(2016-08-24) It's Raining Drama
It's Raining Drama
Summary: The Ares team is back, which means drama will now commence!
Date: 2016.08.24
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Ares Dorm Hub
Lower than the rest of the ocean floor, the hub of Ares is sunken into the ground itself here. Windows overhead reveal the ocean remains up there, but windows on the side show the natural rock of the ocean floor as well. The room curves, with circular cushioned couches offering views of the windows or the central HDTV at the center of the half-circle room. Along the longer outer wall, there are sporadic gas fires burning, providing the ideal of warmth to the room.

Derek was still a little frazzled from the other day at the beach. Odina was doing good, nothing new to report. It was coming to asking friends for help, maybe something Derek wasn't always good with. Still, it was that day. Whether he was all unpacked, never truly moved out, it doesn't matter. HIs order of business with pants, shirt, commons room. That and the remote. Something to think about other than thinking about what was on his mind. He's sitting out there, hands on knees, looking at the screen and flipping aimlessly through whatever channels or services they get here at Coral Springs. Somewhere near golf or some other less exciting sport, he just puts it down and looks up at the window showing the ocean itself. Something to focus on for now at least.

Annaliesa comes in not from the dorm room but from the areas outside the Ares hub. In her hands she has a bag from the commissary and another bag, like a backpack, over her shoulder. When she notices Derek with the television on and looking up at the ocean, her smile makes an appearance. "Derek," there's a wealth of relief in her voice as she says his name. "I'm so glad to see you're doing good." Visually at least. "You are doing good, aren't you?" With concern, she walks over and drops beside him on the couch, shifting the backpack to the floor beside her and the commissary bag she leaves on has lap. "I brought snacks. Candy bars, drinks, chips, you name it."

Drama! There has been way to much of that going around lately. Dax's things. Oliver's thing. And now Becca's thing which Dax ran off without her to deal with. it's all left the usually cheerful Felicia, Grumpy McGrumpypants. Not that anyone is really around to notice or care. Though that last bit maybe is speaking to soon since as she comes out of her dorm room there is Anna…and Derek, chumming it up on the sofa. "oh nice of you two to /finally/ make an appearance.". there is a bit of sarcastic bite to her words. it was state above she is grumpy.

"Oh yeah," he grins and looks up first to Annaliesa, "Better than yesterday, all is good." Or more normal at least for him. A nod to reasure even. He looks away from window, over to her than to the remote. Giving that a thought, maybe another turn through all that was offered down here in the dorm, maybe something could be found. Ah, but then there is another. Two distractions to focus on. All is well. WIth some bite of sarcasm of course. "I know, right," he agrees with them making an appearance, "Apparently if we want to graduate, our attendance is required. The race is on though, I scored a detention on the first day of school." He puts that out there, help or hinder the grumpiness over there. Then a look at Liesa's bags, "You're all ready, I think I'll try to finish up today." School prep that is.

Annaliesa's complexion speaks of a summer spent in the sunshine and warmth. Tanned, toned, glowing with health and vitality and happiness. Well, mostly, on the happiness part. Concern has tinted it a little, edging into a frown at her brow. The reassurances from him serve to lessen it some, but there's a hint of it there. Hearing Felicia before seeing her, Anna grins despite the sarcasm or grumpiness. "I missed you!" She reaches into the bag for an energy drink. "A peace offering?" A playful smile as she holds it out for Felicia. "Derek did already get an attention and I'm debating what I can do to get in there with him too. I don't want him alone with the Goon." She looks at Derek almost blankly. "Oh, I'm not moved in yet. The backpack are the things we bought in Costa Rica, this bag is from the commissary. Food. Sustenance. Plotting energy. You know." She looks back to Felicia. "How was your summer?"

