(2016-09-06) First Day
First Day
Summary: The morning of the first day, nerves are to be expected
Date: 2016-09-06
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At one time this served as the crow's nest and lighthouse of the fort. About the size of a small land based lighthouse, the bottom floor has been converted to a modern glass structure that serves as the seating of the cafeteria of the school. There are a dozen tables, enough to seat the entire student body of the school. Each table has four or five aluminum chairs around it, each with a view out of one of the glass walls. The stairwell up to the light and crow's nest is in the main room but is marked as off limits to the student body.

The first day of classes are finally upon them. Lots of grumpy faces were up at an hour that was unheard of the week prior and those same faces are slowly starting to come out and gather for breakfast. Rain wasn't so much grumpy faced as apprehensive, but she is here and dressed in her Athena red trimmed uniform and looking as polished and put together as she always does. She hasn't gotten into line for food yet as she isn't sure her stomach can take it just yet, so she is waiting for her brother at a table already.

Schuyler has one of those grumpy faces. He can't take his pills upon waking up because that will leave him pretty much useless for the rest of the day. It was a tempting thought, but it wouldn't be a strong start to the new school year. He's dressed in the required polo and slacks looking horribly uncomfortable. At least he doesn't need to wear the tie! At least his hair is done in it's usual gravity-defying style and his nails are painted — there was nothing in the rule book about that! Catching sight of his sister sitting at the table with no food, he makes his way over to her, «Nothing good?» is asked as grey eyes flick over her training uniform.

Even if she isn't quite feeling it Rain grins at her brother »>Haven't looked.«< she does glance around to see what other students have gotten for their own morning meal »Doesn't look to bad. There are pancakes.«< those are good. »>You ready?«< she looks at him she is talking about the whole mental shielding and being surrounded by people with thoughts all day.

Schuyler's stomach rumbles at the mention of pancakes, but he pretends not to notice. «No,» is answered to her question. But he doesn't have much choice. He and the teachers talked about the best way to do classes, but being fourteen, he remains unconvinced. «What about you?» is asked right back before he looks at the growing line to get the food. «I guess we should get in there before they run out…»
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Rain nods. It isn't a surprise answer from him. »>More ready than you are.«< but in a different way. »>We both got this.«< she does her best to sound convincing but its hard to lie via telepathy so she isn't totally sure of that herself »>I guess that is an issue now that everyone is here.«< running out of food at least.

Schuyler knew Rain was worried, but he wasn't entirely sure why. Even if she didn't have to take the classes devoted to the powers, it was still school. He nods though as she tries to sound convincing…even if he knows that they're both unsure, there's strength in numbers. Or something like that. «I doubt they'll run out of food, but they might run out of the good stuff.»

Rain gets to her feet, albeit reluctantly »>You aren't going to wait for Besa?«< she does glance toward the entrance but he isn't part of the current group coming it.

Schuyler pauses and blinks between Rain and the students coming in the door. He doesn't really want to wait, but the way she asked seemed a little telling. «You know, he doesn't understand the whole 'boyfriend/girlfriend' thing. You should probably explain it to him before Tabitha does.»

Rain blinks at him in confusion. She was asking if her was but his comment as her giving him a smirk »>Who says we didn't?«< she toys and teases for a moment before she tells him the truth »>He thinks he isn't allowed to have a girlfriend.«< so clearly they talked about something in regards to that over the weekend. »>What does Tabitha have a crush on him?«<

«Yeah, his whole thing about how he isn't supposed to have friends or anything,» Sky starts but then he looks sharply to Rain, his brows creasing. «So…are you two…?» even though the other boy seems to think he's not allowed. «Did you tell him that we're teenagers and we're supposed to break rules?» An eyebrow lifts at that as he almost seems amused. At the mention of Tabitha, however, he shrugs, «I don't know. She made him some honey apple things.»

»>Yes, more of that.«< Rain goes to get in line for food not answering that 'are they' question, the answer to that should be obvious. »>I didn't.«< because breaking rules isn't her thing. She is more for upholding them and all that Athena stuff. There is a flash of jealously perhaps, but that could be over anything really. She is a teenage girl they get that way over lots of things and it might not have anything to do with Tabitha giving treats to Besa.

«That's why I'm still sort of mad at him,» Sky explains as he moves to follow his sister to the line. «I don't like that he's going to refuse to be friends with anyone or that he's going to hurt you because of something some stupid priests told him. Priests who aren't even here. Priests of gods that aren't even worshipped anymore!»

It must be an interesting sight, just seeing the two twins looking at each other and making grumpy faces. Well, Sky is making grumpy faces.

He catches that flash of jealousy and is quiet for a moment before he offers, «Do you think Tabitha would take 'I'm not allowed' as an answer?»

No grumpy faces from Rain though. there is some confusion »>Hurt me?«< no hurt feelings from her, not yet at least. Could still be coming though. »>We'll come around. He just needs time to get used to how things are for him now.«< strange sight indeed. They will get used to it though. »>I don't know." she really doesn't know Tabitha »>Probably not.«<

«Me neither. So unless you want to see him with her, you should figure something out.» And he'll help, of course. Because he wants to make sure Rain his happy and he wants his friend to get over his 'I can't be friends with anyone because I'm going to die' schtick. It's one thing to be Goth, yet another to be Emo. Sky reaches for a tray and hands it over to his sister, «I can try to work on him, but I think he's still a little mad at me.»

And figure out what she wants as well. Right now all she wants to do is get through the day without ruining her familY's reputation. A Masters, without powers, that's could be a blight on the family tree, especially after being admitted to CS »>We'll both work on him. But try with honey and not vinegar okay." she takes the tray and then heads up the line to grab food, and prays that she can keep it down.

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