(2016-09-12) Slow Your Roll
Slow Your Roll
Summary: Ollie has a bit of hairy kineption at Dax. She is called on it
Date: 2016-09-12
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Ollie has been trying to stay away from the Ares Dorm Hub since her blowup with Grayson…mostly because she didn't want him to get upset upon seeing her. It's going to be bad enough since they probably share classes. But she sort of has been itching to try and talk to Felicia all weekend so the first moment she could, she beelined it to her friend's door and knocked lightly.

Who the heck invented Mondays? Whoever it was…well you know the rest. The knock is immediately answered, almost as if Felicia was already on her way out, and from the looks of it she was. She is in her uniform, which is only slightly wrinkled, the tie crooked and uneven, like she tied it herself this morning. "Morning Ollie." she greets her grumpy face dissolving into a ray of sunshine upon seeing the turquoised haired girl on the other side of the door. "Get lost on your way to the cafeteria?" she jokes as she steps out and closes the door behind her.

Ollie smiles with relief when it's Felicia who answers the door and not Annaliesa. She freaked the last time she shifted in front of her and she didn't want to deal with judgement right now. "No, I came looking for you, but maybe we should move…" there's a glance towards Grayson's and Derek's door. "I need your help."

Felicia's gaze follows that of Ollie's to the ex's door "I think I heard him grumbling out her earlier. We probably left already." she adjusts the strap of her satchel on her shoulder "But sure we can head out." A brow lifts at Ollie she is curious of course "Sure, whatever you need. You know that." but she doesn't ask about what, she is sure that part is coming.

"He accused me of breaking up with -him-…when he was the one who walked away!" How is that supposed to work again? Ollie was fairly certain that she wasn't the breaker…just the breakee. "But that's a whole other thing," she closes her eyes and gives a sigh before moving back out towards the larger hubs and to the cafeteria. There's a glance around before she leans in to whisper to Felicia, "I need to go shopping for…bras and stuff. The last time I was a girl, I was eleven."

Oliver adds, "And other things. The boy stuff doesn't fit right."

Having never been in the whole GF/BF thing, that she can remember, Felicia just sorta blinks at that situation. "Does it really matter who broke up with who?" she asks, "I mean if it were me, I would rather be the breaker than the breakee, but everyone knows I have control issues." it's true, the control issues part, though maybe not everyone knows about it, or realizes it.

There is a knowing nod from Felicia when the actual topic of what she needs help with is broached. "I thought about that the other day, but I figured you had that handled." there is a pause in the walking for the Ares teen to give Ollie an appraising look. "Did you want to see about getting permission to leave campus today or wait for the weekend?"

"I think it's hard either way, but he blames me entirely and that's just not right. I guess it doesn't really matter now. I think I offended him because I wanted to be different. I get that he doesn't find me attractive like this, but I still don't think he understands me." That to Ollie, changing bodies is like changing clothes to most people. It doesn't change who she is on the inside (most of the time).

"You did? I thought I had it ok too, but I guess not. It would just be easier if I had a couple of things…clothes too." As Felicia pauses to look at her, she likewise stops and looks down at herself in the skirted uniform, "It's ok, right?" At the mention of shopping, she wrinkles her nose, "I'd like to go today, but I'm still technically grounded. I don't know if they'd give an exception although it's kind of necessary."

It's morning, so that means the students are up, except the lazy ones, and getting ready for their day, or heading to the cafeteria for foodage. That's where Felicia is heading as her and a turquoised haired girl dressed in the Metis uniform start to head out of the dorms "Well ask anyway. What's the worst they can say? No?" she gives a sly grin "And if that's the case we will go anyway." sneaking out is kinda her thing. "Oh! Hold up. I forgot something." she turns to hurry back into her dorm room for a quick minute.

"I'm already in trouble, Felicia! I don't want to be grounded for the whole year!" is called after Felicia as she runs back to her room. Ollie then gives a sigh and stands at the entrance to the Ares Dorm Wing to wait for the other girl to return.

Daxton steps out of the bathroom area, having already had his workout for the mooring and now showered. His tie isn't tied, but is at least draped over his shoulder as he now makes his way in the hub, giving a half wave to Felicia as she rushes past him, "Morning Fel." Not recognizing the new girl, he nods and greets, "Hey, morning."

