(2016-09-10) The Rules According to Sky Pt.1
The Rules According to Sky Pt.1
Summary: More Rules for Besa
Date: 2016-09-10
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Lunch break and Besa grabbed his food and headed to the arts room. Now that his hands are healed (Strangly no scars!) he's got some catching up to do. His tray is not loaded, but it's enough. And it's ignored anyway as he moves to check the supplies in the corner of the room that has the kick wheel for clay throwing. While he does that, his sleeves are rolled up to not get too messy.

Schuyler gave Besa some space…it was partially intentional and partially unintentional. It's the last day of the first week of school and that's both a comfort and a curse as Sky has been trying to deal with the fact that he has so many other students' minds to somehow block out of his head while still focus on the instructors in class. It hasn't been easy and he's pretty much taken his pills every night so that he could get some semblance of sleep and make his headaches go away. It also gave him some time to think.

Maybe he already ate, maybe he wasn't hungry, or maybe he was waiting until afterwards to grab something, but Sky appears in the Art room not long after Besa sits at the wheel. It's a familiar room to him, the smells and sights, and it's a comforting room. It's not a bad place to be having the conversation he wants.

There's a glance to the tray of food before Sky just pulls over a chair so that he's opposite Besa at the wheel. «Keep going if you want, but I just want you to listen to what I have to say, ok? Just listen and think about it. I've been doing a lot of thinking and I just want to get this out. It's probabyl a lot and I don't usually say this much and I might have less of a filter right now because I've been dealing with a week of classes and really noisy minds so just bear with me, ok?»

Besa blinks, a slight frown pulls his eyebrows together but he'll nod hesitantly. Bcasue this is odd, he thinks, even for Sky.

Schuyler nods and settles into the chair, both signing and mind-speaking. There are a few hesitations as he tries to find certain signs for some of the words…they may end up finger-spelled. «Ok. So, I've been thinking about some of the things you told me and some of the things Rain told me. From what I've pieced together, and you can correct me if I'm wrong, is that you're meant to be a sacrifice. Always a sacrifice. You were created or made into or chosen by these Priests to be someone they can bring back and continually sacrifice to your gods. I don't know which one, but I'm kind of curious. But…» Sky then pauses and changes to another subject.

«There are rules and there are RULES. Some rules are a given…they're rules that are important and that, for the most part, we need to follow. Don't Kill. Don't Steal. Don't Hurt Animals. Stop At Red Lights. Big Rules. Like…there really aren't exceptions for these even though people might say that there are.» Those, at least, seem to be Sky's Big Rules. «But then there are small rules…some of them are made up from older societies and some of them are made up so people feel they can control you. Don't wear white shoes after Labor Day. Cross the street at the crosswalk. Uhm…wear uniforms during school,» he gestures down to the school uniform he's currently wearing. «Control. Old rules. Sometimes they're still ok, but sometimes they're out-dated. Sometimes we don't know why they were created in the first place. The Big Rules, sure…we know why those rules are there and those rules will -always- be there. But the small rules…they can be broken and no one gets hurt…because they don't really have a life-threatening or soul-threatening reason.» Sky then makes a face as that may not be exactly how he wanted to say it. He holds up his hand for Besa to just wait a moment while he shakes his hands and takes another moment to organize his thoughts.

Besa's following for the most part, but he's confused not eh why Sky is telling him all of this. He sit patently, giving the other time, but he's not throwing any clay, in fact all his attention os on Sky's hands.

«I just want you to think about this,» Sky continues. «We don't need to discuss it or talk about it or mention it any more after this, but I just want you to think about it. You're a sacrifice. You're young. So not only are they gifting your god with your life, but also your potential. Which is all well and good and I get how that can be powerful. But…If I was a god who demanded sacrifices, I think it would mean more to be given the gift of someone's life if they've actually lived it. Maybe it means an older sacrifice, but I think that if someone said 'I'm sacrificing this kid to you — you will have his life and all of his potential', sure, there's power in that. But if someone said 'This old man is sacrificing himself to you — you will have all of his life, all that he was, all that me made his life to be.' I think that holds more power. Potential is great, but what potential do you have if you're cared for and coddled and kept separate by the priests so that when you're sacrificed you're pure and untouched and young? Wouldn't it mean more as a sacrifice if you've had a chance to experience life and love and more of the world before you say 'I give myself and all that I have done to you'? If you do it in a year or ten or seventy years, wouldn't it mean more for your gods for you to give them a full, exciting life than one that hasn't done anything?»

Again, his hands still as if he is considering something else to say. Finally, he offers, «You're my friend. I don't have many of them. I'd hate to lose you, but if you eventually do your sacrifice, I wish it was on your own terms instead of you feeling like you have to obey a rule that no longer makes sense. I also feel kind of sad thinking that you won't let yourself experience life.» There's actually a sad sort of smile then before he gets up from the chair, «That's all. I won't bother you anymore about it.»

