(2016-09-14) First Late Arrival
First Late Arrival
Summary: Rissa has the distinction of being this year's first late arrival and gets a full dose of Coral Springs right away.
Date: 2016-09-14
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With the sun well on its way to vanishing over the western horizon, a student that's had to stay indoors during daylight the past few days emerges from the main doors by the school docks. Dressed in a heavy weather outfit of jeans, work boots, plain t-shirt and a thick zip-up flannel hoodie, Tabitha has come out to see if it's dark enough for her to come outside to get some sea air without getting her eyes burned out by the Evil Flaming Moon(tm). Said eyes are currently hidden behind a thin leather blindfold, the material clinging to her face like a Lone Ranger mask without the eyeholes. As she takes in the salt air she stands a bit taller (although she'll never be anything but the tiniest student currently at the school) and pulls her hood down. Raven black hair with candy apple red streaks tumbles free as she floats up off the dock to get ready to take a quick evening flight to clear her head from study and other things.

Suuuuuuun! Liam is trying to absorb as much sunshine as possible. As his glowing orb of sweet, sweet energy vanishes he looks a little sad. Loosing his tie he sighs, rolling up his sleeves. He looks up at Tabitha, flying must be so cool…

And then? Stepping off the ship carrying a heap of bags? The new young thing steps off her ship, looking a little lost, but also… surprisingly eager. And sure, maybe her eyes dart a little bit. Maybe her mouth is a little too set! But she could hardly be the only person who's arrived with a similar look in her eyes. Her clothes are a bit cheap, and off the rack. Like they were bought at the last moment. And they don't really match the makeup (or is it?) on her face… But she's gotta be jazzed to be here, right? In fact. If it weren't for the bags and her darting eyes, Rissa might just pass for a statue just standing there. Oh, look! A person in costume! Sort of. A mask counts, right? She opens her mouth to say… something to mark the presence of someone flying up in the air. And mostly finds a torrent of dumb syllables pouring forth from her mouth,"Urggrk." Okay. Maybe a little star struck. Still getting used to it. She points a hand up,"Urrrrk."

Tabitha loves sunlight as much as plant boy Liam, just not when her eyes decide to be little babies about it. Seriously, you'd think that she'd be designed better than evolved-at-random human types, but no. She spots the late arriving ferry and its luggage hauling passenger as she's finishing a quick loop around the school's surface levels. Liam is also spotted as he's doing the loose tie/rolled sleeves thing. She drifts back down to land on the docks, giving Liam a quick wave and smile as she does so. Then the pixie-like girl walks towards the new arrival with a wide smile under her blindfold (which doesn't seem to be a hinderance to her sight). "Hey there! Need any help with your bags?"

Waving to Tabitha, Liam looks at the new girl and jumps to. "Oh! Hey! Let me help you." He offers and heads down the dock to assist Rissa. "Hey, welcome to the school." He looks at Tabitha again. "Good flight?"

Rissa reaches up as if to fix a pair of glasses… then remembers she doesn't really need those anymore. Gonna take some getting used to. "Oh snap!" Her voice is a little too on the deep side, since she hasn't had a chance to quite practice it yet,"You fly. Awesome." She might as well be saying 'I wish I could fly!'. Then she remembers to ACT NORMAL. So she begins breathing. Because normal people breath right. "Oh, y-yeah! Thanks. UM. I mean, if you want. I can get it. But some help would be… uh… nice." She goggles back and forth between Liam and Tabitha, and asks,"So are you both… students?" Pause. "Sorry. That's a stupid question." A hand gets stuck out for shaking after she puts her bags down. "Um… Karissa, but people call me Rissa." Her eyelids twitch a little for… some reason. Probably because noone has ever called her by either name ever before this.

Tabitha shrugs to Liam, "Not bad. Bit short with just the one lap, but can't exactly ignore our new arrival, can I?" She grins at this and reaches her hand out to shake the one Rissa has offered. There is a brief light tingle just before touching her hand, and when gripped her hand is much warmer than is normal. "It's okay to be nervous on arrival, Rissa." Having her eyes covered means she's working off what her aura sends to her, and that combined with the cues and slight miscues cause her to take in a quick breath before bringing up her other hand to wrap Rissa's in both of her own. "This place has all kinds of folk." It's hard to convey subtle meaning through a blindfold, but she tries. Then she nods as she releases Rissa's hand. "Yes, we're students. I'm Tabitha, and I'm a sophomore in my second school year here."

