(2016-08-26) Kraken
Summary: The great escape turns into a scene from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Date: 2016-08-26
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Well getting to Boston was easy. And once in the city fun was had, places were seen, and then the trio hopped on the Masters' yacht to take a sail down the coast. The yacht is currently anchored outside of Cape Cod Bay, letting a few of the commercial cruise ships pass into the bay. On land the temperature and humidity is borderline oppressive. On the yacht in the water though, with the ocean breeze it is still hot, but not uncomfortably so. With it being near lunch time the crew is setting up the table and such on the shaded upper deck that overlooks the pool on the lower deck, so the three can dine in the shade.

The heat doesn't seem to bother Besa, he followed the twins where ever they took him, wide eyed. The teen is wearing one of Sky's hand me down shirts, some tattoo looking gothic skull print and dark jeans. It completely contrasts with the bright smile he also wears. Currently as lunch is set up he's looking out over the water, leaning on the railing. His left forearm has a bandage on it again.

It was definitely an experience for Sky, being out and about in a city with all those minds. His pills were brought along but not yet taken even though he's mostly stuck to sign while they were sightseeing. Once on the boat with less minds to worry about, he's able to relax a little more and open up his mind some even though he's still a little tentative. He's changed out of his clothes into swim trunks, which are uncharacteristically bright and cheerful in color and design, and an older t-shirt that does seem to be getting a little small on him.

A deck chair in some shade has been appropriated and he's just sort of relaxing, dark sunglasses shading his eyes from the bright day. They've been together for a bit and he needed just a moment or two of introspection.

"That peninsula over there," Rain points to the southeast as she pokes her head up from digging into a storage area near the pool, "is called Cape Cod. It is dotted with smaller towns and vacation homes." she is surrounded by an assortment of scuba gear, but she is looking for a snorkel to go with the mask she found right away. "Once the cruise ships go by we will head into the bay." she too is in a swimsuit a modest two piece with a green floral pattern to it. "Well there you are." snorkel found she holds it up triumphantly.

Besa's gaze goes to where Rain is pointing. He sways with the rocking of the boat, enjoying the movement. "It is good for swimming?" He looks back at her and nods to the snorkel. Sky is given space, Besa imagines his head must hurt.

After 14 years, Rain is used to Sky's lapses into broodiness, so when he finally speaks up and his mental voice pops into her head she looks back at him briefly and then to Besa "Yeah, you don't want to swim in it for long. At least not this far out. It's warmer near the shore." mask hanging from her wrist and snorkel in hand she climbs up and over the railing and does something she never dares to do when her parents are around, jumps overboard. She disappears under the water a moment put then pops up a few feet away "Holy…" she shallows the expletive "that's cold." she yells out for those still on the yacht.

Besa shivers at the thought, he's not going to like winter much. But the idea he could see a whale is intriguing. "A whale…" His lower lip is chewed on as he thinks about that. But then he's confused, is Rain not going out there? He gasps softly as she is suddenly diving and he leans over to look for her. Her yell gets a laugh and a slight head shake. No thank you. Cold.

Schuyler actually shivers as Rain jumps into the water, almost as if he can feel the cold water as well. Hands lift to rub the goosebumps off of his arm and he gets up out of the chair to go to the railing to look at his sister. «You're so weird.» is offered to her, but he seems a little amused. His sunglassed eyes turn to Besa, «Warmer is relative. It's still freaking cold.»

<FS3> Besa rolls Alterness: Failure.

<FS3> Schuyler rolls Alertness: Success.

"You would know!." she calls up, speaking out loud as well for Besa's benefit. "You're the expert on weirdness." Aren't sisters lovely? Rain treads water a moment then ducks under so she can use both hands to hook the mask and snorkel together then resurfaces. "It's not that bad once you get used to it."

Besa grins, being around the twin is fun. He likes their little snipes, he can tell it's with affection. "I think I will stay above then." Besides he's enjoying the wind. Dark eyes on Rain before he looks back to Sky, "Do you like to swim?"

The rolling, churning and bubbling of the water is much more noticeable now, and steadily getting closer to where the yacht is anchored. Whatever the cause it is no shark, though whatever the cause is can't be seen from their vantage.

There is a roll of eyes from Rain, of course from that distance the boys can't see it, but the movement of her head at the same time is suggestive of it. Though the switch in Sky's mental state from teasing to worry has her nodding at him then looking around catiously.

A bit to late though no sooner is warning given and answered, metallic looking tentacles shoot up from the water, slithering on the surface of the yacht's hull. There is a brief startled cry from Rain that is cut off much too soon as she is yanked under the water. Sky can feel the rush of panic that engulfs his sister's mind at being suddenly pulled under.

Besa thinks maybe they're both a little weird. But he laughs, it's nice to have someone to say those things to him. Normal. Following Sky he sits down as well, but the perks up, "Is it a whale?" Maybe Besa should have braved the water! The teen looks to try to see what Sky saw.

