(2016-09-08) Not So New Girl
Not So New girl
Summary: Turns out the new girl is Oliver!
Date: 2016-09-08
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Administration Hub

This large area was once an outdoor courtyard in the days of the old sea fort. With a retractable canopy overhead, it is on most days an enclosed courtyard. Fine wooden doors line the circular wall that lines this courtyard, each leading into the ring of single rooms on the outside of the school. These rooms belong to the faculty and administration of Coral Springs. The Head Mistress' office is here as well. There is a small circular stair rising up to the top level with access to the Cafeteria and the outdoor decks up there.

Classes have started and students are going about the familiar (new to some) routine. It's just about lunchtime, so classes are letting out to allow students their lunch and leisure time before classes go back into session. Whispers have started about — rumors flying already — and they seem to fly even faster now that people are able to get together after the morning's classes.

One girl, with dyed turquoise hair pulled back into a curly-haired braid, is walking with another Junior, quickly jotting down assignments that she missed in the last particular class. Ugh, so much to catch up on!

The first week back to school is the worst! There was so much she wanted to do over the summer that she never got a chance to do. And on top of all the drama of things, friends missing, students being attacked. What's a girl to do?! Well not starve is one thing so Felicia is heading to the cafeteria for lunch like the rest of the students. Her uniform, the trousers not the skirt, trimmed in the Ares blue, and her blue tie crooked and pulled loose. Turquoise hair grabs her attention and Felicia waves to the unfamiliar face. She may be having a rough week, but that doesn't mean she can't be friendly "Hi!" she greets, like she is greeting someone she has known forever…which is how she greets everyone, whether she knows them or not.

The girl looks up at the greeting and breaks into a big smile. "Felicia!" She flashes a grin to the boy who was helping with the assignment before running over to join the Senior in her walk to the library. The boy looks rather relieved as the girl leaves his side. That was just weird.

The girl -is- wearing the skirt with the proper blouse and Metis tie and colors as well as knee socks and appropriate shoes. Or, at least, she -seems- to be. She walks along for a moment as if there's nothing weird about her just knowing the other girl's name but then she gives a little snap as if suddenly remembering. "I'm Ollie. Sorry, I forgot for a second."

If surprise at the use of her name and the strange girl greeting her like someone she knows is expected well best to find someone else Felicia doesn't do surprise or shock. In fact she is delighted at being greeted like that, even if she doesn't know at first how or why. "Oliver!" she squeals even more delighted at being told and then the hugging begins "Oh my gawd! Have you been here the whole time? Looking like that?!" she shakes her head "Why didn't you say something, I was so worried.

Ollie returns the hug the best that she can — after all, she was carrying some textbooks. But the hug isn't unwanted, In fact, she may even hold on just a little bit as it was something that was needed. "No, I just returned late last night and then went to turn myself into Weald." There's a little relief that she wasn't scoffed at or turned away or anything. "I'm sorry that I worried you, I just needed to get away for a little, I think. Just…change things." But her smile returns, "Did I miss anything good?"

Felicia will hold out with the hug as long as necessary, she has no personal space issues…she doesn't even know the concept of personal space. "And I am just finding out now…by accident!" she then waves that off the relief that her friend is back outweighs any hurt at not being sought out right away "You could of left a note or something." not that Felicia could read it, but still! "Good? Just too much homework and boring lectures. There were some attacks on students, but I wasn't around for those."

"I didn't know I'd be leaving," Ollie admits, looking a little sheepish, "And I was totally going to come find you at lunch!" But she found her first! "Oh, I know about the homework! I have so much to catch up on and I didn't finish the reading," she sighs. "I guess it'll give me something to do at detention."

There's a frown when Felicia mentions attacks on students, "Are they all right? Was Daxton involved?" He always seems to be involved in those things somehow

"How could you not know?" that's confusing, but Felicia just shakes her head at her "I never have the reading finished." and as for the homework…"You can join the study group. We'll be starting it up soon, we'll get you caught up…mostly." if such a thing is possible. She reaches up to fluff at Ollie's turqouise hair "So do I call you Olivia now?" the fact that her former male friend is now female is taken in stride. She accepts it no questions asked, except that one, because she doesn't want to call her the wrong thing!

