(2016-09-06) First World Problems
First World Problems
Summary: For the Masters Twins its not knowing how to use a washing machine, for Besa too.
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Laundry Room
This is the laundry room, and the center is full of washing machines, the dryers line the walls. All clear front loading affairs. There are some couches here with a TV so no one has to leave their laundry unattended. In the back is a rail with stairs going down to the main facilities core to run the systems and infrastructure of the establishment. Slightly lower, one can see the panels that say, usually, that everything is functioning with locked doors leading to the facilities themselves.

The first day of school is almost over. Besa's had an interesting day and has ben trying to find a place to process everything. He was gone during lunch, given permission to go into town for some reason, but he's back now, sitting in the laundry room with a basket of mostly goth t-shirts and a sketch book. The teen doesn't actually seem to be doing laundry yet.

With her hands full of laundry basket, sign language isn't possible so Rain is going all mental speech as they twins walk into the room marked as laundry room. This is a new experience for the teen girl. All her life her laundry has disappeared from her hamper and then a day later reappeared in either her dresser or closet. Even at her previous schools that was the case. She knew it was the maid doing it but still, it meant she had never really set eyes on a real washing machine or dryer. Those were things advertised on commercials and such. »>I heard there were some sort of demons and it was off limits for awhile.«< she relays to Sky about the stories going around the school on the first day. The haunted laundry room was a popular one to try to scare the freshmen with. She looks around, all curiosity taking in the washing machines, dryers, various entertainment and Besa even. "Hey Besa." she greets with her usual warmth "How was your first day?" not that they weren't in classes together or anything, but they really didn't get a chance to do much talking.

«I don't sense anyone else but us,» Sky points out as they walk into the Laundry Room. «And Besa.» A nod and a wave of greeting is given to the dark-haired teen as he follows his sister into the room and looks around. He didn't bring his basket yet — he wanted to figure it out first. «So…what are we supposed to do with these? Wouldn't it be easier just to send it out?»

Besa looks up at the twins and offers a small smile. The pencil si set down and he signs while talking, "Hello Schuyler. Hello Rain." He gives the smallest of shrugs, "It was fine. I went into town. There was no attack, so that is good." He deflates little, but then looks to Rain hopefully, "Do you know how to use these?" The washing machines, that is. "I met some people in town today. They wanted me to board skate."

It's near the end of the school day and already students have laundry to do. Of course said students have been at the school for awhile already so it was bound to happen sooner or later. »>Well if you do I'm hiding behind you.«< she teases her brother. The news of Besa going into town and not getting attacked or seeing anything weird comes to quickly for Rain to show concern. Setting her basket of dirty clothes on one of the bins she has to shake her head "No, but I'm sure we can figure it out. It can't be that hard." she lifts the lid of one of the machines and looks inside "Not like cutting peppers right?" she seems optimistic that they can figure it out "You mean skateboard? There is a skate park in town. I've watched them skate there a time or two. I bought myself a board. I haven't tried much beyond pushing myself around in it though."

Grey eyes flicker to the sketchbook and Sky gives a wry sort of smile. That's really kind of cute. «Attack…more mechanical krakens?» Sky looks between Rain and Besa. He knew about the recent attack from Rain but there wasn't much for them to do but let their family know what was going on. He 'listens' to the conversation for a moment as he looks at the machines, but then turns back to Rain, «You what? A Skateboard? Seriously?»

Jacob has had his fair share of laundry as well, but bringing it /here/? That's a new one. The place was seemingly cursed with bad luck that he got into the habit of trucking it out to a laundromat in the nearby city, and stuck with that habit for a while even after the rumors mostly died down. Finally he's decided to risk it. "Peppers or onions?" he asks, glancing curiously toward Rain for a moment. He's thinking bell peppers first and foremost, hence the confusion.

Besa hopes so. "I can fold if someone can work the machines for me." Buddy system, right? His head shakes at the bell pepper joke, he doesn't like ti when his friends hurt. "Yes…skateboard. Although it was strange, there was a….character on it…Monster High. Very strange." There's some doodles in the book, surprisingly decent. But there's also ruins scattered around, like he's trying to figure something. Pretty hair bobs, "Yes. No mechanical Kraken." At least not today. Besa is talking out loud, but also signing. Jacob gets anode in greeting.

