(2016-08-01) Space the Debreifing
Space the Debreifing
Summary: Oliver, Dax and Felicia talk to MJM about the fate of the galaxy
Date: 2016-08-01
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Arrangements have been made, Michael J Michaels had made the means of transportation ready to Oliver, he could explore his roots, find his family, find himself. He was called to the building in Thunder Bay. The same intern on staff there, he greets Oliver, and company, but mostly Oliver, with a warm smile and the offer of drinks. The strange alien drink offered again. The others offered regular earth fare in generally.

The being known as Michael J. Michaels is ready though, he comes out to greet them. "Oliver, this is good you are ready, you have company to keep." Or fodder, no telling what could happen up there. He strikes a curious figure. The man known as Michael J Michael is tall at over six feet easily, and angular. Not the earth angular that means sharp features, but nearly true corners rather than rounding at the angles of his face. His hair looks thick and tight, like buffalo, with tight dreads, less thick it’s so tight as it is pulled into a pony tail at his back. The ends stick out in every direct though from that pony tail, little points where they end.

He waves a hand to the table in his office. A long office, with a glass slate that is a desk, no computer can be seen on it. Oliver may recall how it works. The small spindle leg sofas and coffee table at the other end, something right out of the late 50s or early 60s. "Please to meet you," he'll offer hands to everyone, a hug to Oliver as they're old friends now in Michaels eyes. With each new figure or friend, the two, he repeats for them, "I'm Michael, … please to meet you, I'm Michael."

It took a little finagling to coordinate all four schedules, but Oliver was finally able to make an appointment for him and two of the others to meet with Michael Michaels. Unfortunately, Grayson couldn't get out of work, but he promised to take good notes and try to ask any questions he thought Gray might ask…not that he can read minds.

The receptionist is greeted as well and yes, this time Oliver does accept the offer of the alien drink because…why the heck not? He asks though, "Is it vegan?" before truly accepting it. Once they're led into the office, he returns the hug a little hesitantly as it wasn't quite expected, but there's almost a little relief that everything is still the same. He then takes a seat on the sofa and offers introductions, "These are my friends, Felicia and Daxton. Grayson couldn't come today, but he's coming along too."

Daxton's eyebrow raises when he sees Micheal J Michaels. Oli did not mention the man was most likely not human. Or at least normal human. The speedster nods to him, declining any drinks. His hands are shoved into his hoodie pocket and he stays quiet, scanning the room for possible threats. it's why he's here, right?

Meeting with the dude that knows all the alien stuffs. Felicia was all in. She has had plenty of time to acclimate to the knowledge that aliens live amoung them. Not that it was all that surprising to her, but what is. Glancing around curiously as they are lead in she nods at the offer of a soda but gives a slight frown at not being offered the alien one. "What is it?" she asides to Oliver as she peers at it "Can I try it? Or will it make me sick or kill me?" when Michael introduces himself it takes a bit of will power not to do the name switheroo as she has before "I'm Felicia." she makes sure he knows which is which, just in case, she does shake his hand and then goes to take a seat at the table.

"What, um," ponders Michael on it being vegan or not. As he moves to sit just the same, he looks up at the ceiling. Recalling what vegan is exactly even, "Its … well, no. There is some plant matter in it, with a strand of DNA that makes it related to a sentient being." Sentient plant life. He is stretching the idea of vegan maybe, but sentient plants? Who knew. Still he grins at Felicia being interested in it more. "Well, its a mix of Rumash, something like a sea pod. It is fermented for three years in the pits of Qulnath, not like your alcohol. It is like." He has to think about this, "Your Kimchi," cause all the cultures of earth mix together in his mind, but he assumes everyone has had that. "With a little spice of Drathnind," a slight look to Oliver, "Distant genetics relation, its not sentient at all." As if that makes it all better. But back to Felicia, "I'm sure you'll love it." He looks to the assistant, "Four for my friends." See, everyone is friends now.

Once everyone is sitting, hopefully, he grins, "So, the card is pulled and thrown, the last trick. The Magician has revealed our card, the Ace of Eights." He doesn't know earth cards so much it seems. And the reference may be lost on most. "Oliver, I've prepared a Quantum Pod for you. Its not quite a space ship. You have to know your coordinates here and have an idea where you are going, and it will get you there." Because Quantum Pods are every day things in reality with Michael J Michaels. "I'd prefer a ship, but we couldn't get full clearance to have you flying around the galaxies near the Milking Way like this."

The drink is made from a sentient being? Oliver thinks about that for a moment before asking, "Is the being killed to make the drink?" Not that it makes that much of a difference — he should have asked before. Now he's not sure if he should even have it. He looks to Felicia to answer, "Guess not?"

