(2016-09-05) This Episode is Closed Captioned
This Episode is Closed Captioned
Summary: Normal lunch room conversation with the usual Coral Springs twists.
Date: 2016-09-05
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At this moment, Vi was a bit tired. Not that that kept her from wearing her raccoony makeup, nor did it keep her smile from springing onto her lips. Dax delivered pizza, Vi had found a job… waitressing. Believe it or don't. But there was a burger place in town, not unlike Chili's, who didn't mind Vi's lack of work experience.

But it was a lot of work. But Vi was happy to be making money.

But not tonight - no - tonight, Violet Westwood was going to spend it at the school. She had texted Kay to the Lee, and was waiting - with a couple of purloined burger and fry combos here for dinner, in a bag marked with the resteraunt logo. It wasn't that the food here at the caf was bad, but… this stuff was free.

And Vi was currently wearing her hair in braids, and a black tank top that displayed a metal band's name proudly. It also showed off the straps of her undergarments, but yeah. A pair of skintight stonewashed jeans - with the left knee missing, and sandals. Humming a song beneath her breath, she was tapping her short nails on the table.

Kaylee is USUALLY not one to be late for things. She may cut it close, every once in a while, what with her scattered brain. But, very seldom to people wind up having to wait for her. Surprisingly, today is different. She actually wasn't feeling the best and had been spending her day in her bed. But, when she'd gotten the text from Violet, she'd agreed immediately and gotten herself up and dressed and out. And when she enters the cafeteria and sees Violet, she beams and waves, though it's a little less energetic than usual. But she hurries towards her girlfriend's table, nonetheless. "Oo! Did I get a shake, too?" she asks excitedly as she gets close enough to see what Violet brought. She's not currently wearing her glasses, but she's also apparently not using her powers, as she strains to make out the details at the table.
Violet pages: I have no idea, dude, haha. A different.
Long distance to Violet: Tabitha grins.

There's not been enough time for the rumors to start, but Besa looks frazzled as he steps into the cafeteria. Stupid metal creatures! The Egyptian teen is rather tired looking himself as he makes his way towards the line for food. He's in some weirdly goth shirt that does not scream 'Besa'.

One thing Tabitha appreciates, but will never bring up around her friends with jobs, is how her career isn't hourly. Of course it's still something that takes up several hours of every day, but she's learned the truth in the phrase 'make a living from what you love and you'll never work a day in your life'. Today, being the last day before classes start, she spent those hours of 'work' back in Maine with the rest of her band. Not much actual rehersal happened, but they did hammer out a rehersal schedule for the fall semester as well as put their stamp of approval on some performance dates over holiday breaks.

Another thing Tabitha appreciates, especially on days she spends away from town, is that she can just fly right up to the caffeteria's outside door and be just a few paces away from food. And so it is that she enters wearing clothes that are not her usual look, but would look perfectly in place worn by a lead character on RWBY: Dark copper tank top under a half-length black denim coat, short black denim 'battle skirt' with peticoats, copper knee high socks and black strappy sandals. And her worn-out looking double neck guitar hanging off her back. Her copper and black hair is now about to her shoulder blades and it's clear her outfit was made to match its color. Someone's orphan sister decided to get creative again, it seems. She heads in and goes right to the food line.

"Oh, you know it, Kay to the Lee," says Vi, bringing up her hand to tap a little tray of drinks. Two root beers for Vi, and a shake - it was white with pink dashed through it, something novel. "How about a rainbow shake, right? Strawberry ~and~ vanilla. Like a little lightshow in a glass, for my little lightshow," she says, her eyes glittering.

"How have you been doin', Kay? Not getting in too many fights lately, right?" she says, bringing up her hand to kinda give her girlfriend's nose a flick, but… Besa enters, and that turns her attention his ways. That, and the goth shirt he wears. She didn't recognize him, but that doesn't stop Vi from lifting up her hand and waving to him, "Like your shirt!" she calls out.

But Tabitha comes too, "Hey Tabs! Come sit with us when you have your food ready to go, alright?" she calls.

