(2016-09-01) Brother Troubles
Brother Troubles
Summary: Sky gets his nails painted while talking with Rain about his fight with Besa
Date: 2016-09-01
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There's a light knock on Rain's dorm room door before Sky sends out a mental nudge to see if she's around and awake. He tried to ask for her help the other day, but then Kaylee did her whole 'Friendship is Magic' thing and he had to go sulk somewhere. It was weird. These kids are weird.

Then there was the sort-of fight with Besa and Sky just needs a little refuge away from his girl-crazy roommate and the other students. That's why he's in the Athena Dorm Hub now.

Her own roommate hasn't shown up yet, so Rain has the room to herself still. »>It's open Sky.«< she broadcasts to him letting him open the door and come in himself. She is sitting on her bed going through her assortment of fingernail polishes. Probably ready for a new color. She hasn't found a decent salon here yet, so is stuck doing her own mani-pedis.

It's almost as if Rain read his mind…or did she? Because Sky has brought his own bottle of the black polish, his nails cleaned of the chipping polish that was on recently. If he's going to have to wear a boring, conservative, khaki uniform, he's going to keep as much of his own style as possible…even if that just means hair and nails.

« Think I'd get in trouble if I pierced my ears?»

« The school. Our parents.» Sky shrugs. He could get in trouble with a lot of people, actually. He does move to sit, looking at the colors of her polish before picking out a coppery color and placing it over on her side. That's his choice for her. «I'm all right. I think Besa's mad at me.» He then puts the bottle of the black polish in her waiting hand. «You? Feeling better?»

Rain shakes her head »>No. I think you will be fine. just unfashionable.«< and that is a high sin for her. she watches him pick out a color and after a though nods. not her first choice but it will do. »>He is. Though may not be anymore. Have you talked to him?«< she tilts her head »>Who said I was feeling bad?«< and that is when a maroon 5 song starts ear worming her.

Schuyler tilts his head, «What do you mean unfashionable? Guys have their ears pierced all around now.» Maybe it's not what they're wearing in Paris this season, but it's far more normal now than it was years ago. «You talked to him? I figured I'd give him some space. I -did- apologize,» he points out. It's not something he does often but he knows he took it too far. One hand is held out for her even as he squints at the earworm. There's a sense of discomfort before he mentally pulls back so he doesn't have to deal with it.

See, that's the thing. At fourteen, he's not sure if he wants to commit to that sort of piercing. He rather likes what he looks like right now. His mouth twists some in thought though, «That's probably not allowed at school.» Although he might not care, but it seems like a lot to go through to just have to remove it almost immediately.

He watches the painting of the nails for a moment, «We were going to do an art project together, but if he doesn't want to anymore, I can do something else.» He's trying rather hard to be blase and aloof about it all. An eyebrow raises, however, as he picks up on the thoughts of the shared ice cream. Well, she could do worse.

Just because he seems uninterested in girls (or boys) at this point doesn't mean his sister has to be the same. There's a long glance at Rain as she paints his nails, but he's not going to press further. Not yet. Not until he knows what is going to happen. All he knows is that their sibling is spending all their time with their current paramour but surely Rain wouldn't do that to him!

« Besa was upset and I told him that it was ok to be upset. Then I told him that it was part of life and then there was stuff about how he had to die and that it was easier not having friends and he was homesick but he shouldn't be…it was weird.» He's still not sure what happened.

Back to the piercings, he just shrugs lightly. It's all about non-conforming.

Rain has always been vaguely interested in boys, but not to the point of chasing them or anything. »>That makes no sense.«< she gives a shake of her head. Then the comment on dying and she looks sharply up in alarm, the brush in her hand pausing as she grips his hand »>Has to die?«< there is alarm, concern, fear in her mental voice. »>What do you mean die?«<

Uh-oh. Maybe he shouldn't have let that slip. «I think he's some sort of mummy or sacrificial something,» he starts slowly. Sky looks at his sister for a moment before looking down at his hand, «He said that when the priests find him then he has to die and then he gets woken up again to have the whole thing repeat itself. I don't know if it's for a reason or if these priests of his are awful people. He didn't elaborate, but he seemed to think that it was just something that he had to do. That he couldn't change anything. That destiny was fixed.»

Her grip hasn't loosened as it is explained to her, »>That's awful!«< Rain takes a few deep breathes to calm herself. Trying to at least. »>Wait? What? He comes back? Like resurrects?«<

Schuyler looks down at his hand and then to Rain a couple of times, «Ow…» although it's not really hurting. It does confirm his earlier suspicion though. «That's my theory. But it's like…years or decades later. He seems to think he's awakened for some purpose and is then killed for some purpose. He wouldn't explain much to me and just kind of got angry when I told him that things didn't have to be that way.»

Rain loosens her grip and after a moment finishes the painting of that hand »>Seems too?«< she grabs his other hand to get to work on it »>He is magic maybe it has something to do with that.«< she is thoughtful, racking her brain for reasons but unable to come up with anything . »>Magic is weird stuff. We can ask mom.«< she may know something.

«He didn't like me asking questions about it. Maybe you can get something more out of him to ask Mom,» Sky tried, but Besa was being so stubborn. «I don't think anyone has a Destiny that can't be changed. He wouldn't listen to that but he might listen to you.»

»>He knows that I don't believe in destiny.«< they talked about destiny? Talking destiny, sharing ice cream…what was going on with that. Rain isn't sharing. There are a few things that she would rather her brother /not/ know about. »>I can try. Though he may get just as mad at me about it.«<

«I believe everyone makes their own and it can change,» Sky offers. He does glance at Rain when she mentions talking about these serious subjects with the other teen. He also doesn't push even though he could probably find out. Maybe he's allowing his sister this bit of privacy. «I bet he won't get mad at you.»

Rain has done little actual looking at Sky, her visual attention on painting his nails so as not to smear polish everywhere around them as well »>There." she frees his hand and closes the bottle »>I hope not. I am the good twin." she laughs at that and goes to get her hair dryer so she can speed dry Sky's nails.

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