"Oh everyone is fine. Just bumps and bruises." there is a laugh from Felicia and she shakes her head "No Ares involvement at all!" that's a shocker. If it isn't Dax involved it's Felicia and of not her or both another Ares usually.

"I don't know. Just…stuff happened with Grayson and he walked away and I just needed to get away," Ollie offers quietly. She still seems a little hurt about it, but it's not actually devastating. "You sure you want a Junior in the Study Group? But then again, you took these classes last year!" So that might actually work out. She does grin as her hair is fluffed, "It's been a while since I was a girl so I need to remember the hair stuff. I liked the blue though…it's kind of peaceful." For hair. The question gets another grin, "Ollie is just fine. I'm still 'Oliver'…that's the name I was given, after all." It's still part of her identity.

She glances at Felicia, "No Ares involvement at all? Are you sure? I mean, is that even possible?" But then she reaches over to give Felicia another quick, but tight hug, "Thanks, by the way."

"Ugh…boys." she gives an eyeroll. Never mind that when she met Ollie he was one. "Nothing but trouble." Felicia commiserates, putting a supportive hand on Ollie's arm "We welcome all grades. It's not just seniors who have problems with classes. That's is something we all have to deal with, why not together." she nods "I was going to get some blue streaks in my hair over the summer, but stuffs got in the way." she nods, if she wants to be called Ollie that's fine by Felicia.

"Positive. We are slacking this week. Going to have to make up for it next." detention here comes Felicia. Oh more hugs, okay. "For what?" she really has no idea what the thanks is for. Which goes to show just how accepting she is of things like this.

"You can say that again," is agreed regarding the boys. Even if she was one for most of her life, it doesn't make the statement any less incorrect. "I don't know about problems with classes, but I could use the help catching up." And it's a chance to be with people. What's bad about it? She smiles and reaches to ruffle Felicia's own hair, "I think you should. But hot pink would look great, too. I almost went lavender but this seemed both cheerful and peaceful," And she needed some of that. "Maybe I'll go lavender next."

"Well, I already have detention for a week, so I think I'm ahead of you." At the question though, she gives a wistful little smile, "Just for being you and for being so awesome," and for just accepting her choice.

Felicia could, but she doesn't, why belabor the agreed upon point. "Well it is agreed. You'll join the group, and i promise the initiation isn't /too/ painful." she winks with the joke. There is a grimace when her hair is messed with, she isn't one for people messing with her hair "Hot pink huh." she thinks about it then shakes her head "I like blue better." and Ollie's new hair color counts. "Not ahead, catching up if you are counting last year." she had them up until the last day of school. Of course now she is going to have to do stuffs to get into detention so Ollie isn't suffering them alone. "Well who else am I going to be?"

Oliver actually laughs at the question! For some reason, she finds it really funny…but then again, she -can- be anyone she wants to be! "Blue then. Honestly, I think you could rock out any color you wanted." There's a happy little sigh as she continues towards the Cafeteria. This. This is what she missed for most of the summer. She was so stressed and wound up that it felt like it was forced whenever she tried but now it's almost like a fresh start.

"I figured a new school year, a new start to the tally. I didn't know it was a race though. I mean, I'd rather -not- have detentions, but I deserved them this time. Totally."

And Felicia can only be well Felicia so she is going to be the most awesome one she can. She falls into step as Ollie heads to the cafeteria "Except certain shades of red, or blonde." she doesn’t have the coloring for that, to dark complected. "Where did you go? Or did you just turn into a fish or mouse or some small creature and hung out around here still?" she could totally see that. "When it comes to detentions it is always a race." one she wants to win.

