(2016-08-24) Escape Plans
Escape Plans
Summary: Besa tries new foods and the Twins make plans to drag him off for a great escape!
Date: 2016.08.24
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In the center of the island, a large open area, roughly 100 meters round, stands as training grounds for the students of Coral Springs High. Bleachers on one side to sit have been erected by the faculty. A few pillars to mark each school can hold a flame atop it should it be needed at night. A mix of dirt and sand, any number of activities take place here. A few trails meander off from the training grounds and go around the island itself.

It's taken some daring, but the range of food Besa's eating is slowly increasing. Today he's trying a burger from the cafeteria. Lettuce and tomatoes, but not ketchup. After some debar he did grab a package of mustard, but he's not actually put it on the burger. With all the students returning, the school is starting to fill up. So today's lunch is outside, with less people and more sky (Sky) space. He leads Sky towards the bleachers, carrying his food and water bottle. "My roommate is not in yet, but he is nice." Or so he's heard. "My room is large. I have a closet for the t-shirt you bought me."

Being outside does help the residual 'noise' as Sky continues to try and deal with it, knowing it'll be just as bad or worse once school starts. He's piled his own tray with food and a couple of things to drink as he follows the other outside, «You just have your shirt in your closet? Usually those go in drawers, but whatever floats your boat.» He's wearing one of his own new t-shirts and black cargo shorts…the shirts that he has deemed 'too small' are in a bag in his room waiting to see if his sister wants any. He doubts it, but he figured he'd check before sending them back home for the younger ones. Maybe one of the younger kids will take up his Goth style!

You paged Schuyler with '»>Where are you Sky?«< Rain asks into her brother's mind, right before she hi-jacks his sight for a moment to figure it out herself. Aren't sisters great! »>Oh there. And Besa too. Be right there.«<'

You sense: Schuyler gives a little start when his sight is hijacked, but it's not the first or the last time «Give me a chance to answer, huh?» is offered before he then adds, «I decided he's not a vampire. Might be a mummy though.»

Besa's head tilts as he takes a seat on the bleachers, "Oh….okay. I can move it." He tends to be agreeable to most things, it seems. The burgher is unwrapped and stared at briefly. New things, Besa can do this! The teen is in his plain white button up cotton shirt. He might be the only person who's wardrobe gets better with the start of school.

Schuyler shrugs and also moves to the bleachers, «You can do what you want with it. My sister hangs her t-shirts too.» He seems to find it weird, but then again, they're siblings. They're allowed to think such things about each other. As Besa opens the burger and looks at it, Sky watches. «It's cow. Do you eat cow?» He knows nothing about Egyptian dietary rules. He then unwraps his own burger, puts both ketchup and mustard on it, and eats it, as if showing the other how it's done.

You paged Schuyler with '»>Where is the fun in that?«<'

Besa frowns, looking down at the burger, "Yes. Not often, but for celebrations." Dark eyes flicker over to watch the ketchup and mustard going on the burger and he holds his breath, consider. To condiment or not. It's a big choice! He wants to like modern food! Besa finally opens up the package and puts about half the mustard on. Enough to taste, but hopefully not enough to overwhelm his tongue. "I have been given an allowance to spend in the school store for uniforms. I need to do that soon." Before they're overwhelmed with students.

Her own tray in hand Rain leaves the tunnel and heads unerringly over to the bleachers where her brother and Besa sit. The girl doesn't have to look around or anything, she knows he is there and who he is with too apparently as there is no surprise when she sees the pair together "Hello." she greets them both, stepping up to the bleacher above them and having a seat. Setting her tray down on her knees, she glances at their own "Twinkies today?" no burger for her. she has the Chinese looking dish they were serving for lunch.

« People eat it a lot here. Cow and chicken. Sometimes fish. Sometimes pork. Uhm. Pig.» In case he didn't know. Sky takes another bite of his burger and tilts his head at Besa, «Yeah, you should. Get the stuff you need for Winter too if they have it so they're not sold out when it starts getting cold.»

As Rain shows up, he seems completely unsurprised, as if he already knew she'd be joining them. There's a glance at her tray before he takes a fork and goes to get a bite of her chinese-style dish, «I didn't see that there!». He does stick his tongue out at her when she mentions the Twinkies…he's hungry! «I have some t-shirts for you if you want them,» is offered 'aloud' to both Besa and his sister, even though it's mostly addressed to Rain.

