(2016-09-03) Food Prep
Food Prep
Summary: Tabitha is planning a clam bake, food prep is underway
Date: 2016-09-03
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While a great deal of the Coral Springs student body was sleeping in, taking advantage of one of the last days in which that will be possible, one Athenian was up at zero-dark-'fuck this' o'clock to obtain the primary provisions for tomorrow's massive end of summer seafood bake. And the easiest, cheapest way to get seafood in sufficient quantity? Tabitha went down into the ocean to collect them direct from the source. Aura plus long range enhanced senses plus energy drain equals a bountiful harvest, which is now being stored in several open areas of the Athena dorms. A dozen or so hundred gallon plastic drums are filled with seawater and a variety of seafood, each barrel holding a different type. Although not all of them are as full as Tabitha might like, there should be sufficient quantity to feed all comers.

Now, and likely for the rest of the day, she is doing the tedious work of gutting and cleaning the fish, shelling the mussles and clams, and the like. She's put out an all-call to anyone willing to lend a hand to the task. Maybe with enough hands on deck the job can get done before sundown.

Deshelling fish isn't on anyone's list of must do's for the summer, but Besa has been feeling useless so here he is. The dark skinned teen has been quiet, but is steadily working. He's in a black tee shirt and jeans, no print or anything fancy. He's humming softly, so unknown tune as he works.

Wandering out of her room, well, her and Tabitha's now, Becca shuffles out in her pj pants and a tank top. Pausing to look at all the drums and shelling going around she furrows her brow. "Ooh…good morning guys." She offers and shuffles into the kitchen. "Cocoa anyone?"

Rain wasn't up as early as zero-dark-'fuck in the morning like Tabitha was, but she was up early. Her fencing insructor kind of insists on early morning lessons. Something about morning sea air being good for you or something. Returning to the dorm rooms to shower and change out of her fencing gear the girl is hit with the overwhealming smell of fish "Oh my!" she exclaims "It is going to take a vat of Febreeze to get this stench out." the hand that doesn't have her rapier and helmet in it goes to her nose.

Tabitha is in a pair of sweats and an overlarge long sleeve shirt with the sleeves pinned up to keep them out of the way. Her copper and black hair is still wet from the ocean and occasionally flops into her eyes as its grown from pixie cut to shoulder length in the past week. She's been attempting to engage Besa in light conversation as they work, but hasn't been pushing when he stays quiet. The hummed tune is pleasant to listen to.

Becca's exit from the dorm gets a smile and a wave with the hand holding her shelling knife (the other is holding a good size surf clam). "Good morning, roomie. 'Bout time you shuffled out of bed." The offer of cocoa gets a quick nod. "Yes, please." And then Rain arrives and Tabitha is looking around and sniffing with a confused look. "It doesn't smell that bad. Just salt water and tailings. And I'll be cleaning it all up." To the girl from the Maine fishing town, this is just the normal smells of everyday life.

Besa looks up, giving Becca and Rain both a soft sole, "Good morning." He considers, and then nods to beck's offer, "That would be kind, thank you Rebecca." Rain gets a little bit of a wider smile, "It will be worth it when we eat."

"I'm gonna catch it for skipping gym. Lemme make cocoa and I'll help." she offers to Tabitha and nods to Besa and Rain. "Morning guys. Besa, is this your first time in the Athenian museum of housing teenagers?" She asks taking over the dorms kitchen to put on a pot of milk. She makes cocoa the hard way, melting chocolate, a little vanilla extract, cinnamon. What a brat.

"Morning Besa." is returned with a grin, though it is partially hidden with her hand still covering her nose. Definitely a vat of febreeze. Hopefully she will be noseblind in a few minutes just like the others obviously are. "Wouldn't it just be…" Rain's grey eyes move over the three for a moment and decides to mention throwing money at the issue as she normally would, "easier to do that outside?" setting her rapier on the sofa. Careful not to sit on it, she moves to where Rebecca has starting making cocoa with curiosity. Especially since the cleaning of the sea creatures is kinda gross.