It was one of those pop in, grab what she forgot and pop out. As Felicia rushes back out she is shoving her laptop into her satchel, shrinking it down as she goes "Morning Dax." she is as she usually is, uniform slightly wrinkled, though her tie is crooked and uneven, Anna must not have been around this morning to help her with it. "Oh please. Look at all the trouble I got into last year. The most you will get is detention and only if we get caught." there is a quick glance between Ollie and Dax and a knowing smirk crosses her face as she debates whether to tell him or let him figure it out by himself.

"Hey, Dax," is offered casually as Ollie waits. She catches Felicia's glance and also grins, tossing some turquoise hair over her shoulder as she looks back to the other boy. The question really is, how will he react? "I still have detention from last week though! I actually have some…I mean…I don't want my whole afternoon wasted by it," even though it does help with getting her homework done.

Daxton catches the look between the two girls and he frowns in a very typical Dax way, "What?" But then he's distracted by the mess of Fel's tie, "Jesus, Felicia…It's not that hard to tie a tie." He motions her over to fix it, but there is a hint of amusement in his voice. Guess there's some bonus to being a military brat, he may not care about it, but his uniform is always presentable. There's no eye contact, but he seems comfortable with Felicia.

"Well I'll be joining you in detentions this week." Felicia tells Oliver with an easy grin. Makes you wonder if she was tardy all those times on purpose. Whoever this new girl is the teenage titan is treating her like an old friend. "Easy for you to say." she tells Dax as she moves toward him, holding her chin up so he can fix the wayward tie "It's not like I can see it. And looking in the mirror.." there is a slight shake of her head, maybe an eyeroll, she is amused too, but she just drops it, the less said about her issues the better. Usually she lets the eye contact thing slide, this morning though the is trying to get a bit as she gestures to Ollie "Well? Isn't the new look awesome?" she won't push it though and if/when it happens she only will keep it briefly.

"Yay?" Ollie offers to Felicia, "But then how are we supposed to go into town if we both have detention now?" She then looks over to Daxton, "I got someone to tie mine once and I just leave it tied and adjust it now," she offers, "I wore the polo shirts before, but now I just look like a golfer and they look weird with the shorts. At least with this shirt and the skirt I can sort of pretend like I'm at Hogwarts!" She would probably be a Hufflepuff…Gryffindor if she was lucky.

Daxton's head shakes as he straightens the tie, "It would be easy if you'd just take the time to really listen when someone showed you." He smoothes the top, not going down further than appropriate (no accidental boob touches here!). He ignores the rye roll and eye contact attempts. He frowns and looks over at Oli, confused, "New look?" He doesn't know the old look to be able to compare!

"Seriously Ollie?" Felcia smooths the tie herself, tucking it into the blazer "Thanks Dax." she interjects to him then goes back to Ollie for a moment "There is plenty of time between the end of detention and dinner to sneak out. Ya think you are talking to a newb here?" Did she just call that girl Ollie…like short for Oliver? (Well sorta) "You working tonight Dax?" it seems he may be getting drafted for this sneaking out thing. "Yeah new look. I'm really digging the hair." it’s blue enough!

Ollie smiles at Daxton before she looks to Felicia, "Wait, what was the 'Seriously' about? The tie or the detention?" It's not like she had it a lot! In fact, she tends to try to stay -out- of trouble as much as possible! "We can't get caught though…I can't have things on my record like that if I want to get a scholarship." In…something.

When Felicia mentions her hair, she reaches up to pat it some, "I like it. I was told," and she actually blushes, "I look like a flower."

ok, well Dax isn't dumb. He's head Oli talk enough about shape shifting to get it. "huh." Someone has been hanging out too much with Felicia. He nods to Fel's thanks, "Getting a detention or two isn't going to hurt you , Oliver." That's weird, shouldn't the name change? Don't people change their names when they change genders? "In fact it might help, show's your well rounded." Or something. An eyebrow raises but Dax just shakes his head, he's not going to get pulled into conversation about how girl Oli looks. that's just weird.

"Detention." Felicia answers, though it would apply to the tie too, she may have to try that trick, or cheat and get a clip on. "Well sometimes getting caught is the best part." yeah she is weird that way, but we all knew that one. "If you don't wanna get caught we won't get caught." not if she can help it at least. There is a bit of a chuckle at Dax "Than I must be the most well rounded person you know." there is her usual wink and then she is shaking her head at Ollie "I'm not sure that was the compliment you think it was…" there is a pause "But I wasn't there so what do I know." there is a shrug the girl knows nothing.