"Yes. Seriously." Rain tells her brother. I had to have something to do while you were in training over the summer." and Rain was apparently skateboarding. She isn't signing she has picked up the laundry detergent and is looking at it, but Sky can hear her just fine in his head. Maybe the box will give a clue as to what she should be doing, her eyes lifting from it to Jacob and she greet him "Hi Jacob. All that literature studying pay off?" she looks to Besa "Deal." since she has never folded clothes either. Eying the washing machine again she notices the faded and broken up instructions on the inside of the lid "They apparently come with instructions." she points "though this one is to faded with use."

Schuyler moves over to look at the drawings in Besa's sketchbook, «What's that?» is asked when he sees some of the symbols. Rain's answer gets a weird glance, «I just can't picture you on a skateboard. You're so…preppy.» He then looks to Jacob and looks the other boy up and down for a moment. He then asks, his voice mental and not at all audible, «Do you know how to use these machines?»

Jacob shoots Rain a quick grin. "Yeah, I get to take the next one this year. It's a lot more spread out, though." He inclines his head to Besa as well, but he's busy figuring that other thing out and Jacob has no idea, so. Instead, he glances toward Schuyler, then to what's left of the instructions. "Roughly. These aren't the same model as the place downtown, but there are only so many buttons, they'll probably end up being straightforward."

Rain gets a nod, it is a deal. Sky's question as Besa looking down, "I am hoping to combine some runes…to make them more powerful." The Egyptian boy taps one in particular, "This si what I used against the creature before….but if there are many of them, I need to net it out." Lucky for Besa all his clothes that need cleaned are all the hand me downs, so there's no fear of ruining them.

Rain is one of those people that does RTFM and she is trying to piece together the ruins that are in the washing machine lid, thankfully there is more than one machine so she opens more up to piece it together. "Well this weekend we will all have to go to town and give it a try." maybe he will be able to picture it then. There is a nod to Jacob and she glances over to Besa and her brother talk about the sketching glad that they seem to be over their little tiff mostly. A look back to Jacob "Please demonstrate." she gestures to the machine if Jacob knows how to use it she is willing to watch.

«Net it out?» Sky asks but then thinks he gets it. «Shouldn't we figure out why they're coming after us? Or what they want? Stopping them is good, but if they're coming onto land now, that's dangerous to others too.» He continues to look at the runes — «You should probably talk to our mother. I can set up a Skype session if you want.»

<FS3> Jacob rolls Mind: Success.

While Besa and Sky discuss tactics for their next field adventure, Jacob glances over Rain's shoulder for a bit. Let's see, it doesn't say which side is for the fabric softener, but it's usually the shorter one on the inside, right? "Okay, let's find out, huh?" Some powdered detergent, a couple bottles, some t-shirts with enough wear and tear to not be a tragic loss…

Besa glances over to Rain, "Apparently boards are expensive. I will have to save my coins." Not that he's getting money from anywhere really. Looking up top Sky he nods and then makes a motion with his hand, implying covering more ground. "Usually I have to touch what i am trying to effect." he nods, "Yes. But I don't know how to do that. Is the school not looking into it?" He hesitates, "I can't hold a phone.." He's assuming it's a phone call.

Schuyler seems to consider Besa's words for a moment or two…before he addresses the thing about the phone. «Can you sit in front of a computer screen and not touch it? We can do it that way too.» He peers at the rune on the page or a moment before looking over to Rain and Jacob as they debunk the mysteries of the washing machine.

"Well until then I have no problem sharing." Rain is used to sharing. It's part of the whole having a twin thing as well as other siblings "We can take turns watching each other fall on our butts." she is amused by the idea now. And then she is watching Jacob do the magic that is washing clothes. She frowns a bit that there isn't anything seemingly hard about it "That's it? Detergent, clothes, push a button done?"

"Almost," Jacob replies. "I think. Looks like these buttons are for hot versus cold, and these are for how long you want it to run. Long as you're not burning up silk, it's probably okay." Probably. He hasn't done this stuff for girls' clothes, apart from maybe his little sister's blue jeans a couple times. "Well, we'll find out, huh?"

Besa's eyes narrow and he looks back at Sky before, "As long as I do not touch it, I think it should be fine." He looks over at Rain and offers a smile, "I do not even know if I would like it. Thank you." he too looks over to see what magic is being down with the laundry.

