(2016-08-23) Detention: And so it begins...
Detention: And so it begins…
Summary: Derek receives his first detention to be served the first day of the school year.
Date: 2016-08-23
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NPCs: Odina and Krutchen
Scene Runner: Derek

Mug Shot Coffee Shop
The barista is generally busy with orders, but most times still manages a wave of welcome. A large sign serves as the menu and orders are taken just beneath it. It's as lovely inside as it is on the outside. Rounded, wooden beams support the upper floor. The walls are packed with all sorts of travel memorabilia, most likely all collected by the owner. Tourists seem to be some of the more catered to clientele here, the drinks and atmosphere with the added food as a bonus.. Several small tables dot the area with a few larger ones thrown in for bigger groups.

A good weekend camping, they were getting the last few days of summer in at least. And why not the mugshot, where it all began. A few coffees to start off a day where Derek should be looking at registering and finishing that, but would rather slack as usual. "Okay, so, we're gonna focus on being all popular this year, become Prom King and Queen right?" Said with enough sincerety that he would, but in the same, like he doesn't feel comfortable ever being in that position either. He'll have his favorite sort of coffee, something warm, with just a little flavor. Not chocolte. Maybe a little hazel and some milk, hazel latte perhaps. Fall is in the air, so something warm is suitable. Like football weather,or Arena Fetch weather. New season, lots of unwritten promises of glory and defeat to come. A little excitement despite it meaning school starts very soon.

"All popular?" Annaliesa seems amused at the prospect, especially at the mention of the king and queen spots. "I guess if Daxton and Felicia don't want it. I mean.. Daxton was so violent about it during the tuxedo shopping outing." A frown crosses her features at the memory and she orders her drink, the same thing she had before when he had suggested it the first time. Once it's delivered, she turns to him, not having a seat yet, still waiting at the counter with him. "We'll be having fun with Arena Fetch too, so we'll have a busy school year. Mom said something about class rings and all."

"Daxton was upset about everything, every time. Fair enoug there." Shrugs Derek, no voting for the boy. Not much unless someone asks, he's in to help, but the boy ain't normal in Derek's book. Waiting the same, half watching the drinks being made. "Too busy," in his opinion. "It should be, you're a senior now, you should get to relax a little or something." But he shrugs, no use fighting the system. A considerination, a slight squint of his eyes, "Well, whether we do popularity or now, we definitely need rings. Helps punching bad guys." A slight grin, he holds up a fist as if he imagines doing just that. "Or, you know, a good memory and stuff. We should get sort of similar ones?" Does it work that way, he isn't sure. One of their drinks is dropped off.

"Yeah, I don't hate him, I actually think he's got a lot of issues and I've had such a busy summer that I haven't been around him at all. I hope he had a good summer and some breakthroughs in his old unit issues." Annaliesa collects her cup, holding it in her hands as she waits for his to be delivered also. "Sure, we could get similar ones. I'm pretty sure you'll be the one wearing mine and I'll be wearing yours. I mean if you want?" Figuring he would say yes, but wanting to be sure.

"Yeah, I don't hate anyone, except velcroe shoes." If Derek was being honest and not holding anything back, and apparently he doesn't much, even to this day. "If he's off to a better start this year, good for him." Taking his drink when it comes too, he looks around for a table, one hand to the small of her back. Ladies first, she can pick, slight hints of gentlemen in that, without him saying so much other than that touch which is lightly possessive. "Why wouldn't I? I'm taken by the best girl in the school, proud to let everyone know." By showing her ring with him.

Drinks delivered, Annaliesa walks over to have a seat by a window so they can look out it. Once seated she nods, letting the topic of Daxton drop with that agreement. "Velcro shoes?" There's a grin. "Sounds like what my grandfather wears. Or those short slip on boots." She rolls her eyes, realizing that it was an old people thing, likely. His proclamation brings a soft laugh, "Best girl in school? Aww, Derek you're so sweet." Leaning in, she kisses his cheek. Finally she gets to the other topic. "So, about the Goon? Any ideas on what his intentions are yet? Thoughts on it?"

"Slip on, yeah, I'm a fan of laces I guees," he says, considering it a moment, looking a hint sheepish. Derek doesn't mind being honest, but its her family now in velcro shoes, so it settles in just a little. "Hey, I wouldn't say it if it wasn't true. Why do you think Daxton is so moody all the team, totes jealos." A little humor, not serious at all, if he said that in front of the team, he's an insensitive jerk. The kiss has him warmed up, his hand reaches over to touch her cheek softly. "I don't know, maybe we should try to watch him. I could have Onida go look in his office or something?"