Tabitha shifts a few things out of the way to Rebecca has plenty of space to make her liquid chocolate concoction without the risk of getting fish guts in the mix. Not that there's much in the way of the shelling/cleaning waste, as one of the barrels of seawater is there for the purpose of holding the inedible parts. She nods along with Besa's comment of it being worth it when it's time to eat. "Absolutely. Tonight, after the cleanup, I'll get started on digging some baking pits and getting cooking fires started." She shakes her head at Rain's question, "Outside are seagulls, and if we did this out there, every gull in twenty miles would be in our faces. Those flying rats have a gossip network, I swear."

Besa just blinks at Becca, not following, "My first time?" His head tilts, but he's getitng used to just rolling with what people say to him. His hair sways as he shakes his head at Rain, knowing she'd rather throw coin and have someone else do it. Tabs gets nod, but he keeps focusing not eh task at hand. He's strangely content doing it.

"And they poop on people. Sky rats." Becca agrees and grins at Rain. Collecting a fine plane she shaves chocolate into the warming milk. "This way we don't have to add sugar. So it's sweet, but not tooth ache sweet like that powdered stuff." She grins. "Oh, Rain, turn on the fan? Maybe it'll help draw out some of the scent so it's not so bad for you." Looking back at Besa she nods. "This is arguably the coldest, most museum like of dorms. We like to joke about it is all-had you seen it before?"

"Point." Rain says about the seagulls. "They are a nuisance." the mention of the powdered stuff has her wrinkling her nose "That stuff is just gross." she prefers it the way Rebecca makes it. She has seen it made many times before, but never done so herself, and cinnamon is a new twist, hence the curiosity. There is a nod and she moves to turn the fan on as suggested. "My cooking and food prep skills are non-existence, but if you need help with anything…" she is offering at least.

"She's just wondering if you've been to our team's dorm hub before, Besa." Tabitha then nods her agreement with Rebecca's refering to it as a museum. "I like all the marble, and the big fire pit is great for drying my hair, bit it is rather museum-like with all the busts and such." She shucks clams as she talks, the motions smooth and quick from muscle memory. She sets the meat filled halves into shallow tupperware containers and the top halves into a box for later cleaning and possibly polishing. When Rain offers to help with the prep, she flashes the Masters a grateful smile. "Any help is appreciated. Since you're anti-fish, there are some bags of bell peppers in the fridge that could use hollowing out. That's not hard, just cut out the stem and core then wash out the seeds. We'll be turning them into crab stuffed peppers tomorrow."

"Oh! No. it is very nice." He smiles at all three Athenian girls. Besa glances round. "There is a sense of air." The coco is eyed, and he seems happy with not as savor as something else it could have been. Poor guy is still trying to get used to the american diet. The humming starts up again, slow and low to not bother anyone. He is vey happy to just let the three girls talk and listen in.

"Ooooh, Tabs! I'm gonna get all fat, you'll have to roll me back to the dorms." Becca laughs and mixes the shaved cocoa and stuff into the milk, keeping the heat low so it doesn't cook the milk. To Rain she looks over. "Can you handle bell peppers?" She wonders and nods to Besa. "Air…I guess. Prometheans have the most welcoming, go figure."

"I don't mind eating them, but until they are on my plate I prefer not to have anything to do with them." which is pretty typical for the average 14 year old. With the subject of the decor going around Rain looks around "And warmer too." she follows up on Becca's comment "All the marble makes it feel colder in here "Especially the floor." you won't catch her without at least socks on her feet around here. Heading to the fridge she pulls it open "Peppers…so just cut them in half…lengthwise or the other way, she rinse them." that doesn't sound to hard "I guess we will find out Becca." because this will be her first time wandering the path of cooking.

Tabitha smirks at Becca, "There will be plenty of people there to eat all of this. Just think of all the walking appetites that will be there… Daxton, Derek, Grayson, Jacob, Oliver… Koa." Rain's question about the peppers gets a shrug. "Easiest way is to cut off the top, then scoop out the inside bits before rinsing." Tabitha washes her hands off and gives them a quick dry with one of several towels present, then uses her beat up thirdhand tablet to Google a couple gifs showing how. "Here. Google saves the day." She's finished with her latest batch of clams and preps the rinse bowls with fresh salted water for the next batch. Then she starts to clean off the section of counter she's claimed so it doesn't get nasty. She's a big 'clean as you go' proponent.

