(2016-09-20) Ice Cream Social
Ice Cream Social
Summary: People are social around ice cream and other desserts
Date: 2016-09-20
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If Jacob were any more of an ordinary teenage boy in his social habits, you could call it 'aggressive'. He will go out for ice cream /by himself/ and not give a darn about it. Which is just what he's done this evening, mostly because he'd been staring at textbooks for three hours straight and needed a break.

Hours of book study will drive a teen to ice cream. Two in fact. Besa and Rain are walking towards the parlor. The boy has changed out of the school uniform into a goth tee and a black fedora. "Schuyler said it was hip-rah to wear such a hat." He doesn't seem to upset, whatever that could mean. "It is why he gave me the gel."

Tabitha hasn't been staring at textbooks much today, at least not outside of class. Instead she's spent the time in one of the art dome's recording rooms, alternating between working on her own voice practice and helping Rissa with getting her voice in check. So after working the vocal cords that long it's more than time for a break. Although the weather is still fairly warm, she's starting to dress for chill in her usual work boots, worn jeans, t-shirt, and an old heavy flannel hoodie. She's walking towards the ice cream parlor with her hood up and her hair all tucked under her black knit watch cap. Hands in pockets and sort of hunched, she's not doing much to encourage contact since that would mean she'd either have to talk or go into Subtitles Mode, which isn't a great idea in town.

It wasn't a hard choice, ice cream beats studying any day, especially when you have already been at it for awhile. So the break was a welcome one. "Hip-rah?" Rain repeats with a bit of confusion as she tries to put the word in context "Seriously? I can see hipster but hip-rah." she gives a shake of her head as the pair approaches the ice cream parlor "He wouldn't know fashion sense if it walked up and introduced itself to him." the notices the other familiar faces also converging on the ice cream place and wiggles her perfectly manicured fingers at them. They are coppery colored today. A pleasant contrast to the green jumper she has on with the matching floppy hat that covers her pale blond fishtail braided hair.

Jacob looks over toward the entrance as he hears a familiar voice or two, offering a friendly wave as he tries to work that out in his head as well. "Hip-rah? You think maybe he meant it as two words, like Hip Ra?" Because Besa does have that sort of look about him. "So you guys started seeing little red and blue spots in front of your eyes too, huh?"

Besa snaps and points at Rain, "That was it, yes. Hipster." He laughs about Sky, "He has his own fashion." Besa looks up at the finger wave to others and smiles at both Jacob and Tab, "Hello Jacob, Tabitha." There's a head shake, "No…it was hipster." His ehaqd tilts and there's more head shaking no, "If you are seeing things you should go to medical." Tab is given a worried look, he worries about her eyesight with the bandages anyway.

Tabitha might be looking down at the ground mostly, but that doesn't keep her from spotting Rain's finger-wave or the presence of the others. She looks up to return the wave and give a brief smile in greeting. She gives Besa a quick upnod at his greeting, but doesn't return it in words. She does give her throat a quick tap to indicate she's overworked her voice for the moment, then holds the door to the ice cream parlor open for the others.

That makes a whole lot more sense. Now Rain doesn't have to mentally poke at her brother to figure out what he was talking about. "Sky cares less for the hipster look than he does the preppy look. Maybe because he can't seem to pull it off." she gives a bit of a shrug "No mine were just purple." because red and blue make purple "He's joking Besa." she points out to him, but not in a rude or consecending way. It's pointed out nicely. "Sore throat?" she doesn't know Tabs well enough to know about the singing stuff and look at her, does she look like she would be into that kinda music? Not a chance. She nods her thanks as the door his held open and heads inside with the others.

See? Rain gets him. Jacob shoots a quick little grin her way, then his gaze wanders over to Tabitha and he offers a sympathetic wince. "Well, you've come to the right place for that, at least."

Besa kinda got that feeling about Sky, but he wouldn't actually say it. Maybe the blonde wishes his hair was darker like Besa's? His's eyebrow raises, now worried about Tab's voice too. Are her ears in danger next too? The group is given a weird look, they re all being weird! Spots and no voices! he just wants ice cream. A smile quickly spreads on his face, he really is a kid in a candy-well, ice cream shop and he darts ahead to look down at the different flavors.He does strangley keep his arms folded, his hands away from touching anything.

Tabitha shrugs at the question about her having a sore throat. She doesn't seem to be overly concerned about it. Once inside she stays away from the section of counter where all the ice cream is, instead going up to the register and handing the clerk a post-it note. The cashier raises an eyebrow but reads it, then calls to the back room. "Pick up for Lillian!" Tabitha smiles and taps her throat to explain to the cashier why she used a note instead of talking, then pays for her order, which is a large hot apple cobbler a la mode and a hot chocolate with extra whipped cream. Order in hand she looks for and snags a table with enough room for the others if they choose to join her.

