(2016-09-14) Written All Over Me
Written All Over Me
Summary: Besa gets a look at Tabitha's glyphs and takes a stab at translating.
Date: 2016-09-14
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Besa lets out a quiet yawn as he finishes jotting down a few notes into a spiral notebook for a class. He wanted to finish it so he could get back to throwing pots, but he also realizes that he needs to get passing grades to be allowed to stay. He's not even bothered to change out of his school uniform yet, but the yellow tie has been pulled loose. His dark hair hang in his eyes before he pushes it away to rubs them . He wasn't tired from anything specific, just sometimes it all catches up with him. Maybe he needs to start exercising more. It would certainly help when shark men attack.

It's been a month or so since the last time Tabitha had to worry about anything or anyone trying to kill, maim, or capture her. But there are moments when she would almost prefer that to essays. No… wait… scratch the 'almost'. She's currently floating about halfway up the library's multiple floors, using her aura to search along a shelf for the books she needs, then pick them up. She's taken the time to change and is in her 'it's getting colder' ensemble of jeans, work boots, t-shirt, and flannel hoodie. Even though it's indoors she's got the hood pulled up, and she's got on one of her blindfolds again. This time it's a strip of supple undyed leather that could almost count as some kind of Zoro mask if it had eye holes. With books in 'hand' she drifts down to the tables and desks, taking a seat a bit down from Besa and getting her books and notebook set up.

It's hard to not notice a floating girl gathering books. It's a better distraction than his own homework, so he head tilts and watches Tabitha. "Are you alright, Tabitha?" It's not quite cold enough for Besa to start wearing the sweater he got from the school store, but he will eventually need. He's got the desert running through his veins.

Tabitha's head turns towards Besa at the question and she nods, "Yeah, I'm fine. Just getting a bit colder out is all." The books and her notepad flip open at the same time, the books getting paged through to specific sections. "I don't do well with cold, which sucks because autumn storms are the best." She lifts her chin in the direction of Besa's notes. "How are you doing with classes and all?"

Besa's head tilts the other direction, "I am sorry to hear that. Do you need more sweaters?" He smiles, nodding. He likes a good storm. He glances down at his notebook and shrugs, "It is…well. I am passing, I believe." He's in a weird position, he doesn't really care about the grades. "How are you doing?"

"Passing is good." Tabitha shrugs one shoulder upwards, "I'm doing alright. Some of Becca's enthusiasm for school has started to affect me, I guess." She taps a finger on one of the books her aura is paging through. "Decided to take a couple of non-standard classes this year. Introduction to Ancient Greek and Literature of the Quest." Her lips upturn in a small smile under the blindfold. "Those just seem to be… suitable." She raises the sleeve of her hoodie a bit to show the glyphs on her forearm are now arranged in lines of greek lettering. "No idea why." The smile shifts into an ironic smirk.

Besa chuckles, "There are worse things to have in a roommate." Because she's showing him, he leans forward to look at her forearm. His eyes study her arm, "Would you like me to try to read it?" There's a shift in him, he sits a little straighter, still Besa, but there's a hint of something else too now.

Tabitha's smirk opens into a grin, "Yeah, there are worse roommates to have." When Besa leans over to look at her arm she pulls the sleeve up to her elbow so he can see more clearly. When his bearing shifts and he offers to try to read them her eyebrows raise in a way that suggests her eyes widened a bit under her blindfold. But she nods after a brief pause, "Yeah, be my guest." She shrugs out of her hoodie entirely, tossing it on the table. With that off, her hair is visible. Given that it's now a mix of black and candy apple red instead of her usual copper with a black streak, that might be why she had her hood up.

Besa doesn't seem to notice his own change, or Tabs' either. The dark skinned teen leans forward to be able to see. He frowns slightly, eyes darting over the shifting text. He reaches up and rubs his eyes. He feels like he should be abel to read it, but…"I am sorry…I think my head is more tired than i realized." Mayeb he shouldn't go to the art room and just get to sleep early tonight. "I will think on it." He glances up, an apologetic look on his face.

Tabitha sits still while Besa examines the glyphs. They go up both arms under her t-shirt, and more can be seen at her neck and down her chest and back before her clothing covers them there as well. While the left arm is in Greek, the right is another language and the symbols visible on her chest are yet another. She gives him a sympathetic smile as he rubs his eyes after studying the glyphs for a time. "It's alright. Thank you for trying." She leans her head over to give a quick friendly peck on the cheek. "I should give you a shout the next time my skin breaks out in heuratic or Third Dynasty heiroglyphs."

