(2016-08-16) Mancala Boards and Nerves
Mancala Boards and Nerves
Summary: Sky and Besa plot to create a Mancala board, and some parts of Besa's past is revealed.
Date: 2016-08-16
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The School's library spans the very bottom of the old fort to the top of the Admin Hub. The center is open so one can see all the way from the bottom to the sun roof that lets the rays in, some full three to four stories in total height, no matter what level the student is on. It has several smaller alcoves with tables and comfy chairs for reading on the upper levels. A small cluster of research computers is set up for students who prefer internet searching to page turning located on the main school floor. Anywhere there's isn't bookcases inspirational posters are plastered against the walls. The check out is near the bottom, always manned and in order, the insignia for Coral Springs and the starting date on 1991.

The large grouping of such eclectic books leaves a dryness to the air and in some sections a faint musty odor. Anyone caught talking above a whisper will first get a stern glare and then be asked to leave if they can't quiet down.

After the newest teacher's scrutiny, Today Besa is trying to stay out of the way. Currently the dirt scented teen has found a corner of the library and is curled up on a char with a big book in his lap. Dark, thin fingers are worrying something in his hand as he reads. His hair hangs in his eyes, hiding most of his face, although he's pretty unmistakable.

Maybe it was the scent of the other or maybe he recognized the mind…or maybe Sky was looking for a hidden corner as well, but he plops down at a chair in the same alcove, his sketchbook in hand. «So. I mean, I won't tell anyone, but…you're not a vampire, are you? I saw you eating so I guess…unless you're one of those vampires that can eat real food? I'm just curious.»

Dark eyes rise and there's a flash of something that's foreign for the teen, annoyance, "No, I am not." It doesn't hang on Besa long though. "What are you going to art today?" His fingers keep moving, almost unconsciously fiddling and he shifts in his chair a little straighter.

Schuyler just nods, as if there's nothing right or wrong about it. «Ok, no need to get upset about it! You just reacted when I mention being bitten, that's all.» He notes the finger fiddling, «Nervous about something?» Surely it's not him! As for what he's going to 'art', there's a shrug, «Not sure yet. I figured I'd just see if I felt like doing something.» He figured he'd save up his patience for reading for when school started.

Besa frowns, "It is not a pleasant experience." Being bitten. So of course he reacted! Dark eyes land of the indicated fiddling and he stops to show a rock about the size of a quarter, "No….but it is something familiar." There's some kind of symbol on it, but Besa starts rubbing it again with the tips of his fingers. He changes the subject, "I am going to make a Mancala board, would you like me to teach you how to play?" He doesn't push the art question more, just nods. He'll ask some other time to see some of his work.

There's a moment as he thinks about it, «I think only my sisters bit me…sure, I guess it was annoying.» But nothing traumatic. Maybe Besa got bitten by something other than a sibling. Sky notes the rock with the symbol on it before he glances back to the other kid. «Mancala…that's the game with the glass stones in the wooden divits? I think I've played it, but I'm not so great at it. Maybe your game is different? You know, you can buy the game sets."

There's a moment as he thinks about it, «I think only my sisters bit me…sure, I guess it was annoying.» But nothing traumatic. Maybe Besa got bitten by something other than a sibling. Sky notes the rock with the symbol on it before he glances back to the other kid. «Mancala…that's the game with the glass stones in the wooden divits? I think I've played it, but I'm not so great at it. Maybe your game is different? You know, you can buy the game sets.»

Besa gives a small chuckle, "Is that not what sisters are for?" He wouldn't know, no siblings. His hairs flops about as the teen nods, "Yes…but it is better if you make your own board. You will see." He then smiles softly, "You need practice."

Schuyler smirks and seems to chuckle some, «Yeah, I guess they are.» Biters or not, he'd also protect them to his death. «Do you have any sisters?» is asked before he arches a brow at the insistence that a handmade board is better. «All right. I'll help you make the board if you want, but I haven't done woodworking before. I've mostly done 2-dimensional work and some clay sculpting. That was kind of fun, actually…»

Besa's head tilts, "Not that I know off…I was not raised by family." So ….maybe? He likes to think so. Besa wasn't trying to get Sky to help him make it, but if he's offering, the teen's smile grows brighter, "It can be of clay. I have played it dug in the ground! I though wood would be…better protected here."