"What were you studying so hard that it caused you to see spots…even figurative ones?" Rain asks of Jacob as she follows at a more leisurely pace behind Besa to the ice cream cooler. She seems a bit amused that the Egyptian teen is all excited. Already knowing what flavor she wants she tells the person behind the counter "A double of orange pineapple in a cup, please." she then glances at what Tabs already has waiting for her "Now that is going it right." she gives the other girl an okay sign then looks to Besa "What flavor are you trying this time?"

Jacob has been working his way through a cup of pecan praline flavor. "Trigonometry has been the rough spot lately," he answers. "I get the basic ideas all right, it's just a matter of not getting them mixed up with each other. What about you guys?" A beat, then: "Oh, and did you ever manage to wrestle that washing machine into submission?"

Besa bounces as he goes from one display to the next, reading the different flavors. As excited as he is, he's frowning down at the ice cream, unsure, "There are many… I think…Black Walnut…." He then looks up, scanning the topping list, "Do they have honey?" He glances over his shoulder to see where Tabitha is sitting and will shoot her a smile before turning back to the lady waiting to take his order, "Yes. Black Walnut with honey please." He'll just hope they have it. He does't answer Jacob directly, instead, "I will be throwing pottery tonight. Liam needs a few more pots." So apparently that means Besa needs ice cream energy!

"Makes you kind of miss lowly algebra doesn't it?" Rain asks him as she takes her ice cream from the server and grabs a spoon from the holder "Next year I think I will try for AP classes. I enrolled to late this year to take the placement tests for them." your classic overachiever here! "No it ate some of my clothes. I send my laundry out with Sky's now." been there, done that, threw money at it, the true rich girl way "If not we can run across the street and pick up a honey bear." maybe he should just start carrying one of those around. "Where is Liam putting all these pots?" she wonders curiously.

Overachiever indeed! Jacob makes a show of balling up a paper napkin and chucking it in Rain's direction, though it falls short by a good few feet. "I hear it's been doing that a lot. Maybe we should ask the faculty to let us just haul it out of there and turn it into a pinata, you know? Speaking of, what's a honey bear?" He assumes she isn't literally going to raid the zoo.

Besa's just lucky Sky gave him so many hand me down tees. He's been washing them in a tub and letting everything hang dry. Until he finds someone to do his laundry for him, that's what he's got. At leafs his clothes are clean! He gets confused, "A bear?" His hair would be swishing with the head shake, but he's got the fedora on, "No, I want honey." Besa shrugs softly, "I believe in his room." He does indeed get his ice cream in a cup with honey and pays for it with cash.

Tabitha has been sitting quietly while the others make their way through ordering, just quietly enjoying her hot dessert items. She seems to especially enjoy watching the ice cream melt against the hot cobbler then spooning up the liquid mess with some of the apple filling. She lets it and the cocoa soothe her worn out throat until she's feeling comfortable enough to talk again. It's not that she has to worry about damaging her voice anymore, with her regeneration it'd be damned hard to pull that off, but she spent so many years singing without powers that resting her voice after practice is practically etched into her soul.

She can understand why Besa wouldn't know what a honey bear is, but Jacob not knowing. Rain pays for her own ice cream as she explains "A honey bear. It's a plastic squeeze bottle shaped like a bear that honey comes in. It's got honey in it, its shaped like a bear, therefore, honey bear." she heads over to the table and joins Tabitha. "You know what I am talking about right?"

Jacob is still hanging out where he was, but it's pretty close anyway. He snaps his fingers as Rain explains about the bear thing. "Right, yeah, I've seen those, I just didn't know /that's/ what you meant. I thought maybe it was the name of a type of candy or something."

Besa ohs. American's are so weird. Why would it not be a bee shaped bottle? "I would like to buy some honey sometime." Sitting down next to Rain he looks over to what Tab is eating, "That looks good Tabitha." Turnign back to Rain, "Do you want to throw tonight?"

Tabitha nods her head to Rain as the others join her, "Of course. Back home we've got those things scattered all over the orphanage." She keeps her voice low, more than a whisper but soft enough to carry far. "Also, Liam needs a lot of pots because he does plant magic. Like that guy from last year who kept using his to grow weed. And you can keep your AP courses. I'll stick to my normal classes with some extra literature bits thrown in, thanks." She smiles to Besa and nods, "It's oh so delicious." She slides the plate of cobbler towards him a bit to indicate he can try some if he wants.

Besa is willing to try new things, although food generally isn't as high on the list. But this seems relatively simple, and he's prepared for the sweetness. His eyes widen, "Oh! That is good!" His smile is about as warm the cobbler.

Rain agrees about the pottery, about throwing it. Besa grins and offer to the other two if they would like to come along as well, he would be happy to teach them how to make pottery as well.

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