"You could do really like blonde streaks. Like Rogue," Ollie offers, glancing over at Felicia as they head into the cafeteria. No doubt the whispers continue, but Ollie either ignores them or just smiles sweetly back when she makes eye contact with whisperers. "I also thought about red, but I just did that." She needed a total change…although she still kept her eye color. They seem to pretty much be constant whenever she's changing her form for herself. "Well, I turned into a mer-man for a little to swim with Grayson and when he walked off I swam off. Stayed that way for a couple of days and just swam…I'm not entirely sure where I ended up, to be honest, but the water was a little warmer than up here." She looks over the food offerings for the day and wrinkles up her nose…not too many options today. It happens.

"Then I was a cat for a couple of days and that was kind of awesome. You can think really clearly when you're just swimming or lazing in a pool of sunlight and people are giving you food." She turns her smile to Felicia, "Then I figured out what I think I needed. It took me another day or so to figure out all of this," she looks down at herself, "And then I flew back to school."

Felicia listens as she grabs a tray and starts to grab a few food items for herself. She has more options, but has a tendency to respect Oliver by not having meat when she is eating with him. So cheese pizza it is along with a salad and fries. "May have been Florida. Should of went to Disney World." she brow furrows "I thought you couldn't do merpeoples…" clearly that changed along with other things. "That and cats just don't care." she looks around for a place to sit and heads to a table with relatively few people at it "And what was it you needed?"

Ollie manages to find something in today's offerings but she does give the servers an exasperated sigh. "I should really petition for them to have better options…although if I'm the only one who's vegan, that won't work well." But she finds enough food to put on her tray. "It wasn't -that- far South. I think I would have figured that out easily enough. Also, no money…" She gives an apologetic little smile before following the other to the table. "Well, ever since I could do Rocket Raccoon, I was able to figure some stuff out. I basically took some biology from humans and biology from fish and put them together in a way that could work. I wasn't like a magical Mermaid though. I had gills and webbed fingers and everything," she waggles her fingers as if that somehow demonstrates. "Cats don't care, that's true. I thought about staying a cat for a while, actually, and just not-caring. But that just meant everything was still there, waiting." Glancing around at the Cafeteria some, she then looks back to Felicia and gives a little shrug, "I think I needed some time. Some space. And I needed a big change. I've been what you met as me for a few years…pretty much since the last time I was a girl when I was ten or eleven."

"Which would be easier, petitioning the school or making your own lunch and bringing it?" the dorms do have little kitchen areas. Felicia really has never used the one in Ares, but she knows other people that use them "Rocket Raccoon was awesome. The start of a great group Halloween costume too!" she can dress up as Gamora! "Yeah, you can't run away from problems, especially if you plan on coming back." she circles a finger at her "Gender switching is a big change."

"Dealing with whatever the school provides is the easiest," Ollie grins, taking a bite of her food. "I don't have the money to go shopping all the time to make my own food. I'll deal. It's my choice anyhow." She's fairly certain that her alien form was meant to eat meat or why have such sharp teeth? "I don't want to be Rocket Raccoon for Halloween. You can be whatever you want, of course." But she does seem a little pleased at the praise.

"Yeah," she sighs again, "I know that about problems. I just needed some time to think through them without any distraction and I was sort of hurt so swimming away seemed like the best option at that point." She glances down at herself before not quite meeting Felicia's eyes, "I also didn't want anyone to talk me out of it." Not that Felicia would in particular. "It was the best big change I could think of while still remaining a student."

Felicia nods as she noms her own food "As limited as they are…" she chuckles at Oliver "It was just a suggestion. We have to do something for Halloween though." she will probably insist on it, either a party or trick or treating…something fun.

"Yeah sometimes ya just need to be alone to figure things out for yourself." Felicia gets that "Sorry it didn't work out with Grayson." she figures they broke up and while it isn't surprising to her, nothing really is, she still feels for Oliver "And not being an alien?" she laughs "Good choice." then it is down to eating and catching up before the bell rings and they have to go to the torture that is classes.

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