(2016-08-30) This is how you fall
This is how you fall
Summary: A training session that never starts because of an accidental power activation that causes issues.
Date: 2016-08-30
Related: Takes place immediately before Life in Pain
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It's late morning, and while Besa is a weird teen on many thing, he is normal with wanting to sleep in some. But now he's stepping out onto the training grounds, in a school issued sweat pants and goth tee shirt. The goth thing really doesn't match his personality, at all. He smiles, looking up at the clouds in the sky, unless there's a major shift in the weather, it looks to be a start of a nice day.

Schuyler has already eaten and worked out with some of the others on the Ares team — it's one of the reasons why his clothes didn't fit as well and he needed new ones. It's a good thing he got his school uniform only recently or he might have had to go through the bother of exchanging things and he really doesn't want to touch the stuff until he absolutely has to.

He's actually been taking a few laps around the track, but when Besa appears, he slows to give the other a wave of greeting.

He's actually wearing earphones and as he gets closer, the loud, rhytmic bass can probably be picked up fairly easily.

Tabitha will take every nice day she can get in this part of the Atlantic. Being a local to the region, she knows that once fall starts in ernest days like this will be a rare pleasure. She's already been awake for hours, as the specifics of her creation mean that sleep isn't something she gets much of. Since today is a day to instruct, she's taken a bit of care with her presentation. She's marked out a large square section of the training sands with stakes marked with strips of red cloth. The sand inside this area has been raked up so that it's not packed down but not so loose as to be difficult to move on. There's a cooler of bottled water and sports drinks over by the bleachers as well as a stack of towels.

For herself, she's dressed in a close-fitting outfit of a white and red leotard with the Athena team logo on the upper back and a pair of dark grey stretch dance pants, the kind with the ankle strap to keep them from rising up. She's barefoot, but her ankles have been bound up in athletic wrap. She decided her hair had gotten more than long enough and chopped the majority of it off last night. Now instead of being long enough to drag behind her on the ground it's barely a pixie cut. Also notable is the white lace blindfold she has wrapped around her eyes. When Besa arrives she stands up and gives him a wave, then goes to set down the rake she was using on the sand.

While Rain has athletic tendencies, she isn't a runner, so she hasn't joined her brother in laps on the track. She sits on the lowest bench of the bleachers, book open in her lap as she waits for her brother to finish his exercise. She has occasionally glanced up to watch Tabitha, but hasn't wanted to intrude on what she is doing so has stuck to her reading.

Sensing the change in her brother she mentally pokes at him and takes a moment to peek out of his eyes. Seeing what he sees she closes her book, breaking the visual connection from Sky. She will hold back a moment, so many people descending on Besa could be overwhelming.

Besa's smile brightens when he sees Sky and waves. He didn't know the teen trained, but then again Besa supposes everyone should here. Instead of calling out he just thinks a greeting to the deaf boy before turning to see what Tabitha has laid out, He steps closer, studying the ground before commenting, "Your hair is…" He doesn't know the work for the cut so instead he lifts his hands to his own head indicating where it's length is now, "It is nice." He looks down to his shoes feet, "Should I remove my shoes?" The thumping from Sky's headphones has him turning to look at the teen again and offering another smile. The vibrations much help block out other 'noises'. He attempts a ASL greeting when Sky is close enough. He's getting better at it. Not fluent yet, but better, "Hello Schulyer. Happy day?" he motions to Tab, "Helping me.." And then he's stuck and frowns softly before dropping the ALS, "I do not know the word for train…"

Schuyler glances first to Rain as he's mentally poked but then he realizes what she wanted. Going back to Besa, he grins at the signed greeting and offers back, 'Hi, Besa. It's all right…' because he can't admit anything is happy or he'll ruin his Goth reputation, right? As Tabitha is mentioned and looks at, he follows the other's gaze, an eyebrow lifting at the display she seems to have set up. «Train for what? What kind of training is that? It looks like Four-Square.» he signs and mentally speaks at the same time.

The music isn't turned off yet…maybe he really likes this beat?

Once the rake has been put away, Tabitha goes over towards the three Freshmen with a relaxed gait. The compliment about her hair gets a small smile and a flush to her neck and the visible parts of her face. "Thanks. It was getting too unwieldy, but it will grow back fast." The quick eyeroll is hidden by her blindfold but the head gesture may get the action across. "Too fast." She shrugs at the question about his shoes. "Up to you. However you feel more comfortable on the sand." Rain and Sky get pleasant smiles and a quick, "Good morning," then she follows Sky's gaze as she hears his question in her head. "Martial arts. I'm going to teach Besa how to fall properly so he won't end up with more bruises the size of Rhode Island next time he faces a robot kraken." Because this is Coral Springs, and a 'next time' is pretty much a given.

Spotting the ASL dilemma that Besa is facing with the word Rain moves up closer to the trio "This…" she shows him he sign he is looking for, train. She glances at the setup that Tabitha has done giving a chuckle at her brother's comments about it. "What style of martial arts." she both says ad signs. She really doesn't need to sign, but she does so anyway.

Besa happily responds, "To fall down." That's probably not very helpful. Sand and comfort? Besa's shoes and socks are off in an instant! Tabitha explains it better, although he's suddenly very interested in putting his shoes off to the side when the Kraken is mentioned. But then Rain is there and he grins, Signing and saying, "Hello Rain! Thank you!" he repeats the words train several times, trying to get the feel for it with his fingers. Signing is good, Besa's trying to learn!