"Liam, sophomore." He offers helpfully and picks up a bag. "I just started school. Do you already have a team?" He wonders and looks at Rissa. "Good timing, first week was a total snooze." He jokes and nods to the girls, looking up at the setting sun with a little yawn. "Man! Fall is a drag."

The girl notices… if only because her own hands only go from cold to warm when she reminds her body to start pumping blood correctly. "Uuuh… I think I'm on… Prometheus." She squeezes Tabitha's hands, face breaking into a relieved smile,"So how do the uh… uniforms here fit? Loose, or close?" Loose, she's hoping. Still, the tingle is interesting, as are the… reassuring words. "That's… that's good." The girl's face has started to pink a little as she circulates the blood properly, but still remains oh-so-pale. "Sophomore, too. I'm… uh… looking forward to a… supportive learning environment?" Really, she's looking forward to challenging herself, but that sounds even more geeky. The word 'drag' gets a twitch out of her, but otherwise she's effusive,"I miss anything important? I know I'm here a little late." Pause. "Thanks for the help. Um… which way is… everything?"

It's clear that Tabitha notices the change in Rissa's skin temperature, but she doesn't comment. Instead she just shakes her head. "Nah, we get people showing up all through the year since it's impossible to schedule when powers will decide to pop up. Can be a pain to keep up with classes in those cases, though." Tabitha pauses and gives Rissa another look when she mentions she's in Prometheus. Then she drops her head dramatically and gives it a shake, "Between you and Violet, there won't be a scrap of eyeliner outside of the Guardian dorms. We might have to organize an embargo of some kind." Then her mouth turns up in a half-smirk. "Or an intervention." And she's saying this while having to look /up/ at Rissa. Tabitha really is just a tiny scrap of a person. At the question about directions, she pivots on her feet and points at the old converted fort. "Quick version… if it's above the surface, it's there for work or for eating. The cafeteria is on the roof." Then she points down at the ocean. "If it's below the surface, it's for the lighter side of school or for living. The dorms are down on the ocean floor."

"Isn't there a lot of eye liner?" Liam wonders. "Maybe I should start buying some to bribe for help with homework." He laughs and looks between the girls to make sure that's not offensive.

"Oh. I don't… uh… Powers. Right. I guess I had mine a little while, but until recently, I didn't think they were worth anything special." Her eyelids flutter a little,"The eye-liner…? Oh. Right. Yeah. I… goth is easier to pull off than paper and bruising. My heart only beats every so often if I don't remind it to, so I look like I spent a year in the British isles in a cave." The skin continues to pink ever so slowly,"It's easier to wear makeup and ignore it." That's certainly an admission of sorts! "I'd like to wear something nicer, though, truth be told. I'm getting better at it, but I'm still kind of an amateur with makeup." Rissa shoulders her own portion of her backs, smiling down at Tabitha as she does, and then at Liam,"I'm very bribeable… though I'd help with your homework if I could whether you bribe me or not." The directions have her head spinning a little bit though, in truth.

Tabitha listens with interest as Rissa gives a rough description of her abilities. "Huh. That's a new one on me." Now that the sun is a bit further down she seems to think it's enough to pull down her blindfold. She rubs her closed eyes a bit with her fingertips before opening them slowly. There are no whites, pupil, or iris in her eyes. Instead they are solid orbs that have the look of the hot flickering coals at the bottom of a fire. Even now she still keeps them somewhat squinted against the remaining light. Then she picks up the largest of Rissa's bags, not seeming to notice their weight at all, or their size relative to her.

"Oh! The uniforms can fit however you want. They've got everything from a size 'me' all the way up to 'kid godzilla'. And Liam, you might think fall sucks now, but I've got two words for you… storm season." She says this with a wicked grin. Clearly she doesn't think fall storms in the North Atlantic suck at all. "On the makeup front, there are plenty of ladies in the teams who would be all too happy to help you out, Riss. I'm not so great with it, myself, but that's because I was spoiled growing up. My orphan sister is a fucking wizard and always helped me out."

"That long in the dark? I'd be a dead man!" Liam jokes a little and hoists up the bags. "I'm a sunshine superman." He jokes and looks between the two girls. "I'll uh, haul these down to the hub then." He offers looking a little embarrassed. "So uh, welcome and all that."

