(2016-08-04) Blowing Steam
Blowing Steam
Summary: Aidan is in a funk and Felicia is just the girl to fly him out of it.
Date: 2016.08.04
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It was morning, after the morning work out and breakfast, but not too close to lunch yet. Aidan had had a good talk with Rebecca last night. Getting some things off his chest from his visit home…but a new day had him feeling down again. It could also have something to do with the fact that his mother had texted him last night…and he had no idea what to say. How was he going to tell her?

He would figure something out and call her later. Eventually. Currently, the lanky pyro is back out at the training grounds, wearing a new short sleeved shirt and basketball shorts. Oh the paleness! It could be a secondary mutation. Focusing on an area in front of him he reaches a hand out, sending a stream of fire out into the space between him and the trees.

Letting the stream continue for awhile Aidan doesn't seem to be aiming it at anything or really directing it…just letting it out for the moment. Closing his hand to cut off the stream finally, he catches his breath, brow furrowed as he shakes his hand a bit "C'mon…"

Usually Felicia is off to work this time of day, but she has the evening shift at the park tonight. She switched shifts with someone so they could go do important stuffs, she's cool like that. This gives her an afternoon free to fly around in her plane…it has no safety lights and she can't see in the dark any better than the anyone else, so no night flying for her.

With her RC plane and the control in hand and wearing her blue shirt with the Ares symbol in the middle circled by the words 'Don't Date Us, Don't Vote for us. We'll Sort It Out.' she is trying to make that the team motto, but there has been lots of opposition to it. Go figure. Seeing Aidan blowing off steam, quite literally, the girl can't help but snigger "Whole new level there Aidan." she says as she approaches him but doesn't get to close..steam is hot.

About to try for another stream of fire, Aidan pauses as he hears his name. Lowering his hand quickly he turns to look at Felicia, seeming a bit on guard. "Oh…hey Felicia…" He looks to the plane, just standing there for the moment "What's up?…" He hadn't expected anybody else to be out here this early.

"Me in this plane is about to be." she lifts the plane in her hand, it's an RC prop plane, one of the larger variety.It's a bit dinged up but still in good flying condition and it doesn't look compromised in any way. Felicia glances up at the blue sky and the fluffy clouds that breeze by "May be a bit to windy though." she points up "Up there at least." lowering the plane she studies him a moment "What up with you? Got big plans for the last month of summer?" with school starting soon there is a lot of frantic getting all the fun in planning and behavior from those few students that stayed while school was out.

Aside from a bit of sweat on him from his exertion so for, the young Prometheus' stance is more tense or rigid than usual, but that could also be from the training. Lofting a brow, Aidan nods at the plane comment "Nice…well…be careful." He then shakes his head "No plans. Just hanging staying around the school probably…out here some. I don't know." Thrilling!

<FS3> Felicia rolls Alertness: Great Success.

Some days Felicia is good at reading people, other times not so much. Today is the former it seems. Lucky Aidan! Maybe it's because he is usually nicer and more chipper than he is at the moment. At least in her experience. "Who put the sand in your vaseline?" that has to be the strangest way to ask a person what's wrong ever, but this is Felicia we are talking about. As she asks, she continues to study him with her one exposed dark eye. With the constant, thick fall of hair over the left side of her face that one is rarely, if ever seen.

Downside to being an upbeat person. People can always tell when you're having an off day. He'd just have to work on getting meaner! Yeah that's it! Aidan does blink at the question "I…uh…no one?" Shaking his head he runs a hand through his hair and walks over to the nearby benches where his water bottle sits.

"I'm trying to push out my fire until I get a hiccup. It happens…usually. After enough consistency and…I'm just not getting it." So wait Aidan was WANTING his powers to mess up? "Figures…the one time I actually want a flare up and I can't get one." He can't help but laugh at that a bit. There was a bit of extra heat to him than usual, but that could also be from the training.

"Huh." Felicia says, a dubious look thrown in his direction. "Sure, sure, whatever you say." she isn't going to push it right now. She follows him over to the bench, hopping up onto it from a standing position. The girl can jump. "Yeah?" she nods as if she understands what he is talking about. "So you can learn to control it again in case it happens in a situation where power control issues wouldn't be a good thing?"

