(2016-08-31) Catching Up with Ares
Catching Up with Ares
Summary: Anna and Derek catch up with Daxton and Felicia after being apart all summer
Date: 2016-08-31
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Burger Barn

It's one of the older establishments in the town and far enough from the beach area to cater mostly to the locals since the tourists don't all get back in this area so often. The counter where orders are taken is wooden and the drinks are serve yourself kind lined along the end of the counter with napkins, ketchup, salt, straws and lids and other fixings. The floor is hardwood and has seen years of wear. Good greasy burgers and all the sides are found here, this isn't a health food establishment by any stretch of the imagination.

Tables are covered in a bright yellow tablecloth to sort of offer the room a cheerful look, but it doesn't detract from the overall age of the furnishings. There are a few booths lined along one wall and the decor sports such things as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Elvis, James Dean, and Coca Cola products, which are proudly served in the establishment. A jukebox is tucked into an area between two booths.

Summer is nearly over and school is about to start. Students have been trickling in and amoung them Anna and Derek. Which means there is a summers worth of catching up to do. And best do it before they are all bogged down with schoolwork and detentions. The Burger Barn is the place for that catching up, at least for the four Ares seniors…wow seniors! Can you believe it?

Felicia is there already, holding a table for her friends and creating a house kinds structure out of sugar packets…and failing at it miserably.

Daxton's just finished up ordering so ridiculously large burger meal and steps over with his milkshake in hand. The Sugar packet home is given an eyebrow raise, "Gingerbread not good enough for ya?" He's definitely in a better mood since Becca's back and safe now, bit there's still no eye contact. Something happened.

Not only catching up, but t-shirt challenge, Derek is determined to do it before he graduates. He may need a fifth year, not on account of grades at all, for the challenge. Regardless, he's here in some NYSU t-shirt, like he has a chance. Probably with Anna, or to meet her here, one of the two. Either way, he's waiting to order his burger, some family with two kids that can't make up their minds got in front of him. Deciding, chicken lickin chicken fingers or mini jumbo burgers, both saying the important thing is getting the girls/boys toy with the meal. Like collecting valuable treasure.

"Save me a spot," he'll call as Daxton finishes his order and moves to grab a seat, milkshake in hand. And whew, done, he orders his meal as fast as he can, as if to show how efficiently one can order the food here.

Annaliesa does show up just behind Derek, she'd decided to come here and meet him from her house where she'd stayed the night. Once there though, she heads for him when she notices him holding them a place in line. On the way though, she notices Felicia and gives a cheerful wave. She sees Daxton approaching the table where Felicia is and offers a wave too, before getting to Derek. Squishy, maybe, but she hugs him and kisses his cheek. "Missed you," she murmurs, but already moving to separate and look over the menu board. "I want the hickory burger with the french fried onions and I want fries." Just in case he wants to relay the order. "And a Coke or something."

And they all fall down…again. Felicia looks up from her failed construction project, wrinkling her nose at him "gingerbread? Gross." yeah she doesn't like that. "You working later or got the day off?". she asks looking from him and then to the entrance of Derek and Anna "Hey guys." she gives the pair a wave "You gonna sit or stand there all day?" she asks as she looks back to Dax.

Daxton chuckles, "Working later. Trying to get as many hours in before school starts up." He had given the other seniors nods as they passed, and he's now sitting down to start in on his milkshake. One of the sugar packets is picked up and casually tossed at Fel as he waits for his food.

Derek takes the squishy hug, "You too, ugh, so close to classes." Like literally next week. He does relay the order too, he's cool like that. Or other words, for some people. As the order is being put on their tray, he grins over to Felicia too, "Stand, all day. Its the new sitting. No more stools even, just the counters." He'll take their tray too, "HIckory burger sounds better than mine, I may steal a bite," he warns Annaliesa on the way towards the table claimed by Felicia, then he nods to Daxton as he sits down, "S'up?" Guy greeting.

"I can half it with you," Annaliesa tells him with a grin. Walking over, she sits on one side of the table where there are two seats, if possible, for her and Derek. Once seated, she slides over to make room for him. "I'm not ready for school, but I think Derek and I are going to go out for Arena Fetch this year. Something to do." As if being a senior and all that comes with it isn't enough. "So, what's up?'

Felicia nods "Yeah, same here. I'm so close to have enough to pay for that motorcycle I've been eyeing." sure it is a used one, and needs work, lots of it, but she was hoping to hit up Dwayne for that. She rubs the spot on her cheek where the sugar packet hits "Aren't I sweet enough for ya Dax?" she asks him in amusement as she tosses it back at him "hey Anna." she greet her bestie with excitement. "Derek." no excitement for him "Arena fetch would be cool." she mentioned trying out last year, but hasn't really committed yet. "When are tryouts?"

Daxton zips back to the counter to get his for when it's up and then back sitting in ply a few seconds. He smirks down at his tray, always hungry it seems. Fel gets a very mature tongue stick out before he lifts his burger to start eating, "You got your license yet, Fel?" Daxton hasn't even thought about the sport to be honest. Too many other things on his plate. Like this burger!

Derek takes the simple name without excitement and the ignore completely. It’s all good. He has food, there is a question even. "Usually in the first couple weeks of school, enough to get some practice in before season starts. But depends, Weald moving up, don't know who'll coach this year for Ares." But its out there on the table at least. As Liesa offered half hers, Derek does the same, he'll get his open and instead of cutting, he'll rip in half. "Halfsies it is." Did he just use 'sies', like he's in grade school or something? "We're all going out right?" For the team, his only thoughts is the sport.

