(2016-09-19) The Hair and Other Stuffs
The Hair and Other Stuff
Summary: Sky tries to fix Besa's hair…and talk turns to other things.
Date: 2016-09-19
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Schuyler mindsends to Rain, «Come into my room, huh? Besa wants some affirmation.»

Rain mindsends back, »>Affirmation? Wait, is this definitely for him or do you just want me to back up what you are trying to convince him of?«<

Schuyler mindsends «I don't care if you tell him that his hair looks like poo, but I put some gel in it so it won't be so floppy.»

Rain mindsends 'I wouldn't put it quite so harshly.'

Schuyler mindsends: Hmm?

Rain mentally chuckles "Nevermind.

Schuyler shrugs, 'I'm pretty picky about who I like,' is offered honestly as he glances to the door and then shrugs. He can always tell Rain where they're going. He has a new arm-tattoo half-finished in sharpie as he and Besa head back towards the Ares Hallway to head to the Art Room. Honestly, Sky is amazed that they're allowed there at all without supervision.

Besa has a tube of hair gel and the fedora hat in his hands as they walk. So he's only half signing, one handed. "You should try…he is nice." Besa smiles warmly, "He is going to grow me some plants from home."

Besa also has product in his hair, thanks to Sky.

While Rain has had a few good sleep nights lately and is looking less tired, she has been turning in earlier than usual, just to get some extra sleep in case the nightmares resurfaced. When the request for her presence by her brother was sent she was doing some reading before bed so she has her pjs one, green plaid cotton shorts and tank which she has thrown a knee length robe over, but has left unbelted. She meets the pair in the hub on thier way to where ever they are going "You wanted my opinion about that now?" she asks out loud and in sign, though her attention if on Besa's gelled up hair… or is it gelled down?

Schuyler blinks over at Rain as she appears in her pajamas, 'What? You weren't asleep…' otherwise he wouldn't have asked. It didn't seem to matter that she was reading…it's still early in his mind. Even the curfew is early. 'Is his hair stylish now? Does it make him stick out less?' But he's trying very hard not to grin.

Besa winces at Rain's tone. He didn't know Sky has called her, he would have told him not to. He then frowns at Sky, the boys amusement isn't hard to pick up. It makes it a little hard to beleive that this gel stuff is what Besa's needing.

She wasn't sleeping, Sky would have known right away if Rain was. The girl looks a bit confused by the question "Stick out? Compared to who? The teacher with the squid face? The one that is all green. The girl with the fairy wings, or has all black eyes or the extra large guy or that elf looking guy? Lots of students and staff stick out here a lot more than he does." she glances between the two boys. Leave it to her to point out the logic of the situation. "You hair was fine before Besa, your hair looks fine like this too. Is this all because Tabitha made some stupid comment about your hair being distracting?"

«I tried telling him that covering up his hair won't stop the attempts. She's obviously into you and probably nothing will change her mind. You've told her 'no thanks', right?» Sky still seems amused at all this. While he would have prefered if Rain and Besa were together, this is somewhat entertaining from an outsider's point of view.

Besa frowns, suddenly uncomfortable. His foot scuffs softly. "Of course I told her I could not court." The hat and hair gel is looked at and he sighs, "Never mind." Maybe he'll just stick to hiding in the art room.

Rain figured as much. "Well if she respects you than she should stop bothering you about that, especially if you call her a friend," friendzoned! "If she doesn't you will just have to tell her the flirting makes you uncomfortable and to stop it." there is a bit of a scowl at Sky's amusement. She doesn't think this is funny. "If she keeps it up nothing short of telling her you're gay or getting a beard is going to stop her." she does nod at Besa and how exasperating it can be "Girls, right." she gives him a supportive grin, never mind that she is one.

Rain said it better than he could, but the fact that Besa seems actually upset about it causes him to lose his smile. Sky offers, «If you keep hiding from her, she'll probably think you're playing a game. What Rain said is good. If she doesn't stop bothering you about it, even if you ask her to, then yeah. Or tell one of the teachers because that's getting close to stalking.»

Besa swallows, not looking up at either twin, instead he looks towards the art room. "She is not …" he doesn't bother to explain, "Tabitha is fine. I am not playing games."A frown tugs at his mouth as he walks, wanting to throw some clay to try to clear his head before lights out.

If Besa says that Tabitha is fine Rain will believe him, though she will watch for warning signs. That's what friends do. Sensing that a change to subject is needed at the moment she once more looks between the two "You two heading to the art room?" she make have gleaned that from her brother's mind but it never hurts to ask "You'd think with as much time as you two spent in there you would have tons of extra credit in art class."