Schuyler looks thoughtful for a moment before he looks over to Rain and Jacob. «I think I'll just have my laundry done in town…» Until they figure things out. Maybe he'll wash his school uniforms here — he doesn't care if those get messed up. Just his normal clothes. «I just can't see you as a Skater Girl, Rain.»

Rain nods as the various buttons are explained "Guess so." she says to Jacob as she looks once more at the instructions on her bottle of detergent and then gives it a try. Her clothes are put into one washer, Sky's another and Besa's a third, detergent in and once the lids are closed the go button is pushed. No one said anything about sorting lights and darks. "Only one way to find out if you do Besa." there is a laugh at Sky "I would have said the same thing a few years ago if someone had said you were going to go goth."

Jacob looks over at what Rain is doing, snapping his fingers at the last minute. "Oh, hang on, do you have anything like new and brightly colored? Might want to pull that out and do it separately. If it's been washed a bunch of times before then it's probably okay."

Besa nods, he's will to try. "I was offered to do a …" He frowns trying to think of the right hand sign and then shaking his head and just saying, "ditch day with Mouse and Aaron. They were very strange but nice." Sky not goth would be fascinating to see! While Rain and Jacob figure out the laundry, Sky and Besa sketch in his book quietly.

Rain has to think about that a moment but then shakes her head "I haven't bought any new clothes in the last few weeks." and those are up in her closet still unworn. The mention of a ditch day has her looking at Besa with a sit of shock, but she'll let her brother explain that one. "Thanks for showing me how to use the washing machine." she tells Jacob "I think of all the things I learned today that is certainly the only one I will use again."

Jacob arches a brow as well, looking after Besa and scratching his head. "Aaron?" he echoes? One of /his/ teammates going in for a ditch day. That came right out of left field. "Well, thanks," he says, climbing up on top of one of the unused machines and letting his legs swing idly. "So, I haven't really caught up with you for a while. How you been doing? Get any of those mysteries worked out yet?"

Rain shrugs, she has no clue who Aaron or Mouse is for that matter. Classes just started and she hasn't had a chance to meet everyone yet. Seeing him hop onto a washing machine she does the same, smoothing the skirt of her uniform over her legs "I've been fine. Had a couple of scares." why deny it, its been in the papers and on the news "No mysteries solved yet." there is a shake of her head "Did you go to the party that Tabitha threw for the school the other day?" she was there for a short time, helped set up but didn't stick around too long.

Oh, /that/ touched a nerve. Jacob does his best to keep it off his face, but his best isn't much. "I dropped by, early on. Didn't stick around long. Still kind of mopey about the whole thing, you know?" Or she might not.

"Me either. It got to be too much for Sky so we left." her brother doesn’t do well with crowds. Rain doesn't know anything about whole things "Mopey about what?" so of course she is going to ask.

Jacob glances over and considers. Yeah, that looks like a 'I have no idea' sort of look, so he begins at the beginning. "Tabitha and I were going out for a little while. Before everything got changed up on her. After, well… we kind of drifted. She dropped some 'I want some space' type hints, and I didn't want to crowd her if that's how she felt, and… that's where things are now."

Rain ohhhs at the explanation "Sorry. Didn't mean to bring up, well things." she does tilt her head at him "How do you mean changed up on her? She wasn't always the…" she pauses a moment to come up with a way to put it nicely "well the way she is now?" it sounds like the teen may not have the best opinion of Tabitha but is too nice to say anything bad about her. "No wonder you didn't stick around at the party."

Jacob shakes his head. "It's okay. It's been going on for, well, pretty much the summer." Fishing out his cell phone, he digs into the photo gallery, eventually coming up with a clear one and showing it to Rain. "This is what she looked like before."

She leans over slightly to check out the cell phone picture "Wow. Quite a bit different." Rain says as she compares that with the Tabitha she knows. She was mostly talking personality, but she is guessing the changes would kinda go hand in hand, especially if it was brought on by power stuffs. And then the washing machine starts banging out with the spin cycle in an unbalanced load manner and lets out a loud beep. One alone would have the girl jumping, but the pair has her jumping off the washing machine and letting out a surprised cry as she flings the washer open to find her clothes in a tangled mess. Well she knows what she is doing the rest of the evening, untangling a wet soggy mess of clothes. Maybe the laundry room is still possessed after all…or at least this one washer.

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