Besa's head tilts slightly and he inhales like he's going to interrupt, but then his mouth closes, letting Sky finish it off. There's an un certainly, not about what Sky has said, but how to respond to it. His thumb rubs gains his fingertips and he'll finally say and sign, "There is …more to the situation than that…" But he lets it drop, the details can be discussed later. "It is for me…for others, to not court anyone. Can you imagine how hard it would be to fall in love, and then have the Priest come? I do not think I would be strong enough. Feeling as I do now, with friends, it will tear me apart." He looks young, pretty hair framing his face as he looks up at Sky.

Schuyler pauses and looks at Besa, «And yet doesn't that make the sacrifice more meaningful? That you'd be giving up so much for the gods?» There's another thought that starts to form, but he cuts it off. He isn't sure Besa is ready to think about that yet.

That seems to strike Besa, but not in a good way, he frowns. "Why would you wish this be harder on me?" That doesn't seem something a friend should be doing. The smaller teen looks away, shifting on the seat of the throwing wheel. This entire conversation is making him uncomfortable.

«I'm not. What I want you to do is think about -why- you let yourself be a sacrifice. You're out now, Besa. You're not being held and groomed by the priests anymore. Shouldn't you only be the sacrifice if -you- want to be? Otherwise, doesn't it break one of the Big Rules?» But Sky doesn't want to get too far into it. «Because I consider you a friend, I want you to live a real life. Not only part of one because your priests might show up at any moment, but a real one. I want you to discover stuff about this world. To meet and date girls…» even if they're not his sister, but he's definitely ok (right now) with that, «To grow up and do the stuff you want to do and if you do end up making the sacrifice, I want it to be because you believe in it enough and I want it to be -your- choice. Not something you feel you have to do because someone told you that.»

He shakes his head, «I don't want to start another fight. I just ask that you think about it.»

How is this not starting another fight? Besa's dark eyes flash and he stands up to at least be on somewhat equal standing with the other boy, "Then I ask you this, why can you not believe that my life has been real and worthy? Why does it need to be up to your rules, not mine?" His head shakes, he's broadcasting hurt again, "I have not asked you to change, why are you asking me to? You say I am your friend, but I am clearly not good enough. You wish me to change. "

Schuyler reaches up a hand to scrub at his eyes and his temples…he was afraid of this. «Because you're a freshman in High School and you never had ice cream before. You never had friends before. I just can't understand how that is a life…maybe it's because I wasn't born in Ancient Egypt, but that's just how I see things. I don't want you to change, but I want you to learn how to think outside that sarcophagus that they put you in.» He gestures to the art room, «Look at the stuff in here. Look at what people are creating. They're not creating something that they can find anywhere, they're creating something that's new and different and original. They're stretching past what is familiar into something that's new and scary and exciting. That's what life should be!»

Sky takes a few steps back towards the door and shakes his head, «I'm sorry if you don't see it that way. Because I consider you my friend, I won't stop trying to get you to try new and exciting and scary things with me. It's in your court if you want to have a friendship like that.»

"You are a freshman as well!" Besa's hands clench, not signing currently. "Just because it is not to your choosing does not mean I do not learn and experience new things. Trying ice cream and experiencing things are different than telling me that my ways are wrong." His eyebrow raises, "Now to be your friend I must allow you to change me?" That's not exactly what Sky said, but it could be taken that way!

«And I'm not willing to throw myself on a knife because someone says I have to,» Sky counters right back. «I know I have a lot to learn and I know I have a lot to see. And you know what? I'm looking forward to it! I don't necessarily get what people see in dating yet, but if and when I do, I'm looking forward to it!» It can be damn lonely at times.

«I didn't say anything about changing you. I can't change you. No one can change you but you.»

"I have never thrown myself on a knife!" That's probably not the point, but still! Besa's arms fold, almost protectively in front of him, "Things are not always the way you want them, Schuyler. You may not believe in Desitny, but it has been proven to me, over and over again. Do you think I have not tried to fight it? It does not work that way! I do what is done to save the world, not just for some festivity. it is not as frivolous thing!" The dark skinned boy is tense, ignoring everything else around him but Sky, "Yes, you did. It is my court if I want a friendship where you will keep trying to get me to do things you wish? What else did you mean then, if not to change me?"

Schuyler sighs again, his brows creasing some as his headache is starting early today. «To get you to see that the world is different. To get you out of the box in your head. But if you don't want to, that's your choice. All of it is. Our friendship is your choice but you can't change me either. You can't make me accept that one day you're going to just…not exist anymore.» He continues towards the door to go back onto the hallway, a hand reaching so that he can steady himself some on the doorframe. Too much too fast.

Something in what Sky says clicks and the eventually dead boy sighs. "The world is more different than you could possible know." There's no fight in his words though, the way his shoulder slump, it's almost a giving up motion. "I do not stop existing. That is part off my curse." His arms unfold and he steps towards Sky, "Let us not talk of this anymore. You are hurting…" He reaches out a hand, but then stops, not wanting to intrude too hard, "Would you let me try to help you?"

This isn't a challenge. Sky could argue that he knows things that Besa couldn't possibly, but he doesn't want to one-up the other. All he wanted to do was to get him to think about it. «You stop existing to those of us who won't see you again because you won't be brought back for another hundred years. We don't live that long, generally.» There have been a few exceptions, even in their family, but Sky isn't counting on it for himself. Not with the powers he got.