Schuyler continues to try to slowly piece together this kid's story without flat out asking for it. It's much more fun this way! No family…intresting. The bright smile actually gets a grin from the other, «Well, clay we can get and we can probably even fire it and glaze it and do all sorts of cool designs. Wood…I think you'd have to carve. I'm not unwilling to learn, I've just never done it before.» It involves sharp tools and do parents really want to give young kids sharp knives?

Besa seems happy with either, actually, "I have been told there is a place to fire clay, but that it won't be available till the start of school….I like to make pottery." He's so weird. He nods though, "It does not have to be large, wood might be lighter to carry." Thoughts of the design drift through his head, he's apparently seen a lot of different boards. "It will be a good project. I hope it doesn't take too long." There's something looming in his future, it feels like.

Schuyler nods, «They have a kiln at the school, in the art room. It wouldn't be that slow once we got there, but yeah…would have to wait for classes to start.» In…a few weeks? «We're carrying the board around? All right, then wood or plastic maybe. Hey, I wonder if they have one of those 3-D printing machines! That would be cool, huh?»

Besa smiles, "Yes…the art room. I think I will like it there." Amusment radiates off of Besa, "Unless you know somewhere we could put it permanently?" Maybe the school would benefit from a Mancala set? But then he gets confused, "3-D print?" He has no idea what that means.

Schuyler gives a snort, «Permanently? Unless it's carved out of stone or something and hard to take, there's no place 'permanent'. I mean, maybe in one of the dorm hubs or something and hope that no one snags it.» He gives another shrug then, «And even if it was pretty heavy, I bet someone could lift it here.» But the other freshman is observed again, «You like art too? What medium? And 3-D printing is cool! You know, I bet if we come up with a schematic and make it kind of fancy, they'd let us use it as a project.»

Besa just gives a small shrug (Seems that's a universal motion for teens, no matter what), "Why would someone steal a Mancala board?" That seems counter productive to the point of the game. Black locks sway as he nods, "Yes….I like to make pottery…I have done others too…but I like the feeling of the clay…" His chin juts slightly as his head tilts again, still not understanding what 3-D printing is. "Do we have art projects?" He's down for it, if it's possible. "I like poetry too….But I have never been good at it."

«Because they can?» Sky shrugs as well. «I'm just saying, if you want to keep it around, keep it where you know where it is at all times. Like in your room or something.» The sketchbook is then flipped open to a clean page and he begins drawing the mancala board that he's familiar with. «We could do mixed media? The stones out of clay and the board out of printed plastic. Some sort of commentary on how old meets new in the mediums and the classic, ancient game with a new look or something. Does the board have to be straight? What if we curved it? Or made a circle?»

That's an awful reason to do something like that! Besa frowns, shifting in his seat. "That is not kind." He sighs though, there's many different things now he's having to adjust to. "I suppose I will keep it in my room then." When he gets assigned one permanently that is. Any frustration fades as the sketch book is opened and he leans forward to look as Sky starts sketching, "Boards can be…any shape." His nose wrinkles at mention of plastic, but he doesn't argue it. If Sky wants to help, he can compromise on aspects of the board. "I suppose we could…" He kinda likes the old, ancient look, but again he nods, "I have seen them raised, like a table. and oval….it could be round although that could make the board eternal." Ironic if Besa plays that, the frown flickers and is gone.

Schuyler seems to brighten up and get a little more energized as he talks about and draws out the art, «Exactly! Eternal! See what we'd be doing? We're taking a game that's ancient, like this one, let's make it round or oval…I like oval…and then it's eternal. That ties into the whole ancient, mysterious aspect of the game, right? And maybe we use a traditional design in shape and, oh, I like it as a table. I wonder if we can print that? Maybe we could make it a stand in clay or metal?» He continues to sketch, «But we make it using modern technology. Modern materials. That's thought-provoking.»

Besa quiets some, lettign Sky go on the tangent. "I….that is …good." He forces a small smile, "I don't think i'll be able to help you, but you can do that for a project." He starts to untangle his legs, closing the book in his lap. It's ancient poetry. "I can help you with the design if you still want though?" He'll just make a small board for himself out of wood or something little.

