemonade more suspiciously.

Still, Rissa is being pretty dense today,"I don't get it… What? Wait…" She walks it backwards in her mind,"… in my pants…" She puzzles over that for a moment or two,"Oh, what do you have in your other…" She trails off and er eyes go as wide as saucers then, and she's blushing an even brighter color. How many shades does she have? "OOOOH. OOOOOH. Look, you're nice and all, but we just met…" She's being utterly serious and looking slightly panicy. Don't wanna upset a senior!

Besa offers , "Tabitha makes very yummy honey apple peels." He blinks, not knowing what a guybro is, "Hello, I am Besa." He goes quiet again as Rissa rambles. Instead he'll glance over to Tabitha, "It is going well." He pats the book of poetry sitting next to his tray, "I am reading Whitman."

Tabitha has quickly gone back to eating her food, since there's a lot of it for her to go through in the relatively short time of lunch break. She pauses and finishes swallowing her current bite at Rissa's question about the lemonade. A brief nod and then, "Yep. Mostly carbon and silicon, with trace amounts of things like tungsten and platinum, with a pinch of cyanide for the heart." She waggles her eyebrows before taking a sip. When Besa compliments her honey apple peels she grins, "Those are cyanide free."

And then oh geeze, Rissa catches up on the 'monster in your pocket' train of thought and gets all flustered. Tabitha tries to calm her with a hand on the shoulder while trying to keep the laughter out of her voice. "It's all good, Karissa. Just jokes, right?" She looks to Felicia for support on this, since she's pretty sure Besa's out of the loop on this kind of humor.

< FS3> Felicia rolls Academics: Good Success.

When Tabitha lists off the things in her drink there is a arch of brow "Cyanide, huh." but that's about the only reaction Felicia has to the girl ingesting a known poison. "Totally joking." she is trying not to laugh, but it isn't easy, especially for her "Not that I don't have a lot of things in my pockets…soda, snacks, pens, dice, flashlight, pen knife, shoes, a change of clothes…" she lists an impossible amount of things to be in a pocket, especially pants pockets. There is a look to Besa and his book "Whitman? The poet? Or am I confusing him with someone else?"

Rissa meanwhile lifts herself up off of her seat, looking absolutely mortified,"I… I'm almost tempted to ask you for a sip." Just to work on her poison and heavy metal resistance? Except, when would she ever ingest them anyway!? She still looks rather embarrassed though, alright, deciding to excuse herself as Felicia continues to list all the things in her pockets.

She wiggles fingers as they introduce themselves, and looks over her shoulder at Tabitha,"I'm going to… uh.. go do inscrutable martial arts training." That's anime, right? "IamtotallynotleavingbeauseIfeelawkwardokaythanks-" Yeah. She's totally leaving because she feels awkward now.

Besa's eyebrow raises and he laughs softly, "That is good to know." About the cyanide. Besa just knows talking about girls pants are taboo, nothing about a monster in them. He's so out of the loop. Fel gets a nod, "Yes, Felicia. The poet. Everyone was talking of poems, so I wanted to read some. Grayson suggested this book." He blinks, confused as the strange girl leaves.

Tabitha shrugs at Rissa's comment about trying some of the blackdrink lemonade. "Eh, if anyone else asked I'd say no chance. But for you I'd say talk to the doctors if they think it's safe for your biology." She half-shrugs at Felicia, "Not a poison for me. Just a nutritional suppliment, really." And then Rissa is getting up and going away for reasons entirely unrelated to awkwardness, I'm sure (yeah, right). Tabitha gives her a quick wave, "I'll be doing some work on my vocals after class today if you want to join me." Once Rissa has left she rejoins the table talk. "I've read a good bit of poetry, myself. Seemed like the thing to do when I started writing songs, since lyrics are similar to poems."

Felicia watches as Rissa makes excuses and heads out "Well that's a first." she has never embarrased anyone into leaving before..not that she can remember at least. She will have to apologize or something later. There is a nod to Tabs "Whatever doesn't kill ya…right." there is an amused chuckle. "Grayson seems the poetry type…if poetry has a type that is." she doesn't seem quite sure about that. "How's the album doing?" she asks the other girl when she brings up the vocal practice and song writing.

Besa nods, "I enjoy poetry." His head tilts, "There is a poetry type?" He starts eating, squeezing the lemon wedges into the water bottle.

Tabitha half-shrugs and nods to Felicia, "Pretty much, yeah. Just don't ask me to shovel snow or get anything out of the freezer." She shrugs again at Besa's question, "No idea. I just like reading the older poems. Newer stuff doesn't do much for me." She downs a bit more of her lunch before answering Felicia's question, "It's going well. Sales are steady and if they stay that way it will go platinum in a few months. Just about in time for our next album set to be released just before Thanksgiving."

"Maybe. Though saying it sounds kinda labely and judgy so lets just say there isn't and call it good." Felicia likes the judgment free zone that she tries to live in. Some days are harder than others. "Ugh, snow. Let someone else have that." she glances around a moment "To bad this place isn't mobile. They could move it south for the winter, and we wouldn't have to deal with the cold." that would be so nice. "Another album already? Wow you guys move quick."

Shovel snow? Besa's so lost. Besa drinks his water, listening. "I would rather it not move. We have enough trouble with things moving in the ocean." Kraken and shark men and all. "I am enjoying Whitman. Perhaps he would help you with your songs, Tabitha."

"I wouldn't mind being able to shift the school to warmer waters. Somewhere without winter." Tabitha considers the possibility, "It would make it hard for students who wanted to have jobs, though." She shrugs at the comment of her band moving fast. "I've been writing songs for almost eight years, and the band's been together for almost five. We've got…" she does a quick tally in her head, then shrugs, "over a hundred songs in our pool even after the second album set, which will be a 2-disc deal like our first release." She considers Besa's suggestion and nods, "I'll give him a read next chance I get. Never hurts to try out new writing."

Felicia has to agree with Tabitha on this one but only gives a nod to show it. Not being the poetry coniesseur like the others she doesn't make any further comment on Whitman or any other poets for that matter "True. My job will be ending in a few weeks. The park is going to partially close and let go of thier summer staff." which includes her, the job hunt will commence "That's a lot of songs to record. Good luck." and she is sincere in that. And then the bell rings to signal the end of lunch and that all the students should be heading to their next class. "Ugh math…how I hate thee!" she will then get up and join the groups taking their trays to the return and heading to class.


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