(2016-09-09) Friendzones
Summary: Grayson meets the new Ollie and there is drama
Date: IC Date (2016-09-09)
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Grayson has ascended a good ways up the rock climbing wall. As is usual when he's climbing, he's wearing only a pair of gray Coral Springs sweatpants and the safety harness as he makes his way up the wall. The balls of muscle on his shoulders and biceps bulge as he pulls himself higher, his upper body glistening with sweat. He grunts as he pulls himself up a bit higher, sniffs, and then moves his legs up to the next foot hold.

There are so many outdoor pieces of equipment on the Training Grounds…most of which Ollie hasn't bothered with because she is pretty much uninterested in that need for physical release. She's still wearing her batik-dyed, faux silk kaftan…one that she's worn before, actually, and she still has a now-somewhat-wilted daisy tucked behind one ear as she moves to climb the bleachers. It's one of those nights where she likes to go out and watch the stars…and being grounded means that she must stay on school grounds.
It's the light and the movement on the outdoor rock-climbing wall that catches her attention as she takes a seat, her bare feet resting on the bleacher row beneath. She doesn't call out just yet…she doesn't want Grayson to hurt himself.

Grayson lets his feet dangle for a moment and he pulls himself higher with just his arms, letting out a grunt. He's nearly two thirds of the way up now, and his feet hang a bit longer before he finally replaces them back on to the footholds. He reaches upward to the next grip and climbs a bit higher.

Ollie isn't sure if she should actually say anything, but as Grayson replaces his feet back onto the footholds and climbs higher, she cups her hands around her mouth and calls, "You can do it! Go!!" She knows how much the activity means to him even though she doesn't quite get it. She doesn't get it with Felicia either, but climbing to that height has to be tough and an accomplishment!

Grayson freezes on the wall. He closes his eyes, and he sighs. After a moment, he just lets go, falling off the wall. The safety cables kick in and the harness slows his fall until he gently lands on his feet on the mats at the base of the wall. He begins unfastening and removing the harness, but he doesn't pay any further attention to the girl on the bleachers.

Oh, crap. She shouldn't have cheered him on. Ollie winces and gets to her feet so she can try to hop down from the bleachers. "I'm sorry…" she calls as she moves a little closer, "I shouldn't have said anything. I can go and you can go back to climbing. I just…you were doing so good."

Grayson slaps his hands together, dusting off the talc powder. He doesn't look at the girl, but he does offer a rather flat toned, dry answer. "I was finished."

"Gray," she tries, taking a few steps towards the boy. "I'm sorry." Ollie then looks down at her bare feet before she sort of folds her arms around her in a bit of a hug. It's not cold, though.

Grayson snaps his head around to look at her, pointing aggressively. "I don't know how you know my name, but it ain't yours to fuckin' shorten!" He snarls, "Don't be sorry, just be gone!" Then he waves her off, and turns his back to her, working on the polyester straps on the harness and slipping it off from around his waist.

Ollie closes her eyes and lets out a quiet sigh, "Grayson, it's Ollie. And are we really going to be like this for the whole year? We're in some of the same classes…I totally understand if we can't be friends, but can we at least try to be polite to each other? I'm sorry for the position I put you in and I'm sorry for…everything. It was me that had the issues…" She doesn't move from her spot though.

Grayson slows, his shoulders tightening for a moment as he looks skyward and then lets out a long, exasperated sigh. Finally, he turns, "Really?" He glares at the other boy. Girl. "So, now you're a girl?" He shakes his head and rolls his eyes, "What the fuck, Ollie? Oliver… Oli…verette…"

"I'm still Oliver. It's still me on the inside, I just needed…" She looks up at the sky and hugs herself a little tighter before letting out another sigh, "I needed to change. I don't really care what you call me…most are just using 'Ollie'. It's a name and it's me. What I look like on the outside shouldn't change that. But yeah, now I'm a girl. I haven't been a girl, not for more than a couple of minutes, in like, five years. I was the form you met last year for all that time and I just…needed to be someone different."

Grayson furrows his brow, "Yeah? Do you find that helps? Running away from your problems?" He scowls, "You can't fucking just change and have shit magically be better! Running away makes things worse, Oliver! You can't just switch shit around so you can just forget and move on!" He jabs his finger into his pec, "I don't change, Oliver! Maybe I needed you to be the same! I'm still me! It's still me here!" He shakes his head and looks disdainfully at Oliver. "Leave me alone." He swallows, chewing back the wet forming in his eyes, and then begins marching toward the bench where his shirt is.