"Laces, good. Me too." Her own shoes have laces as well, white, name brand things of some sort. Hearing that about Daxton brings an eyeroll. "Yeahhhhh, right. He's not interested in me and I'm not interested in him. It's totally mutual." She does realize he wasn't serious though, but had to play along. Feeling his hand, she tilts her head to it, before straightening. "Maybe we should do that Google search that we never managed to get to the other night."

"Laces on you, better," says Derek, implying his own extra thoughts on laces in there. One may take that however they prefer. "Oh good," he grins about her having no interest in Daxton, as if he could of been worried. "Oh, about Onida and his people, maybe you're onto something there. We should google them." He starts reaching for his phone, "Then have Onida spy for us." A slight grin, just thinking that's a fun idea in general, spying on Faculty, why hadn't he thought about that before.

Laces on her. Annaliesa takes it though with the thought of Onida spying for them though was something even she hadn't thought about. "I would like to know his plans, what he talks about on the phone and to who. It'd be really good to know. Can you send him in to listen?" It was an idea anyway, something to sort of move things along for them.

Consider that, Derek nods. "I think maybe we should take our coffees and go see if we can call Odina to come help us?" Its a thought, and now could be a good time, with crazy school activities going on. He reaches a hand to take her hand, lifts it and kisses her finger. "Either he is in his office, we can try to listen in, or he's out and Odina can snoop around. Lets go down by the beach, try not to draw too much attention?" He moves to stand, but pauses to see if she's coming first.

You betcha she is coming. Annaliesa smiles as he kisses her fingers before rising and lacing those fingers with his as she takes her drink in her other hand. "Let's go down to the beach and see what we can do. Maybe Odina can help us after all." With a last look around the room, she makes sure no one from the school is there after all, then heads off towards the door with him, then outside.

They head down to the beach, he walks hand in hand with her. They discuss a little of hope in that this might work. "Its on," he says before they leave, taking and finishing his coffee as they walk. Arriving near the beach, he makes sure she's warm. Giving a jacket as needed, its between 60s and 70s. Once there, he pulls her into a hug and kiss, warm and tender rather than passionate. "We'll get what we can for you." He assures her before turing to the sea, to hold his Amulet and call for Odina, something he doesn't always do.
A few minutes later, his eyes closed, Odina the mountain can be seen walking in from the waves. Or on them, like floating on a dream, he walks up the beach to the duo.

Like Derek, Annaleisa disposes of her cup after finishing the drink inside. When he hugs her, she returns it, holding him tightly, basking in the warmth he offers. Only when he separates does she take the jacket and tugs it around her, pulling it in closed. As he calls for his mentor, she remains silent and calm. Having met the guy before she does know what he looks like when he approaches, and she offers a smile but doesn't break the silence, or the sound of the waves drifting to the shore.

Odina comes to them, "Derak, my son," he greets, "And Anneliesa." He remembers her too and smiles as she speaks. "You have called for me, I am here to help." Derek pauses, looks to Annaliesa, to be certain. He explains Krutchan to Odina and asks him to go look, just to be sure. The old spirit nods to Derek and turns to leave. As the man is out, Derek turns to Leisa, "I can sort of feel him, he's checking admin rooms, looking for his office." As if a play by play, "I hope he find something for you." He moves to stand with her, holding both her hands and kissing her forehead in this moment of waiting.

"Hello Odina," Annaliesa greets him with warmth and familiarity. As Derek explains it, she nods to support what had happened and who he was, and the facts from her past in regards to him. "Yeah, it's an old long running feud." When Odina leaves, she turns to look at Derek to listen to what is happening. "I hope he does find out something. If not me the reason why he came here." She leans into him, closing her eyes and feeling the cool wind on her cheeks. "The winter is coming again soon. I can feel the cold. I soo don't like the cold and Krutchan knows it."

"That's not good then," about the cold and Krutchan knowing it he means. "I'm here to keep you warm at least," grins Derek, looking into her eyes. "Oh, he's in. The office … most of his stuff is waiting to be put in his desk, he's not there right now." Explains Derek. Then he nods to her, its working. "He says there is a file, its your families name …" As if they are onto something.