Annaliesa takes her burger and cuts it in half, offering it over to Derek. When he just rips his in half, she laughs and shakes her head, "No, thanks. You keep it. I've got enough here." The burgers were huge anyway, and she had fries and a drink with it. "I want to, Felicia are you going to try out? Not sure when they are, but I bet soon." She looks at Daxton as he asks Felicia about her license, "Oh yeah? Did you get it? I have mine! So excited. Not that I ever drive anywhere or even own a car. We fly and swim everywhere."

Felicia steals a fry from Anna and dredges it into her milkshake, she has no food, just the frozen drink. "Not yet." she is beginning to thing mentioning the motorcycle was a mistake with the talk of licenses floating around now. She is showing a little discomfort. "Of course I a going to try out for the team." she latches onto that topic instead, it's safer.

Daxton nods, chewing through his first bite, "Yeah, Tabs' old dude let me borrow his car for it." He lets Fel talk first, but the gives a very teenager shrug, "Don't know…with everything join g on, I might not have time." He's still not making eye contact, but that could eb because food. maybe.

Not catching on about dodging licenses, Derek is returning, "Cool, best team yet, I bet we win this year." A pause, "Dude," returns the boy towards Daxton as if he might say something about not trying out. "That's cool." As if it clicked in his mind, and he's actual regular person not so much immature self for a little bit. "You have your license yet," indirect back to the conversation, "Or still need a car for the test?" Towards Daxton, to catch up on that topic.

Are they still talking about drivers licenses? "No word yet then?" Felicia asks Dax when he mentions not having time. She means on the stuff with U-23. The sooner that gets done the better. And Anna is mentioning being seniors. "I know right. Nine months and we are free!"

Daxton's head tilts and he glances in Derek's direction before he repeats, "Yeah…I borrows Tab's old dude's car for the test." Fel gets a head shake, "No…can't move forward on that with Becca's stuff all crazy. Unit 23 is heading to CA to see what they can find out about who took her dad." He sighs, clearly upset about the whole thing and then glances to the other two. He assumes they know some, as Fel said she told them, "If you guys could keep an eye on her when she's around, I'd appreciate it. I don't know that we took out all the Triad that was interested in her."

"Freedom," intones Derek, taking a big bite of his own burger (that half of sandwich.). And a nod as he chews, mostly swallowed, "Good deal." Muffled response to Daxton regarding the car from Tab's old dude, who Derek thinks is just some boyfriend that is older. No questions. Derek ponders, thinks he met Becca that one time, "Yeah, I can do that." Accepting Daxton not being around as just the way it is. "She think's they're coming again?" Or more of them that is, as he tries to pick up pieces of the story.

"Huh." Felicia says when Dax tells her of the units whereabouts. She finds it nice, but odd they are being so helpful. She sucks down more of her milkshake as Derek gives his consent to keep an eye Rebecca. She is tempted to warn him that it's his eyes and nothing else that should be on Dax's girlfriend, but manages to restrain herself…this time. "I'd go to California…" she says as an aside.

Daxton smirks, "I may have them pick me up to go out there to next weekend if they don't find anything. If there's room and your schedule is free you're welcome to come along." Dax may know that a certain lava man may be having a bit of a crush on Fel. or at least likes verbally sparring with her. He shrugs to Derek, "I don't know, but I'm not willing to take the chance. They were trying to take brain matter." So not okay. He shifts, uncomfortable with the idea that if they had chosen a different facility to raid, she's be a vegetable now. "WE hurt their operation pretty hard, but I doubt we eradicated them."

"I'd go to California," tosses Derek in just the same, as an aside in full agreement. A grin even, cause California. As Daxton explains, he finishes another bite, washes it down with soda, "The Fuh …." And he lets it hang just like that, surprise at wanting brain matter. "Seriously?" A little shudder, cause that's just not right, brain matter. "Hurt hurt, or like, hurt so you're on their radar hurt?" Serious question, that's his first thought after 'hurting' an operation pretty hard at least. A look to Felicia, for some support maybe.GAME: Save complete.

"For a trip to California…I'm definitely free." Felicia tells him. "And I can shrink down…how can there not be room for me?" of there was room? seriously? She has heard all this already so she just nods at Derek "the problem is know how many limbs the thing has and if there is a way to get to the head."

Daxton's fairly certain Unit 23 would just kill Derek. So probably no one is going to CA now. Dax shrugs, "We blew up several facilities, but I'm sure there's more…So…I don't know, honestly." That's the worst part, really. "I know we got all the samples they took from her. And they know who I am, so…" He shrugs, cause that's all he's got. "The Unit is still got feelers out, we'll get the head. I just need to make sure Becca's safe till then." He eyes the burger in his hand, a little less excited about eating it now.

"Well, I'm still going to California, fall break. Team mission to … Santa Barbara." Or some place, Derek is certain of it. No need to get killed by Unit 23 even, completely separate from whatever else is going on in Cali. A grin even to Felicia. Annaliesa may have gotten a call, has been taking it. He's sure she'd be in. "Yeah, I saw that, all the limbs, like an octapus. Like the new teacher …" A slight opening of his mouth, it’s all related. Daxton and Becca's Triad problem, like Cobra/Hydra, another will rise, and the new teacher. A mystery solved by the sluething Derek. Or not. "Well, I'll keep my eye out, no worries there. More reason to come in town." Like he needed that excuse, he'll have to come over lunch just to be certain, start a patrol. At the Burger Barn or Lighthouse Pizza, serious patrol business.

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