(2016-08-09) Unit 23 Meets The Helix Group ... Sort Of
Unit 23 Meets The Helix Group … Sort Of
Summary: Tabitha builds a makeshift obstacle course right where Daxton was planning a secret meeting. Introductions ensue.
Date: 2016-08-09
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NPCs: Afterthought
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While there has been a lot going around the school this summer, most of it has either not involved her or is on 'hurry up and wait' status until it's time for the 'few hours of hell' phase to begin. So to make sure that she's ready and not stuck in the funk that's been hanging over her, Tabitha has decided to make the kind of obstacle course the school doesn't have the room (or insurance overhead) for. She's spent the last couple days threading the overgrown forest near the dead train station with obstacles, targets, and traps, and has been running the course all day today. Different routes, traps sprung when she hits certain targets, and a few encounters with random wildlife have made for a bit of variety as she works herself back into what she considers her fighting trim (something she's lost a bit of over the last several years).

Now she's finishing her fourth run of the day, coming in on her finish line of the train yard. She's got a series of very small arcs set up in a course on the ground and is flying through them to avoid a set of makeshift 'assault weapons' made from railroad spikes and a modified baseball pitching machine.

Walking carefully out to the old train station, Becca is looking around. She is startled to see the end of the course and Tabitha, coming to a quick stop. The girl tucks her hands into the blue hoody she's got on and offers a smile to Tabs as she leans against Daxton, solid and shifts her gaze up to the boy. "You're gonna need a meeting place." She teases quietly and calls out to Tabitha. "Hiya Tabs!"

Daxton blinks, look at the newly installed jungle, "…yeah." He doesn't move, letting Becca lean but does pull out his phone to start quickly sending a text. He's not dressed in work clothes, so that's nice for him. he does have a backpack on, although it appears to be mostly empty.

Clearly, Tabitha has a bit to go relearning the rule of 'don't get distracted in the middle of something', becuase when Rebecca calls out to her she wavers a bit in her flight and brushes against the sides of the arcs she's flying through. These prove to be yet /another/ trap as they're not just thin metal arcs stuck in the ground but the top half cable loops sticking up out of a covered pit. They contract down on her, pulling her down through the loose branches and leaves into whatever she decided to line the hole with (probably not pillows).

But she isn't down for long. A burst of light and extreme heat comes from the pit before Tabitha flies back out and 'sprints' towards the train station wall where her tablet is hanging. A quick tap stops the timer and she lands, then turns to waves at Daxton and Rebecca. "Hey there." She talks between heavy breaths as she gets her wind back. "What brings you out here?"

Staring a little, Becca sighs with envy and shrugs with a look up at Dax. "Fighting cabin fever." She offers and looks at Tabitha and then the course. "Looks like a good challenge for you. Is it hard?" She wonders, referring to the course. She has no backpacks just her smiling self. Standing straight she gathers her hair up into a ponytail. She's a little nervous, but she's learning a healthy amount of paranoia after everything lately.

Daxton tenses and takes a small half forward, but Tabs is fine and he sighs. The Speedster looks around, eyeing the area. "Gabs has a pipe corse set up in the gym. It's not as painful looking at this though." He was going to say more, but his phone vibrates and he loosk down at it and frowns.

Tabitha shrugs at Rebecca's question. "It's alright. Would be harder if I didn't know where everything was, but it's still a workout." She goes to snag a towel from where it's hanging off her old army duffel, which in turn is hanging from a section of busted wall. She looks from Rebecca to Daxton and back again, taking note of the backpack, the slight nervousness, and the texting. "You guys need some privacy or something? I can tear down the dangerous parts later if you need the space."

"What? Oh, no." Becca shakes her head and looks between the two. "I'm sure it's fine, probably." She tells Tabitha and watches Dax text a moment. "We're just hanging out, getting fresh air and all that." She tells the other girl and resumes leaning lightly against Daxton with a look behind them to make sure again that no one is there.

Daxton grunts and then clearly looks around the train station, "Already here." And even as he says this from top of one of the cars drops a lanky figure. Androginous, with long black hair and dark eye makeup that would make Violet jealous, Afterthought gives a rather pretty smile and straightens. "Hello Tempo. Hello Rebecca. Hello Tabitha." Not that A.T. has meet tabs before.