But then Michaels is talking about what he's been able to procure, "A trick? I…ok. Sure, I figured we'd need to know coordinates anyhow. I was going to see if the message thingy would give me an idea," since there were false as well as real coordinates in there. "So wait, we're not going to have a pilot? Ok, so…uhm. What about the translator? Will they be coming along? And how do we get back?"

Daxton shakes his head at Fel, thinking that not drinking it is the best plan, cause yuck. A slight frown as this Michaels dude orders drinks for them all. He'll sit, but sits in such away he can keep an eye on the door and any possible windows. He is a paranoid Unit 23er. "What is a pod then, if not a ship?" Blue eyes narrow and he glances to Oli, "We don't have coordinates?" Dax was under the impression this professor knew everything. "Are we being sent in blind?"

Felicia loves to live dangerously. Daxton's head shake is noted and then she takes she drink anyway once it is delivered. "Is that like an escape pod sorta set up? That sounds like it is going to be tight quarters." she glances around at the others and then at Michael "Or will I be shrinkin us all down so we can fit comfortably." she looks at the alien drink, giving it the smell test before take a large gulp of it her expression contemplative a moment and then her nose wrinkling "Oh my gawd!" she looks into the cup "That's hot!." and this is the girl that can handle all sorts of spicy foods. Her eyes begin to water even and she waves a hand in front of her open mouth like that is going to help any.

"Precisely," agrees Michael, taking his own drink and savoring it a moment, the odd alien spiced drink. Then a look between them all, "Well, its not totally blind. If we just set the coordinates to a friendly planet left in the galaxy." The smaller neighboring one where Oliver's people come from, "That should be a good start. I can find one for a distant relative still holding their galactic seat, so it should be safe. Unless you can find the coordinates close to Princess Xratzth on the device." He steeples his hands, sits back, the couches have small back rests, barely half a back in size. He finds it cozy it seems. "Yes, a pod is like a ship, but you won't be navigating space itself. This is more, well, reality-time? It will plot a course least likely to have interference, and bend time to simply move you between here and there, removing the time of a lengthy travel. So it is like a ship, we can train you on its use, and give you coordinates back here. It is on the lab on level 89." 89th Floor.

A grin and nod to Felicia, "You don't have to shink down, but if you can, that would be fascinating." And he watches her as if this marvel will happen right now. Followed by a chuckle, "Yes, it warms one up on cold moons. It sits in the first gullet just right." Cause everyone has more than one digestive tract.

Oliver looks to Daxton, "Uh…I think I can choose the right coordinates. Some are fake and some are real. The real ones will take us to some of my family members who will be able to help us. I think the message thingy will tell me which ones are the real ones…" even though he doesn't know the language or, really, anything about it all.

So yes, they're sort of going in blind?

He looks over at Felicia's reaction before looking at the drink again. It's made from sentient beings who were killed to make the drink? There's a look of concern before he just…doesn't touch his.

"How do we get back? And if it's bending time, are we going to be older or younger or something when we get back here?"

Daxton just sighs, he tried to warn her. His attention is divided, he's watching the door, window, alien and trying to follow exactly what's being told to them. "Who's Princess Xratzth?" He has more questions but the sudden talk of reality-time has him frowning and trying to decide what that even is. He frowns more, not liking the uncertainty in Oli's voice. His leg starts to bounce, nervously as he waits for MJM to answer Oli's question.

"I only have one gullet thanks." Despite Felicia's comments about the drink she continues to imbibe it "This stuff is great." They are going to be hanging on alien planets with alien people and alien food all around, may as well start to get used to it now. "And what happens if they don't tell you which is which? Space time scavenger hunt?" her brows furrow a bit at the mention of bending time "Huh…I didn't think of that…is this pod capable of FTL travel or will we be using wormholes to traverse those kind of astronomical distances?

"Um," says Michael, not ready for the questions, as if its every day travel stuff. Then a grin and a nods, "Well, it only chooses the best path, and routes you there, it bypasses the actual time needed for that travel. So you don't age, and you do not travel past your point in time either. Forwards or backwards." A pause, "It’s sort of fascinating I suppose. It selects one of infinite possibilities, that is how you got there. Who knows, maybe an asteroid hits the school, and you are sent out in one of the school jets, which is sent into space. Maybe pirates take hold of that ship, you are sold into slavery for five years, and they end up near your destination. You work for your freedom and hop planets until you get there. Its just ends that reality to suit the circumstance. Similar to, folding a large piece of paper for an ant, you've cut away the middle is all." He folds his hands as if to demonstrate, then a nod to Felicia, "Similar to a wormhole, but instead of the intense relation between gravity, particles and their correlations in space, it makes its own in a manner."