"Exactly!" The first genuine positive response from the lanky pyro. "I've been working on it…but I still feel like I'm just not getting anywhere." Granted he was better than when he came here two years ago. Flare ups happened regularly. Especially if he got upset or worked up which, being in a new place and under the circumstances that had brought him here, also happened regularly. So yes he was a lot better.

"I hate that feeling…when it happens. Because I always know right before or can feel it building. I just can't stop it…and I hate it. It makes it feel like I haven't made any progress at all." Aidan sits on the bench, frowning and looking up at Felicia as she stands. "Does that make any sense? Or am I crazy?"

Felicia bends down a bit and jumps to up to the next bleacher "Of course it looks that way to you." she tells him as she looks over her shoulder at him "You are to close to the problem." she does a perfectly executed pirouette and ends up facing him once more "You need an outside perspective man."

There is a nod of understanding to Aidan "It totally feels like a major suck." of her lovely terminology! "Total sense. Crazy percentage, .001." she tells him as she sits down for a moment "I know the feeling man. I can't always control my shrinking. Half the time when I shrink down I'm stuck at that new size, sometimes for a few minutes…sometimes days. Just recently I shrunk down Rebecca and got her stuck like that. She was like five inches for like a day and a half!" and she feels bad about it too. At least Rebecca wasn't upset about it.

Watching her jump, Aidan thinks on her words for a moment. "Yeah…I guess. But yeah MAJOR suck" he does chuckle at the phrasing. Oh and hey Felicia said he wasn't crazy so that had to mean something! Right?

"Oh wow" he winces "That does sound rough. So…how do you deal with it? The set backs or…obstacles like that?" Aidan frowns more "Yeah…it's the hurting other people part that's the worst." Obviously. "I've burned shit in our house before…flared up around my parents…but I burned my little brother. Bad." His gaze goes down to the water bottle in his hands. "I've never hated my powers more than I did at that moment. That's when I came here…"

Again, this is Felicia, some might argue that she isn't the most mentally stable person around, though no one would argue that she isn’t emotionally stable at least. She is pretty even keeled when it comes to temperament.

"When you are recovering from grievous injury and going through rehab they have a saying 'It's going to get worse before it gets better." she tells him "You just tell yourself that it's one of those worst days and that soon it will get better, and just keep trying, fail or win, keep trying." she nods "I got sent her because I kept breaking the equipment at the rehab facility…and I refused to go home. And then there was that incident with my physical therapist..but she can finally use that arm again…"

Aidan nods with what she's saying, frowning at the last part and looking back to her. "Wow…I didn't realize it was like that for you. That difficult I mean…" As much as he didn't like the idea of her going through it, it did help to know that somebody understood. "It's amazing what I learn when I actually come out of my room and socialize huh?" he says with a smirk.

During his first year at the school Aidan was notorious for closing off in his room. Even still in the last year, though he had started staying out more, he still hadn't been too social until more recently. "I guess everybody is bound to have some downside or drawback to their powers. It just…gets so frustrating seeing people around here either loving their powers…or already being great at controlling them. When I on the other hand set my textbook on fire last semester by having a sneezing fit in class…"

Rubbing the back of his neck with his hand Aidan keeps his focus down on the ground, embarrassed, "If…somebody walked up to you today with a cure…a way to take away your powers…would you take it?"

"Yeah. it's a big world out here Aidan." she lightly pats him on the shoulder "Once you stop wallowing in your own stuff and talk to people you soon realize that everyone has stuff to wallow in." she gestures around and then to the school itself "Lotta sob stories inside those walls. Some good ones too."

"Like I was telling Rebecca the other day, We have it easier than a lot of people. Powers or not." she leans forward, resting elbows on her knees. "It's true, no ones powers is all rainbows and unicorns." there is a slight shrug at him "I don't see it as frustrating. I'm happy for them. The more control they have the less likely they are to hurt me or someone else." she can't help but laugh at his setting fire to text books "Remind me to let you carry my books for me." she's all for scorched text books apparently.

There is no hesitation in her answer to his question "They can have my powers when I die." nope, no way she is giving up her abilities, even if they get wonky. They are to much fun to have.

Aidan doesn't reply for a moment, thinking. He honestly wasn't sure of his own answer to the question right now. If you had asked him last night after talking to Rebecca…he would have answered more like Felicia. Only not exactly the same…the girl definitely had her own flair with words. Today though he seemed to be in a funk again.

