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Arts and Entertainment
Summary: The second meeting of Besa and Tabitha goes much better than the first. Tabitha explains how her healing works.
Date: 2016-08-29
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As a consequence of its widely varied and diverse student body, Coral Springs was built around the idea of providing a broad array of available facilities and allowing the students to define what areas would then become more fleshed out as they came in with different personalities, outlooks, and skills. Twenty years later, one of the more chaotic but lively areas is the arts dome. Set on the same level as the gym, medbay, and other non-classroom settings, it was originally designed with a more overtly nautical layout then any other dome. In this case, there is a central lecture lounge surrounded by a series of rooms in a pattern similar to the shell chambers of a nautilus. These orbital rooms range from a few small rooms for painters and get larger around the dome's circumference until reaching the largest room which is soundproofed and wired as a miniature recording studio. In between these extremes there sits spaces for every artistic or creative skill that has been represented by the school's students or faculty.

For the last six months, one of its frequent residents has been one Tabitha Jones, musician, composer, and more recently nationally famous as the founder/frontwoman for the band Orphean Wing. Any time she's in residence at the school she spends from four to seven hours in this dome, keeping in practice and expanding her skills. Tonight she's here working the expanding part. She's been collecting more unusual instruments beyond the usual guitar/bass/drums/keyboard/violin quintet that virtually every band out there uses in one combination or another. And with the aid of some textbooks and videos has been learning how to play such things as the sitar, reed pipes, guqin, chapman stick, and others. She's set up in the central lecture lounge on a large beanbag chair designed to sit two or three normal size people. With her waifish build she almost looks like she's floating on it instead of sitting. In her lap is a trapizoidal stringed instrument that she is playing some simple scales on with a pair of striking hammers. She's got a set of headphones on, with one ear kept free so she can hear herself play while still listening to whatever's playing over them.

Besa snuck in, trying to not draw attention to himself. The teen is dressed in one of Sky's hand me down goth shirts and a determined expression. Dark eyes look over to what Tabs is doing, he recognizes the instrument, but has a different goal. Over to the kick wheel, over to the clay. He needs to return to simple, the earth. It takes the smaller teen a meoemmnt to find everything he needs. The electric wheel is skipped and eh starts stetting up at the kick one.

Tabitha is practically impossible to sneak up on, but most here don't know that as she has been conscientious about keeping her enchanced senses to herself. Especially the parts about how far they reach or that some of them aren't hindered by barriers or lack of line of sight. So as Besa enters the dome she tries to take her cues from his behavior and remains quiet until he starts to shift things around like opening the clay barrel and getting his water ready. Only then does she look up and give him a smile and small wave. "Hello, Besa. Been settling in alright?"

While she has heard the reports of the mechanical kraken in the local waters, she doesn't know that Besa has already encountered it. She's wearing much more simple clothing than the first time Besa met her, no suit or makeup, just denim shorts and a slightly too large t-shirt. The clothing is /VERY/ worn and faded but still intact and scrupulously clean. Her copper and black hair is also longer than it was just two weeks ago and would likely drag on the floor behind her as she walks if it weren't currently woven into several loose braids.

Besa's looks up, offering Tabs a smile, "Hello Tabitha. I am well. How are you?" He keeps moving things, getting ready. "I will not disturb you if I throw?" Tabs is aware enough, Besa's favoring his left side.

Tabitha's overall attitude is relaxed and easy, another change from their caffeteria meeting. She shakes her head at the question about being disturbed, "Not at all. And I'm doing better these days. My trial has finished, Rebecca is back safe, and my caretaker tells me he's contacted someone who can help unravel some of my mysteries." She gives a wry smile as she watches his preparation at the pottery wheel. "If this wasn't the last week of freedom before school, I'd be almost perfect." She catches the movement indicating injury and sits up with raised eyebrows, "Are you hurt? What happened?"

Besa smiles, "I am glad Rebecca is better." He's very glad that she let him heal her. His smile brightens, "I am happy for school to be starting." Her question that has him pause, unsure how to answer, "I am…bruised. I stopped taking the pain pills…They made me feel un-right." Dark eyes look up and he offers a smile, "I will pracice better to jump and not injure myself."

A shrug is given at the mention of being happy for school. "I don't mind school, really. Lately it just seems… scrambled to me." She gives a one-shoulder shrug and waves it off. "But that has a long, convoluted story behind it. I'll save you the boredom." She listens to him talk about his injury and nods her agreement about the pain medication. "I hate pain meds, myself. At least these days pain doesn't stay with me for very long." Something about that statement causes a brief shadow to pass through her expression, but it's gone quickly. "Yes, learning how to duck and how to fall correctly are good things in keeping yourself intact. Although…" her voice trails off a bit as she chews on her lower lip in consideration. "Bruises are in the category of 'things I'm allowed to heal without supervision'. If you're alright with me trying."

Besa does';t know what ti wold be, so he just tilts his head and studies her. "Are you in pain now?" Two healers having a stare down, it seems. Besa laughs then, it's warm and friendly, "I am okay. It is a few days old already. It would do me better to learn to fall right!" He then asks, "You have to get permission to heal?"

Tabitha shakes her head a bit at the question about pain, "No. I heal very quickly and haven't been injured in several weeks. But before my powers returned to me earlier this year, I was not so lucky. And I tended to get scraped up while playing. Or when I got into fights." Besa's laugh brings out a responding giggle from Tabitha. "Fair enough. Sometime I can perhaps teach you some techniques I was taught by my caretaker." She shrugs at the last question about her healing. "When I heal, it is… different from most. My aura makes a connection between my body and that of the injured. An exchange is made… my health and wholeness of body goes into them, and their wounds come into me. Then those wounds are repaired by my own healing. Depending on the injury I take into myself…" She shrugs one shoulder again and ducks her head a bit. "It can go badly for me."