Besa continues cleaning the food, still humming. He just seems to like to be around people, doing something useful. "The Guardians' hub is very nice. You are all welcome." Rain gets an encouraging nod before he asks the group, 'Is it common to have group feasts before starting school? Is it just food, or will there be other things?"

"There could be other things. Maybe we could get some beach volley ball going." Becca says hopefully and leaves the cocoa to heat as she looks around for mugs. "You have any games you like Besa?" She asks as she hunts and shakes her head. "Dax cleans me out of food like nothing." She smiles at that, happy about it. "I need to work on cooking in larger portions. If you need any help Rain, cocoa is about done and I'm a good hand in a kitchen."

"Youtube for the win." Rain cheers as she takes the tablet in one hand and grabs the bag of peppers in the other. She watches bits of videos as she listens a moment. "I got this." is said to Besa and his nod. Tablet is set safely aside, tools gathered and she gets started. "As the cookies the other day prove." is said to Becca. The first few peppers go well and then there is a sharp intake of breath "Okay, maybe I don't got this." she grabs for paper towels, ripping a few sheets off and presses it into the base of her thumb.

"I don't know how to cook in anything but large quantities." Tabitha starts setting up for a task other than shucking clams by pulling out a few different knives and setting them on a towel. "The orphanage usually had twenty-five or thirty kids to feed, never less than ten, and everyone old enough helped out. I can cook most local foods, although chowder eludes me most of the time." She nods as Becca answers Besa's question about the event. "This is a fairly common tradition in this area. And there will also be music, some might go swimming…" And then Rain cuts herself and Tabs stops her setup to go get the nearest first aid kit. She brings it over and sets it down near Rain. "Here you go."

"I like Mancala. I could bring the board, Tabitha." She gets a smile, Besa is very grateful for the game. "I have played…ball." That's pretty vague. The teen gets a slightly worried expression, "I do not know if swimming is wise." Robotic Kraken and all. He keeps shelling, but stops and frowns at Rain's noise off pain, "Rain? What happened?" He sets down what he's working on and stands concerned.

"Just a rite of passage. Everyone nicks themselves from time to time in a kitchen. For Besa's sake she forgoes whipped cream and pours the cocoa into four mugs. Taking one to Besa first she smiles and gets the other two to Rain and Tabitha. "I need to learn it, it was always my mom and I or my dad and I growing up." She makes a face and lets out a breath.

Pressing the papertowels into her hand Rain nods at Tabs "Thanks." she pops it open a bit clumsily, balling the one hand around the towel "My thumb just got in the way." she tells Besa, deciding not to make a joke with the serious look he has going on there. "Well at least I got mine out of the way early." okay a little bit of a joke at Becca. She starts to work on getting it disinfected and bandaided up. Wanting to not have to focus on her and her clumsy knife skills she comments on the game "I was reading over the rules online, and watched some videos of game play. You know they have tournaments?"

Tabitha looks over her shoulder to smile back at Besa, "That's a good idea. A thinking game to add to the other activities." She nods as Rain mentions looking up how to play. "I've been trying to remember what I was taught, but mostly all I remember from those couple years is… not relevant." She shakes her head at this, going back to getting her knives, cutting board, and waste tub set up. "Anyone here eaten shark before?"

Besa gives Becca a nod and a soft ,"Thank you Rebecca." The mug is taken but he's eyeing Rain's cut. "Do you need help, rain?" His head tilts, "I do not think that is a true Rite of Passage." But he'll not press unless Rain wants help. A careful sip and his eyebrows go up, the coco is much better than he had thought it would be. "I did not know that it was still popular. That is good to know." Tabitha gets a glance and nod, "I do not mind other games, but something to sit around is nice." Shark? "Is that similar to crocodile?"