As Besa comes closer, he glances over at him, «It's just the headache. I don't know that you can. I mean, you can try, but even our mom's healing spells didn't work.»

There's a hesitation and then Besa pulls his hand back. He seems just as exhausted as Sky is, for different reason. "Very well." He's done enough bleeding this past week, if Sky doesn't think it will help, then he won't. He glances back to the tray of food he's not going to eat and the kick wheel he's not started yet.

Schuyler does manage a little bit of a smile, «I appreciate it though. I do.» Rain is so going to kill him for picking another 'fight'. He just needed to get it off his chest. «I'm sorry if I upset you again. I'll give you some more space if you want.»

It seems to be their roles. Large dark eyes study him briefly before looking away, "It is fine." No, Besa is upset, but he's been here before, it's not as completely foreign this time and less a shock. "I am going to throw. You can stay if you want."

«Thanks, but I think I've done enough damage.» There's even a little humor there. Sky lets out a breath, «I'm going to see if eating something will help before dealing with the afternoon's classes.» He pauses a moment, «I'm glad you're healed up from the shark attack.» He felt it from Rain. «Thanks for keeping an eye out for her.»

Besa doesn't answer or laugh. Sky does kind of leave a path of hurt feels with Besa. He does nod though, his hair bouncing with the motion, much more peppy than he feels. "Tabitha healed my hands." they should not be healed just yet. "Of course, Rain is my friend."

Schuyler actually looks a little disappointed when Tabitha is mentioned but he nods. «Yeah. Rain's a really good person.» Unlike him…maybe it was better when others had to translate for him? It might have softened some of the blows…but Sky was always pretty straightforward and passionate about his beliefs. Rain would probably agree that it sometimes made him difficult.

It was shark teeth, not a paper cut. Besa downs' comment of Sky's disappointment, if he even noticed. "She is my friend." Tabitha or Rain? or both? Eitehr way, Besa moves over to sit at the kick when again, reputing his sleeves up. "If there si time, you should try to nap." naps always help headaches, right?

Schuyler shakes his head, «There isn't enough time and if I take one of the pills, I won't be any good in the classes.» Not like he will be like this, but at least he'll be able to understand the instructors. Maybe he can beg out of any athletic training to be done later. There's another long pause before he nods towards the wheel, «What are you making?»

Besa's eyes flicker towards Sky, almost like he's trying to decide why Sky is asking, "I do not know. The clay will tell me." He wets his hands and starts kicking. It is not an electric one, he has to use his leg and kick to keep it at a steady pace. "It is the process as much as the end result."

Kind of like Life…but Sky doesn't voice that. Instead, he stays by the door but turns to watch the process for a little bit, storing that information away.

<FS3> Besa rolls Ceramics: Good Success.

Besa focuses on the wheel, he doesn't need to tap into anything to do this, it's a skill he's always had. Mayeb that's why he always has the smell of dirt on him? After a minute of working the clay he seems to start to relax,some of the tension form the fight leaving him. His hands are wet and covered be he doesn't seem to mind. A bowl takes form, and then grows taller into a vase.

Schuyler hasn't done much on the pottery wheel himself…he prefers to hand-build when he does pottery, but he also tends to build smaller, decorative items rather than 'useful' ones. He doesn't offer suggestions, however, and doesn't offer what he feels should change about the vase in progress. He just watches quietly.

That's probably a wise choice. Besa's just blowing off some frustrations now anyway. The lip of vase is dropped, and he uses a wooden tool to start shaping the edge, the speed slowing on the wheel.

<FS3> Schuyler rolls Telepathy/empathy: Good Success.

Maybe he recognizes that the other is venting some frustration? Schuyler isn't entirely immune to picking up on people's emotions even if he isn't reading their minds. It's a little hypnotic, actually, watching the clay creation.

More water is dripped onto the piece and Besa finishes the lip and starts to add texture. The kicking slows even more, but doesn't stop. The teen's head tilts as he raises a shoulder to rub his cheek on before going back to consitrating on the pottery. it seems like he's using the side of the wooden tool to leave mark in the vase but rolling it as it spins.

Schuyler might have done things differently, but he would never try to instruct someone on their art. It's so individual and so personal. Nor does he ask questions because he doesn't want to break Besa's focus. But he just stays…for now.

The kicking slows, the wheel eventually stops and Bedsa sits staring at the piece. it's useful (In theory), but the outside is rough, not particularly pretty. Maybe it's some kind of physical manifestation of how he's feeling. Either way he lets out a low sigh, moving to smash it down back into a ball of clay again.

Schuyler starts to step forward with a start as Besa moves to smash it. But maybe something the boy said earlier is echoing in his head and he pauses, just watching the destruction.

Besa kicks the wheel a few time,s enough to be able to get the clay back into a ball to put back into the barrel with the rest. "You should go eat or your head will hurt the rest of the day." It's not said with any meanness, more concern than anything. He needs to clean up before their next class anyway.

«I didn't mind it. It's ok if things come from an angry place.» Sky offers softly before he turns to head back out into the hallway. He won't have too much time to eat, but he should be able to grab something quick to wolf down.

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