Schuyler would try to talk to Tabitha and tell her to lay off of his friend, but he is fairly certain that she won't listen to him. He also glances between Rain and Besa, obviously wanting to buck Besa up more and prepare him to tell the other girl to sod off, but Rain changes the subject as well. This could be why he and Besa tend to fight a lot — Sky doesn't let things go easily. In kinder terms, he's 'tenacious'.

«I don't need to spend time in there, I can draw or ink anywhere. But Besa likes the clay.»

Besa offers, "I cannot throw outside of the room." Well, he could, but that would be very messy. "Liam needs more pots, and I need one for my plant." He likes this topic better. "And Schuyler and I must start on out Mancala board soon."

Rain gives a nod as she begins to walk toward the stairs that leads to the floor and wing the art room is "I can imagine it is a very tactile experience." she rubs the fingers of a hand together as she says it. "Oh yeah. You guys were going to work on that project together. Have you decided what you are going to use as playing pieces? Since the beach is handy I was thinking seashells or sea glass."

Schuyler looks over to Besa when he mentions the mancala board, «I thought Tabitha gave you one?» And he wasn't sure if they were going to work on it after that first fight. They never really reached any sort of conclusion to the fight or continued discussion about the art project.

Besa smiles warmly over at Rain, "You are more than welcome to come. I can teach you." He looks over to Sky, "Why would I not want to make the board with you?" The smile brightens, "The board Tabitha game me is nice, but it is not what we are going to make." No, they didn't come to a conclusion, but its better in Besa's mind to just let it go.

"Me? Learning pottery?" that's a little amusing since Rain isn't the artsy one of the pair "I guess I can give it a try." she doesn't throw out the obvious puns that could be used in this circumstance. "Though I am not making promises to be any good at it." she has another bit of confusion "If not a mancala board, than what?"

«I thought you were mad at me so you didn't want to do that,» Sky explains some even as he'll walk with the others towards the Art room. «Also, I was basically commandeering the project and you didn't seem too excited about it.» since he was talking about using modern technology to make such an ancient game as some sort of social commentary. He then smirks some at Rain, «Throwing clay is hard…I like to hand-build, myself.» He got bored and frustrated the first time he threw pottery so didn't really bother after that.

Besa just shrugs, Rain doesn't have to, it's just an offer. "It is not about being good or not. It is about doing it." The smile mets some from the boy’s face and he responds to Sky, "I was. We are not talking of any of that anymore." Ever. He blinks then, "If you do not wish me to help, I will not."

A shrug. How encouraging. It deflates some of the excitement out of learning something knew. Hard to get excited about it when the person offering has suddenly turned lackadaisical about the whole thing. Though she could have imagined that he was excited or maybe this sudden rehashing of the art project and the argument that stalled it but a damper on everything. Rain nods at Besa's whole journey versus destination sorta comment "As long as you are enjoying it and liking what you do it doesn’t matter if you are good or not." she's heard that before in her lifetime, at least once. She remains silent regretting having asked questions about the project once it was brought up by Besa.

Hmm. This does seem to be the issue, doesn't it? Sky looks at Besa for a moment before he looks to Rain, perhaps noting the deflation of enthusiasm from her at Besa's shrug. He also considers Besa's declaration but isn't in agreement. 'You should teach Rain how to throw clay,' is offered in sign…not mentally. There's too much going on in his head for him to let that out.

Besa's dumb, or at least oblivious. He assumed the response from Rain wasn't positive. He blinks and looks to Rain, "I…yes? I offered…" She gets a nod about her expounding on what he meant. That's exactly what he meant, enjoy the moment.

There is a bit of a suspicious look thrown her brother's way when he encourages the offer from Besa. Rain isn't oblivious to what he has been trying and has neither been encouraging or discouraging such behavior. She has been too busy with damage control, her own issues and considering the forbidden thing…well its moot anyways. "I would love to give it a try. Sorry if I wasn't clear." she thought she was but communication differences, she'll blame those. "Is there enough time for that tonight, or did you want to do that later?"

Did Sky see the suspicious look? Maybe. Could he tell that his sister thought she was onto him? Maybe. Does he have ulterior motives? Maybe. Bit also, «I'm going to beg off. I have some reading to do for class and I'm feeling a headache coming on.» Or he's pretending that the headache is coming, or maybe he's just going to pre-empt it and take the pill to go to sleep.

Besa's eyes look over to Rain and he smiles, "Okay. We can start. I can show you the basics." He looks over to Sky and frowns slightly, unsure about the sudden change.

That's not suspicious at all. But Rain will call him on it later, even /if/ she knows whether he is telling the truth about the headache and reading or not. No use causing a scene. "Let me know if you need anything Sky." she'll play along. She waves off her brother then turns to Besa, the thought of learning something new certainly growing on her "Perfect!" she then begins to move quicker toward the art room with curfew coming up they need to get moving,

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