"Shark fin soup a few times. Godzilla is a barbarian for the "Old ways"." Becca shrugs and makes a face. "It's barbaric, harvesting just the fins. They make delicious steaks too." She sips her own cocoa and looks at the buckets. "What do you want me to work on Tabbers?"

Hands over the bandaid for it to be pulled open "Just with opening this." Rain knows that he can heal it with his magic, but with such a minor wound that would be just a waste. As the bandaid is dealt with by Besa she answers "I've had shark steak. Not soup. That is just wrong." she has to agree with Rebecca about the shark fins and how awful that is. "Godzilla?" she questions as she takes back the bandaid and with some assistance gets her wound all covered.

Tabitha finishes her setup for the next job she's got, then takes a moment to savor the cocoa Becca brought her. She sips it then her eyes close in a purely involuntary expression of bliss. "Oh, that's just heavenly." She shrugs to Besa's question about shark, "No idea. I've never had croc or gator." Becca's question causes her to pause again to think. "Well if you know how to clean and gut fish, there's barrels full of various tuna and another barrel with some blacktip shark." Then she smirks over the rim of her cocoa mug. "Might want to be careful reaching into that one. Otherwise there's almost endless fruit and veggies to cut and prep. I'm saving the honeyed apple prep for me, though. It's my favorite." When Rain questions the mention of Godzilla, she notes, "Becca's mom."

"It's complicated." Becca follows on Tabitha's explanation of Godzilla. "I can clean a fish." she shrugs and cleans up from making cocoa before she gets started. Sipping from her own mug she nods to herself and considers things to change next time. "I am looking forward to this, like, a might die of joy."

Rain gives Besa a grin of thanks at the assist and cleans up a bit before continuing the work on the peppers, much more carefully. "Like a tiger mom? Or helicopter?" she has heard both of those. As she works she sips her own hot cocoa giving a thumbs up to Becca.

Meanwhile Besa goes back to mullosk shucking, humming as he does so.

"What's the word for 'angry, racist, total ass-biscuit mom'?" Tabitha nods to Becca's comment that she knows how to clean fish. She nods to the layout she had set up for herself. "Here. I'll bring over a barrel of tuna for you. Blue and yellowfin. I came across a large school outside the usual fishing sites." She walks over to where the large plastic barrels are sitting and picks one of them up without effort. She is more careful when setting it down within easy reach of Becca, taking greater care with its mass. "I'll get started on the apples."

"Godzilla is the technical term." Becca nods and looks at Tabitha as the barrel is set near her. "Fillets or steaks?" She asks Tabitha and then thinks to wonder "Skin off, right?" Knives are collected and she shrugs at Rain. "Not everyone has a family like the Masters."

"I know what that is in Italian." Rain mentions rinsing the peppers carefully and setting them aside so Tabs can use them however she wants "So this clam bake, fish cooking party thing is tonight?" The comment from Becca has the younger girl looking at her with confusion, perhaps a little hurt, not sure exactly what that is supposed to mean besides the obvious. Was she just insulted?

"Skinless on the filets, but leave the skin on steaks. Helps them cook more evenly, and it can come off easily afterwards." Tabitha shakes her head at Rain's question, "Not tonight, tomorrow all day. For this many people, prep will take all day." Then she pauses and looks over, "I'm not expecting everyone to help all the way through, though. Help will make things go faster, but I planned to do most of it myself." She upquirks an eyebrow at the family comment but doesn't feel qualified to comment, given the givens.

Seeing the confusion Becca clarifies. "We're casually bashing my mother because she's a monster. You've got one of the good families is all. You're lucky." Nodding to Tabitha, Becca puts on gloves to start cleaning and gutting fish. She won't use her bare hands. That makes cocoa breaks tedious.

Rain nods "A good end to the summer." Rain cleans up the pepper guts, much less gross than cleaning fish and mullosk guts and things "Oh. Sorry you got stuck with a not so pleasant mother."

