(2016-09-04) Kraken Horde
Kraken Horde
Summary: They may be little, but there is a lot of them
Date: 2016-09-06
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Downtown Shady Cove

Businesses line both sides of the street, anything from the Chamber of Commerce, the Police and Fire Stations, a newspaper office and Post Office. Several others create the down town area, stone benches lining the sidewalks on each side of the street. A small movie theater only hosting a single movie every two weeks. Further down is a teen only club, somewhat nearby a bar and grill.

Classes start tomorrow so for most it is a last bid at freedom before their days are full of school work and tests. The local public schools have already started so the population of the tourist town has plummeted and the seasonal shops are for the moment only open on weekends.

Even though she is apprehensive about school starting Rain is using it as a chancet o make sure she has everything she needs. The school commissary was lacking because of all the las minute shopping other students were doing. Since Sky wasn't up for dealing with own she asked Besa to come with her, since going into town alone wasn't as much fun.

Besa wasn't sure it was the best idea, but thankfully Rain can't read minds like Sky (Although he's not completely certain of that).He agreed, although there's nothing he needs that he knows of. The Egyptian teen is always wide eyed when he goes somewhere new it seems, taking in everything he sees. "Well many of the people leave when school starts?"

Nope she can't, so Rain has no idea what Besa is thinking. Lucky him. She has a list, but most of the things on it are marked off except a few books and study aids. "Yes. Most coastal towns on the east coast are like that. A lot of families have summer homes here or rent them and once school starts they go back to where ever they really live." she strolls casually down the street as she walks, looking into Windows of shops and the few locals that pass team by. There are a few odd looks thrown to the pair but nothing hostile or concerning.

Besa nods, that makes sense he guesses. That doesn't stop him from gawking slightly at everything. Besa does not seem to notice any odd looks. He'll slow at a few windows to peer inside. "So many things…" Currently his feet are dragging as he looks inside a jewelry shop.

<FS3> Rain rolls Alertness: Success.
<FS3> Besa rolls Alertness: Great Success.

"Not at all what you are used to is it?" Rain ask him as she pauses outside the shop so he can look. "That one is pretty." she points to a beaded green necklace. She wears a lot of green so that is probably her favorite color.

One could notice in the reflection in the window a small eight legged creature across the street trying to hide in the shadow of a building. It looks like a very shrunk down version of the kraken sub, tentacles and all which it uses to move around. The only difference is has largish eyes which are staring at the pair.

Besa's head tilts, "Is it jade?" The strange movement catches his eye and he blinks, "Rain…." He reaches for her arm, while the other hand is already digging into his pocket for his ruins. The boy's voice is tense, "We need to get inside…" He's not trying to hide where his gaze has fallen.

"I don't know. Could be jade, or glass or some other stone." Rain is no gemologist and the price isn't visible for ear to hazard a guess. Her head is tilting, she has noticed something, but her angle isn't as clear. the hand on her arm has her looking at Besa then around "What's wrong?" she sees it to then and now it is scurrying along the building and then up it. "Inside…" though who knows if that will be any safer.

Besa nods, making Rain go into the building first. He's already pull out a few clay disks about the size of quarters. "I thought it was water based…" His hair sways as they get inside be he keeps looking out the window, "Call the …" What did they call them? " the guards." A ruin is transferred, so he's got one in each hand.

"What are you going to do?" Rain asks with confused impatience as she is pushed into the jewelry store. She is trying to see if she can spot it again but can't see past him. "The police?" she isn't sure what they can do but she pulls out her phone to do so.

Besa shrugs, which isn't very helpful (Thanks Sky). "I do not know. The police or the school…" He chews on his lower lip, consider his options. "I can try to damage it again…" Which will mean he needs to go back out there. It's smaller than the Kraken, so that's in their favor…

"The school…we could make a run for the ferry," Rain isn't sure which to call either. Telling he police you saw a mechanical kraken seems a bit crackpot, even if it is true. The school would believe them though. She looks out the store window, trying to spot it not seeing anything though she begins to dial the school. "But what if it damages you first?" of course she is worried, she doesn't want Besa to get hurt.

Besa shakes his head, "The boat would be bad." His fingers twitch on the clay disk, "Call the school.." He frowns, taking a moment to give her a quick look, "It is inconsequential." That's not comforting. Looking back out the window, "If you can, tell Schuyler as well…" And with that the dumb boy reaches for the door. "It could hurt people." Mundanes, that is.

Rain is already talking to the school and listening to Besa with a frown "It is not!" anyone getting hurt is bad, him or any mundane s, which she falls into that category. Hard to know if she tells Sky, but he probably knows, the sorta share a brain. "Honey Badger says to meet her and Wild Weald at the beach. They"ll pick us up."

Besa stops, An order from the teacher trumps his plan. He nods, motioning for Rain to step near him. "Let me do something…" And the he's touching one of the rune disks to Rain's arm and chanting something in a very ancient Egyptian tongue. A warm sensation spreads from the disk into her arm, a layer of protection over her as the clay crumbles. Perfect hair bounces as he nods, "Let us go to the beach." He worries that going that close to water is a bad idea, but he also is very aware he doesn't know everything that is happening.

Rain watches him, confused for a moment, but she realizes quickly that it is magic. The sensation has her rubbing her arm, it's different than her mother's "You'll have to explain that later." she then quickly pushes open the door, grabs his hand and then there is running. Behind them one little kraken has multiplied to lots and scurry after the pair, their mechanical tentacles clinking on the surfaces they flow over.. At the beach the teachers are waiting in their own submersible urging the two to quickly get in they jump in after and head directly to the school.

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