Ollie should look girly seeing that she's now a girl…not dressing in drag or anything. "You sure, Dax?" is asked with a bit of concern, "What about a couple of weeks worth? And you can call me 'Ollie' if it's too weird. It's still me." Just not how she met folks last year…or even this summer. She does tilt her head some though, "You seriously think that getting detentions shows I'm 'well-rounded'? Aren't clubs and things supposed to do that?"

She looks quickly to Felicia, the blush fading, "It was from someone who does stuff with plants and thinks the world of them, so I think it was." At least, other interactions seem to point in that direction as well.

Daxton huffs, "I am not calling you rounded." He's not falling into that trap. "I do work tonight if you want a lift." He shrugs, not making eye contact with Oliver, but that's not new, "Better to be able to show that you did other things than just read books. They really do want well rounded people." He had that drilled into his head when his father made him sign up for ROTC. Look how well that turned out for the speedster! "It's whatever you want to be called."

If looking girly is a requirement for being a girl, well than Felicia is failing horribly. The only time she has been seen dressing girly was for prom last school year. I mean sure she looks like a girl, but doesn't go out of her way to accentuate or draw attention to it or hide it either. "Well the school has a substantial lack of clubs." probably because of the low student count "Gotta do something with my spare time." she does have the dance club, but she and a few other girls started that one last year. "Like I said, don't take my word for it." sounds to her like it probably was a compliment.

The reaction from Dax has Felicia chuckling, she made him think it though which is hilarious to her. "A lift would be great. Even if we go the permission route." because Daxi-taxi is faster than the ferry…and probably safer too!

There's a heavy sigh and roll of her eyes before Ollie insists, "It's still me. Geez, if I was walking around with the purple scales and glowing eyes would people ask the same thing? No. What -is- it with everyone?" She gives something of a huff before turning to head towards the Cafeteria. "I wouldn't want to make you uncomfortable, Daxton."

Daxton agrees about the lack of clubs, "Yeah. Weirdly little." The teen runs a hand though his hair before nodding, "Okay. I work at 6, so meet me at the dock about 5:45 with whoever you want." It definitely is safer, he can dodge shark men easier than the boat! Dax pulls his own face, he didn't do anything! "What the fuck?" he glances at Fel, giving her a 'I didn't do anything!' look.

"Huh?" Ollie's reaction to Dax is as confusing to Felicia as it is to the speedster, especially that throwing out of /everyone/. There is a confused shrug at Dax and then she is calling out after the Metis girl "Hold up Ollie." yep, the confusion is there too "Where did that come from? No one said anything about you not still being you."

Ollie does pause but takes a moment to turn around, "Dax was all 'Go by whatever name you want' and Grayson was freaking out about it…I didn't do this to freak people out or because I'm really a girl inside or what have you. I'm me. Boy, girl, cat, dog, alien, whatever and it's so frustrating to be judged by how I look on the outside as if that's the complete and total sum of what I am!"

She may have just summed up High School in those few words. Perhaps even Life.

"Maybe it's just my own weirdness…I don't know, because no one actually told me what my species is. I know where they live and I sort of know what they can do with the shapeshifting…but don't you ever feel this need to be someone else? Like…you'll go crazy if you stay in your current skin for another day?"

Daxton's hands fly up, unfortunately, he's fast enough that they just kinda appear , "I was being supportive!" What was he supposed to say? He huffs and will give Fel a quick good luck glance, biting back whatever comment he had on the tip of his tongue. Sometimes, he's faster than his tongue, which is good. Instead he states, "I'm going to breakfast."

That is even more confusing "Slow your roll there Ollie. I asked you the same thing last week, about the name, and you just la,la,la, wave it off and now Dax asks and you get all defensive. That's totally not fair." yeah, she is going to call him on it, because as a teenager it's all about things being fair. Her tone softens "No one is judging you, especially not us." she gestures between Dax and herself "We've always been there for you." all six moths since that they have known each other at least. And Grayson…really? He is always freaking out about things he shouldn't and not freaking out about things he should. So he is hardly the person to be using as the norm." A looks is given to Dax along the lines of 'she's got this' even if she might not have it at all. Yeah Felicia feels like that quite often, but she has a reputation as being a bit full of herself not to mention self-confidence, so she is hardly going to admit it. That's one of the few things that she can easily lie about, mostly because she is fooling herself as well. Fake it until you make, that's how she is rolling. She reaches out to squeeze Ollie's shoulder as well as push her along after Dax. "it's not to late to find all that stuff out ya know. You have a way to communicate with your people now, don't you?"