"Yes it is, and it was Becca's idea. I'm just providing the local expertise, and the ability to harvest massive quantities of seafood on the cheap." Tabitha starts to pull apples out of a large bag and peeling them with her aura very carefully so that the peel comes off in one spiraling piece. The peels are then put into a bowl filled with honey while the remaining apple is cored and rolled in honey before getting placed on a baking tray. The first few honey dipped peels are placed on a plate and offered around to the others, starting with Besa. "Here. A treat for energy."

Besa's wisely gone silent, some things, mothers and cooking, are things he's not qualified to speak on. But his attention is grabbed (and the humming stops) when presented with apple peels. "oh!" He stands, needing to wash his hands, "That looks very pleasant." Tabitha gets a smile as he moves off, "Please let the have theirs first."

Grinning at Besa's reaction to apple peels, Becca waves the sweets off. "I'm ok. I just got all fishy." She explains and continues her work carefully. She frowns and focuses on the fish. The gory work of gutting and boning doesn't seem to put her off at all really.

Rain takes one of the peels off the tray and nibbles at it as she goes to get out of people's way "It is very cool of you to do all this work for everyone in the school." she does glance around once more at all of the fish. Seems like too much since there are only 60 or so students (if that) but she doesn't voice that "If you need any help with setup tomorrow, let me know. I can probably do that without hurting myself." unlike cooking type stuffs.

"There will be plenty of the peels as we go," is all Tabitha says as to their distribution. Her work with the apples goes faster than her other prep as it's something she's done even more often than shelling clams. She nods to Rain, shrugging off the compliment. "It's good to give back, especially now that I have my own funds beyond my orphanage stipend." She also nods to the offer of help tomorrow. "I appreciate it. There'll mostly be carrying and set-up, and all hands will be welcome."

Once his hands are clean Besa sits down at a clear place on the counter and takes one of the apple peels. He's quiet, but all smiles as he eats it. While he chews, he stretches his neck a little bit. He'd been sitting for a while and was starting to feel stiff. "Rain, your hand is alright?"

"Mhmmm! Gonna get it all set up and then we just feed the fire and lay around all day and play games!" Becca sighs wistfully. "It's going to be so good." She adds with a happy expression. "Then school will start next week and everyone can go back to groaning over fun things like pop quizzes."

Rain nods when her offer is accepted "I'll see if I can poke Sky into helping. Not sure if he will stick around for the festivities, he doesn't do well with crowds just yet." which is worrisome. She had hoped his mental shielding would be better by now. There is no comment about school starting, as much as she agrees about pop quizzes, she isn't thrilled with the prospect of being the oddball here. A glance down at her bandaided hand "It's fine Besa. It's nearly stopped stinging."

Tabitha fixes Becca with a gimmlet stare, "I'm telling you right now, I will not partake in any festivities to celebrate exams. They're fine and all, but there will not be glitter." And with that she puts another handful of honey-dipped apple peels onto the plate while her aura continues to roll the peeled and cored apples in honey to add them to the baking trays. She's got a few dozen in place already and has another tray left to fill. "The last few peels will get baked so they're crispy." She doesn't comment on Sky's abilities or his progress around crowds except to say, "His help would be appreciated, and there will be plenty of plates so he can take food with him if he needs to find privacy."

Besa may be tiny, but he's still a teen boy. He'll eat any apple peels put in front of him. Rain gets an empathetic smile, "Good…if you need it healed, please let me know." The smallest laugh escapes him as the girls playfully argue about exams. "Hopefully Sky will be able to stay for part of the feast." Crispy apple peels? Besa seems interested and watches the whole process.

"What about like, just a little glitter?" Becca asks Tabitha, smiling at her poor roommate. "Oh! We could pop quiz each other in the evenings, how fun would that be? Like flash card drills or something? I'm getting that 4.0. I had a 3.7 last year. Soooo frustrating."

"Thanks." Rain says to Tabs "I'm sure he will appreciate the thoughtfulness." is a sincere comment and she moves to the sofa to get her rapier and fencing helmet. "I'll keep that in mind, thanks Besa." though the offer and with her brother currently on her mind it does get her to thinking…something she will have to discuss with the pair later. "If she won't Becca I will." along with the study group thing. "I'm going to go get cleaned up. I have to go get my uniforms today." nope she hasn't gotten those yet…talk about last minute "Later!" she then heads into her room offering a wave as the door closes behind her.