Schuyler pauses in the sketching and looks back up, «You don't like it.» Even if it's not said, maybe he could feel it around the other's thoughts. «You just want the game board…» it doesn't need to be an art project. There's a glance to his sketchbook and then back to Besa before he closes it on the plan, «All right. I'll try to help you do it your way.»

Besa's eyes widen, "NO, it's not…" his lips press together, "I am not good with modern things." his cheeks go pink, "They tend to…stop working." He seems upset as the sketch book closes, "No…please." His hand reaches out to touch Sky's arm, "I wold like to do a project with you. i would."

Schuyler flicks his eyes to the hand on his arm but then he looks back at the other. «I don't think this could stop working…maybe the printer machine, but I can do all the plugging in of parameters and whatever.» He looks back his sketchbook, «We can do something else, too, I guess. I just thought that since you wanted one it could be a good reason to try and get them to let us use the fancy printer.»

Besa's jaw works itself, he's got anxiety about modern things and them just stopping with hims round, "We can try. If you think it could work." A soft, warm smile and he removes his hand, "I want to make something. it's a reminder I was here."

«Why not? Worse comes to worse, I can do the printer thing without you there if you're that worried about it.» Sky doesn't seem to see an issue with it, really. As for the other comment, he looks at the other boy, «Are you going somewhere?»

Besa nods hesitantly, but then smiles, "Very well." The other question has him smiling, but there's a hint of sadness to it, "Fate has plans for everyone. She is not someone to be argued with." His dark eyes are on the closed sketch book, "The priests will find me," eventually. "And I will go with them, it is how it is." And always will be, apparently.

Schuyler gives a wave of his hand, «Fate is what you make of it. Do you -want- to go with the priests? I mean, you're at a school for superpowered kids. If you don't want to go with them, we won't let them take you.»

Besa blinks, almost shocked at the idea, "I could not not go! It is my place!" The rock in his hand is gripped tighter. "Fate and destiny are not something that can just be defied. And should not unless there is a reason." Apparently going to school is not a reason to defy fate. He's a big old ball of mixed emotions on this topic though, fear, duty, pride. Add a level of exhaustion and it's a weird, weird emotion ball. "Can we…talk about the board?" His free hand motions to his sketch book again.

Schuyler just watches the other kid for a long moment in complete silence. In answer though, he flips the sketchbook open again and turns the first sketch over for a fresh page. The pencil is then offered to Besa to sketch what he might want.

Besa takes the pencil and book, closing his eyes briefly and concentrating. There's a strange shift in his thoughts. It's sty ill him, but different too. But the teen starts sketching several different designs, oval in nature and then how to make it a table, "I have played on these before…" He's not bad, at all with sketching. "We could incorporate some of the School houses, if we wanted, in the design."

Schuyler catches the mental shift, but doesn't point it out. Right now, it's stored in the back of his mind to be thought about and possibly investigated later. His eyes turn to the drawing, «Only if you want to make it school-centric. I think something more personal is more interesting. Otherwise it's just sort of School-spirit kitsch.» There's a brief pause, «Unless you want it as a reminder of your time here.»

Besa smirks, eyes still on what he's drawing, "I am happy to do either. I thought if it was a project, the teachers would like it…" The stone is turned in his hand, almost like a worry stone would be and he keeps sketching, "It would not be mine. It would be ours."

Schuyler reaches out to give the other's shoulder a light smack, «Never do anything just to please the teachers. Not in art. If they're good, they'll see through it. If they suck, well…but even still, art is art. It's supposed to mean something. Do something. Make you happy or sad or think. Real art comes from inside your head and your heart. Who cares what other people think as long as you like it?» It's pretty deep for a game board.

Besa's head snaps up, surprised at the contact. It didn't hurt, just surprised. He doesn't say anything, but there's that ball of mixed emotions again. Besa isn't used to doing things for himself, not like that. He looks down, but nods and goes back to sketching, not sure how he's supposed to answer Sky.

Schuyler doesn't mind not talking. He's happy to watch as Besa draws what he was thinking of in terms of the game board and think about the strange boy's reactions. It's not that he's surprised by them, as he is a Masters, but they're intriguing.

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