Oliver looks between Felicia and Michaels as there is an explanation of how the pod works. Sort of. He doesn't quite follow and this is probably why he's rather relieved that the others are here now! But wait, "Pirates? Wait, what?" Of course, it's taking a risk no matter what, but that scenario was never considered!"

It's a lot easier to answer Daxton's question, "That's the Princess I'm supposed to help. We're sort of related and she's the last in line to rule the empire of my…uh…people and she's in trouble which is why they sent the message thingy. Which makes me wonder, why didn't they send it before?" Not that a child could have been able to help, but a teen is that much better?

Daxton's head tilts, his experience with time has been very different. There's no short cuts or cheats. He's feeling a little dumb though, all his time knowledge is experience, not book learned, so he's not got any of the fancy terms. And wormholes are real? isn't that star trek? The speedster swallows, and glances at the door again, leg starting to pick up speed as it bounces. "So does that mean you're in line to be ruler? is this a shuffle for power kinda fight? or is there a outside force?" Oli's gets his gaze, although it's on his shoulder, "Is your arrival going to be seen as a good thing, or a threat?"

Felicia listens to Michael's explanation, nodding. It all makes sense to her or at least it seems to. She could be faking it, but she really isn't all that good at that. "That asteroid hitting the school…let's not do that one. As for getting captured by pirates…" she shakes her head "Never mind. I'm digressing." there is more nods from her "Folding space. They use that one a lot in sci-fi movies." maybe that's why she is following easily enough, she has watched all sorts of those. At Dax’s questions to Oliver she hmmms "Not quite the family reunion you were expecting…or wanting I imagine." she does aside on one to those questions "Probably both. Good thing for one side, threat to the other."

"Well, I imagine in some places, the arrival of our friend Oliver will result in some threats being felt," says Michael, but leaves it at that. "Simply the General, if left to hold the planet that belongs to Princess Xratzth, will win by default. Until the princess is safe and revealed at least." Though Oliver will have to learn more himself, Michael doesn't know the full scope of the situation, just enough. "I cannot tell why they waited to send it, perhaps you had to be more … awakened with your natural abilities. They are suppressed on earth it would seem." Or he is more like the locals than his natural self, that Oliver. A grin to Felicia, "Yes, definitely not that. I think as fascinating as it would be to learn how time was folded, most choose to ignore the actuality of it. Simply to avoid paradoxes. As for the pod, we can train a pilot of your choosing of course and you will be supplied with coordinates to Earth and some friendly systems as a safety measure.

"Wait? In line to rule? What?" Oliver looks between Felicia and Daxton and Michaels, "I thought I was just a distant relative? I still don't know why they need me to help with all of this…" He then stops himself and takes a couple of deep breaths as he tries to regain his composure. Yeah, he's just a little wound up about all of this. He's a little more calm when he agrees with Felicia, "What she said. A little of both."

There's something else that Michaels says, "My abilities are suppressed here? What am I supposed to be able to do that I can't do? You said they were all shapeshifters…" but he then looks to Daxton. "You want to get the training? I mean, it's you or Felicia. Maybe both of you?" For some reason, he's leaving himself and Grayson out of said training.

Daxton nods, Game of Thrones in space it is then. Dax hasn't actually watched Game of Throne’s but maybe there will be space boobies. He wrinkles his nose and runs a hand over his hair, making it go all different directions. "Can we get the actual message translated for Felicia and I?" He glances to Fel then, " I think it would be best if we both learned, to be on the safe side." Plus, they both get to learn to fly a space ship!

Felicia has watched all the Games of Thrones, it is in her fav genre, but she passed on the books.. not that that was brought up at all, just saying. "Well I'm not bowing to you if that's the case." he's not her ruler, nor she Oliver's lackey. "And I'm not calling you your highness either." just laying the ground rules early, just in case. "You are asking if I want to learn to pilot a spaceship?" she looks at them "Seriously…you hafta ask?" you'd think they'd know the answer to that one already. "Well yes I wanna learn to pilot a spaceship. I am supposed to be Han Solo in this mission…right."

"There is the question of at least a planet involved," offers Michael on who could rule what for Oliver, "And I suppose, with enough transition, you could move up. That would take a lot of effort." Then he shrugs. Best not to think of the level of chicanery needed to be as high as the Princess, but still, possibilities. "Sure, I can translate it all to English. Just let me know when you two are ready to learn about the Pod. Shouldn't take more than an hour to learn." He's certain of that much at least. "If you're Han Solo, who is everyone else? I'll be the guy with the tall city, in the clouds." Michael knows the show, but he doesn't have all the references down. "Mesa think its a good trade, Luke Skywalker and mesa keep mesa city." Yes, he doesn't know it at all.