His head tilts and his eyes widen. It's definitely nota whale. His voice rises, "Rain…get out!" It's too late though and the rune caster scrambles to stand and digs into his pocket. "Son of a donkey!" Thin fingers try to find the right clay disk as the boat is tilted.

<FS3> Schuyler rolls Sensory Powers: Great Success.

Schuyler isn't even thinking as Sky is pulled under by metallic tentacles. Forget the sunglasses, forget the flip-flops, he's up and diving into the water right then and there. Cold? He's not noticing, nor does it cross his mind that he can't breathe under the water. His first and only thought is to rescue Rain! He even pushes to enhance his eyesight so that he can see better under the water to find her.

<FS3> Besa rolls Rune Magic: Good Success.

The churning of the water intensifies swaying the yacht back and forth on its anchors. Metal, articulated tentacles slither under the railing, flailing around knocking a few of the scuba tanks over, one rolls across the deck, splashing into the pool. They slither randomly but once they touch something that grab hold and fling it over board. Several come close to Besa's feet but haven't found them yet. It is only a matter of time though.

The churning water is not easy to swim through, the clashing currents pull Sky this way and that way and seeing through it would be impossible had he not increased his visual acuity. After a few moments of looking and swimming about he can see his sister flailing around, one of the tentacles wrapped around her as she is being dragged toward a submarine strangely shaped like the body of an octopus.

Besa scared, but it's more for the twins at this point. He's never lost friends. He's not wanting to start now. He's not nearly as graceful as Sky when he jumps, but that could also be because he's aiming to land on a tentacle, not the water. Ouch. Flesh and metal colliding usually means bruises, and he'll definitely be sporting those if he survives this. The clay disk is slapped onto the skin of the slithering thing, cracking, and Besa chants loudly in Coptic to activate the Rune. There's a pause and then it does its thing. Damage.

<FS3> Schuyler rolls Psychic: Great Success.

Are they covered for this in their Insurance? 'Attacks from Sea Monsters'? Knowing the Masters, maybe they put the clause into their policy so they're good.

As soon as Sky catches sight of his sister, he does his best to swim towards her so that he can try to pull her away. It's through sheer focus that he's not projecting the panic that he's feeling, although Rain might sense it from their own bond. He can't attack a metal thing with his head, but he's going to do the next best thing that he can…just try to reach his sister and pull!

Friction burns are never fun, but neither is having your two new friends drown. Jumping off to catch a tentacle is easy, they are thick and fully capable of supporting the weight of Besa. The disk is smacked onto it, the magic activated. That particular tentacle stiffens first as the magic courses down its length, and then its the domino effect and one after the other the tentacles are stiffening and collapsing back into the water along with Besa probably.

Sky pulls on Rain whose struggles are getting weaker as the lack of oxygen starts to effect her. Then a miracle happens, the tentacle stiffens a bit and starts to uncoil freeing the girl allowing her brother to free her and get her to the surface.

<FS3> Besa rolls Reaction: Failure.

Besa didn't think this through all the way. He has nowhere to go but down, so he does, quickly. The brunette tries to twist as the water nears, but the surface of the tentacle is smooth and he loses his grip. That places the poor teen between the very large inactive arm and the almost as hard water when he hits. He's no stranger to pain, but it never makes it easy or welcome. It's almost let he and the twins trade places, he goes under as Sky brings Rain up.

<FS3> Schuyler rolls Observation: Great Success.

Schuyler tries to pull Rain to the surface and as close to the boat's ladder…or any boat's ladder as possible. He also takes a much needed breath and quickly looks to see if his sister is all right and breathing on her own. That's first and foremost. Once that is taken care of, he looks around for Besa, his still-enhanced eyes going to the yacht first before looking around. He has no idea why the tentacles let go or Besa's involvement so he doesn't even know that the other entered the water until he sees him just under the surface. Catching his breath for just another second, he then takes in a large one to dive back down.

He has no idea if mummies can swim!

With all the tentacles out of commission the submarine, retreats, rapidly descending out of sight, of both normal and enhanced vision. Everything is calm on the water once more.

As Rain breaches the surface there is a few seconds before she is coughing hard and trying to grasp for breath at the same time. She clings tightly to her brother until she is pushed toward the ladder so Sky can go get Besa. She is totally confused by what has happened, and is still happening, but it only takes a few moments to figure it out from the thoughts that rocket through her twin's mind.

Besa's not pinned, but he is slightly dazed and has had the air knocked out of his lungs. Never good when slammed into freezing water. As he struggle, he thinks that Sky was right. it's too cold to go swimming. His arms flail about, trying to get turned right side up so he can get to the surface. Something snakes around his wrist and he struggles briefly, thinking it's another tentacle, but he quickly realizes it's a hand. Hoepfully of someone he knows. Up towards where ever he's dragged, Besa helps as much as he can. He need air!