"By telling me you'll call me what I want to be called? What if I just said 'Keep calling me 'Oliver'?" Ollie shakes her head and gives a sigh, "I just don't see all the fuss. I happen to like the way I look right now." She pushes back some blue hair, "Sorry, Daxton. I didn't mean to vent my frustration at you."

She then looks to Felicia, "You asked in a different way." Maybe she was expecting something and didn't get it? Maybe it was the way it was phrased? They all know Daxton isn't the best at social niceties. At the question about communication, there's actually a slight frown, "No, why would they do that? The Princess was only interested in Daxton."

Daxton turns back, "Then I'd keep calling you Oliver?" And to be fair, everyone looks for reasons to jump all over Daxton. It feels that way some days. Anotehr look to Fel and Dax shakes his head before giving Oli a shrug, "How was I supposed to ask?" And then the bomb about the Princess, "That's not true!"

Felicia nods to Ollie "It's a good look." but she already said as much when she discovered that the new girl wasn't new and her friend. And with the subject switching from sticky acceptance issues to something a little less so she goes with it "I don't know. Because we saved their asses?" she doesn't do that whole they are your people thing. It may be true but it's not like he was raised amoung them. The bringing up of the Princess' infatuation with Dax and the flirtations she was throwing at him has her opening her mouth to say something, but when Dax snaps about it, she does the smart thing and shuts her face. It's totally true but she bites her lip and keeps comments about that to herself. "So…breakfast….I'm hoping for french toast." a much safer subject.

"You can call me 'Oliver' or 'Ollie'…it's just a name," she points out, but when Daxton gets defensive, she lifts an eyebrow. "Seriously? It's totally true. She turned into a human so that you'd look at her and she only talked to -you- the entire way back. Come on, you didn't notice that?" She turns to Felicia, "You noticed that, didn't you?" But Felicia's moved onto another subject and she just sighs. "I'm not going to tell Rebecca or anything, geez, but she was totally into you and ignoring the rest of us."

Daxton was kinda busy bleeding from his face the whole trip. Of course he noticed, but it was weird and uncomfortable and he got the feeling Oli mad about it. So of course he's denying it! Dax is back to frowning and he ignores the comments about space, instead, "I need to eat." He's starting to get a headache, maybe he shouldn't have pushed himself working out this morning.

Felicia totally noticed, and considering the Princess looked like her to do it, well she was kinda not thrilled with it either. Especially since they were in the middle of a fire fight at the time. Star Wars and other Sci-Fi shows aside, that is not a good time to get your flirt on. "I noticed how hot I looked in that jumpsuit." or whatever she was wearing at the time. yes she went there, is it really any surprise? It shouldn't be. "Give it a rest Ollie. Flirting or not she is lightyears away, so it hardly matters now." Plot twist, tomorrow she enrolls as a student! "Where did you want to go shopping tonight?"

"I didn't care that she was flirting, but she didn't want to talk to me or answer any questions about who I was or anything! She didn't give me a way to get in touch with her…maybe I can ask Mr. Michaels, but no one seemed eager to be of any help so why should I even try? I mean, we saved their planet and no one could bother to say 'Thank You'?" Ollie shakes her head, "Maybe they have different rules, but that was just plain rude. Why should I keep trying if they don't care? I'm used to being unwanted, so why should I try to get them to want me?" That never works in her experience.

That said and the subject dropped, she walks along quietly until the next question, "Somewhere inexpensive, I guess. I might be able to use some of the stipend the state gives to the school for clothes and stuff on this."

Daxton just stays quiet. Anything he says will be taken wrong or twisted. And the shopping talk is also filled with land mines (Well, if they were real land mines it would be easier for the speedster). All his shopping is done at a thrift store or Becca buys him hoodies to steal.

Felicia drapes an arm around Ollie's shoulder "Well you aren't unwanted now. So just get that idea out of your head." Felicia wants her around, no matter what her gender, species or what have you. "We can hit some thift stores and discount places." then they are heading into the cafeteria and she looks around to see what is on the line this morning "Hey french toast! Love the french toast." and she is off, heading to the line to get hers before it is all gone.

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