Ah….Besa nods in understanding. "Then I am fine, thank you. It is just bruising. You should not need it." The younger teen smiles again, it's warm and friendly, "I wold like to learn. Metal and water are hard….I need to land better."

Tabitha nods her acknowledgement of Besa's declining of the healing. "Very well. Try a warm salt water compress to help lessen the pain. It's what my caretaker would use on my bruises." Then she pauses at Besa's last words. "Metal and water?" Never let it be said that Tabitha is slow when the clues are laid out before her. "You got hurt by that metal kraken the news was warning people about?" She gives him a much closer focused look with her array of senses now, checking tto see if it's /just/ bruising that he's dealing with.

Besa pauses and then lifts the hem of his shirt, showing he fading bruise. It must have been huge. "I will try that, thank you." He nods about the Kraken, "It was on the Master's boat." It was just really heavy bruising. He landed just right to not break anything. The shirt drops, "It was the strangest beats i have ever seen."

"Not something I've heard about before, either. At least, not outside of a Jules Verne novel." Then Tabitha pauses and shakes her head, "Well, not exactly. In that book, the Nautilus was mechanical but the kraken they fought was flesh." She stands, setting her instrument down, and walks over to give the bruising a closer look as Besa lifts his shirt. She reaches out a hand towards the wound curiously, but pulls it back as she's not sure how Besa is about casual touching. She glances up at him when he mentions the Masters' boat. "Are the twins alright, too?"

Besa nods, "It was alive, but not." He stills, letting her look. He's watching her, but doesn't seem upset about her closeness. "Yes. Rain was in the water, Schulyer dove in and saved her."

When no objection is raised, Tabitha reaches her hand forward again and very lightly touches around the edges of the bruising. There is a slight static tingle just before she makes contact, and her finger tips are almost hot to the touch. Her fingers don't linger, though, as she doesn't want to cause him pain. Standing back up to her full height, which is still about a foot or so down from Besa's, she nods her relief at hearing that everyone got out of it intact. "Good. They seem like a decent enough pair."

Now that she's closer to him then before, she picks up on the scent she noticed when they first met. As she's not rushing off on a trans-atlantic flight this time she takes a moment to take a deeper 'smell' with her senses and decides that it's not bad. Even pretty likable. This thought brings a blush to her face and neck and she steps back a bit, looking over at his pottery prep. "You do a lot of pottery?" Internally she's rolling her eyes at herself. Nice recovery, nimble-tongue…

That's…interesting. Besa's eyes widen slightly, and his skin goose bumps, but he doesn't pull away. "They are. They are my friends." He says that in a way that someone would who only has two friends. He ducks his head, but it's to try to keep looking at her face, "Are you well?" He noticed the sudden flush. But then he's distracted about pottery and that happy smile is back, "Yes. I did…I hope to again. It is good to create. And to be reminded of what we are." Deep!

"It's good to have friends like that." Tabitha picks up on the way Besa says that about the Masters twins. The topic takes her mind to her own best friend back home, which distracts her brain from blushes. At least until Besa looks and asks if she's alright, which causes it to return. And then he is blessedly distracted by the talk of pottery, which lets her off the hook. Her fans would likely never believe how shy she tends to be, given the lyrics she's written.

She listens to Besa talk about pottery and his joy about it resonates with her, allowing her to relax a bit further away from embarassment. "I understand what you mean. Music is how I create. It helps me…" and here she pauses as the right words take a moment to form, "It helps me resolve my memories, my older life with who I am in this one." Then she picks up on the part about how he hopes to again and takes another step backwards. "Please, don't let me keep you from getting back into it."

That seems to peak his interest, "You have lived before?" There's no judgment in his question, just honest asking. "Our past lives shape us, but it is who we are in the now that is the sum." He laughs, his hair bounces slightly with the movement, "It is a wheel, but it will not roll away!" Okay, maybe his humor is a little odd. "Have you thrown?" A hand motions to the kick wheel.

Well, that's a first. Not getting a confused reaction on this subject causes Tabitha to look up at Besa, a bit surprised. "Um… in a manner of speaking." She stands with her hands together behind her back so the fidgeting is hidden. "It's a long story, best saved for later." She gets a mildly confused look at his odd humor, but his laughter is contagious and it's impossible to stay on a downswing around that Hair. She shakes her head at the question, "No. As far as I know, I've never done any pottery myself." Then she pauses with a thoughtful look. "Although I do remember some village women in Tanzania making me a board and stones to play Bao."

Besa just nods, not pressing. She can tell the story when she wishes, if ever. He steps over to the wheel, "It is like connecting to the very earth. I can show you, if you wish?" But then he's dirsarted again! So easily! "Do you play Bao?" There's an eagerness to his voice, "Schulyer and I are planning on making a Mancala board."

Tabitha smiles at the offer, "I think that would be a fair exchange. I teach you how to protect yourself from injury, you teach me about working clay." Then there's the subject change, and so much eagerness. "Ah, I remember being taught how to play. I don't know if I was any good at it, though. I haven't tried playing this time around, yet, but I might surprise myself by being halfway decent at it."

There's more nodding and hair swaying, Besa Seems very pleased with this. "If that would not be a bother, yes. Please." He's excited enough that he bounces on his feet, "I will reteach you. It will be fun!" There's more small talk, he's a positive chatter, nothgin and to say about anyone it seems! If she wants, he's throw clay today, just to show her. he's decent at it, and there's a sentualitly to who he works the clay, a familiarity. The teen defintiyl does not mind getting dirty from it.

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