(2016-08-31) Settling in with the new roommate
Settling in with the new roommate
Summary: Rebecca and Tabitha each approach the nearing school year in their own way on their first day as roommates.
Date: 2016-08-31
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School is almost back! Becca is on her bed, working on getting everything ready. She has a little ironing board and is ironing the pleats in her freshly cleaned uniforms. There's binders and notebooks on her desk all freshly decorated, like stickers and Polaroids abound!

School is almost back. Tabitha is perched in the corner of the room on a small beanbag chair she appropriated from the arts dome, her light frame barely causing it to dent as she works on a piece of composition she's had banging away inside her skull for a few weeks. It didn't take her long to move in, and despite her words to the contrary, all of her various musical kit takes up less space than the average wardrobe. Boxes of wrapped wires and cables, a few instrument cases that fit snugly into the closet, and a footlocker that holds all of her clothes and other personals. School books and the small library of linguistic and geography texts she bought over the summer share space with her composition notebooks on a bookshelf that sits next to the beanbag chair.

She's been looking over at Rebecca's joyous school preparation with an occasional wry smirk, then going back to penciling in a few more bars of musical score. Eventually she speaks up, "You are having an unnatural joy in getting ready for another year of book-slaving."

"I like classes. I like the structure. Get up, work out, eat, classes, studytime, sleep." Becca looks over and shrugs a little. "I mean, it'll be a little different this year I'm sure, but that's only cause I've been more social lately. It's still nice." She turns her skirt to work on the pleats. "I don't really have too many hobbies outside of class. Maybe I'll join that dance thing Fel does. I've been missing ballet a little since I came here."

Tabitha listens and considers Becca's position on the matter, nodding a bit towards the end. "Yeah, I can see the appeal. And I should start taking dance lessons as part of my workouts. Can't hurt, right? Not sure what I think of school right now, though." She shrugs and folds her legs up under her. "I'm starting my sophomore year but will be eighteen at the end of spring semester." She does nod her understanding about hobbies. "Yeah, in that I've always been lucky with the music."

"I started learning piano, couldn't sit still." Becca shrugs. "I like dance, and don't feel bad about being older, Aidan is too-so, you're not alone in that. Better than skipping grades. I start my junior year and I turn 16 in January." She shrugs a little. Ironing, she considers her skirt. "I sit still a bit better now."

A quick nod, "We're coming at it from different angles, then." Tabitha pauses in her music composition, chewing on her pencil eraser in thought. "I guess it would't be so odd if I hadn't thought I was just fourteen last term." The information about Aidan gets a raised eyebrow. "Didn't know that about him. Then again, haven't talked with him much, either." She nods about sitting still, too. "Depends on the day for me. Today was a mix."

"Oh, Aidan's amazing, once you get past his awkwardness, he's very kind-he really worries about other peoples safety." Becca frowns a little at that and shakes her head. "At least in the school he should try to relax more, I think he's terrified he'll get close to people and burn them-like they wouldn't stay friends." She shrugs. "Anyway, there's always GEDs if you hate being older."

Tabitha scrunches up her face and shakes her head at the mention of a GED. "I'd rather get a real diploma." She listens to Becca describe Aidan and nods, "That I can understand. Other than the band, and expecially Trini, I don't often do well with keeping close with people." Then she smirks and lets out a small chuckle. "That's not even counting all the various snares that tend to happen around here."

"Snares? Oh, like Jacob?" Becca guesses and clips the finished skirt to a hanger and lays it out gingerly. Next skirt! "I hope Dax and I stick together. He's still not really making eye contact, I'm worried about him." She rolls her shoulders and gets ironing. "Just have to be patient." She murmurs and looks at Tabitha. "You know?"

Tabitha tilts her head questioningly at the mention of Jacob, "Hrm? No. I was thinking more along the lines of the Lilith Incident or other stuff like it. Things like that can strain a friendship. But yeah, I guess Jacob could be counted as a snare. Not that it's his fault. With him it was the surprise of being asked out by anyone back when I was still covered in scars. First couple dates were nice enough, but then everything else happened and things just stopped feeling… solid. These days I don't feel like I should have anything serious with anyone."

This seems to trigger a rush of creation and her pencil goes back to work on the pad in her lap." Then she looks back up at Rebecca and nods, "I agree that you and Dax seem to fit well, and I hope things continue to go well for you both. As for his eye contact thing, keep at him. He'll come around. Before you and he started getting close, I doubt he could've said what anyone's eye color was here."