Rissa waves her hand in Tabitha's direction as if dismissing the bit about 'new one'. "It gets worse the longer I go on. But look at you! You can FLY. Plus you've got those eyes!" Yes. She's cooing over Tabitha's eyes alright. "Oooh, and you're strong, too! Wow. Those are some pretty iconic powers right there." She practically skips now that she's not carrying anything of her own heavy. Liam gets a wave,"See you down there! And thanks again!" Then she's turning back to Tabitha,"I like a looser fit for… reasons. I just think, you know, it flatters my figure better." More specifically, her lack thereof. "I came here with… basically whatever I could grab up or buy at the last second, but I've read ALL the magazines. I'm hoping I can… you know… Kick up my game. Halloween is going to be super-fun, I hope. I love Halloween." Cue the nervous chattering. "So what's up with Storm Season? Is it super rough and loud? Give me the dish on all the people to look out for."

"Most of my stuff boils down to this," There is a /twisting/ in the air around Tabitha's body and her aura becomes visible, a slightly amber-blue disturbance in the world extending out from her body. After a moment she concentrates and it fades from view again. "That aura absorbs energy and feeds it into me. Fuels my laundry list of other stuff." A list she doesn't get into just now. "There's got to be a foundation of something behind all your bits, too. Not that I've got enough experience with figuring this sort of thing out, but I like to think that the universe has a logic to it, y'know?"

Now that Liam has gone on inside she slows down her pace a bit so the two of them don't reach the inside, and all the other people there, too quickly. "Yeah, those reasons are good ones. But the figure will come over time. I'm guessing you're just starting out?" She nods about kicking up the game. "My band will be playing at the homecoming dance for Shady Cove high school, so my sister will be in town. If you want to meet her, I know she'd be thrilled to teach you some of her tricks."

She shrugs about storm season, "It can get nasty, I mean it's basically a second hurricane season each year, but mostly it's just thunderstorms and big waves. The dorms are deep enough that we don't even notice." Then she shifts to the people to watch out for. "Well, for the most part we've got a school full of pretty alright folks. And I say this even considering your own circumstances. But there are a few seniors that can be oblivious and full of themselves." Then she pauses and lets out a breath. "And Kaylee. She's in Prometheus as well. She's a good person. Bright, cheerful, and prone to go over the top in all things. She can take some getting used to."

The girl watches the twisting and glowing disturbance with a sort of child-like glee,"Oooh. For me, it's more like… And this is going to sound crazy, but… I lose at something. Like, get my butt kicked… And this… Voice. I hear this voice, telling me ow I could do better next time. Except… instead of giving me tips for like, technique… It tells me ways I can… change my body, or the rules. I gets some bruises, but I wake up… better. Sort of like a super-loser." She offers a helpless shrug. She lowers her voice and mutters,"Everyone says 'The Voice' is just in my head, though."

"You're going to go from, like, famous to super-famous when you graduate. A band. Super-powers. Everyone is going to be all, like, clamoring to see you. You bring your own special affects and- Really, she'd help me? I'll load up on youtube videos. Wow. Is everyone super-nice like yo- Oooh. Wait, that means… You know?" Rissa's face lowers a little,"What gave me away? Do I look that bad?" Her face has a definite cringe to it. "It's the voice, isn't it? I don't have a lot of practice with it."

She does look thoughtful for a time though,"Kaylee. Right. Get to know Kaylee. Avoid the senior girls."

"Or like a super saiyan," is Tabitha's answer to Rissa's description of how her weird works. "They're folks from this fighting anime. Lots of grunting and glowing hair. But when they get their ass kicked they come back stronger every time." She nods about the voice, but doesn't venture an opinion since she's just hearing about it for the first time. Then she shrugs and ducks her head a bit at the famous remarks. "Kind of already am famous with the band, there was this TV thing back in June, but only a few people outside the school know about my powers. And thankfully no one here treats me any different because of it."

And then Rissa catches on that Tabitha has caught on. She shakes her head as Rissa tries to guess how she figured it out. "Part of that laundry list I mentioned are a mess of extra senses. That plus some cues and hitches that I've noticed in myself back when I was figuring out just how queer I am and it sort of added up. I might be able to help with some vocal training, though. It couldn't hurt, and will likely only get better as you transition."

Then she shakes her head at the last bit. "Most of the girls are fine. It's a few senior guys that are high on the 'smarm' scale. But as far as I know we don't have anyone that's a big time 'phobe. We also have a very low bully quotient."

"Don't worry… If anyone gets the keeping secrets thing… It's me. I'm not… ashamed of what I am. I just… instead of being accepted for who I am… I'd rather people just accept the me they see at face value, you know?" The girl's head tilts a little then,"Super saiyan? That sounds a bit… alliterative. I'm no anime character, though. Do we have a curfew? I need to know if I gotta figure out ways to keep busy in my room." She seems lost in thought for a moment.