"I don't get into fights!" Kaylee protests, glowering a little. "Well … not on purpose, anyway. And it's not really fights, just … disagreements." She tucks a few strands of hair behind her ear, leaning down to inspect the shake that's been offered. Kaylee meeps when her nose is flicked and then paws at it a little, blinking. But, she's back to all smiles a moment after as she reaches for the shake, taking it and drinking a lot. "MMMMmmmm! It's so … ow!" she exclaims, her hand moving up to rub her temple. "Ooo, too fast," she mewls, plopping down into a seat next to Violet. After a sigh, the pain seems to have subsided and she leans her head onto Violet's shoulder for a moment. "It is good, though. Thank you!" she offers, nuzzling for a second before she sits upright and starts reaching for the food bags.
"Oh, hey Besa!" she calls to the … gothic teen? Then she leans over and murmurs in Violet's ear, "He's the kid I think I totally freaked out when I was pretending to be Sailor Moon the other nihgt." Just so Violet knows. Tabby also gets an animated wave.

Besa pauses at the wave, half way between startled and unsure. He even glances down at the shirt be for realizing it is him she 's talking to. A small, but warm smile is offered and he calls back, "Thank you." Even with those two words, it's clear he has some kind of arabic accent. True to her words, Besa gives Kaylee a slightly freaked out wave before turning to get his dinner. he's still not piling up on anything artificially sweet, but has seemed to expand his plate beyond salad and rolls. But he does get rolls and honey!

Tabitha isn't looking in the direction of Violet and Kaylee's table when they wave, but that naturally doesn't stop her from waving back and giving a thumbs-up to indicate that she'll head that way once loaded up. She also turns to give Besa a smile when he joins the line and starts getting his own food. She's not saying anything yet, but not due to a lack of feeling social. She loads up on light foods in a quantity much smaller than she normally grabs. Mainly fruit and salad. And an obscene quantity of lemonade.

Just before leaving the food line she waves briefly to get Besa's attention, then gestures to the table with Violet and Kaylee. This is followed by a questioning head-tilt and raised eyebrows. She hopes that the 'wanna join me there?' is getting across. She heads to the table and takes a seat in any case, glancing over her shoulder at Besa to see if he's coming with but not minding if he diverts his course. She gives the two seated Prometheans a smile as she sits down, placing her guitar in a chair of its own.

Violet brings up her hand - covered with a fingerless glove, by the by, to touch the side of Kaylee's head as she leans in at her shoulder, just kinda… running her fingers through Kaylee's hair as she does so. But the moment passes, and Vi straightens up again, reaching in to pull out the boxes of food. One for Kaylee - and one for Violet. It was easy to tell which one was Vi's, as it had like three times more food in it.

"I know, I know, but…" she says, with a shrug of her shoulder. She couldn't help but grin at Kaylee's ice cream headache. "Oh, is this the guy that you wanted me to beat up or not?" she teases, lowering her voice in a whisper. Of course she remembered it was someone else.

Vi's smile was brilliant still. "Hey Tabby - what's been going on? Any more concerts that I missed?" she asks.

Immediately distressed, Kaylee turns and balks at Violet. "I don't want you to beat somebody up!" she protests. "I just … I just … well, I don't want you to beat Grayson up, but just talk to him. I was just upset, but I didn't want you to beat him up," she says, looking down and away and playing with her hair nervously.
Looking at Tabitha as she pantomimes everything, she cants her head to the side. "Did you lose your voice or something?" she asks. She then takes the burger out of the package that Violet brought for her and smiles at Violet again in thanks. And then it's time for nomming! Though … she does mostly just nibble at the burger, taking a small bite and chewing before going after her shake again.

Besa takes deep breath, offering Tabitha a smile and nod. He supposes if the rainbow goirls starts invoking more gods, he can just leave again. He hesitates when he gets to the drink station and then defaults to water again. He's not brave enough for soda! He moves over to sit in whatever seat is politely the furthest aw3ay from Kaylee, but asks before sitting, "Is it acceptable if I join you?"