Besa's dark eyes go over Tabs exposed skin trying to memorize it. Maybe he'll remember some of it later. The teen freezes at the peck, immediately his cheeks flush. "I….thank you,but….I can not…" He straightens, placing some space between the two and then clears his throat, "I am forbidden from courting. I am sorry if I implied otherwise…" His gaze darks over to his book and notes.

Tabitha smiles warmly at Besa's flush, for once not blushing herself in such a situation. She gives her head a brief shake, "It's alright. I'm not trying to court you, I was just expressing my thanks. I apologize for making you uncomfortable, though." She shrugs back into her hoodie and zips it back up before pulling up the hood to conceal her shifted hair once more. "My caretaker and I have been trying to translate them for a few months now. He says he contacted a specialist, but she hasn't talked to me yet."

Besa blinks, unsure. Sky's got him paranoid about such things now. "Oh….o-okay. It's…I am not good with customs here." He takes a deep breath and then nods, "I will help, if you allow it." He offers her a warm and slightly embarrassed smile, "Please allow me to help."

Tabitha returns the warm smile, only without the embarassment. "That would be appreciated. The more eyes and minds, the better." She rubs her right hand along her left forearm slowly. "The most we've been able to do is figure out some of the constants. Original form symbols, a cross between Phoenician, Greek, and Aramaic. In the format they're in, we've figured they have something to do with some kind of large scale energy cycle. Maybe with some bits that hint towards preservation between these cycles." She shakes her head and lets out a breath. "I really hope that specialist gets off her ass sometime soon. My caretaker says she's the absolute best." Then she lets out a snort. "He also says she's old enough to be God's grandmother and tends to take her own sweet time about things."

Besa's eyes drift back down to her forearm, his gaze intense enough Tabs might be able to feel it. His hair bops slightly as he nods, "I will meditate on it." Who knows what he may remember? He locks eyes with her, a small smile tugging at the corner of his lip, but he gently scolds, "You should be respectful of Elders."

Tabitha turns her head to meet Besa's gaze. Or would if her eyes weren't currently covered by sueded doeskin. The motion behind the thin leather at his comment suggests she's rolling her eyes but her smile stays steady. "I have plenty of respect for my elders. I just have /more/ respect when those elders actually do what they promise." Then she smiles and her face dimples under the blindfold before turning back towards her books. "I should get back to this. Something in Greek that I /can/ read. Sort of. Sometimes." She taps one of the books, which is a transcription of The Iliad in its original format.

Besa shifts again, slightly amused and uncomfortable at the same time. He's all about respecting his elders, it's kinda what makes him him. He nods though, "Yes, of course. I did not mean to keep you from your studies. My apologies." He nods his head slightly and moves over to his own book.

Tabitha smiles over at Besa as he shifts back to his book. "No apology needed. I was the distraction this time, I think." Then her grin broadens, "Which is a switch since normally it's that hair of yours that draws me from the books. Hair which is entirely unfair, y'know, what with the whole 'forbidden to court' thing." She reaches up and pulls the blindfold up long enough to give him a quick wink to show she's not being too serious. Then it's pulled back down to keep the light out of her eyes.

Besa is very unaware he should be doing shampoo commercials. An eyebrow quirks, "My hair is distracting?" He then tries to look up at it, which just is comical. "Should i cut it?" Perhaps that would easy any drama coming his way about courting and dating.

A serious but not so serious nod is given in Besa's direction. "You have the kind of hair that makes hands want to run through it. It's almost a form of magic on its own." Then he asks if he should cut it and Tabitha shoots him a look that loses none of its impact from being partly hidden by the blindfold. Her mouth opens as she starts to say something than decides against it. Finally she settles on, "Please don't. That would be its own special kind of tragic." She reaches up to give her hood a light tug, "You might consider a hoodie, or a hat of some kind."

Besa's never really ran his fingers through someone else's hair, so he just figures it's all the say. Unconciosly he does so to his own now, the locks falling gently back into place . He assure her though, "I do not have magic in my hair, it is all in my blood." His lower lip is chewed, "I can try to find a hat…" He needs to get a hoodie too, but that's for another day.

Tabitha nods, "It might cut down on advances from star-struck ladies." She says this seriously, but makes sure her expression indicates that she's not really serious. "It'd be a good idea, anyway. The sea storms can get truly viscious around here in the fall." She gives her watch, an old ratty pawn shop number on her right wrist, a quick look. "Speaking of which, it should be dark enough outside for me to take a quick flight around the grounds. Let the salt air clear my head without going blind." Her aura gathers her books and slides them into her messenger bag as she stands up. "Thank you again for taking a look at my glyphs."

Besa lets out a soft sigh, looking down at his book, "I do not want anyone crushed." He things there might be a hoodie in the bag of hand me down's Sky game him, he'll need to look. "Have a good flight, Tabitha." and with that, Besa plops back down in his chair to work on something new.

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