Besa's eyes brighten when he sees Rain and he sets his burger down. Very carefully, and not completely correct signs out, 'Hi Rain.' It's a close attempt though. He's been practicing! But then she mentions twinkles, "What are Twinksies?" His nose wrinkles at the mention of pork, "No…no pig." His burger is picked up, cold weather will be different for him. It gets cold in Egypt, but not snow cold. Besa's not sure who the t-shirts are for so he stays quiet, looking between the twins.

You paged Schuyler with '»>Hand me downs? Really? uh, no, give them to the homeless shelter.«< they are wealthy why would she want his old t-shirts.'

You sense: Schuyler gives a mental chuckle, «Fine, fine. Do they have one here?»

« I can barely think when I'm in there, you know that,» Sky shoots right back to his sister, not minding that she's stealing fries. He then smirks as Rain is greeted with sign. His burger is put down and he signs as well as mind-speaks, «This is Rain's name in sign,» and he'll demonstrate. Also, for Rain's benefit, «This is Besa's name,» since they're all individual and it's better than having to finger-spell all the time. «Maybe they don't have twinkies in Egypt? And really, like you're one to talk?» considering the twins have been nigh inseparable for most of their fourteen years. (repose)

Besa seems happy with the praise, taking a bit of his burger. He then make sa face, more surprised than anything. The burger isn't what he expected, but it's not bad. It helps that the mustard isn't sweet. After she explains twinkles, "Should I have gotten something else?" Is that a culture mistake to get the same food? Sky's hands are studied, he's trying to learn! Rain's food is glanced at again, how is she being a twinkie?

"You'll get there Sky." Rain says in both modes sounding like the supportive sister "Maybe even before graduation." and then the annoying sister. She can be both…it's her familial duty! She mimics the sign for Besa's name to make memorizing it easier. "I am one to talk..being the resident expert an all." The concern from Besa is given a head shake "No, you're good. I was just teasing. As for why she is a Twinkie, she can't read minds so can't answer the question. That's Sky's department.

« You can get whatever you want to eat. It's a free country,» Sky points out, going back to his food. He's certainly been eating a lot more since he started the morning workouts. Rain gets a 'look', but she's not far off. It's teasing, but it's true. «I hope it's before then. Sometimes I wish I could just turn it off…» but then classes would be difficult, as would social interactions aside from a few people. He scowls at his burger some before taking a few fries and glancing to Besa, «Rain and I are twins.» As if that explains everything.

There's another pause before he asks, «Wanna make an escape before school starts? Before our freedom's taken away?» Yes, both are addressed.

Besa likes watching the siblings. it's something he never had. Sky practicing his name gets a soft, warm smile. More burger is eaten and he nods, it was mentioned they were twin when he first met them. He pauses mid chew, trying to understand what Sky means. After swallowing, "Do you mean, into town?"

Talk of turning off powers is a slippery slope that Rain isn't going to attempt to go down. That way leads to upset and depressed brother. Just say no to that today. She takes a few bites of her meal as the other two talk and she shakes her head at Besa "he does not mean that at all." she looks to Sky curiously "Where this time?"

Schuyler looks to Rain as if picking up her thoughts on the whole power thing. He wasn't upset or depressed before, but now that other options have been discovered, that may change. He finishes off his burger and starts to dig into the chicken fingers he also got, «I don't? Maybe not far into town, but to get some Thai food and maybe hit the beach? Once school starts, we're not going to have as much freedom to do that…» or so he's been told. Or maybe their sibling was just trying to tease them?

Besa stays quiet, letting the twins hash whatever this is out. He'll go, where ever it is. Water is sipped before more burger is eaten. Mustard is good, he's decided.

"Of course not. Town is hardly an escape. Boston. New York. Even Thunder Bay, those are escapes…town is just right there." Rain gestures in that direction

« I mean, I'm game to go into any of those places,» says the one who made it to New Orleans from their island home by himself only a few months ago. «Think we'd be able to get hotel rooms? Maybe I could convince the hotel staff…» mentally, although Sky’s never really tried to sway anyone's thoughts — just read them. It wouldn't be any fun if he was out with a headache the whole time. «Maybe Thunder Bay.» Even though it's closer.

