(2016-09-07) Ferry Attack
Ferry Attack
Summary: The ferry gets attacked and the students on board have a hard time with the attackers
Date: 2016-09-07
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NPCs: Tom Filson, Undertow, Krutchen Wild Weald
Scene Runner: Poseidon

The ferry is running a little extra during the week, after school hours. For students that still need supplies not available in the commissary/school store. This of course means that Tom is doing extra duty. He takes it seriously, driving the ferry between Coral Springs and Shady grove. His uniform is always spit spot, the boat always orderly and cleanly of course. The middle aged main with light, scruffy, orange facial hair takes pride in what he does.

It’s as normal as any ferry ride can be, seemingly clear skies, while a few greys have passed during the day, moving off to collect for rain somewhere else most likely. The waves are no more choppy than usual. Then there is a shake of the boat, and he veers off course a little. And serious as he is, Tom calls over the intercom to the passengers, "Just a spot of rough water, we'll take a few extra minutes moving off those currents before we arrive at our destination." Proper, authorative even, the speaker clicks off and the boat engines speed up a little.

Brenna is leaning against the edge when the boat shakes and she turns enough to hold on to the railing. Hearing the intercom, she glances around to see the water, looking to see if the sky was churning up a storm or not, or something else that caused it. The wind? She tilts her head back a little, red hair fluttering in the breeze, though it doesn't seem any more than usual, as far as she can tell. Does it? Good thing she wasn't flying? The bags are at her feet, her shopping she had done, several bags! Perhaps the reason she'd taken the ferry instead of flying.

Besa looks over to Rain, he's got everything he needs, he more just wanted to get out of the school and stretch his legs. The Egyptian teen is in one of his hand me down goth shirts and his typical warm smile. "It is very different than your boat." He jokes, but there's a small glance to the water, making sure there's no metal tentacles reaching out to tip the ferry.

After the debacle with the washing machine yesterday that ruined some of her clothing, Rain to had to make a shopping trip too. She got what she needed and amazingly only what she needed. No splurging today. "Very." she agrees, "You can really feel the waves and choppiness on this one." they have to be pretty big waves to feel them on her family's yacht. The sudden rough water has her smile fading into an apprehensive look, hands tightening on the railing "Maybe we should go sit down." she looks toward the bench seats that make up the center of the boat.

It seems the wind for the disturbance, as nothing is in the water. All is well, the alert may soon notice a swell rise. Literally, it doesn't roll in from any distance, but swells not far from the boat. Slow at first, but quickly it swells to five meters in height. The boat is already turning to meet it, sideways, like a surfer might do a wave.

A figure in some sort of wet suit comes to the surface, with wild dark hair, more black but hints of blue the way the sun hits it. "Haha," he cries a wild laugh, "Coral Springs, such a waste." Then as if pulling up string, he lowers and hand and lifts, fingers curled and splayed, tendrils of waters in those fingers. But the water ruins off his hand. "Come, let's have at them!" And two human shark figures rise from that wave, on boogie board like devices - small and flat, but they ride it like a skateboard. They move for the ship.

Not much one for navigating the seas, but a wave broadsiding them is likely not the best course of action, to Brenna's mind at least. Her things! They are going to go overboard! She reaches for the bags, but looking out to sea has her attention captured by the.. figures. Looking towards the others on the ferry, fear flashes in her eyes, "Did you see that?" Or hear it? Either way, something was happening. She had to do.. something! Taking stock, she doesn't do anything immediately, but she waits for her fellow students.

Son of a Donkey! Besa's eyes widen, one hand goes up to dig into his pocket (He really needs to find a better way of carrying his tokens). "What are those?!?!" He takes a half step backward, his free hand reaching to pull Rain back as well. Hearing the red head Besa calls back, "Away from the edge!" If he learned anything from the Kraken, it's not to let it get you in the water (and slamming into metal hurts).

Well were it not for the immediate threat and recent events, Rain would probably be delighted by the sudden aquatic man coming from under the waves, but that's not happening today. Besa's question has her shaking her head "Sharkmen?" look at Captain Obvious over here. "Is everything in the ocean out to get us?" first robo-Krakens and now Sharkmen. Talk about trial by fire for the start of the school year. The teen girl is easily pulled back from the railing by Besa, she isn't about to let herself be pulled overboard "Do you have anything that will work against those things?"

Even as the sharkmen approach the ship, the aquatic man with the long hair and glint in his eyes has a wild smile to his features. As if calculations of some plan were coming to bear some fruit. "Yes," he calls out as they near the boat. Another handr rises and there is lowering of the sea in front of the boat. Enough to show the tip of some rock down there. Normally the boat is safe here, but its low enough that at this tide, some of the rock that keeps large ships from the are shows with that stunt of his.