Tabitha smiles and shakes her head at Violet's question as she gets her food arranged in front of her. She looks between the two girls and raises an inquisitive eyebrow at the talk of beating up or not beating up Grayson, then shrugs as a way of answering Kaylee's question about her voice. She opens her mouth, then decides against it. Instead, she closes her eyes and does a bit of a mental twist with her aura. In front of her, at about chest height, her aura mists into visibility and then solidifies in words:

— No concerts until Thanksgiving break —

This stays a moment and is then replaced with

— 7 hours of rehersal … vocal cords very sore —

It seems Tabitha now comes in both dubbed and subtitled versions.

A handful of moments, and Vi can't help but grin a little bit more at Kaylee's balking, turning her eyes towards her. Vi always had the devil's grin at the edges of her lips, one that promised at mischief of a sort. If she could only be roused to action. Half-hooded eyes, her dramatic makeup making the blue of her eyes stand out all the more.

Violet was starting on her burger now, bringing up a hand to lazily take a bite, gesturing with an equally languid gesture at one of the seats across from her and Kaylee. "Absolutely," says Vi. "Sure, sure, sit across from us," she says, her eyes lingering on the man. "I'm Vi - a holdover from days gone by," she says. "I'm big, I'm tough, and I can never, ever die," she says, the girl laughing a bit - she spoke those words with a lazily rhyming cadence, but her voice was gentle enough. "You new to the school? Or did I just not see you around before?" she asks.

A bit of a squeeze against Kaylee as she looks towards Tabitha's ability. "Can you do that too, Kay to the Lee?" she asks, giving her attention for a moment, before her eyes go towards Tabitha. "Right on, though. What do you like taking for sore vocal chords?" she asks.

Kaylee glowers a little when Besa takes the seat farthest from her, but then Tabitha is making words in the air which totally gets her attention. "That's neat! … I … I don't know. Probably? I actually haven't really been practicing as much as I probably should," she admits ruefully, ducking her head a little. But then Vi is giving her that mischievous look and she wrinkles her nose and sets her burger down so she can turn and wrap her arms around Violet. "No fighting Grayson. He didn't try to kiss ME, so I guess maybe it wasn't so bad," she says, kissing Violet on the cheek and nuzzling her.

Besa frowns at Vi's words, unsure if she's joking or not. "Hello…" He sits down, giving Tabitha a glance before answering Violet, "I am Besa. This is my first year." He eyes the floating words, but unfortunately he no real context. he knows Tab is a singer and musician, but beyond that he's kinda in the dark. The talk of kissing has poor Besa focusing on his food.

Tabitha quickly sees the benefit of using this method to 'talk' to people during a meal. She can talk with her mouth full and not be rude! She starts to take large drinks of her lemonade, then points to it with a bright smile when Violet asks what she uses to treat sore vocal cords. The visible aura portion shapes into a 'thumbs up' emoji. She nods as Besa introduces himself, the emoji fading to be replaced with

— Besa's from Egypt. He likes honey, honey-baked apple peels, mancala, and working with clay. He's new but he's already fought off a robot squid to save Rain and Sky. He's good people. —

Then a beat later she perks up during a bite of salad and another bit of subtitling pops up.

— Do we have a Homecoming or something here? Because if we do, I could maybe get the band to play here, provided our new Headmaster gives permission. —

"Not gonna fight anyone, babe," says Violet, bringing up her burger and waggling it at Kaylee. "Remember that big stone giant person or whatever at the concert? One shot…" Vi pauses a moment to set her burger down. "Powwwwwwwwwwwww…." she says, letting the w sound kinda linger on there, like an explosion, as she extends her fingers.

Crinkling her nose with a wide smile, she clucks her tongue against the roof of her mouth. "Wouldn't be a fight, so it wouldn't be fair, you know what I'm saying?" she says, tilting her head a little bit to one side. "Can't blame him for goin' after the prettiest girl in school, either," she says, turning her eyes back towards Besa with a wink.

"Yeah? What brings you to superhero high, Besa? It sounds like you've come a long way to get here," she says. Picking up her burger then, she glances towards Tabitha then, letting her eyes linger there a moment as she lets her eyes track along the words, Vi's smile spreading across her lips. "Homecoming? I guess that would be great - proms and shhh… stuff would be fun. I've been to one before," she says. "Egypt, though? Nice. How are you finding America? Beside our giant squid problem. Which sucks," she says, taking a bite of her burger.