Besa just sits there, wide eyed, looking between the two as he finishes up his burger.

"If it is just Thunder Bay, we don't need hotel rooms." it's only a couple hours by train "Let's not go there Sky." Rain is anti mental manipulation. That's another slippery slope she would rather not have to go down "What do you think?" she asks Besa turning her gray-eyed gaze to him.

Schuyler doesn't quite get Rain's aversion for him gently 'convinciong' people to do things his way, but he'll mollify her for now. Besides, he can barely keep control when he's around a bunch of students, so he may not yet, or ever, have the ability for mind control. It might be something to play with later. «True. It's close. Boston or New York we'd need them though,» and the money didn't seem to be the problem. He continues to work on his food, also looking to Besa to see what he thinks.
"I have not been anywhere but here and town in the Americas yet…" The smaller teen gives a shrug, "If going somewhere is good, then yes." Dark eyes go between the two, unsure why he's being looked at. He's just along for the ride, per say. "New York is very big…is Bostom smaller?"

Rain shakes her head at her brother. "We can just stay at one of the brownstones." problem solved. "Boston is smaller and has a different feel and vibe to it. It's not fair to compare the two…or easy."

Schuyler just sort of shrugs as he finishes off the chicken fingers. «You get to call ahead then.» It's so much easier than texting. «New York might be overwhelming, but it would be a good place to see to see a slice of America.» But then there's a frown as he takes a long drink of whatever was on his tray. «I guess I could sleep if we took the train…» so he wouldn't have to deal with residual thoughts.

< FS3> Besa rolls Past Lives: Good Success.

Besa frowns also, concentrating on his bottled water briefly before he perks up, "I have been on a train before. It was very loud and…bouncy. Like riding a camel." His head tilts and he looks at Rain, "What is a …brown stone?"

Rain nods to Sky, she expected that "Fine, but there is a greater chance they say no." because she isn't the family favorite right now..she probably isn't on the list of favorites. "Was this in Egypt Besa? Trains are different here. Fast and not so bumpy."

Schuyler does glance over at Besa for a moment, his own grey eyes narrowing a little in thought. He then looks to Rain and rolls his eyes, «Fine, I'll text.» He doesn't think he's the family favorite either but then again, they're both a little spoiled. «Airplanes are bumpy if you have turbulence…trains are kind of smooth.» But he does look back at Besa as they discuss that.

Besa's now imagining a giant brown stone they would camp on. How strange! Mostly because Sky doesn't seem the camping type. "I was on an airplane, but I was …asleep." That's kinda true…sorta of. "The train I was on was old. It was very bumpy and hot. I like boats. The water waves are nice."

And Rain wins, she grins at Sky yes a bit triumphantly. They may be inseparable at times but there is competition there too. "I would imagine you would have to be on a plane to get here. Sleeping makes sense. That's a long flight." lightbulb when Besa mentions boats "We should go out on the yacht. Have them bring it to Boston harbor that weekend. We can stay at the brownstone and few day

And Rain wins, she grins at Sky yes a bit triumphantly. They may be inseparable at times but there is competition there too. "I would imagine you would have to be on a plane to get here. Sleeping makes sense. That's a long flight." lightbulb when Besa mentions boats "We should go out on the yacht. Have them bring it to Boston harbor that weekend. We can stay at the brownstone and few days and then take the yacht out to Nantucket or someplace."

Schuyler is sort of focusing on Besa but when Rain mentions the boat, he turns back to her. «That might be nice…» and a way to stay away from too many minds crowding about. «Or Martha's Vineyard. Whichever one will be less crowded.» Or one of the tinier islands that don't allow cars on them.

Besa nods, although he doesn't say anything else about the plane ride, instead, "That is…a big boat, yes?" How rich were the Masters? "A Vineyard? For wine?"

"Well we have a where, we just need a when." Rain says to them both, looking between them as well "You could say that." she glances down at her empty tray "You guys work out the details of when. I'll work out the getting us there part." she gets to her feet and descends the bleachers and heads back to the school.

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