The boat swerves to move along that dip of water to avoid the rock. Tom comes over the intercom, "Move to the center of the boat, rocky water, radioing this in." To the school hopefully? But his driving of the ship seems to be moving along with the rising and falling of water created by the wild eyed man.

One shark leaps from his water board thing, taking a bite from the railing as he scrabbles to get on board it seems.

<FS3> Brenna rolls Mystic Vs 7: Success.

Brenna hears the urgent words and she does step back, but dammit her bags of things she bought were there! Ah well, another excuse to go shopping again? She gets out of reach just in time, but she is fighting to keep her legs beneath her instead of toppling over. Raising her hands, she tosses back her head in a cliche maneuver, and the wind picks up, forcing from the boat back out towards the sea in an attempt to push the sharkman back. It's only against the one though, she can't handle more than one.

Besa's beginning to think that the Ocean is a very bad place and he misses the dessert very much. "I should…" She's not going to like it, but it should work. A clay disk is slapped onto his chest, cracking and falling apart. Rain has seen him do something like this before, but not to himself, "Get to the center of the boat…make sure it is not more than this side!" With that the small teen steps forward to help the winged girl.

And here Rain is again, the supposed damsel in distress, well not exactly that, but close. Maybe going on the family quest to get her powers isn't such a lame idea after all. Not if it means she isn't shoved to the back of the boat when trouble comes. Or in this case the middle of the boat. "Careful!" she advises Besa, like he wasn't planning on doing that. Retreating to the middle of the boat the Masters girl looks around, she has skills, she isn't entirely helpless, in a fight anything is a weapon right, so let’s find some weapons! To bad there isn't a sword around…that would really be helpful, but there probably isn't one on a ferry that carries teenagers around. That's asking for trouble.

The wind sweeps up, directed at a sharkman, who is pushed back into the water, leaving one at the boat for now. Others back away from him as he comes up over the rail, turning to see if there is a challenger. All that while, aquatic man raises and lowers his hands like a mad phantom of the opera on a grand organ, which seems to be the sea. Thankfully Tom is good at his job for now, the boat rocks and lists with each sink or swell of water, some starting to shoot up and down at impossible degrees. That is more than waves in a storm, one rises like a pillar, another swirls down towards the bottom. All the while the boat is zipping through it. THe speed not change, just erratic course changes. The deck may be a little precarious.

As for makeshift weapons, there are no swords, but near an inflatable raft is an oar that could serve a similar purpose?

<FS3> Brenna rolls Plant Control Vs 7: Failure.

Brenna's attention is on keeping the one off the boat, so she keeps directing wind bursts towards him. The rest? Nothing she can do about at the moment, since she's sort of a single focus girl until she learns more of her powers. Then it occurs to her, there's plant life beneath the sea. Letting the wind die down, she tries to get a seaweed from the bottom but it's fruitless. It's too, too far down and she can't contact it, not without concentrating more.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Besa Physical=7 Vs Sharkman Physical=8
< Besa Physical: Good Success Sharkman physical: Good Success
< Net Result: Besa Physical wins - Marginal Victory

Besa's not the most physical of people. He doesn't have the statue or even the demeanor for it. But giant shark people? They get punched. Besa indeed challenges the shark man, throwing a solid punch to it's nose. Unfortunaly, Besa's small, so it connetcts and manages to push him back a little, it's not nearly as effective as one would hope. He needs to buff up (or buff up his Runes!).

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Rain=physical Vs Sharkman=8
< Rain: Success Sharkman: Great Success
< Net Result: Sharkman wins - Solid Victory

An oar is nothing like the weapon(s) she is used to using. It's heavier for one, and longer, but desperate times. Rain skitters and stumbles across the deck as the ferry heaves and haws this way and that way. A few times she nearly falls over but her feet manage to stay under her as she goes after the oar. She is so going to get yelled at for this probably by multiple people. As Besa attacks the Sharkman so does she, swinging the oar around and try to get the creature in the head but only manages a glancing blow off his finned back.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Besa=Body Vs Rain=Body
< Besa: Failure Rain: Success
< Net Result: Rain wins - Marginal Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Sharkman Bite=8 Vs Besa=7
< Sharkman Bite: Good Success Besa: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Brenna sends out thoughts, feelings, searching the nearby ocean for help, plant life, if aquatic man was lowering it, maybe seaweed or something on the bottom was nearby. To no avail. The wind has pushed one sharkman away at least. That leaves one on deck. Engaged between Besa who punched him, enough to get his attention, and the other taps its back lightly, a glancing blow. Barely enough to be felt under his thick shark hide. So he bends down towards Besa, his jaws closing in over a shoulder. Besa manages to turn and hold the jaw open with his rune enhanced strength, the two seem engaged the moment in a grapple now.

