(2016-08-04) Zero-G
Summary: Prior to their trip to space Dax and Felicia get some Zero-G training.
Date: 2018-8-4
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It's early evening and thing have been set into motion for this mission to a galaxy far, far away. A few of those things are training sessions. And one of those sessions is..wait for it…Zero-G training. They are going into space, where there is no gravity and no one can hear you scream..it is a necessary precaution. Of course this requires the two teens to get into a plane capable of low earth orbit, which they did. At the moment the plane is still ascending, the earth below steadily shrinking out the plane Windows.

The only plane Felicia can recall being in is her little RC plane, so this is a new experience for her, and she has both hands plastered to the window and her forehead pressed against the plexiglass as she looks out the window. "Dude!" she exclaims "how far are we going up?" she says it loud enough that the pilot can hear, but she is mainly asking Dax, like maybe he knows or something.

This all feels very normal for Daxton, the training, the plane. Which is weird. He shrugs, "I don't know. I never flew a plane." That he knows of! "I still don't know how much use I'm gonna be in zero-G." he imagines he's going to just look like a cartoon, with spinning legs.

Felicia gives a nod, only glancing briefly at her team mate "yeah. Everything is weightless in space…no matter how dense I get I'm still going to be floating." plus her strength is going to be useless as well if it comes to that too. "I guess for once it puts us on even footing with everyone. We can't rely on our powers as much when we are floating around.".

As the plane starts to level off it tilts so that it is much easier to see the jewel like orb of earth far below "you can unbuckle your safety belts now." the pilots voice comes over the speaker and the astronaut type person accompanying them and in charge of the training unclips, beginning to float upward "okay you two. I'll give you a few minutes to get acclimated and then we will go through some safety stuff and into training."

Then why the hell are they there? Daxton isn't actually sure about that. Shouldn't the Earth Ambassador for aliens be going, or something? Despite his antsiness about the trip, as soon as they get the okay, he unbuckles fast. Cause, it's floating, and that's cool. He nods to the astronaut (Are there still astronauts?) and lets his arms and legs kinda flail out. A smile threatens to tug at his mouth, cause floating.

Felicia doesn’t care about the whys and how's and whatfors. They are getting the opportunity of a lifetime, she isn't going to question it too much. Even though they have been told they can unbuckle she doesn't do so as quickly as Dax. The view out the window holds her captive a few more moments "okay, o

"okay, it is nothing like the pictures…well not really." all the pics in the world can't capture the real magic of the scene below. finally pulling away from the window, she glances at the instructed and then the grinning Dax. "That's so cool!” she quickly unbuckles, floating upwards, as does her hair, and for once the left side of her face with its crisis-crossing of scars is in full view. not that she notices right away, since she is making swimming motions, quite clumsily and more dog paddle Iike to try to move forward…it isn't that effective. She is starting to giggle though…giggle!

Daxton figured, so he doesn't stare. But he does laugh out loud when she giggles. This is so ridiculous! Not waiting for the instructor he swims to a wall, wanting to try something. Which can only end poorly.

Dax knows he's not going to be able to run fast, but that's due to not being in contact with gravity and the ground. He might be able to float fast though. It's all time related, right?

Yeah, Felicia isn't the giggling type, but there is a lot of childlike glee in her at the moment, so it escapes and at the moment she is to giddy to care. She gives a slight of as she bumps into the ceiling, just letting the lack of gravity and what little air circulation there is carry her in its current. Watching Dax she raises brows "what're you up too?"

< FS3> Daxton rolls Super Speed: Great Success.

"I wanna test something…" Even as he says it, it's probably not a good idea. The speedster crouches, his legs bent and he pushes off. It's much like Speedy Gonzalez, but with Daxton. He's all over the cabin, almost all at the same time. Seems without gravity has some perks too. He hollers, laughing as he's touched about every surface he can reach without ending up in the piolet seat. "Holy shit!"

She tries, but Felicia's eyes just can't follow the movement of the speedster as he pinballs around. All she sees is him being first in one place and then he is in another. She does feel him brush past her though and it causes her to float in the opposite direction "Well, I guess you aren’t as useless up here are ya thought." she is grinning at him. She finally pushes off the wall, a little to hard actually, sometimes she doesn't know her own strength and she flies across the plane to slam into the other way, which she bounces off of, slamming her into another wall, etc. She pinballs too, but uncontrolled. She becomes a perfect example of Newton's first law of motion.

< FS3> Daxton rolls Super Speed: Good Success.

Daxton's laugh, he can't help it. This is cool. he pushes off again, trying to catch up with Fel, it's difficult, as they're both going different speeds, but he's able to snag the back of her shirt, "Got ya!"

Good thing Felicia isn't in super dense or heavy mode of else she would have probably but a Felicia shaped hole in the side and they would have been in really big trouble. And not just for damaging a super expensive plane! As her shirt is snagged by Dax she jerks to a stop and let's out another of. She is going to be bruised up later. There is a moment of surprise maybe shock as she is suddenly not moving or bouncing around anymore and then she is cracking up laughing. "That was awesome!" only she would think that pin balling uncontrollably and bouncing off walls was awesome…or maybe Dax too.

The instructor has been watching, silently laughing himself as the pair get used to the sensation and quickly learn what to do, and what not to do.

Definitly Dax too. "Yeah. too bad Oli and Grey couldn't come up." Although he's got a feeling Oli wouldn't find this fun, and who knows about Grayson. The speedster swings Fel around to grab her hand and then tries to spin her. No super speed, he doesn't want to kill either of them.

"More fun for us!" and less people for her to run into. "Though they may drag us down." the pair are a lot more serious than she is, that's for sure. Felicia has a moment of confusion when her hands are taken, she knows what it /isn't/ about, she just isn't sure what it is. But then they are spinning around and around. "This. Is. The. Best. Thing. Ever!" she yells, there is a bit of a Doppler effect as they spin around, and she is laughing hard.

"Okay, you two, play time is over." the instructor lightly pushes off the wall and helps the pair come to a slow halt "Now that, that is out of your system, buckle back in and we will go over safety procedures and then the real training will begin."

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