(2016-09-08) Healz or Not
Healz! Or Not
Summary: A chat between Besa and Rain turns to his healing abilities
Date: 2016-09.07
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Training Grounds

In the center of the island, a large open area, roughly 100 meters round, stands as training grounds for the students of Coral Springs High. Bleachers on one side to sit have been erected by the faculty. A few pillars to mark each school can hold a flame atop it should it be needed at night. A mix of dirt and sand, any number of activities take place here. A few trails meander off from the training grounds and go around the island itself.

Classes are over for the day and it won't be long before students begin to file back into the school for the evening meal. Right now though students can be found in all sorts of free time activities. Not many have found their way outdoors but some have. There is a group on the beach playing some ball game, a small group under the bleachers smoking and goofing off and then there is Rain. She is sitting at one of the picnic tables that have been set up now that school is in session, a few text books spread out in front of her as she scribbles notes from them into a notebook. Three days of classes and she is already trying to keep ahead of the classes syllabus.

Besa's had a few questions but has been lucky that no one has really connected his hand injuries with the Sharkman attacks. He's still wearing his school uniform, although he's managed to loosen the tie. The Egyptian teen glances around before making his way over towards Rain, "Hello Rain." He frowns , looking ay what she's doing, "Did i misunderstand? Do we have work to do?"

Rain hasn't been so lucky. Rumours have already started about her having no powers, but so far they are few and scoffed at. A student at CS not having powers, inconceivable. One of the books is pulled closer so the page can be scanned and notes taken. Her pen pauses at the greeting and she gives a welcoming grin "Hey Besa." she gestures to the other side of the table, inviting him to sit if he wants "Uhm, no, but we will have soon and loads of it. I don't want to fall behind." so she is working ahead "How was your day?"

Besa blinks, like he can't really comprehend why she's doing that. No matter what, he is a teenager. "It was alright. Taking notes is difficult, but I am hoping the ban ages will come off tomorrow."

She probably couldn't explain it in a way that wouldn't make her sound like an overachieving brainiac so she doesn't even try. There is just a nod at his answer. "I can imagine. When I broke my arm a few years ago I had to rely on Sky taking notes for me." sounds like that was a disaster. Rain glances down at her notebook and then back up at him "I can make copies of mine for you, if you want." there is then a look at his hand and she chews her bottom lip thoughtfully a moment "You said one of your magics was healing, right?"

Besa sits, "How did you break your arm?" His eyebrows raise, "Only if you wish. I was able to get the import parts." Like there were unimportant parts? Pretty bangs bounce as he nods his head, "yes, I can heal." It doesn't dawn on him why she's asking.

"Skiing. Apparently I am no good at it." Rain assumes he knows what that is. It really hasn't clicked with her yet what he is yet. "One foot went one way, the other another way and I tumbled down the hill." she's never tried it again. "It's not a problem. I can use the copy machine in the library." there is a glance to his bobbing bangs then she is looking at him quizzically, "And?" she drawls out "Why not heal yourself?"

Besa's eyes dart to the side as he thinks and then nods, "Skiing is hard." That's said in such way as maybe he's watched it. Surely he's never actually gone. He winces in sympathy, "I am sorry." His head tilts and he laughs, "it does not work that way. The healing is…in my blood. Since it is me, it does not affect me."

"Yeah. I just watch the others do it from the warmth of the ski lodge now." Rain tells him setting the pen down for the moment "So was my brother. He was the one that pushed me." surely she couldn't be talking about Sky. Though it is common knowledge that they have an older sibling that goes to school here. She grins though, no hard feelings about it. "Really?" her nose wrinkles "That's no good…that you can't heal yourself with it." she then looks at him confused "Wait. What? If the healing is in your blood how do you heal people?"

Besa grins, "Warm is better." He's going to hate the winter here. Another wince, this time for both twins. He knows there‚Äôs other siblings, but that's hard to remember without ever having met them. He shrugs, "Healing others is more important." There's a pause as he glances around to the other kids, "They must…touch my blood." Oh, that's all.

"Much better." on warmth they can agree "I suppose it is." his answer has Rain contemplating that little power set for a moment. With her family history she is no stranger to powers of all sorts, but not every power is the same, there is usually always something unique. "So in order to heal someone else you have to cut yourself..or somehow get yourself to bleed?"

Besa carefully reaches into his pant pocket and pulls out a small, ornate ivory dagger. "Yes, if I am not bleeding I usually use this." He then indicates his left forearm, which has been bandaged a few time ssicen coming to Coral Springs. There are two faint scars, not very long there. "It is not so bad." The knife is slipped back into his pocket.

Now it is her turn to be blinking at him "They let you carry that around in school?" Rain knew this place wasn't like other schools, but she didn't realize how much "Ohhs." she does remember seeing bandages on his arm but just thought it was from normal things. Not using his abilities "So you can't just prick your finger, it has to be a certain amount of blood?"

Besa chuckles, "I have not asked, per say." He looks down at his arm, "It needs to be enough." How ever much that is. "And my fingers are more important to Rune Casting than my forearm." Besa looks down at the notes, "You will really give me copies?" He smiles, that will make things easier.

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