Tom Filsen continues to do an awesome job of piloting the boat through swirls and vortexes, must of been a good boat driving school he attended. Aquatic man tries to spice it up, summoning a big wave to hurl at the boat ….

On the distance, there is something coming from the school, hard to make out currently in the chaos, but its bound towards the boat which could capsize if this next wave hits it.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Tom Filsen Boat Driving=9 Vs Aquatic Man Tidal Wave=8
< Tom Filsen Boat Driving: Good Success Aquatic Man Tidal Wave: Success
< Net Result: Tom Filsen Boat Driving wins - Solid Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Besa Physical=7 Vs Sharkman Physical=8
< Besa Physical: Good Success Sharkman physical: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

This may not have been the smartest move, but he's here now, so Besa now struggles with the shark man's jaws, his fingers cut from the teeth he's having to grapple to keep him from clamping down on his shoulder. "iTfaH be-somm el-haari!!" He doesn't normally swear, but shark bites could be an exception.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Rain=physical +50 Vs Sharkman=8
< Rain: Amazing Success Sharkman: Good Success
< Net Result: Rain wins - Solid Victory

Yeah, Rain was sure that would happen. He's an anthromorphic shark, of course he is going to be tough. She hefts the oar again, it's her only weapon and she has seen that fists don't do anything to it..though it seems oars don't either. This is so not like the fencing she is used to. Right then she promises herself she is going to take those Akido lessons that her fencing instructor has been pushing her to take. As the shark tries to bite down on her friend she cries out "Besa!" and makes a swing of the oar at the sharkguys, finnish legs in an attempt to knock him off his feet and then brings the business end of the oar down on his head.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Sharkman Reaction=2 Vs Difficulty=6
< Sharkman Reaction: Good Success Difficulty: Success
< Net Result: Sharkman Reaction wins - Marginal Victory

Engaged with Besa, the sharkman really wants a bite out of that one. It takes all his focus, Besa is certainly stronger than he looks. Thus he's not aware when Rain reigns down the oar on him. Or at him, his legs. His jaws loosen, freeing him for the moment and instead of trying to bite anyone or punch or attack, he's left to try to keep his balance on the ship, tossing and turning more with Tom Filsen's driving (boating). Staggering to a knee, he manages to not fall down or off the boat.

Tom turn's the boat towards Coral Springs, it can be seen, another boat is on the way, speeding way beyond normal speed, one of the nauti-jets. No canopy over it, its open, and Krutchen is in the boat along with Weald. Krutchen is doing something to push the boat faster through the water than is possible. With a bullhorn in hand, Weald can be heard, "Stand down, Undertow!" This gets the attention of aquatic man for the moment. It does not aleviate the situation of sharkman right next to Besa and Rain though, who will certainly try to bite them when he regains his footing.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Besa Physical=7 Vs Sharkman Physical=8
< Besa Physical: Good Success Sharkman physical: Good Success
< Net Result: Besa Physical wins - Marginal Victory

ouch. Besa's hands are going to need stitches. But with the creature no longer trying to attatch itself to his shoulder, the rune powered teen lets out a war cry in ancient Egyptian and kicks at his head. He connects, but who knows if it's enough to send the shark back into the water. Or if the ship's deck is stable enough to keep either student upright (or even on the boat!)!

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Rain=physical Vs Sharkman=8
< Rain: Failure Sharkman: Good Success
< Net Result: Sharkman wins - Solid Victory

After getting a good solid whack at the Sharkguy and getting him off Besa at least, Rain makes an attempt at helping with getting the creature overboard but with the bucking and heaving of the boat that is easier said than done. She is having a hard enough time to not be sent over board herself…much less getting Jabberjaw there.

The melee ensues between Sharkman and the two students, Besa and Rain. Free from the clutches of that jaw and those sharp teeth, Besa rounds a kick to the large shark head of the fellow which keeps him unsteady for the moment, but he shrugs it off just a little. NOt enough to make an attack, but he regains his footing this round. With the miss of Rain, he's free enough to roar maniacally at the two, ripping off part of the railing to use as a sharp club, with twisted metal on the end of it.