Tabitha raises an eyebrow at Rebecca's nervous over the shoulder looks. "You sure you're alright, Becks? Not getting new fanmail, I hope?" Then she gets just enough warning from Daxton to not startle when Afterthought drops down from the old train car. And though her eyes do widen as A.T. says their hellos, it doesn't seem to be from surprise but another direction. "And hellooo, nurse to you." She gives the lanky androgyne a long look, quirks a half-grin, then glances over to Daxton. "One of your friends, I take it?"

"No news is good news." Becca offers Tabitha and looks surprised when AT drops down from on top of the train. "Afterthought." She offers with a nod. "They and Dax go a ways back." She tells Tabitha and loops an arm around Dax's waist with a light squeeze before relaxing so he can go say hello.

Afterthougt's head tilts, black hair flopping to one side as Tabitha is studied. But then dark eyes are blinks and Daxton is turned to, "Tempo….we've missed you!" Thin arms are raised.

Daxton, after squeezing Becca lets go and steps over to Afterthought, arms raising to hug back. He defiantly seems comfortable with the goth looking individual. "I'm good. I missed everyone too."

Tabitha nods to Rebecca and continues to pat herself dry while Daxton and Afterthought exchange greetings. "Sure looks that way. Not many people around that Dax gets huggy with." She says this with a teasing note as she slips behind some debris to stip out of her damp workout clothes and into the clean outfit she brought along. While changing she keeps in the conversation. "So this is where you've been hiding your Unit 23 meetings? If I'd known, I would've come by sooner to oogle."

Hunching up her shoulders, Becca looks down at her toes while they say hello. "Ummm." Becca offers by way of an answer to Tabitha and finds something to lean against, the train after some consideration. She's a little awkward seeing AT again, at least this time there's no phone to ditch. "Oh, dumb, did we grab cookies for your team Dax?" She asks and looks at him.

Afterthought's long arms wrap around Daxton, almost ala Jack Skeleton style. He's held for a moment longer than is comfortable for those around them before stepping away. "We will find somewhere new." A hand reaches up to smooth a lock of Daxton's hair, "Inferno wants more of the pizza you work for." Dark eyes flicker over towards Tabitha and her comments , but then then cut to Becca. "You baked us cookies?"

Daxton fidgets and dodges the hair smooth, but the freezes and looks over at Becca, "Those were for Unit 23?" Opps.

Tabitha doesn't get uncomfortable at displays of affection. A touch jealous, maybe, but even that is just a fleeting thing brought on by a distinct lack of smoochies in recent months. She's taking her time getting changed. "No need to go finding a new spot, Afterthought. It's the spot least likely to be under surveilance for miles." Then there is talk of pizza and cookies and… "Ha! Someone's bottomless pit of junk food is in trouble!" She singsongs the jab at Daxton, then goes quiet again while she shrugs into her flannel hoodie.

"Well, yeah." Becca says and looks from AT to Daxton before smiling at him and letting her shoulders drop as she shakes her head. "You'd think I never make you anything, Champ." She teases and reaches out a hand to catch one of Dax's. "I'll have to make more-for your unit. Keeps better than tacos. You can have all the tacos you want, Dax." Smirking at the song, Becca shakes her head and looks at AT. "Next time, I guess."

Afterthought's gaze goes to where Tabitha is changing. Dark eyes study her when she emerges. "Changing locations is the better move. You know that." A moment before Becca's under A.T.'s gaze, "Thank you. If Tempo enjoyed them, then that is good enough."

Dax's cheeks flush, "Sorry." He glances to Becca and mouths 'Sorry' again. His hand squeezes hers back.

When she comes out from behind the debris, Tabitha drops her duffel a bit down from where Rebecca was leaning then starts to let her hair down from the bun she put it in when running her obstacle course. She nods to Afterthought while doing this, "Yeah, you're right, I do know that. Alternate locations, times, comms protocols, and personnel to maximize operational security." She recites this as one part mantra and another part something she wishes wasn't so much a part of her history. "But since you're here and I'm here, I can pass along some information for y'all." She lets her hair drop loose as she sends an aura tendril over to retrieve her tablet. The slightly curly copper and black tresses have grown quite a lot of late, now reaching down to her knees.

