(2016-08-29) Twin Speak
Twin Speak
Summary: The twins discuss, well mostly the Kraken thing, but other things come up too
Date: 2016-08-29
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At one time this served as the crow's nest and lighthouse of the fort. About the size of a small land based lighthouse, the bottom floor has been converted to a modern glass structure that serves as the seating of the cafeteria of the school. There are a dozen tables, enough to seat the entire student body of the school. Each table has four or five aluminum chairs around it, each with a view out of one of the glass walls. The stairwell up to the light and crow's nest is in the main room but is marked as off limits to the student body.

It's morning and its breakfast. It's still early so very few students are up yet to fill the cafeteria with its usual cacophony of noise and chatter. It helps that not all the students are back from summer vacation yet..and that it is still vacation so getting up early is optional. Rain is waiting just inside the entrance, phone in hand as she scrolls though some social media site to see what is happening with her friends at her previous school and people she may not even know personally.

Schuyler has been getting up early in order to one, do the workout with the other Ares (and then some), and two, to avoid most of the crowd at breakfast. At least that and dinner he can try to get in before or after most of the students…for now. Lunch is going to be another story. He's still mostly eating away from the Cafeteria for that one.

Freshly showered and recently coiffed, Sky walks up to his sister and peers over her shoulder at the phone, as if he'd be interested in what she's looking at. He's still wearing his Goth clothes…he's going to milk that as long as possible.

Rain hasn't even purchased her uniforms yet. So unlike her. But she does have her books and has already started on her assignments, which is so like her. »>Morning Sky.«< she offers, her attention going from her phone to him as she turns to reach over an ruffle his hair playfully »>How's the head today?«< it seems to her he is doing fine.

Schuyler takes a step back, just enough so that Rain can't easily ruffle his hair, «I just fixed it» is offered before he answers, «It's better. Last night didn't help all that much though. That girl Kaylee is a nutcase,» and he's not sure it's in a good way. There's a hint of seriousness though as he asks, «Are you ok?» After the whole mechanical Kraken incident and all.

Rain smirks at him with a nod »>I know, why do you think I do it.«< if it wasn't just fixed it wouldn't be any fun. She nods »>She seemed…excitable.«< it's the nicest word she can come up with, and there was a litany of others she decided to use. »>Yes. I'm good. My lungs and throat no longer hurt and the doctor said there was no chance of infection.«< from inhaling sea water. »>Did you know that Besa used magic of the tentacles?«<

Schuyler lifts a hand to make sure his hair is still in place, «Excitable is too nice. She put pink light on me and tried to force me to be her friend.» He just sort of waves that away and starts to move to get a tray before too many people enter the Cafeteria. «Good. I'm glad you're ok.» He was scared. He won't admit it, but it's an undercurrent. He grabs a tray and hands it off to his sister before taking one of his own, «Did he? I know he said he was bruised up, but I didn't see what he did. What sort of magic?»

A frown comes to her face at the antics of Kaylee »>Seriously? Does she know that isn't how it works?«< Rain isn't happy about that, she even seems like the may want to go hunt the girl down and give her piece of her mind. Instead she takes the tray from her brother »>That's what the crew said. I asked Besa about it, he said it was ruin magic.«<

»>Maybe we should just avoid her as best we can.«< that should be easy right. They aren't in the same grade and the school is big for the number of students it has. Rain grabs food for herself, toast, eggs and fruit as she follows Sky in the line »>Yes. They were working on getting the lifeboat dropped when he jumped overboard.«< his question has her shrugging »>Don't ask me. I know just as much about magic as you do.«< which is only as much as their mother deigned to tell them considering neither of them were magical.

Schuyler chooses some milk and then turns to look at Rain, «I didn't know. I didn't know how he ended up in the water.» Maybe they should teach Besa how to swim? «I'll have to thank him. That thing could have taken both of us…the boat…» yeah, he'd rather not think about it too much. It was freaky.

»>He went after the tentacles.«< Rain tells him as she grabs some OJ for herself »>And fell in when whatever he did worked.«< at least that is the story she got from the crew. »>We both should." tell him thanks, she never got the chance to do so. »>I wonder who or what it was. Do you think it could have been one of the family or one of the families enemies?«< they are sure to have a few.

Schuyler glances around before choosing a table to sit at, «It looked like the tentacles were coming from some sort of submarine…» from that he recalls seeing. «It was murky, but I caught that. If it was family, wouldn't they announce themselves first?» Also, they're not supposed to do family members any harm. «Think it might be related to those men we saw on the beach? They didn't look like submarine types though.»

Rain picks up the images from her brother's brain has he talks about it »>Doesn’t look familiar.«< she follows him to the table and takes a seat opposite him »>Not family.«< she nods at that bit »>I doubt it. Could be an enemy…or we were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.«<

She nods as she pushes her food around on her plate a bit before spearing a piece of pineapple and eating it »>We have scuba gear.«< Rain tells him…or is that encourages him to perhaps take some action.

Schuyler looks up from his food at his sister when she mentions the scuba gear. He watches her for a moment before poking at some eggs with his fork, «If we found them, then what? I could blind them…maybe?» Other than that, what else could they do? Threaten to tattle?

Rain gives a sigh. Must she think of everything. »>I'm not saying we go face-to-face with them.«< she explains as she continues to poke at her breakfast. She doesn't seem all that hungry today, and she is certainly focusing on this kraken thing pretty hard »>But if we find them and get close enough you can read what they are thinking. What they are up to.«<

Schuyler picks up a piece of bacon and chews on it thoughtfully, «I thought you didn't like me reading people's minds.» She's certainly chastised him before about it. «So it's ok for me to read minds when you say it's ok?»

»>I don't. It's a horrible invasion of privacy.«< Rain assures him that is still the case »>But these people tried to kidnap me. Could have killed me…if it will prevent other people from getting snatched it is worth it. Isn't it.«< so much gray area and she is only 14.

It really doesn't take much for Sky to be convinced of this. He's actually kind of enjoying the fact that he technically -can- read people's minds, even if he chooses not to. It's a sense of power. «You don't think it's too deep in the water then?»

»>I have no idea. It might be half-way to Europe by now.«< Rain has no idea »>It doesn't hurt to look though does it?«< it totally could but she isn't thinking that at the moment.

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