The best Derek gets is a "huh" from Felicia. She is unimpressed with his detention earning skills. Is an energy drink supposed to mollify her? Felicia eyes the drink and the girl offering it "Fine, but I have you know you missed the greatest adventure ever." /ever/! Popping open the drink she takes a long sip "Ya know go to work, catch Pokemon, go to space, don't catch Pokemon…"

Sitting up a little and watching the piece offering of an energy pass to Felicia, Derek feigns a longing look like he could use a peace offering too. "Yeah, I had some adventure too, it ended up sucking, royally." He comments in response to Felicia, grinning at the other bag of food and sustennce, "Yes, plotting energy, I am in favor of this." He pokes his nose, or hands, into that bag to look. Then he hears about space, "Awww." Disappointment, "Seriously, space? Not just screwing with us are you?" Disappointment, but a pause, "Though Volcano was pretty cool. Nothing dangerous or adventurous so much, but cool. Where there space Volcanoes?"

"Missed a great adventure? More than visiting a volcano and looking down into the crater?" Then Annaliesa realizes she mentions going to space and she squeaks. "You go to go to space?" All of her own issues currently forgotten, she grins, "Tell me all about it." Energy drink handed over, she scoots nearer Derek so Felicia can have a seat and dumps the entire bag of snacks, candy, crackers and peanut butter, chips, all the good stuff, on the coffee table in front of them before plucking up a Heath bar for herself and making it easier for Derek to poke through. "What happened that you got to go to space? Man! I bet that was awesome."

"Yeah, space for serious." Felicia goes ahead and takes a seat beside Anna as she fishes her cell phone from her pocket. "It. was. awesome!" she tells them both, a bit of her usual cheerfulness coming back. Unlocking the phone she goes to the gallery and hands the phone over "I got pictures." cause the whole no pics or it didn't happen. There are a bunch of pics of Dax, Oliver and her with various alien landscapes in the BG…and aliens too. Some are selfies, some aren't. "Oliver is an alien ya know, he had some family drama Dax and I helped him with."

Looking over, probably with Liesa, Derek looks at the images, more so the aliens that show up from time to time. Cause, weird. "Well, that's all photoshopped," said with no muster at all, after a few pictures, there is a grin. "Whoo, look at this one, what … family?" More interest, more curiousity over words. "So Oliver is an alien, which one is he, like the fish-head kind or, they genetically modified him to look human and stuff?" Yeah, Derek probably isn't payig enough attention to know about shapeshifting at all, or know enough about shapeshifting in general. "I did see weird squid face guys, it was crazy. But then, he came here and is faculty now, so no biggie anymore." He's New York, once everyone's seen it, its old news.

"Ohmygosh." Annaliesa reaches for the phone and starts scrolling through it, albeit slowly, riveted to the pictures there, allowing Derek to look at them with her. "Aliens," she breathes, realizing that they looked somewhat like she imagined. "I guessed he was an alien. He sort of told me before, but wow. This is like the coolest thing." Then she looks askance at Derek as if just realizing what he had said. "Nothing adventurous about the volcano?" Huffing out a breath, she shakes her head. "Then I'll remember not to take you back there." Perhaps the mention of the new faculty member has grumpified Anna in return. "These are awesome, Felicia, it sounds like you had so much fun."

"None of those Derek. He looks how he looks." weird squid face grabs her attention "like a Cthulhu looking dude? And he is teaching here?" she hasn't been paying much attention. Too much drama going around. "Huh." she isn't surprised. "It was awesome. Dax and I flew spaceships and got into a space battle. Dax's powers and the folding time way of travel we used didn't agree. He had a hel of a time on the way back..bleeding out all his head holes ad he passed out. Came back to find his girlfriend kidnapped, " yes he has a girlfriend now, go figure, " and went to China to go rescue her as soon as he could walk.”

A pause and grin to Annaliesa, the boy returns, "Okay, Volcano was pretty awesome and adventurous." A nod even of affirmation on that one, so he can go back, the smile grows with recollection. "Yeah, maybe he knows that fish-face guy," Derek offers, affirming the squid-headed faculty and offering a connection to space. "Totally teaching something, lesson one, don't send your spirit friends into my office, or detention." Like having spirit friends spy a little should be allowable in school and all. "What, Dax is hurt, again? He's like a bandaid, he could be school medical assistant just for how much time he's spent in there. I would ask if she's keeping him out of trouble, but," sounds like she's keeping him busy, and in the med bay.