Krutchen arrives with Weald, settling the water some, enough to keep the second sharkman from getting to the boat right now. "Undertow, stop and desist," insists Weald with one final warning, it seems. More warnings than the faculty have given some villaineous sorts in the past it would seem. Aquatic man seems to focus less on the boat, and as it settles down (the sea), Tom arrives from the cabin/steerage with a haroon in hand, seeing what trouble is going on, on deck.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Besa Physical=7 Vs Sharkman Physical=8
< Besa Physical: Good Success Sharkman physical: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Maybe it's the pain from his hands, maybe the boat stilling is throwing him off, but the next punch Besa throws connects…and does absolutely nothing to the Shark man. Tough hide indeed. He repeats, "iTfaH be-somm el-haari!!" it's all he can do to stay upright and away from those very sharp teeth. While he did no damage, there's now a smear of red on the side of the shark's face.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Rain=physical Vs Sharkman=8

< Rain: Success Sharkman: Good Success

< Net Result: Sharkman wins - Solid Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Rain=physical Vs Sharkman=8
< Rain: Success Sharkman: Good Success
< Net Result: Sharkman wins - Solid Victory

Well if anything Rain is at least being a distraction to the Sharkman so that Besa can hopefully get the good punches in. With the ocean settling it is much easier for her to swing the oar, but it seems unless she hits the creature in certain spots it really doesn't do much damage to him.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Tom Harpoon=6 Vs Sharkman=8
< Tom Harpoon: Success Sharkman: Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Seeing what was happening, Brenna debates another gust of wind but doesn't want to hurt her classmates. Instead, she opts to try once more in finding a plant to snake onto the boat and wrap around the man’s feet.. if she can.

<FS3> Brenna rolls Plant Control Vs 8: Success.
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Brenna=Mystic Vs Sharkman=7
< Brenna: Great Success Sharkman: Good Success
< Net Result: Brenna wins - Solid Victory

The battle continues, Besa managin his own despite the larger sharkman, and Rain manages as best she can with that oar, but the sharkman skin seems rather thick for it. In good news, Undertow seems to have gone underwater for now. Leaving the boat to steady as Krutchen and Weald approach. Bad news is that Tom is good with a harpoon, but not good enough, he releases and is recoiling it along a rope for now. What does help is seawead snaking onto the boat for the moment, it seems to finally pull him to the deck for now.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Besa Physical=7 Vs Sharkman Physical=8
< Besa Physical: Good Success Sharkman Physical: Good Success
< Net Result: Sharkman Physical wins - Marginal Victory

No good punches here, he throws another, but ends up just grappled with the Shark. And by grappled with, it's more grappled by. Besa keeps squirming though, the sea water and blood from his hands at least make shim harder to hold onto.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Rain=physical Vs Sharkman=8
< Rain: Failure Sharkman: Good Success
< Net Result: Sharkman wins - Solid Victory

This is starting to look hopeless for the pair that is struggling to go toe-to-toe with a shark. While Rain did get one good hit in it seems all her others have been ineffectual. But at least they are still standing right next not overboard or shark food. Another ineffectual whack at the shark by Rain as the seaweed begins to entangle him.

The students battle on, a few whacks along the way from Besa and Rain, staggering him followed by the seaweed summoned by Brenna, the sharkman is struggling the grapple. He could get free, but Weald arrives to strengthen the bounds. One sharkman caught, Undertow gone with the second sharkman. "All in a days work," he says, wiping his hands though he did little other than add his gift with plants to what Brenna had already started.

Krutchen arrives too, looking at the students, "No one is injured?" Oh, but Besa is, "Come, boy, let me have a look at that." Said with no question to it but a command, his strange squid eyes raising a little as he looks at any blood flowing from Besa, curious for a closer look. At the wound of course.

Once everything is settled and Besa's not dodging teeth, he glances to both girls to make sure they're ok before stepping over to the professor who makes him slightly nervous. But he is bleeding from his hands so he holds them out to be studied.

Rain is breathing heavy and for once looks totally disheveled. The oar drops from her hands and she looks to Besa "are you okay?" she is fine, just out of breath and shaky from the fight. As she eat her's arrive she eyes the squidy looking one and considering her kraken encounters, yeah, she is apprehensive about him as well.

"I'm not hurt," Brenna reassures both Rain and Besa, then looks to the teacher after a moment. "I could have helped sooner, but I couldn't find any seaweed or anything. I'm sorry." The last part, the apology goes to Besa and Rain. "Are you okay?"

For a moment, Krutchen focus on Besa. More likely his hand. One hand holds it, the other passes over it even. His hand is sort of slimy even, no suctions like a squid, but definitely not human feeling. "Interesting," he observes as if no one was watching him. One more wave over of his hand, a wipe at some of the blood, then he nods, "Yes, we must get you back to the med bay." That is it, the extent of his concern.

Weald looks over them, "You did your best, you all did." He moves between Krutchen and the two girls at least. "Lets get back, figure out what's going on in these waters. I think we may make flights to near town instead of the boat for awhile." Metal krakens, sharkmen, and Undertow. "We're shaken, Besa will need to be looked at, but otherwise, all heads accounted for." Tom nods his head, having walked about to check on anyother passengers.

Besa nods, implying he's alright even has his hands bleed. "It is just a cut." From a shark. "Do not feel bad. None of us were prepared for…shark people." He shifts uncomfortably, but lets the teacher look

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