Tabitha's reassurances certainly help,"Still… it's nice to know there's a fellow traveler, even if it's a different journey. I'm not even sure I like anyone right now. My body is so… weird, ya know. What if someone else thinks it's weird? I don't know if I could deal with it right now. I just… I'm just psyched being somewhere I can just… be, I guess? If you could help me out though, it'd go a long way towards helping my dysphoria. Do you know many… people like me?"

Her eyes narrow, though, and she wonders,"I don't suppose anime‘ style hammerspace attacks for smarm are an approved interaction tactic here? Maybe I’ll just tattle to you, Miss Famous, if I pick up a bully. You seem like you know what's going on here."

Tabitha nods her understanding, the vanishing sunlight making the burning embers that are her eyes seem to flare up during the gesture. "For the most part, the people here will work from how you present yourself. And there are a good number of folks from the alphabet soup crew as well. And yes, we have a curfew during the week. Faculty prefers that we keep any trips to the mainland for the weekends or long breaks, but if you're careful and get back in time they don't make a fuss about weekday runs to Shady Cove. And there are allowances for those who want to get a job in town. We've got a speedster that delivers pizza, for example, and a shapeshifter that used to work as a barista."

She listens to Rissa talk about her dysphoria and all its pitfalls, then offers, "No one's going to expect you to act according to a checklist here. We're too big a bowl of mixed nuts as it is." She smiles at the 'somewhere I can be' part, though. "Yeah, no doubt there." Then she nods when asked if she's known other trans folk. "I grew up in an orphanage just up the coast from here. A couple runaways that became wards of the state were trans. Fraternal twins, brother and sister that were later sister and brother. They were a few years older than me, so they've grown up and moved on. Still send holiday cards, though."

She smirks about getting tapped for bully patrol, "That's what got me into this nuthouse in the first place."

"Alphabet-soup… Not sure I've heard that one before. But I'm happy to have this… All this. We're really lucky aren't we? To be here. To be lucky enough to attend?" Surprisingly, she delivers an affectionate hip-bump. She appears to have been properly welcomed. "Eh… It's less about wanting to do stuff. I don't really sleep, so… A lot of the time, that means watching youtube all night. Maybe a job would be the perfect way to alleviate that boredom."

She suddenly throws her arms out wide and spins in place,"This place is AWESOME! OH EM GEE!" Rissa is nothing if not excited,"Sorry. Sorry. I get you though. No orphanage, so I can't say I had that challenge. Two nuclear parents. Seven brothers and sisters though. So… there were definitely a lot of kids around. I'm the only one that's… uh… weird. You though… I still think you've gotta have like… the coolest… Aaagh, your eyes are awesome. I'm sorry. That's weird isn't it? To say that. I bet it's weird."

Cue flushed cheeks. "I may be a little over-stimulated. I guess I lucked out meeting you on my first day. Are you, like, the official greeter, or were you just in the right place at the right time?"

Tabitha grins at the alphabet soup bit, "Oh, y'know… LGBTQA, or LGBT-BBQ, or LGBT-Q&A. I'm sure someone, somewhere has done an 'alphabet song' thing with all the letters." She gets an 'ah, I see' expression at the mention of not sleeping much. "There are a few of us with that particular issue. The curfew is just for being on school grounds. We the sleepless, or nearly sleepless in my case, can go around and do stuff as long as we keep it down. I usually head to the arts dome to get in my rehersals in one of the studio rooms, since they're soundproof."

She shakes her head about being official on the greeter thing. "Nah. I was just coming up to get a breath of ocean air after being cooped up all day. So right place, right time." She gives the bag she's been holding all this time a quick lift. "Let's get you down to the dorms, yeah? We can do a quick walking tour on the way."

"Oh, killer. Maybe there should be a group or something? Or is that counter-productive? I can't keep up with most of these trends, truth be told. I'm looking forward to wedging myself in here." And learning to do super-stuff. Don't forget that. But right now, she'll settle for not being a total disaster, socially.

Rissa bounces after Tabitha in a sort of hyper-active manner,"Oh thank goodness. Being cooped up. I don't like it so much. I like to be doing something. If I'm not, I feel… I dunno, like I'm wasting my time. So much to do, so much to learn."

Rissa hops up and whoops verbally as she follows Tabitha down for a tour,"Thanks… I really appreciate it." Girl's got… ENERGY to her. "And maybe you could show me…" Thus will commence an hour long babble parade of things Rissa wants to see, things she thinks about this new place, and things she hopes to accomplish. Excitment is an accurate term for her feelings.

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