"It didn't help," Ollie offers quietly, "I realized that. But I needed time to think. If I thought that running away would fix things, I wouldn't have come back, but I knew it wouldn't." She finally unwraps her arms from herself and moves to follow Grayson, "I haven't forgotten anything! I -am- the same, Grayson! I'm the same where it counts. Why can't you see that? It's still me here too. Just because I look different doesn't mean that I'm a new person!"

She then shifts into the Alien form, "Would you prefer it if I was like this all the time? How is it any different?"

Grayson picks up his shirt, "Really? Because you don't look like my boyfriend to me!" He yanks the shirt over his head and tugs it down.

Ollie shifts back into the blue-haired teen, "So you only liked me because of the way I looked." It's not really asked as a question but it's said almost as if it was confirming something. "I liked you for -you-, Grayson. I get that you're not attracted to me like this, but what I am is so much more than what I look like. Technically, I'm neither. I think that my…" race? People? "Aliens…I think they don't have a binary like that. You are who you want to be."

"I do like you for who you are, but I also don't like girls," snaps Grayson. "Don't set me up like that to make me seem like I only liked the way you looked. That's bullshit." When Oliver says you are who you want to be, that seems to strike a chord that's not good. "No! No we aren't! We are what we are, Oliver! Good! Bad! Evil!" He bangs his chest, "It's already in here! Okay!?!" He growls, and then shakes his head, frustrated and angry. "Just forget it!" He turns and begins to march toward the door.

And that's not what they were talking about at all! Ollie's eyes widen and she runs after Grayson, "Gray…what's going on? Is this about your mom? I don't think you're Evil. I don't think you'll ever be Evil." She even reaches out to place a hand on his arm, "Evil people don't get upset over the fact that they might be bad. You're not. You're a really good person, Gray…"

Grayson yanks his arm away from Oliver, "Don't touch me!" he shouts. "Damnit, Oliver, don't fucking talk about my mother!" he almost screams at him. There's something a little… almost crazy, in the guttural, visceral way he yells about her. "You know what, Oliver? Maybe you're right. Maybe we both need to just be someone different!" Again, he tries to head for the door.

Oliver pulls back her hand, stunned. She takes in a breath and shifts back to male 'Oliver'…"If I'm like this will you actually talk to me, Grayson? What is going on? I know what's going on with me, but I want to know what's going on with you because it's a lot more than me swimming with you and asking you to come away with me."

Grayson rolls his eyes and his whole head, growling again. "Oliver." He huffs, pursing his lips, and then he looks at Oliver. "You dumped me. Because I wouldn't run away and live with you underwater." He shakes his head, "You need to worry about yourself. Figure out what the hell's wrong with you and work it out, or man the fuck up. But don't try to tackle other people's shit until your fucking head is on straight."

"You walked away from me first, Grayson, or don't you remember that? I only swam away once you walked away -from me-," Oliver points out. "I know what's going on with me. I'm actually feeling pretty good about things right now so I don't know why you seem to think something is wrong. Because I need to change? It was driving me nuts feeling stuck, Gray. Maybe it's a species thing, I just don't know. No one knows except for the species who kind of refused to talk to me when I met them so I'm just improvising. But when I changed? Everything felt right again." He then shifts back into the girl, "This is how I want to be right now. I know that you don't like it and I know that you aren't attracted to girls. I'm sorry about that, but maybe we both need some time to figure things out." She takes a step back then, as if she won't stop Grayson from walking away if he chooses to.

"I'm still your friend, Gray. Please don't ever forget that. I'll always be here for you no matter what form I'm in."

Grayson stares at Oliver. In silence. His hand twitches, and then slowly folds into a fist. The stare creeps a bit toward a glare, and then suddenly, the air around them begins to smell like fresh rain. That smell seems to jar Grayson out of his glare, and he blinks. The smell immediately leaves, and he just grits his teeth and then turns, walking to the door.

Ollie doesn't flinch at the fist or at the scent of the rain. She knows what might come, but she'll take it. The fact that he doesn't follow through gets a sigh of relief. As he walks off, she offers quietly, "Someone evil wouldn't pull his power back." There's another sigh before she turns back and climbs the bleachers once more. Sitting on the very top, she just looks out at the night sky, her eyes welling with some tears that she just lets fall.

That was hard.

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