Laughing a little, Becca shakes her head at Dax, leaning in before just bumping her forehead on Dax's shoulder, cause, awkward. "You're too adorable, no one could get mad about you eating all the cookies it seems." She tells him and straightens to looks back at AT with a shrug. Glancing at Tabitha, Becca makes a face and slides her hands back into the pocket of her/Dax's hoody. "What kind of information? Unit and you kinda stuff? I'll give y'all some space." She tells Tabs and looks at Dax and Afterthought hooking a crooked grin at AT. "Pretty good at not asking about your world." She offers and steps back from the group.

Afterthought cocks an eyebrow at Tab, although seems more interested in her aura tendrils. becca is the one answered though, "No one gets mad at Tempo. I would share my dessert with him in the barracks."

The speedster blinks, "You did?" He doesn't remember a lot about training. He looks down at Becca, "Hey…no. It's okay. We'll talk later." His hand reaches out, trying to get Becca to stay.

Tabitha joins the flow of keeping Becca around by shaking her head, "Nah, it's nothing major. Just wanted to pass along details that Nathaniel sent to me." She pops a memory stick from her tablet then walks over to offer it to Afterthought. "Just a text file with information you and yours might find useful, along with starting points to check that it's all legit and safe." Her manner is calm and warm as she makes the offer. No duplicity and even a bit of comraderie towards someone with a situation somewhat similar to her own. While she does this, her aura takes over hair care, moving through her hair to comb out tangles and start on braiding. She smiles at the semi-random comments about Daxton's time in training, "So the sweet tooth isn't new?"

Shaking her head, Becca smiles at Dax. "How much trouble could I get into out here?" She asks, but then he's reaching out so she lets him reel her back in, slipping a hand into his. "If it's important…" She trails off looking Dax and glances over at Afterthought. "You've never met Kaylee." She tells AT with a smile and rolls her eyes a little. Seeing it's a thumb drive and not a show and tell, Becca relaxes. "I don't know anyone that puts away junk food or sweets like Dax does." She looks at Tabby. "I swear he'd prefer it to the lobster."

A shadow tenril sneaks out from Afterthought, plucking the memory card tom Tabs hand. "We will go over it." no promises though. That pretty smile again, "Yes, we'd sneak M&Ms to him at night when he was sad." Dark eyes widen slightly and turn to Daxton when Kaylee is mentions, "She sounds awful. Would you like me to take care of her?"

Daxton blinks, again slightly embarrassed. "I didn't get sad." He totally did, cried himself to sleep. Tahnkfully he doesn't remember that. And with Becca's question he holds onto her hand tighter, "You're not walking away alone." There's people after her, remember? His smile falters from the offer from AT, "No! Not…not, not like that!" Like what? Yikes!

Maybe she's feeling more Lilith than usual today, or maybe she's just making progress at getting everything integrated in her head, or maybe she's just focused on that gothy smile. But Tabitha doesn't seem to even flinch when AT asks about taking care of Kaylee. She just crosses her arms and looks up at Afterthought with a raised eyebrow and one tapping foot. "Kaylee is often over-emotional, rather naive in a too innocent kind of way, and prone to misinterpreting people and situations. But she's basically a good person and I would prefer if she stayed in the world a good while longer, please." She nods her understanding at his response to the memory card, though. First contact of this sort is always tentative.

"She's just kind of a pushy girl." Becca explains to AT and leans against Dax. She's right here, the touch says. Looking at Tabitha, Becca nods. Her thumb brushes against Dax's hand and she shifts her gaze back to him. "It'd be ok if you got sad, you're still strong." She tells him quietly, pressing her forehead to his shoulder again, leaning into him a little more for a few moments.

Afterthought turns to Tabitha, "She upset Tempo. Said things she shouldn't have. Is self centered." How does Afterthought know any of this? "It is up to Tempo if he wants her taken care of or not." And Tempo very much said no, so the goth turns back and smiles at him, "Okay."

He sighs, this has gone sideways in a very strange way. He looks down at Becca again, "I know. I'm just saying I didn't." Lies.