Annaliesa stiffens when she hears about the file with her family's name. "Maybe there's one on everyone. BUt I wonder why ours would be on top. Does he know what it says? Do we have to go in there and see or can he see what's inside it?" It's a scary though to be focused on from someone else.

"He's trying to look," returns Derek, closing his eyes for the moment. Then "Oh shit," says Derek. In surprise. Before he can explain it, he grabs his head in pain and falls to his knees instead. Seeming to be in some sort of torment at the moment.

Waiting was terrible, then Derek curses and Annaliesa watches in horror as he falls o his knees and holds his head. "He was found out!" The words are almost shouted and she looks towards the water, "I'll go help him." Already, she starts running for the colder water despite the temperature. She has to help.. then she skids to a stop, not willing to leave Derek like he is either. "What can I do?"

Even as he seems to calm a little at her voice, she can hear him speak, but he sounds like Krutchen. "Derek VanZant, you will come to my office to receive a detention on the first day of class, to discuss the issue of privacy." Then his eyes roll a little and he starts to pass out. Odina is coming back, from the waves, fading just a little, "He found out …" Is what the old spirit says and he's seen better days. It seem Odina is okay, but, Krutchan is onto something, or Derek at least. "It is not a good plan," says the old spirit, as if winded, "What can we do for Derek … Annaliesa?"

Hearing the plans, the plan for detention at least, Annaliesa falls to her knees beside Derek, glancing between him and Odina. "What's not a good plan? What happened, what did you see?" Though that pales in comparison to how Derek is doing. She looks to Odina again, then Derek, where she realizes he was passing out! "Oh no!" The exclamation is given, "What happened? What did he do to him?" Wht can she do? "We have to get him to my house."

"Some spell, I opened the file," says Odina, talking about what happened. "Water, splash him? I cannot carry him, I can only talk to him." He admits openly, following her. "It was a curse of some sort, he should live because of that thing he has to go do." Detention. "But your picture, it was in that file. I could not read the words though, it was a language I do not understand."

Annaliesa looks at Derek then the water and without even considering anything or anyone else around, she murmurs words, then brings water to him, a small bubble that hovers above him as she lifts his head and places it on her lap. The water is released and it splashes over his head, she is careful not to get it in his nose or mouth. "Derek! Derek wake up!" Her voice holds a slight desperation and she doesn't even consider Odina again for now.

The water works, he blinks a little, and turns to gra her for a hug. Uncharacteristic of Derek. "That … sucked!" He says, his voice a little shaken. "I think he knows about me." Then he stays in more a ball, his head in her lap. Breathing a few moments, until finally, "I have detention …" A light voice to the boy.

When he comes to, Annaliesa breathes out a sigh of relief and cradles his head gently. "Derek," she breathes his name out in relief, "Oh Derek.. I was so scared. I hate him Derek. I hate him. What can we do? He hurt you, he.. gave you detention." She had known that, she had heard it. "He has something in there, but now you're on his radar too!"

"That's not good," he admits, holding onto her legs as she cradles him. "Well, I'll distract him from you. I'll stay on his radar, give him something to focus on, other than whatever is in that file." He is serious about that, he'll take more hurt for her. "I … I want to know … what's in that file."

"No." The response is swift, immediate and vehement. "You won't. This isn't yours to be hurt in, Derek. He doesn't want you, he has the file on my family in there. I've got to tell Vinny and my folks." There's a hesitation as Annaliesa realizes.. "Oh wait.. if I tell my parents they'll ask how I know. I can't tell them about what happened." She smooths back his hair, lost in thought before he brings her back to the discussion. "I want to know also, but maybe you and I can't be the ones to do it. Do you know someone who can go in there? No you or Odina? Maybe Felicia could shrink me."

He shake his head in her lap just a little, "YOu don't want me to, but that's what love does to a guy, makes him crazy." A slight smile, Derek would live for her, and yes, risk injury. Now she knows, only she does know that about him, he can put others first, if he loves them. "No, don't tell your parents, we can ask Felicia, see what they think. You have to tell them, about you, about him. The whole thing of him taking over your city, your people." As in part of going to the others on team ares.

"I don't want you to," Annaliesa tells him adamantly before realizing she would do the same and nothing could talk her out of it. With a solemn nod, she accepts it. "But don't do anything alone, okay? Promise? We'll do anything we do, together." As he mentions Felicia, she nods, but when he says 'they' a frown mars her brow. "Daxton has a lot going on all the time with himself. Maybe we shouldn't bother him with it. Felicia can help."

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