"You know, because their arms… squid arms. Tentacools. Have suckers."

"Violeeeeet!" Kaylee whines, giving the girl's sides a pinch. "No. Punching." She reaches back for her burger again. "Promise?" she adds, looking over at her girlfriend again. And then she noms some of her burger again. But then, Violet makes that joke about the tentacles and she growns, shaking her head. "Oh … baby … that was baaad."

Besa blinks, eyes widening as Tabitha gives a mini bio on him. "I did not-" Well, he did fight a robot octopus. He shifts uncomfortable, he's tiny, probably not a physical super hero. "This is where they sent me." Who's they? "America is loud. And everything has sugar in it." He nods, not really getting the joke part of Vi's pun, "They do. But you should be careful, they are on land too." That warning is offered to the entire table. And is very new information.

Besa isn't alone in not picking up on the joke or pun that apparently has Kaylee groaning. Tabitha is also lost on that. Maybe she wasn't listening at the right time. So she just rolls her eyes and subtitles;

— You two are adorkable. Emphasis on dork. —

Then she turns to listen to Besa, nodding at his point about sugar. Her response to that is cut short when he drops the knowledge about mechanical cepholopods leaving the ocean for dry land. She holds her hands up and waves them in a 'stop and wait' pseudo jazz hands gesture, her subtitles taking a few beats to become legible due to the shock.

— They do WHAT, now?!?!?! —

Vi thought that was a good question too, Besa. "Who's they?" she asks, tilting her head to the side. Vi was kinda letting her eyes flicker across Besa's features, the forever grin on her lips fading away a moment. "Squids - on land as well? That… doesn't sound good," she says, glancing across towards Tabitha.

No one got it but Kay. "Squid arms have suckers so they suck, and… eh, wh…" Pinched. "Eeeeeeee!" she says, bringing up her hand, sitting up straight, and rubbing her side, giving Kaylee a long little look. "Who's sending these giant squids, by the by?" she asks, grinning.

Thinking the punching matter settled, Kaylee lets her hands move back to the table. But, she doesn't know anything about why Besa is here or what the issue with giant squids might be, so she just goes quiet, nibbling at her burger and watching around the table for the any answers that may be forthcoming.

Besa leans away from the jazz hands, unsure what Tab is doing, "Yes. Rain and I saw them in town today. Be careful." He lets the first question from Vi slide by, instead focusing on the metal monsters, "I do not know their intent, but I believe it may be against the Masters." Well, it's them or him, and Besa can't remember ever having an enemy that used robots. "Their master is unknown."

Tabitha ducks her head down in shame when she notices Besa's reaction to her gesturing. The subtitles are a bit smaller this time.

— Sorry. —

She listens to him explain about the robot squid coming after him and Rain on land today. She spends a moment thinking about this, and recalling some conversations she had with Alexandra. And a much more brief exchange with Alexandra's 'Auntie Nora' during last semester's parents and alumni week. Eventually she puts up another text statement.

— The Masters family is… well, huge is an understatement. And I'm told that ALL of the adults have powers of some kind. Huge upper crust powered family… makes sense that they'd have plenty of enemies. What does Rain think about who might be behind it? —

Vi kinda leans forward - looking between Kaylee, Besa, and Tabitha as the truth comes out. "Well. Someone strong enough to make giant robot squids when they know we'll be around to stop 'em," says Violet. "Not that… we're actually supposed to be going out and stopping them, right?" she says.

Kaylee shrugs her shoulders when Violet looks to her for an answer. "I really don't know anything about it. I've been so busy with the Thunder Bay team, I haven't really been around that much," she admits, shaking her head. "But … well … has anybody managed to disable one, yet? Have we gotten any pieces they could analyze? I don't know why we WOULDN'T go out and stop them … we're right here."

Besa's pretty hair sways as he shakes his head, "No. Neitehr she or Schuyler know. It was a surprise to them as well." he rubs the back of his neck, "No….on the ship it was too big, and we were trying to not drown. Today Rain called the teachers and they came got us." To be fair, he and Rain are just freshman. His shoes scuffs the ground gently as he reaches to eat more from his tray.