"Everyone does both of those things at some point in their life, to one degree or another" Tabitha isn't upset with Afterthought at all as she replies. There's a thread of amusement and maybe a touch of nostalgia as she remembers having similar conversations years ago. "Neither one should by themselves be considered grounds for sanction." Her aura finishes getting her hair combed out, with the copper hair hanging loose down her back and the black portion hanging down in a braid. She gives Afterthought a quick wink and goes to put her tablet into her duffel before slinging the bag over her back and letting her hair down. There's enough of it to almost cover the mostly empty pack. "But on a different note, I'm famished. Think we could get delivery out here?"

"That's my Champ." Becca tells Dax and presses a kiss to his shoulder before standing up straight and shaking off the reminder she's not supposed to wander off alone. She smiles at Dax, meeting his eyes before looking at AT. "She's our classmate, that makes her our concern. You wouldn't let someone "take care" of someone on your unit because they'd upset them, would you?" She offers reasonably. "It's passed anyway. Over, finito." And all the more stress for Becca to balance her time. "Delivery? Maybe? Wouldn't that umm, what's it-compromise the security of the location? We could always go somewhere and just get something." She offers to Tabitha and looks at AT a moment. She's wrestling with whether or not to warn them that getting seen around her isn't the safest move lately.

The thin figure just eyes Tab but it's Becca who gets the response. "We wouldn't rescue someone like that." Rescue? Dax is turned to "Yes Tempo, that is acceptable."

Dax starts to offer, "I can-" And then Afterthought confirms and he passes before grinning. Apparently the goth reading his mind is okay with him.

Tabitha nods to Rebecca with a shrug, "True. I was thinking more heading over to the old park, or maybe Area 51 as the delivery point. They're not too far a walk. And it would give the driver time to get there. Not everyone can have Daxton's delivery times." She grins over at Dax as she says this, pausing after at the non sequitor exchange between the two comrades. She chuckles and shakes her head, "Now that is one thing I miss about living with my crechemates, being in each other's heads like that." She gives her temple a quick finger-tap then shrugs. "Takes longer getting to know people the slow way, but that has its advantages, too." She looks at Rebecca again then, and offers, "Remember I can always make us look like someone other than ourselves if you want to go somewhere. Cut down on the risk of exposure?"

"I dunno, after Sky being in my head, I don't know that I'd like sharing thoughts with others all the time." Becca admits and looks at the other three before shrugging to Tabitha. "That's a fair point. I don't want you to tire yourself if it's just as easy to stay out of sight and meet the delivery at the park or something."

Afterthought giggles at the name Area 51. It's amusing. "It's not all of the time, Rebecca."

Dax shrugs, "It's different. I trust Afterthought." He doesn't know Sky that well. "I can get us pizza, if everyone wants."

Tabitha smiles to Rebecca, "It's no worry. Illusions are easy. Tricks of the light." She raises an eyebrow when Rebecca mentions Sky. "He hasn't dipped into my mind that I know of. But with me and the others like me, it's a genetic thing, a bond we were designed with. Allows us to share feelings, add context to our words, communicate on a level that can't be intercepted in battle. We called it Affinity. Doesn't work with humans, though. I've tried." She shrugs this off, then shrugs again when Daxton offers to go snag pizza. "That could work. My treat, though. And we should order extra to send home with Afterthought." She glances over at the lanky androgyne, "You did say that Inferno was a fan, right?"

"Please just Becca, or Becks, Rebecca is what adults and strangers use." Clearly Rebecca doesn't have AT in either of those columns. She looks at Dax and makes a little face. "If you think that's a good idea." Looking at Tabs, she smiles. "If Dax doesn't eat all the pizza meant for his team." She teases and brightens a little. "Oh, remind me later to tell you about the code names Aidan and I were kicking around." She tells Tabitha as she holds onto Dax's hand tight.

Afterthought giggles again, "Never fan Inferno."

Daxton rolls his eyes at the joke, but laughs. Becca gets a shoulder numb, "How old do you think Afterthought is?" The goth is kinda ageless looking, caulk be therer age, could be 30. Who knows? He makes a yuck face, he tends to not pig out on pizza anymore.