"Right…" he finally settles on that as a suitable reply, nodding and standing up, setting his water bottle down and turning to face Felicia. "So…need me to fly that thing for you? Or…how does it work?…" Aidan points to the RC plane with a bit of a smirk, intrigued.

"Just keep swimming man," her hand goes back to his shoulder. Yeah she is a bit touchy feely, with everyone really, not just Aidan. "And if the current pushes you back, pile drive like Wreck it Ralph." yeah she loves cartoons, you're never to old for cartoons! And they offer valuable life lessons to boot.

She lets it all drop though when he changes the subject to her plane. "Not really." she tells him "I've gotten pretty good at flying it from the inside." she looks back and forth between plane and fireboy and grins "Or you could fly in it and I can drive!" what better way to cheer a person up than shrinking them down and making them fly in a potential deathtrap…which Felicia at the wheel!

A laugh is given at the advice "I'll keep that in mind" Aidan does smirk a bit though. Maybe this talk would stick. Or you know, maybe he'd be a hormonal teenager and go back to being depressed about it later. Who knows. Everything seems so serious when you're their age and that's without the addition of super powers!

"I…wait what?" The sudden switch to him being the one in the plane has him looking uncertain, "I don't know…I mean…" The pyro does seem intrigued, but hesitant. I mean she had just talked about getting Rebecca stuck all tiny! Still it wasn't a no! At least not yet.

And maybe Felicia will just give him a nice smack in the head next time he starts feeling this way. Win-Win!

"I said get in the plane Flynn." she points to him and then at the plane as she shakes the remote for it with her other hand "Let's give you another reason so be all shaken up besides whatever is floating around in that firey brain of yours." she then circles a finger at his forehead. Man can she be bossy!

Aidan is quiet awhile…a good while as he debates it. Finally…"Sure. Why not?" Training hadn't worked. Maybe scaring the ever living hell out of him would! "So…what do I do?" he looks to the plane and then back to her. "Just stand here or…turn around three times while clicking my heels or…what?"

Felicia looks down at his shoes "You have the wrong shoes on for that last one." she tells him "Just stand there." she stands on the bleacher and leaps down to the ground, instead of just climbing down like a normal person.

Flexing her fingers she reaches out and puts a hand on Aidan's arm and suddenly everything is growing larger as they are growing smaller. "here only warning are the words "Going down." like they are on an elevator or something. It is over in seconds..micro seconds, and she isn't much bigger than 5 inches and him a bit taller, the RC controller in her hand shrunk down as well. Everything shrinks down in proportion to her, that's just how it works. "Okay, I'll give you a boost up into the plane. The cockpit is all nice and cushioney…I even added a four point harness!" she eyes him then "If you throw up in it you have to clean it."

Not ready for how fast it'd happen or the sensation of it, Aidan lets out a startled "Shit!" before finding himself pocket sized! "No…fucking…way…" He stands in awe a moment, looking around at everything now gigantic around them and laughing. "This is so cool!" Turning back to her then he'd nod "Right. Four point harness. No throwing up…got it!" He suddenly seems much more excited, rushing over to the plane and taking the boost up and into the cockpit. He sits down and gets himself situated.

Felicia laughs. She always loves the reaction of people when they are shrunk down for the first time. "I know, right! It never gets old. Now you see why I don't wanna give up my powers!" she nods "Way cool. Have Rebecca phase you through a group of people. It's kinda gross, but way cool too." she knows, she's been there, quite recently even.

Once he is situated she upsizes herself so she can see better…and doesn't run to risk of being hawk food…though poor hawk really..he wouldn't survive the experience!

She switches on the plane, the little engine whirring to life, the props on the wings and on the front starting to spin. "Ready?" she doesn't wait for an answer as she taxis the plane across the ground and sends it flying into the air.

Aidan hears her outside the plane and even though his own tiny reply would not be heard, it's habit. "Read-WHOOOOOAHOHOHO!" His laugh echoes in the tiny space around him that felt huge with his new size. This. Was. Incredible. There is an initial rise of panic as he gets into the air fully, but it is then replaced by adrenaline and excitement. Apparently Aidan was a thrill junky! Who knew! Now all that is left for him to do is enjoy the ride…giving very positive vocal reactions the whole while!

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