Tabitha waves to Rain as the younger girl heads out. "See you later, Rain." She fills up the last baking tray with apples and sets the oven to heat up. The last of the peels get placed in a foil packet with some honey. This she doesn't put with the others but instead holds in her aura. With careful shaping she forms a convection oven around the foil, then begins to generate fusion plasma in a pattern to get the hot air flowing around it. While it's cooking she shrugs at Becca, "Study group stuff is smart, so yeah I'm up for that. Just not in the form of daily flash cards as we wake up." She smirks at this. "Weekly is fine, daily is right out."

Rain gorse wave from Besa as well, some thought that perhaps mirrors her rolls in his head briefly before he turns back to the apple peels. He has no idea what a grade point average is, he was always tutored. But again, his attention is on the food. He's started to be seen in the cafeteria again, there was a few days he'd grab his food and go. But this if yummy, and honey!

Sighing sadly, Becca shakes her head and looks at Besa. "No one appreciates what a nerd I can be." She's just about finished up with her fish so she presses on to get them done. "I should run into town. I need to pick up a new sweater since the one I was snatched in got…taken away." She tells Tabitha and looks between her and Besa. "I could totally pick up the helping once I get back?"

Tabitha shrugs, "I'm happy with my 3.4, although I'm hoping to do better this year now that I've got my entire mind back. At least as far as I know." In her aura, the flames die down and the hot air circulates for another minute before she lets it die down. A judicious removal of heat to make the foil safe to touch and she sets it down on the table by Besa. She nods to Rebecca, "Yeah, like I told Rain, I'll take the help I can get but don't let it keep you from other needed things." Then she looks up and gives Becca a sidelong look, "Thought you were going to get your sweaters from Daxton's closet?" She opens up the foil and looks inside. The honey dipped peels are crisped and the honey candied. "Not sure if these will taste alright, but I'm game to try. You should snag one before you head out, Becks. Might not be any left if you don't."

Besa just blinks, unsure if Becca is really upset or not. "I am…sorry?" About not appreciating her being a nerd, or her sweater? Either way, he slows on the apple peels and watches what Tabitha is doing. It smells delicious. His dark eyes widen and he grins when they're set in front of him. Indeed, Becca should grab one now.

Grabbing a peel, Becca nods. "Oh, I mean to, but see, he only had the two and one is gone." She smiles a little. "Gotta resupply the source." She tells Tabitha and shakes her head at Besa. "No, no. This savage with the 3.4 doesn't want my morning quizzes. Heart broken-and teasing." She adds on to clarify before munching on the honey treat. "Well played." She nods and gets up to wash up.

"This 3.4 will be studying quite a lot, and would love help with it, but it's pointless to try and quiz me every morning after waking up," Tabitha pauses to grab a baked peel and nibble on the end of the spiraled goodness before continuing. "Because I only wake up twice a week. Not human, remember? I only need to sleep six hours out of every ninety-six." She grins at Besa's reaction to the baked peels, "The apples will be even better when they're done." The sweater logic gets a nod, "Makes sense. He's not exactly a clothes horse."

Besa frowns at all these numbers, but decides it's best to just reach for an apple skin. That warm smile returns and he says around a mouth full, "This is wonderful, Tabitha. Thank you for making them." Besa has no room to talk, all his clothes have been given to him as hand me downs or he's purchased at the school store.

Washing up, Becca looks down at her pjs. "Guess I oughta change. See you cool cats later." She tells the two with a wave, slipping down to her room to change. She'll just slip out the wall from her room.

Tabitha smiles at Besa, "I'm glad you like them. I was hoping you would." She slides the baking trays full of glazed apples into the oven now that it's reached temperature. Since a lot of work got done while everyone was here, she does a bit of cleaning up to keep the kitchen from becoming disgusting. Then she sits down without starting a new project, but just to enjoy the apple peels.

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