Tabitha cackles briefly at the joke, her calm manner relaxing into one that's a bit more 'day to day Tabby'. "I'll remember that, should I ever have the honor of his company." She pulls out her semi-ancient orphanage burner phone and calls in an order to Lighthouse Pizza, buying a dozen large pies but asking that ten of them be boxed uncooked for later baking. She grins at Becca's mention of code names, "Sounds like a party. Me, I'm probably going to drop 'Aura' and revert to my original name when in the field. Take the chance to redeem it."

"He said you were the youngest, maybe around 18? A few years older than us?" Becca guesses and looks at AT. "Your original name?" She wonders at Tabitha and looks up at Daxton. "She beat you to the order. Guess you get to stay and keep me out of trouble a little longer." She teases Dax and bumps him back lightly. "I still think Aidan should use Spitfire, best I've thought up yet."

After though is suddenly distracted, head turning to look east.Not upset, just almost like there's something to be heard.

Dax watches and then shakes his ahead, that's normal. He frowns slightly at Tabs, "How do you have cash for all of that?" He smiles a little forced when everyone talks about code names. Tempo wasn't his call, but it seems to have stuck.

Tabitha glances between Afterthought and Daxton as A.T. gets distracted, but takes her cue from Dax as to it not being a point of concern. Rebecca gets a smirk, "Hey, I'm hungry enough to dig through three or four of Burger Barn's belly buster challenges right now. Of course I'm fast on the draw. And Spitfire does sound halfway decent for Aidan, but I note you didn't mention any of the ideas for you." It takes a few beats for her to answer Becca's other question, but she shrugs. "The name I was created with. Lilith." The emotional backwash that accompanies that topic is quickly scattered when Daxton asks about her cash flow. She turns to give him a 'seriously?' look while walking backwards. "Well I'm a thrifty soul who spends only as much as she needs to, plus there's the small matter of releasing an album that's projected to go platinum by the end of the year. There's a small financial return from that." She grins as she says this, clearly teasing Daxton for forgetting that small detail in the midst of all his own happenings.

"Oh, not many good names for a phaser. Most of them make me sound like a ghost." Becca says with a shrug. She looks between Dax and AT, looping her arm about Dax's waist comfortably as she smiles at Tabitha. "Platinum, Man, make sure you don't forget about us when you're selling out stadiums." She teases.

Daxton frowns back, "How should I know if they actually let you guys have any of that?" He sighs, looking from his old teammate to his girlfriend. Becca gets the smile though, "Depending on what you want your primary function to be, sounding like ab ghost isn't a bad thing."

Tabitha quirks an eyebrow at Daxton, "Why wouldn't we get the money from our own album sales?" Then she half shrugs and nods, "I mean, sure there are folks who got their cut on the production side, and some of the money from each sale is lost in various fees and taxes. But most of it comes to the band. Even split six ways with some set aside for touring expenses, it's still… quite a number." She shakes her head a bit, as if talking about it makes the whole thing more real that it was before. She gives Rebecca a grin, "Well, a ghost or a Star Wars character. But still plenty of room to work with." She grins and gives the clock on her phone a quick look. "I'm going to go pick up the pizza order. Meet you back here, or…?"

"Here is fine enough I figure." Becca nods before looking at Dax. "I don't want to be a ghost." She tells him quietly, her hazel eyes very serious. "I can't disappear-you know?" She adds and hushes up, letting Tabitha and Dax decide where they're all meeting for pizza.

Afterthought's head tilts but there's no response.

Daxton sighs, "You're all underage. Sometimes kids don't get to keep money like that." It happens a lot, especially in the entertainment industry. "Here is fine." And just easier. An arm goes around Becca, "You're not a ghost. You're right here with me. Solid."

Tabitha nods to conceed Daxton's point as she starts to rise off the ground. "True. But Nathaniel knows I'd kill him in his sleep if he tried anything like that. Unless Katrina beat me to it." She shrugs as her aura pulls tight in around her body. "Be back soon." Then her aura seems to shiver slightly before she vanishes from sight completely. The movement of the trees as she flies up through the canopy is the only sign of her departure.

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