Oliver slides a glance to Felicia, "So does that make Daxton or Grayson Chewbacca? And which one is C-3PO?" Since he's already Luke Skywalker but the princess isn't his twin sister. At Michael's answer he gives a wince, remembering, "Yeah. I guess I could inherit something, but not the whole empire. Just…a planet." As if that's not enough!

The wince grows a little strong at Michaels' attempt at casting himself in their group. "You're not Jar-Jar Binks. You're Yoda. Since you seem to have all the information and can train folks!" His grin begins to return then. "So, what about the translator? Or do we have Star Trek thingies that'll do that for us?"

Daxton's eyes narrow slightly, "i don't like this comparison." He's mostly joking, and besides, Fel has the hair for Chewbacca! He raises an eyebrow, "Seriously? Only an hour?" That doesn't seem right either. "What about learning the language?" That's easier to think about than Yoda-MJM. Dax nods about the translators, that would work too.

"Oh yes, we have ear devices for you to lose, just be sure not to lose them. We have some made for humans, as well as one for you Oliver." Oliver can shape change to fit the device, his is probably more high tech and works with his shifting abilities even. "No need to learn the language. If you like we could leave an english diagram of the controls, but its more relevant to setting coordinates and working with the Pod. She's a good one, she will help make corrections as needed, give good advice. A good Quantum Pod. I took her out last time I visited some friends."

"If anyone is C3-PO it's Grayson." Felicia will stand by that. There is nose wrinkling at the Jar Jar imitation "No..just no." she shakes her head and will drop the subject, Jar Jar ruined it for her. "And hour?" that doesn't sound right to her either "Is it so easy a trained monkey can do it then?" that's hard to believe too, but it is advanced tech, maybe they just have to learn to supervise the thing piloting itself and not so much do the piloting per say. There is nodding and a bit of relief about the language and the ear pieces, she was kinda worried about that, especially with her talk earlier of babel fish. As for the diagram, she shrugs, if it helps Dax sure, but it isn't like she can read all that well. "Has a kinda auto-pilot?"

That reminds him! Going back to an earlier comment, Oliver asks again, "What should I be able to do that I can't do here? And thank you for the earpieces. I'm guess I'm either going to be me," he indicates his current form, "Or the alien form when I'm there. Right?" But he might get to see all sorts of new humanoids and fauna to turn into!

"Wait, the pod isn't sentient, is it? Oh, ships are all 'she's'. Right." He looks between Felicia and Daxton, "I mean, maybe we should all learn, but I guess as long as we know the coordinates there and home, we're good, right?"

Daxton makes a low, not completely happy with the situation noise. Grayson's not here, someone needs to be grumpy about this. ""I think we should all learn." He folds his arms, bias leg is still bouncing, but hasn't gone beyond human speed…yet.

Felicia is still sipping on her alien drink as well as the occasional drink of her earth soda. It's an interesting combination to say the least. "Even Grayson." with the learning how to be a pilot "When did we want to start this driver's training?" she hrms thoughtfully to herself "Oh do we get some kind of alien driver's permit after this?" breaking earth laws is one thing, don't wanna break galactic laws, just yet.

"What, sentient?" Ponders Michael half a moment, "Well, no, not really. There is speculative theory, did we design the ship or did the ship instill us with the concept of its design." Then he chuckles softly, as if the thought is just children’s rhetoric. But he doesn't say which way the rhetoric should go either. "Well, here its easier to be in your human form, but you should be capable of more up there. Including interacting with your races technology to a higher degree of control. I imagine you shift to what you see, but you should be able to learn to shift to what you need at some point I think." A nod of agreement with Daxton, they could all learn how to use the pod, "It wouldn't hurt for you all to learn." A slight grin and shake of his head to Felicia, "Well, no, but if you want? I could send in an application to the Telmarian Academy, you could learn to pilot cruiser class ships?" Its only a pod, child’s play, what could ever go wrong.

Oliver just scrubs at his face, "Ok. Ok, let's just…learn how to pilot the ship first. And then the others can get the translation of the message. And then we'll figure out what we need to pack and go…I guess." He's not used to having to be any sort of leader. "How long will the trip in the pod take?" That's a question that hasn't been answered yet, right?

This is not Daxton's party (His parties suck, right Fel?) so he stays quiet and nods, letting Oli figure this all out.

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