(2016-09-09) The Social Depths
The Social Depths
Summary: People are social in the depths of the ocean.
Date: 2016-09-09
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First weekend of a new year, and Tabitha can't sleep. So she's skating. Getting used to the in-line skates she picked up this week in a slightly less dangerous environment than Area 51. She's pulled the cushins off a few couches to make hard surfaces and is doing a few jumps and simple grinds without using her powers for lift or landing. It's a workout and it's fun and maybe next time she goes to the skate park she won't embarass herself.

Liam was studying, the new boy sitting with a book on his lap and reading. Then the sun went down and since then, Liam's been nodding off intermittently on one of the couches with his text book.

Seems there are more people having trouble sleeping. Vinny steps out from his dorm, blinking a bit as he watches the skating. "Interesting," he offers, rather quietly, but remains in place for now. To avoid being ran over, perhaps.

Besa has been throwing his anxieties away in the art room on the wheel. The small teen's shirt has clay on the sleeves and while he's washed his hands, he still smells of the pottery. He too slows when he sees the hub, confused as to what's going on.

Tabitha isn't having any trouble sleeping. She's gotten twelve whole hours of blissful rest this week. For her that's sleeping in 'til noon. She's even gotten bit a bit by her roommate's study bug. But this is the opening bell of the weekend. The books are tucked away in her room, not to be seen until Monday morning. When Vinny comes in, followed shortly by Besa from another direction, she comes to a smooth stop. "Oh, hey! Getting an early start on the weekend, too?" She's not being too quiet.

Looking up again, Liam blinks and shakes his head a little. "Ooops." He mumbles and looks back down at his book squinting and shaking his head to clear off the sleepies. He looks at all the faces, new, new, new, and offers a small wave.

"Woke up and had trouble going back to sleep. Figured I'd take a bit of a walk," Vinnu replies, with a brief smile. "What's up?"

Besa reaches up and scratches his neck, trying to figure out why Tabs is doing what she's doing there. "Hello Tabitha." He gives both Liam and Vinny both a nods and a friendly smile, "Hello." Besa gives a small glance around the bub and then touches his pocket, checking to make sure he still has something.

Tabitha turns and gives Liam a quick upnod, "Hey there, new face." Then she shrugs to Vinny, "Not much. Just restless and this is a nice room to skate in. Less chance to mess up the floors if I slip up on the brakes." Besa gets a smile then she glances where his hand is checking. "How's the pottery coming?" She does a slow rolling turn, her hands out for balance. They're fully whole again with no sign they were cut up last night.

"Pottery?" Liam looks a little interested. "Like, flower pots and stuff?" He wonders and waves back to the skating girl as he yawns. "Hey yourself." He studies Vinny last, curious about him too.

"Hey…" Vinny offers both to Liam and Besa, since he's not really familiar with any of those two. Nodding again at Tabitha, he offers her a brief grin. "Ah, I see… Just don't run into anyone?" Looking over at Besa at the mention of the pottery. "Pottery sounds fun."

Besa gives Tab a small shrug, "I did not keep any of it." Sometimes that happens. Liam gets a soft nod, "And bowls and such, yes." And then Vinny gets a warm smile, "It is. I have been told that it is good for the soul."

Tabitha grins at Vinny, "Not running into people is easy when you've got a built-in bumper." Her aura twists into visibility, currently holding up a few inches from her skin. Now that she's stopped, and there are more people around, she starts to send wisps of her aura around to pick up after herself and put the couches together again. She also takes her skates off the easy way, by floating up and using her aura to pull them off along with her socks. Then she settles herself down on the same couch Liam's sitting/dozing on. "I'm Tabitha. You're new this year. As my roommate would say, what's your weird?"

"I'm Liam, I have plant magic?" Liam asks, looking confused at the question then at the other boys. "Is that normal? That girl Oliver pretty much asked the same thing." He shakes his bangs over his eyes.

"Plant magic? Interesting," Vinny remarks, offering a brief grin to Liam. "Don't worry about it," he offers, before he grins at Tabitha. "Where's the challenge in having such a bumper, hmm?"

Tabitha gets a soft chuckle and a head shake. Her powers just seem much more useful than his! Besa isn't sure it's normal so he shrugs, "Hello Liam, I am Besa." Looking down at himself, "I need to go get cleaned up, if you'll excuse me?" The group as a whole gets a head nod before the Egyptian boy turns and heads for the Guardian's door and a much deserved shower.

Tabitha's face scrunches up when Liam mentions 'that girl Oliver', but her brain catches up a moment later and she just shrugs. "We're all some flavor of weird here. It's the whole point of this place." Besa gets a smile and quick wave, "Sleep well, Besa." Vinny gets a shrug when he asks about the bumper. "I'm not in it for the challenge. It's just something ot keep my body busy while my brain works on music." Then she's back to Liam as she leans back on the sofa. "Plant magic does sound fun."

"It can be pretty cool, it has it's draw backs." Liam yawns and looks between Vinny and Tabitha. Then he peers at Tabitha, and really scrunches up his forehead. "Oh, I've seen you on the news. You're in that band. So do you guys share too? Or is it only the new guy?" He looks at Vinny, curious about the other boy. He's at least seen that odd aura thing.

"Ah, yes," Vinny offers with a grin to Tabitha, before he pauses a few moments at Liam's question. "Ah, I'm probably one of the more boring people here. Some stronger senses, and quick reflexes. You know, like a human dog, or something…"

Tabitha smirks at Vinny, "Quick reflexes? You're almost in Daxton's class for speed from what I hear." The smirk continues on to Liam but it softens a bit when he mentions the band. "Yeah, that was me and my friends. And yes, we share too." She pulls her legs up so she's sitting in the lotus position. "You saw my aura. I use it to absorb energy. That energy fuels my body, makes me stronger, harder to hurt, faster to heal. That sort of deal." She keeps to the easy to explain end of things.

"Oh, so you guys are super tough." Liam smiles a bit and looks between them. "That's pretty cool. I haven't spent to much time with people with different abilities." He offers and shrugs at Vinny. "I feel ya man, not much special about helping trees grow."

"Ah, Daxton's by far the fastest," Vinny replies, before he adds, "But I suppose I'm rather fast myself, that's true…" A brief grin is offered to Liam. "Well, not everyone can have the big battle powers, right?" A few moments of pause, before he sighs. "Got to go. Need to take care of a few things. It was nice to speak with you guys, though." And with that, he heads back into the Ares dorms.

Tabitha shrugs, "Battle powers aren't all they're cracked up to be. Mostly they just get you into fights." Then she relents and gives a sidelong grin, "Not that I'm saying those fights can't be fun, but they do get in the way of other things." Vinny gets a wave as he heads back into the dorms, then she stands up and slings her skates over her shoulders. "It's all in how you approach your powers. That's just one of the reasons we're all here… to learn about what we can do and how to use it whatever we decide to do when we grow up. I'm going to get a shower and some quiet time. Good meeting you, Liam."

"Oh, well, I have no complaints, I'm back to the trees after school." Liam yawns and waves off Tabitha. "It's cool to meet you." He says, collecting his book to sleep as well.

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