At least the water helps, otherwise Sky might not be able to swim two people up to the surface! He also takes a breath once they break the surface and looks to Besa to see if he's breathing. The other gets pushed towards the ladder as well as he takes a quick dive, while his vision is still strong, to see if he can get any clues on the submarine to take back. But as adrenaline wears off, he surfaces and swims to hold onto the boat as well, trying to catch his breath. He's not speaking, he's not signing. He just needs a moment.

The worry for the pair that Rain is feeling is strong enough that probably even Besa can sense it. One arm and leg hooked onto the ladder she still is coughing a bit and breathing heavily as she scans the water’s surface for the two. As they break the surface she is helping one than the other to the ladder "Oh my god." she breathes out as an arm goes around boy and she is pulling them close for a hug, keeping herself anchored to the ladder with a leg.

Besa's coughing up water, wincing as he does. But he is able to latch a hand onto the ladder as he tries to catch his breath. A brief , confused flash, but the Rain is grabbing him into a hug. A trembling arm rises to pat her on the back. Fear, dissipating adrenaline, pain and cold all combine for very shaky Besa.

Schuyler is also breathing heavily and sputtering up some water, and he does let Rain help pull him also to the ladder and then into the hug. He doesn't hug back though, and as soon as he can, he squirms free and goes to climb up the ladder back to the deck. He'll take a moment there to see if anyone was hurt or if anything was greatly damaged before he turns back to the others and signs, 'Don't you EVER do that again!'.

It probably doesn't take a twin bond to tell that he's upset. That could have been so disastrous!

A couple of the crew are ready and waiting with towels and an extensive first aid kit should it be necessary. But when the Masters boy turns on his sister they all step back, though make sure that Besa gets a towel and any medical attention he needs.

Rain is unhurt physically, she may not want to swim the the ocean for awhile though after that. Already shaken from what happened she is taken aback when she climbs onto the deck and is yelling at her with his hands. 'Don't do what again?!' she signs back, confused, his thoughts are a jumble so she isn't sure if he means jump off the boat or get pulled under by a mechanical monster…because that last one she has no control over. "And don't yell at me." she adds the verbal to the second bit of signing. Besa now gets to see the other side of being siblings.

Once Besa's up, he finds a wall to lean against. He sees the hand signs, but doesn't know what they mean besides Sky and Rain /looks// upset. His own hand sneaks around to rub his left side, he's gonna have a decent sized bruise in a few hours. The once warm wind seems colder now as it brushes against the wet tee and jeans. The towel is accepted with a soft "Thank you," but he shakes his head, it's just bruising, no need for first aid. He knows a broken bone. Yes, yelling. He's okay with not getting yelled at and he wraps the towel around him slowly.

Schuyler takes one of the towels and wraps himself up in it. There is a curt 'thank you' signed to one of the crew before he moves over to the bags that they brought and rifles around, presumably for his pills. Maybe his head doesn't hurt yet, maybe it won't, but he seems to think he needs to take one to calm down.

Rain doesn't get an answer in sign or in intentional mental thoughts, but he was scared. He didn't like being scared. It could be considered payback for what Rain had to go through when he was hit by lightning, but he's certainly not thinking of it the same way. The very idea of losing his sister and a friend has all but taken over his thoughts.

No answer. That's a win in Rain's book and she watches her brother get his medicine briefly. It's not her fault. Does he really think she would have jumped in if she was aware of the danger? A sigh is let out and she lets Sky stew for a bit. She knows in a couple hours they will smooth things over and be fine. For now though she moves to Besa, holding the towel around her shoulders with a towel, her blonde hair still dripping water though. "Are you okay? Did you get pulled in too?" she knows how her brother entered the water, but not the other boy.

Worry seems to be replacing some of Besa's fear as he watches Sky find a pill, Rain is glanced to but Besa stays quiet. She will be better able to calm him, surly. He hesitates, but then nods. He's not really bragger type, just glad it's down and over. "I think…maybe we should return home in case it awakens?" He didn't see the sub.

Schuyler finds his pills after a drippy search and pops one into his mouth, taking it without water. It will take a little to have some effect, but he's not going to wait until then. He practically stomps back over to the two, reaches to pull them into a quick but strong hug, and then pushes both away as he goes back to his deck chair. Before he sits, he signs to Rain and manages to mind-say, «You owe me a pair of sunglasses.» He doesn't mean to be unfriendly, but this is Sky…about as prickly a fourteen year old as it gets.

Rain hugs her slightly older brother back "Like you don't have five more pair at home just like them." but she will probably pick up a pair for him anyway. The captain than comes up to the pair "I've put in a call to the Coast Guard and we will be docking in Provincetown shortly. There will be a helicopter waiting to take you three back to school." is message given the first part probably from the Coast Guard, the second part probably from their parents, the captain returns to the control room to get under way.

Rain nods at him, they are sure to hear more from thier parents later. Until then though there is lunch to eat, for those that are hungry and they can still hang out for a bit.

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