Listening to all the events of the summer, Annaliesa furrows a brow. "Yeah. Too much drama. My life used to be normal." Well normal as being a mermaid could be. "I can't believe you flew space ships and got into space." She smirks. "I'm not surprised Daxton was hurt. Daxton is always hurt. He needs a permanent bed in the infirmary. Maybe his dorm room there. Team Med Alert." The mention of his girlfriend has her brows lift. "Who is he dating?" She shakes her head, "China. Alone. Yeah, that's Daxton alright. Include him with any help you need, but when he needs it, he goes off on his own. As always." As for Derek backtracking, she shrugs, "To me it was." He had already said it wasn't, she's not accepting the change of heart now.

She wa doing pretty good in the grump department until the Dax bashing started, abut now she is frowning at the two "Seriously?" Felicia snatches her phone back from whoever is holding it "Dax is your friend and teammate, that's not how friends treat each other." she is kinda glarey at the pair "Is this how you talk about me? Oh look at Felicia, she got all stuck pixie siza, hahaha." she gets to her feet and begins to head out, not willing to listen to the bash Dax party.

"Why would I say anything about you, if I make a joke you don't like, you ignore the comment or return fire with something, not blow up on me like I'm insensitive," returns Derek, "I'll help Dax anytime he needs it, he just thinks I'm trying to be mean to him. I told the guy sorry, a few times, he got mad at me again for who knows what again." A pause, "If I really wanted to be a dick," he pauses then shakes his head. "They guy has a troubled past, real things, real sensitive areas. I have my limits is all I'm saying, I'll talk with him if he wants, but he closes up or looks like he wants to start a fight. I'm just brash." He admits that at least.

Annaliesa gives up the phone as it's snatched back and offers a shrug. "I don't say anything bad about you at all Felicia." Not really knowing if she would be believed or not. She doesn't say anything more about Daxton though, not backpeddling about anything she had said either. Until she realizes Felicia is leaving. "Teammate? He doesn't need me, he never asks me for help for anything. Not even last year when he snuck off on his own to do things. I'd help him, but he doesn't ask. In fact, when he sees any of us even in here having movie night, he doesn't even stay no matter how much we try and coax. So, friend is a little strong of a word. So is teammate." Her take on it at least, simply her opinion. "Do you think differently?"

"Sorry? if you were really sorry you would stop doing the stupid stuff that requires an apology. Sorry doesn't mean jack shit if you just keep acting like an ass. She looks at Anna "I know differently. Who do you think I have hung out with all freaking summer long. Once you actually give a person a chance and get past the walls….make an effort, geez."

"You're putting it all on us to get past his walls, he needs to put in some effort too." Offers Derek, "And stupid stuff, where I come from, it’s how I get along with my friends. I know who I can trust by who teases me the most, without going for, you now, direct insult to try and hurt." A shrug, a shake of his shoulders, "I'm trying to have fun here. I'm good being the stupid though." Maybe stupid hit home, school is not his forte.

"Make an effort? What do you call me trying to go tux shopping with him. He was angry at Derek and blew up at me for no reason, then stormed off on his own. Again. I've made plenty of effort. I'm tired of making an effort. You hung out with him all summer while I avoided him. That's the connection. I went away on purpose. Stayed at my house, traveled with my family, did all those things. Now I have to come back here and only to find the enemy of my family here as a teacher and my best friend has a new best friend." Looking at Derek, she shakes her head, "You're not stupid, Derek."

