(2016-08-25) You're Excused
You're Excused
Summary: Dax comes to Felicia to apologize for going on a rescue mission without her
Date: 2016-08-25
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There's a knock on the girls' door this morning. It's past the time he hopes Fel will be up, but hasn't seen her around yet. The speedster is standing there , still in his Unit 23 uniform, which isn't so much a Unit 23 uniform as it is just military with a Unit 23 patch. He slept some , having crashed in Becca's room, but he figured there would be a pissed off titan he needed to deal with, so the sooner the better.

A muffled "Hold on." is heard and after a few moments the door swings open to display Felicia adjusting the collar on her work polo shirt. The titan is indeed up and getting ready for work apparently. Seeing her errant team mate on the other side of the door she gets one of those looks at girl's are famous for. The 'you better have a damn good excuse' kind of look. "You live." she says dryly, though it lacks the ironic humour associated with the adjective. Stepping aside she motions inviting him in "Did you at least get her back." the important things first "She alright?"

Daxton nods, although there's a hesitance to it, "She back. Beat up but she'll recover." A deep breath is taken, like he's steeling himself to get yelled at, "Sorry…I wasn't thinking straight." He's not making eye contact, although that could be because of the yelling he thinks he's gonna get.

Felicia stares at him intensely. Imagine how much more intense it would be if the other eye wasn't covered and it was staring at him too! "Or at all…" he clearly wasn't going off to rescue his GF without any backup, that she is aware of. "Well at least you are both back and safe." credit where its due. "I don't know if I should punch you for going without us," yes us, this isn't all about her, though who us is left up in the air "Or hug you for getting back in one piece." she does sound upset, but probably not as upset as he thought she would be. Blame Anna for that one.

Daxton's eyebrows furrow, but he still doesn't raise his gaze, "I'd prefer the hug?" He sounds tired and strangely young. He's assuming the us is her and Oli, he has no idea that anyone else from Ares is even back yet. But he nods, getting her anger, "Okay.." A small step back so he's not in her way. "I'm gonna go..shower." or hide in his room. Maybe both.

Well who wouldn't. Felicia can punch hard. "Dude wait." while she doesn't hug him persay, she's touchy feely and has no concept of personal space, but really isn't much of a hugger, she does go to put an arm around his shoulders in an attempt to steer him over one of the two chairs in the room. "Yeah you probably do, but first you gotta talk."

There's something familiar about his stance, slouched, no eye contact. It's much closer to what he was when they found him in that facility than how he was in space. Daxton is steered. He can guess what she wants to hear, "She was in China, we hit a few labs before finding her. They took…samples. I think maybe her mom let them experiment on Becca when she was in the womb." it makes his stomach hurt, and all the feelings he tries to shove down about his own father push forward. Stupid parents. He sighs, running a hand through his hair. "Pulse blew up the lab…so hopefully none of her samples made it out of there."

Felicia huhs at the news about Becca's mom and what it is suspected she was up to "Seriously? People should really have to pass some kind of psyche test and written exam before they are allowed to have kids." she doesn't mention that, that is probably the reason the girl has powers, that's a gimme. She glances down at his uniform, focusing on the patch "So you didn't go alone. At least you aren't totally stupid." while she is glad he took backup, it doesn't help her hurt feelings that they got an invite and she didn't. "Is that how you got there? U-23?" she doubts he ran that far.

Daxton can't disagree. Parents are the worst. Blue eyes travel to the patch as she talks. "No…not totally." He nods, "Jetted there." He'll just not mention how they got the jet.

"Agreeing…smart." she moves over to her dresser, where she opens the drawer and pulls out two energy drinks. "You look like you need this." Felicia tosses one over to him than opens the other "Did you find out why they took her? More experimentation?"

Good thing he hears the drawer and looks up to catch the drink, or he'd have a stupid looking bruise on his face onto of everything else. "Thanks….To recreate her. Something about other phasers haven't turned out so well." Cause that's terrifying. "WE got there before they tried to take brain matter…" With that he cracks open his drink and guzzles it.

"Rebecca clones?" she questions, the tone is along the line of her huh responses. Her brain turns as she thinks about the good and bad of that. All bad if brain samples resulting in the demise of Rebecca were required. "Good thing you didn't wait around then." she sips her own drink as she leans back against the dresser "Anna and Derek are back. Anna is the reason there isn't a Dax shaped whole in the wall actually." go figure!

Daxton shrugs, "I guess." He nods, finishing off the drink. His own brain isn't completely healed yet from space travel. He frowns slightly, head tilts as he start to finger the top of the can, "Oh?"

"Yeah!" it's one of those believe it or not kinda tones "She pointed out that if it was Derek that was abducted she wouldn't stop to gather a team. She would just go." Felicia is sure it would be after Anna freaked out about if for a bit, but she isn't going to bash Anna about it. "If she gets it… I should be able to right?" she cares for her friends just as much as Dax and Anna cares for the people they are in 'ships with.

Daxton nods slowly, his gaze on her shoulder, "Yeah. Thanks for understanding. I'll have to tell Anna thanks too." Dax shaped holes are not his favorite. The speedster rubs his eyes as he asks, "Her and Derek still together?" Better to know going in if anything changed.

She isn't sure she would go that far with it, but she isn't going to correct him if it helps his state of mind "Just don't make it a habit." Felicia points a finger at him as she says it "If it happens again I am punching you." sounds like a promise, though she probably wouldn't punch him to hard. "Ugh." that's answer enough right there "Yes. Totally gross." she doesn't find Dax and Becca's relationship gross though.

"Talk to Becca on that." Dax will gladly heel the blame on her for it. He nods, figuring that's the case, "Okay. Good to know." He agrees gross, but doesn't say it. Instead he stands up, "We good?"

"Maybe I will." Felicia rocks back and forth on her heels a few times "In a few days we…as much of the team as we can get together, are going out for burgers..or something. Catch up and stuff." she holds a fist out, for a fist bump kinda thing, "Well I'm good, the jury is still out on you." if she is making jokes like that and giving him an energy drink they are good. "Go shower." she wrinkles her nose at him "Chill out today, lay low. I'll take the ferry into work."

Daxton's annoyed enough at his girlfriend he's okay with Fel going and yelling at her. Maybe She can get through to her. "Sure…burgers sound good. I'm in if I'm not working…if I even still have a job." He'll find out today! Her fist is appropriately bumped and he nods, "Yeah. Thanks. I'll run you on the weekends, promise." Even if he doesn't have a job.

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