Tabitha listens and eats a bit more. She's starting to like the advantages to communicating this way, although she can also appreciate the drawbacks. But at least it doesn't get in the way of eating. She nods in an approving manner when Besa mentions the staff coming to help against the robo-squid today.

— It's possible that dealing with whoever is behind this might become a class mission this year. If it turns out that Rain and/or Sky are targets, it might become a moot point once their family hears about it. —

Vi turns her eyes towards what Kaylee says, her eyes narrowing a bit. "How has that been going? I've been going to so many games, but I keep forgetting to ask about it," she says. They talk about the squid, and Vi uses this time to nibble at her hamburgers. "What do you think is going on?" she asks the table at large.

"Really good!" Kaylee chirps about her basketball. But, the squids seem to be a much more important topic of conversation, so she turns her attention back to that. "Okay, so … I don't know much more than what's been said so far. But … is the school really hard to find or something? Because, if they know that Rain and Sky are HERE, why aren't they just coming after us? Or do they think they have a better shot at getting them when they're away from the school? And … WHY squids? Do they know any bad guys with that MO? Should we be calling Spongebob and asking him where his boss was?" … you know … Squidward?

Besa hopes Tab is right. What's the point of having a super powerful family is they don't come save you? A shoulder raise, a movement he's learned from the goth Sky, "I do not know. They seemed to be, but it could be random?" He takes a sip of water, "I do not know. Is Sponge Bob an enemy of the Masters Family?"

— Spongebob is an enemy of all mankind. —

In subtitles, no one can see your sarcasm. Especially when you're very, very careful to maintain a face of serious business. Tabitha does this as she puts the text up in response to Besa's question. Then she shifts her attention over to Kaylee and puts up another message while finishing her food.

— Attack people who are off on their own, or come after a heavily fortified, reinforced structure filled with a large number of various super powered folks, several of whom have military experience. Even if they do know where it is, it's not the best tactical move. And what's this about the Thunder Bay team? What team? —

Kaylee snickers at Besa's response. "It's another cartoon, Besa. It's … well … it's a lot like me when I'm really hyper. I mean, as far as the randomness and silliness and stuff. It's probably also the single biggest factor in the increased cases of ADD in America," she says, before drinking some more of her shake. She smiles, faintly, as Violet gets engrossed in her meal, and slides the fries from her own tray over onto Violet's.
Turning her attention to Tabitha, Kaylee smiles. "I made the Thunder Bay Thunder travelling basketball team. Since they don't have sports here at the school, they've let me play on that squad. I made the B team, and I'm starting now," she explains. She considers Tabitha's other remarks about the squid and taps her lip in thought. "Well … I dunno. I guess it depends on what you think about your robots? If you think you can build one strong enough to attack the school, it'd sure be a lot easier to plan, I think. Or, at least, a lot more sure to provide results? Otherwise …. Well, I guess you do what they're doing right now, which I guess answers the question, huh?" See? Kaylee can figure things out!

Besa blinks and then looks down at his food, feeling a little foolish. The name Sponge bob is odd….he should have guessed. But he nods. "I do not know. If they are not wanting to make more enemies , not attacking the school seems wise."

— Spongebob lowers the intelligence of anyone that watches the show. He might be fake, but he's still the enemy of all mankind. —

Tabitha shrugs as she finishes off her dinner. She waits for an opening at the dirty dishes line before her aura sends her things over there and her trash into a bin. She gives Kaylee a wide smile and a thumbs up while she's doing this, having to wait until she's done before she can subtitle again.

— That's great! I've wondered if the school had any kind of arrangement for real sports since all we have is arena retch. That is not a typo. But I figured that the sports minded just tried out for teams at Shady Cove's high school. —

"Well, I think if you mess with the students at the school, you're gonna wind up making more enemies, anyway, since we've all got friends. But … Like I said. I dunno," Kaylee responds to Besa with a shrug. She giggles at Tabby's opinion on Spongebob and just lets it go. "Yeah … I had to get permission, since I'm technically using my powers while I'm playing. But … nobody can TELL that I''m using powers. And my powers are a compensation for a physical disability, so! They also don't make me any better at getting the ball in the hoop or anything, so it's not really cheating."

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