She just rolls her eyes at Derek, the guy is a lost cause, but she had hoped Anna had gotten over Dax's rocky introduction to the team "No reason? I was there Anna, he had good reason, but he isn't holding a grudge and thought you two were okay now. I guess he was wrong. he even has something going that he was wanting /all/ of us to help him with, but I guess it's just going to be him, me and Unit 23 doing the job." has she gotten friendly with his old unit too? "Well at least he doesn't ignore me in favor of his girlfriend." and there it is, she feels abandoned by Anna, her supposed bestie who was tossed her over for Derek. She then blinks in surprise as something said sinks in "Family enemy? What the what?" now she is confused.

Derek doesn't mind sitting in silence for the moment, though he looks up thankful to Annaliesa. If not for the whole thing about besties and droping someone for SOs and such, he would verbally thank her for the comment do him. Desite the stupid things he says, he does know when to stop too and this is such a moment. Whatever is between them, he will stay out of, while sitting next to Liesa. As for the other part, old squid face, he agrees. "He's an asshat, like a squid shaped asshat." His two cents on Krutchan for the moment. And his lead back into the conversation at least.

"Are we okay?" Annaliesa looks doubtful. "I don't know. Maybe, I've not talked to him since he started letting people in. That's a new thing for me, I guess last I heard we were tentatively okay. Now you're telling me he's off to China on his own again. Why doesn't he ever include his team in anything?" She huffs out another breath. "Besides, he does get hurt a lot. You and me both have seen it. It's cause he doesn't let anyone help him." The mention of something to do, to help, she still looks uncertain. "Just doesn't feel like we're a team anymore, any of us. We're all on the wrong page." At the confession, she nods, realizing how it must look and feel to Felicia. "I didn't mean to ignore you, Felicia. I'm really sorry about that. I.. just wanted away from the school. I wanted to go back home for awhile. Then when we were in Costa Rica, we ran into the Goon. He's an asshole. Derek's got detention with him because he sent Odina in his office to check out a file he has of my whole family. It was protected by a spell. I want to know why he came to the school. I'm not conceited enough to think it was all because of me, but he's not a good man, Felicia. A school full of supers at his command? I don't trust him and I don't think anyone else should either."

Doesn't point out that not talking to him is hardly an effort "hard to include you when you aren't here. " that she does point out "I've meet most of his old team. They aren't that bad." she thinks they are friendly even, but doesn't say it outright "I'm sure he has a reason he didn't take anyone. Maybe even a good one. I trust him enough to reserve judgment until I hear it." "It started well before summer vacation, and you know that." but she does nod at the apology. She looks over at Derek at the reason for the detention "That doesn't count." not in her book at least. "Well if something needs to be done about him you got me." despite feelings she always has her teammates backs.

Derek says, "I'm sure he has his reasons. I'll make a better effort this year." Says the boy, taking a turn at grumpy, "But only for you." Felicia, he's looking at you. Then nod of agreements with Liesa, bad guy, and he doesn't even know the teacher. "It counts, for Odina," his spirit guide who went into restricted areas. "We're a team like that." Since they're on the subject of teams and all. He does smile when she says count her in, about needing things done, but Derek keeps to his place, picking up that remote again, as if to change channels. He doesn't, he's listening in

"Yeah that's true. I just.. I didn't want to be here this summer, not at all. Now I'm here again and already the weather is getting colder and I feel like an icicle even om sixty degree weather. Cold is so bad for me." Annaliesa gives a wry smile, though she nods in response to Daxton leaving. "Well I can understand though. If someone took Derek or you, I'd just go and try to help as soon as possible. So I get it." There's a sigh, an exhale of her breath. "I owe Daxton an apology. For the things I said about him and for avoiding him simply cause it was just easier to avoid him than try and get close to him and get rebuffed again." The mention of helping her with her own issue brings an almost teary smile. "Thank you, Felicia. I really did miss you."

"Odina isn't a student here, just his host is…so it doesn't count." Felicia will stick to that. At the admission from Anna about Dax she bounces back over to Anna and throws her arms around the girl "Thanks." it is a sincere thanks too. "When he gets back we can all go out for burgers and iron this all out. we will be a team. now though I gotta get to work. Later." she then bounds out of the dorm.

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