Schuyler just arches an eyebrow and looks from Tabitha to Besa and back, «Maybe we should teach him how to dive into the water and go up to the kraken tentacle instead of jumping right on it? What's with the uniform and the blindfold? Seems elaborate for showing someone how to fall.» He doesn't seem at all impressed. He's also signing and 'speaking', as it were, since it helps Besa learn and it's still his own natural way of communicating.

"Escrima and Shorin-ryu kenpo primarily, although fall techniques are fairly universal," is Tabitha's quick answer to Rain's question on the style. She watches the trio signing and feels her hands start to twitch a bit. She folds them together in front of her to keep them from starting to form sign on autopilot as she talks. What she can't suppress is the verbal aspect of this ability, and while she is still speaking English a listener may hear them differently if their native speech is something else. Sky's remarks get an eyebrow upquirked over the blindfold. "It's just a leotard and dance pants, not a uniform. The school's actual gym uniforms are utter crap. And the blindfold is because my eyes are sometimes very sensitive. A slight fault in my design." She shrugs about the suggestion made on what she should team him instead. "Maybe in a later lesson. My tactics skills are more aimed to guerilla warfare than how to take on mythical machines."

Rain shows Besa a few more times, so he knows exactly how his fingers should go and the correct motions to make with it "great." she tells him when he gets very close to getting it right. She is very encouraging that way. "And hi Besa." she does greet him, if belatedly. Sky's surliness has her reaching over to put a hand on his arm, a calming gesture. "Wouldn't sunglasses be easier..and more stylish?" Rain is a stickler for fashion. "I've been thinking about aikido myself, my fencing instructor is starting to insist on it actually."

Besa pauses, a slight frown flickering on his face, "Time was short.." He seems to deflate a little but then smiles softly. He'll do better next time.Rain is smiled at, "Thank you." He looks down at the sweat pants as Tabitha talks about her outfit, "They are comfortable." He can find a silver lining in just about anything though. But then it clicks and his head snaps up. The teen actually looks startled and responds in a very ancient tongue that he thought no one else would know here, "How do you know Coptic?!?" Even if a person doesn't understand what he's saying the touch of surprise and excitement is there. Copic and mamool! It's like home!

Schuyler looks to Rain as she puts a hand on his arm to try and calm him down. 'What? I'm not doing anything!' he signs, not mind-speaking that one. He then looks over to Besa, «You did good. Thank you for rescuing us. I didn't know that you did what you did before,» or he would have thanked him earlier. The surprise that he gets from his friend, however, has him looking over at Tabitha, his own eyes narrowing some.

Tabitha shrugs at Rain's question as she starts to walk back towards the training area she prepared. "I have a pair of blackout glasses, but they wouldn't stay on well when tumbling and falling." She then nods at the mention of learning aikido and being a fencer. "I'm fair with a sword, but Gabrielle is amazing. Have you met her yet?" And then Besa is responding to her in Coptic and she realizes that it's happened again. Her shoulders slump and she shakes her head at him as one of her hands raises to cover her throat.

"I'm sorry, no. I don't know any language except English, but sometimes my voice changes, affects my words such that people hear me in a way that is most comfortable to their mind. Normally I try to keep it supressed here at school." Her voice is normal for most of this, although there may be a few words or phrases that come across as not English. She tries to cover how bummed she is at how excited the slip made Besa sound by walking over to the cooler and grabbing a water, putting some space between her and the others.

"You did fine Besa, not sure I would be here without you taking action.". the teen offers a smile, gratitude obvious, A glance is given to her brother, some unspoken communication going on between Rain and Sky, then she is addressing Tabitha, "They make straps for that." Rain points out, but then drops it under the questions asked of her "I haven't meet many students yet." she says, "though I would like to meet this Gabrielle is she is as good as you say."

Besa nods to the thanks from Sky and Rain, "Of course, my friends.." but his attention is clearly on the blindfolded girl. The excitement melts away into confusion. Large dark eyes blink, and he kinda looks like a kicked puppy, "Oh…I…" It was in his head? He frowns looking down at his bare feet in the sand suddenly feeling rather alone, despite being surrounded by classmates. A deep breath, "I think I need…" He's not signing, not that he wants to exclude Sky, but his head can't wrap around that currently. A sudden homesickness fills him and he quietly gives an "Excuse me…" The teen turns, walking away quickly, not even bothering to grab his shoes and socks.

Schuyler can still understand, even if things aren't signed — unless he's either choosing not to hear thoughts or he's somehow blocked from hearing them. His attention goes from Rain to Besa when his friend moves to walk away. It's then that his music is turned off, the bass no longer heard through the headphones. They're even pulled out of his ears and stuffed into a pocket of his workout clothes as he moves to follow the other boy.

The only thing that Tabitha is glad about right now is that she's looking away when Besa's world collapses a bit because of her. Not that it keeps her from seeing it happen, the downside of nondirectional awareness, but it hides how much his pain and retreat affects her from the others. She stands rock still as Besa retreats, not trusting herself to say anything less she make it worse for him. Then when those who are leaving are far enough away she starts to pace for a moment, muttering mild to moderate curses at herself before suddenly changing direction and heading deeper into the island's forest in the direction of the old ruins.

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