"Oh, no. The Lilith thing-I think more people have your back than you think." Becca tells Tabby. Sitting up she considers the pleat and adjusts it. More ironing. "I think he's still recovering from space…we're ok again, after the China thing-I think but whatever happened in space…he'll come back. I had him laughing the other day."

Tabitha shrugs about the Lilith thing. "I'm afraid you're right about that. I'm just worried that the next time they make a play for me they'll tailor it for any backup that might be around." Her voice is more subdued as she puts voice to this fear. "I'm only at about half of my old ability right now. So I hope they're still recovering from the losses they took at the concert fight." She tries to get her mind to move away from the fretting by watching Becca work on her skirts and listening about Daxton. "Has he talked about what all happened out there yet?"

"No, just that they accomplished the mission and Felicia has pictures. I think he forgot to bring back a rock, bummer." Becca shrugs. "It must have been crazy. But he's smiling-for me anyway, so that's progress." She nods and looks at her laundry with a sigh.

"Well that's a good thing, at least. The smiling part." Tabitha settles back into the beanbag chair, giving a little bounce to create a bit of a hollow she can lean back in. "We'll have to ambush Felicia at some point to see the pictures." She grins at the laundry sigh, "You know there's still most of a week until classes start back up, right? You don't have to get all your prep done tonight."

"I don't want the wrinkles to set in. Best to get it all ironed and crisp so we can play. Got a beach cook out to plan!" Becca grins a little. She looks at Tabitha and shakes her head. "Want me to squish it down for you?" She asks and nods at the bean bag chair as she presses on. So many pleats! Could have gotten the pants, but noo, all skirts.

"See, this is why I wear jeans and flannel. When they get wrinkled, who's gonna notice?" Tabitha does nod about the crab bake, "Yeah, we need to get that going for this weekend. And I still need to take a dive to see what kind of seafood I can net." Then her expression shifts from one word to the next. "I should see if Besa wants to join us for that. And make sure Sierra and Mabel know that it's happening."

"Yeah, I bet Besa would enjoy. I think he's still dealing with a little culture shock. Aidan and the Ares kids should come too. I haven't seen much of them, or just the summer kids-you know?" Becca keeps ironing. "I like jeans just fine, for outside of class." She smiles and shrugs. "I might get more. I feel kind of weird about all my Asian clothes and like, things…like, I wish I could suppress it all and then the Triad could just forget about me."

"Culture shock is putting it mildly. I'm not sure, but I get the feeling that Besa is… a lot older than he looks." Tabitha leaves it at that, then nods about the others from Ares. "Yeah, that'd be a decent idea. We did sort of gang up on their end of year thing at the start of the summer. Only fair to keep a spot by the fire for them at our shindig." She considers the topic of clothing and recent events for a while before answering. "As someone with a small degree of experience with identity issues, let me just say don't rush it. Never know when something you used to wear might feel right again." She stays quiet on the subject of the Triads memory span for the moment.

"Yeah, I just…I don't think Dax with think all my dresses are as cute anymore." Becca shrugs and wrinkles her nose a little. "Maybe I'll stick to stealing his sweaters before it gets to cold." She grins and hangs up another skirt. "So! Seafood this weekend! I'm excited! Sunday maybe?"

Tabitha nods sagely at this idea, "Sweater stealing is a time honored tradition. I say go for it. Also, I highly doubt Daxton will detect any lack of cute when it comes to you." Then there is a brisk nod at the return to the seafood subject. "Yes. Sunday is good, with the long weekend. We'll want to have a crew starting early on the fire pit so it's hot enough to get things cooked at speed. And there will need to be a grocery run for corn, peppers, bread, drinks, and Zatarain's spice blend. It might be fron New Orleans, but they know their food down there."

"Ok, I think we can manage that. Dax did promise to take some time with the long weekend. I'll talk to him about helping with the set up. I think he'll be working, but if he's in and out, that's ok." Becca smiles and hops off her bed to hang up what she's managed to iron. "Anything I can make to go with it? Rolls? Bread bowls?" She asks. Her closet is as color coordinated as her desk and notebooks.

Tabitha's side of the room is a fair match to her, functional and compact. Emphasis on compact. She stretches and stands up on the beanbag chair, the movement finally putting a more 'normal' dent in its surface. She tucks her composition notebook inside her footlocker then takes out her shower bag. "Bread bowls are a good idea. Less cleanup needed." Her aura reaches into her closet and pulls out her shower shoes. "Gonna go wash up, then snag my night's sleep for the week. Promise I don't snore."

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