(2016-08-28) Talk of Things
Talk of Things
Summary: Besa and Rain have a chat about helping people, magic and her brother
Date: 2016.08.28
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Sunday's are meant to be lazy, right? Besa's trying, anyway this late morning. He's on the bleachers in cotton beach comber pants, no shoes and one of Sky's hand me down goth tees. The brunette is leaning back, dark eyes on the sky as he contemplates…something. As usual his happy disposition shines through any negative vibes Sky's old clothes may have. There's a head bob, like he's listening to some unheard music.

And it is to nice of a day to be cooped up school, which is what her brother is doing, probably with another of his headaches or just his usual 14 year old surliness. So that leaves Rain with some unexpected alone time. Good for catching up on reading. With beach bag hanging from her shoulder and a few books in hand, most notably text books she moves toward the bleachers on her way to the sandy beach that makes up the perimeter of this side of the island. "Oh hello Besa." she greets with pleasant surprise at finding the boy hanging out solo today.

Besa's not got a lot of people to hand with, and if Sky's in his room, who's he going to be with? Hearing his name his silent concert stops and he sit's up. The only indication of the drama on Friday is a small wince before the teen smiles, "Hello Rain!" He clumsily signs her name. He's trying, but it may take him a few more weeks to get it smooth. "How are you?"

"You are getting better." Rain smiles in response to the attempt at signing "Is Sky teaching you more sign or just greetings?" she asks curiously "I'm better. My lungs and throat don't hurt anymore." she stands there a few moments, almost awkwardly a hand gripping the straps of her bag "The crew told me what you did. Something with magic right?" her mother does magic so she has some familiarity with it, though she doesn't know is Sky told him that or not. "You okay?" maybe she noticed she pained wince.

Besa makes the sign for little, but then continues just speaking, "He signs when he talks, I am slowly learning." he doesn't want o hanging out with Sky to only be that. His smile flickers with concern, "Do you need to be healed?" The teen leans forward , closer to her. But then he's outed and his cheeks flush pink, harder to see with his complexion, but it's there. "Yes. Ruin magic." He shrugs, a movement that looks suspiciously like Sky's, "I am bruised. No bones broken."

Rain nods "He does that a lot." not with her since it isn't necessary, but with others "It's great that you are trying. Most people don't make the effort. Thanks." she is quite sincere in her statements. "I'm good." she has fading bruises here and there on her arms and legs but they look to old to be from Friday's attack. "I've heard of that one, but know little about it. My mother does magic. She made sure we had a basic understanding, but since none of us are mages, she didn't go beyond that."

Besa quirks a smile, "I did not know that about your mother." That's good, common ground. "I learned from watching the priests." It propyl didn't hurt his blood is saturated with magic too. As for Sky, "He is my friend, why would I not want to learn his language?" Her bruises are eyed, but then he nods, conceding they're healing fine, "If you are ever hurt…I can heal."

"The Power of Three runs in her family. The third daughter of every generation does magic. I am her first daughter, so no magic and I don't get the chance to learn more than she has already taught us." and Rain seems quite fine with that. The question has her shrugging "I guess most don't want to take the time to do it. I don't know. I'm just glad you are." she grins at his offer "Just don't let the medical staff know. You might find yourself on call 24/7."

Besa nods, completely understanding the power of the number 3. He chuckles, "That seems unkind. Schulyer deserves people to speak with." Besa, master of the rose tinted glasses! Maybe that's his super power! Her smile just adds fuel to his, "I would. I like to help people." He wears the color yellow with pride!

"At least in sign language." Rain tells him "Sky can speak. He just doesn't very often. He's self-conscious about it and feels more comfortable with the sign and telepathy." it's not a huge secret so she doesn't feel bad about telling Besa. As far as she knows he could have already been told. "There is a difference between helping and being taken advantage of. As long as you don't feel the second helping people is great." setting her bag down she moves to sit next to him on the bleachers, resting her books on her lap.

Besa blinks, "Oh." He didn't know that! But he nods, "I would not want him to feel uncomfortable." He chuckles , glancing up at the sky again, "I think it is a good calling." To be fair, it's the only one he's known. "Are you happy for school to start?"

"Or any more uncomfortable than he already does." Poor Sky. When it comes to her brother not much in anything gets past Rain "It is. And the world certainly needs all the help it can get." her gaze follows his upwards a moment and then looks to him when he questions her. The expression says it all. She is kind of dreading it. "Not really. I always loved school back when I was going to normal school but this.." she looks to the school "I really don't belong here."

Besa's smiles flicker again, he's not connected to Sky, but even he, someone who's pretty much unaware of anything socially anymore, can tell. "He is a good person. I hope his head does not hurt too much when lessons start." A head tilts, "How can you say that?" It's never occurred to him that she doesn't have powers. He doesn't ask about those type of things. Another small wince and he'll sit up, turning to look at her, "You are where you are. It is the way of things." There, that explains it all.

That makes her chuckle, calling her brother good. Rain doesn't think he is bad or anything, but he is a Masters. He could go either way still and she has already had to pull him back from crossing the line few times. "His shielding is still sporadic, once he gets that down it will be better." she fidgets with the cover of one of the books. "The way of things, right. Is that something like fate or destiny? Never believed in that."

Besa knows nothing about what being a Master is, beyond what's he's seen and heard from the twins. "Good. He will be happier." He thinks, anyway. The teen laughs, but there's a foreign tint of bitter briefly, "Perhaps then not for you. I will hope so." Back to looking at the pretty clouds floating by, "What learning do you like?"

"I hope so. I want him to be happy. And he has been happier lately." she isn't confused about that now that she has met Besa. Amazing what having a real friend will do. "Maybe, but just because I don't believe in it, doesn’t mean it doesn't believe in me." she believes in magic, she has to be somewhat open-minded right. "All of it. Math, science, history, languages, literature. I love it all. Deep down I'm just a big nerd." a very fashionable and socially with it nerd, but a nerd all the same. "I imagine you would really be into history."

Besa's foot starts tapping lightly, maybe picking up whatever song he was thinking about earlier. "Good." A deep breath is taken, "I like them too. We may have classes together." Most likely. his head turns, confused on why she'd day that, but he then blinks looking back to the sky. Maybe he's not been as coy (he's not) as he'd have hoped. People that are not the priests get weird when they find out. "I like reading."

"We probably will. There really isn't enough freshman where it would make sense to divide us all up." Rain explains to him "We will probably have a few classes with upper classman as well." the confusion goes over her head and she nods enthusiastically "I like reading too. I am going to get a head start on the class assignments." she taps a green painted fingernail against the top book, one is science the other history "Oh, Sky and I were going into town later for dinner and ice cream. Did you want to come with us?"

Besa looks at the book, maybe he should do that too? His bottom lip is chewed before he shakes his head, "I do not have the coin for that, but thank you." He has a feeling if he went, they would just pay, and he doesn't want them to think that's why he is there friend. "I will started reading as well." Hoemwork, that is.

She looks a bit disappointed at his polite refusal "You know that isn't a problem…" Rain doesn't push it farther than that, she doesn't quite get it, being only 14 and raised in privilege, "Maybe just for the ice cream then." okay maybe a little bit of a push, because ice cream is cheaper than dinner and certainly cheaper than both. Getting to her feet and grabbing her bag she gives him a wave and grin "If you need help with it, let me know. Later."

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