(2016-07-22) Derek Meets the Goonie
Derek Meets the Goonie
Summary: Upon a visit to Costa Rica, Derek and Anna run into the Goonie.
Date: 2016-08-01
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NPCs: Krutchen vin Gadoon
Scene Runner: Derek

They were visiting Costa Rica, enjoying the destination. She was getting him used to the secondary destination. Under the Sea. The Caribbean Sea, there was a realm down there, those who lived under the sea. Hidden from man mostly, through various magic and naturally hidden areas and trenches. There was an entire city down there, the seat of the kingdom. She wanted to show him, but was hesitant. Though eventually they made it there. Figuring out how to have Derek breathe, between his abilities and her magic.
The city was a site to behold. Swimming down amonst the coral at the bottom, the rocks and growths, it sprang to life before them. It was no different than a city he might know, with suburbs and tall towering coral towards its center. Its own infrastructure, means of transportation, lighting. It was modern, it was simply different being under the sea. He wanted to see where they might hang out, shops, attractions, they had some sort of tourism. Perhaps not as popular as modern America, but certainly they had places to go and things to do.
As they are swimming along a lane towards the coral towers of down town, Derek is all grinning now, and he says to her, "I still can't believe this is all here." Though she is probably used to it, second nature, "There is nothing like this in the clouds." That he has ever encountered at least, then again, he's knew to wings and flying.

It was her world, where Annaliesa had grown up, spent her more formative years, attended home schooling. Her city. This is where she was at home. With a carefree smile, she swims through, taking him down one lane, to the next. "I am so glad I could show you. That I can trust you to share this." Though he could never have found it on his own, nor could he again without her. "Maybe there is one in the clouds. The beanstalk story has to come from somewhere." The words are musing, because she believes there's a grain of truth in every story.

"Yeah, we have to find the beanstalk," he agrees, swimming along. On an adventure now, Derek is opposed to pondering future adventures. "So, during the school year, we use holiday and weekends to find that beanstalk." Like, there is a library at school, they could research it. "We're on it, you and me girl." Like high five moment, the boy loves her, but something about being who he is leaves him in high fives mostly in public. Just once away from all that, he opens up a lot more for her.
A mysterious figure watches them from below, among the houses of the common folk of the under water city. A man with tentacles in stead of a beard, a mix of black and read, a vest is worn, but its slit at the sides, where flaps of skin connect between his arms and his torso, large flaps of red that his race uses to swim through the seas. The Beisht Kione have shared these waters with the Mermaids and their Siren leaders for centuries, but have recently taken more control of the kingdoms council. Anna's family had been on that council for generations until removed by one of the Kione. Derek takes no notice, he has yet to realize there are other races down here.

"I agree, we use the rest of our time of summer vacation and spend some of the holidays and weekends looking for the beanstalk. I know there has to be something." She points out one of the shops. "The best seafood in town. So fresh." Because cannibals. With a smile, she looks at him, glad he can share this with her. "We're on it," she agrees, appreciating him so much away from the school. Feeling a gaze, she glances away from her boyfriend, but doesn't pay as much attention to it as she should. Humans were never allowed in this part, well they could never find it, so she puts that feeling to someone watching Derek. "It's been the best summer, Derek. What do you think of my family?" They had liked him just fine, taking to him. Then she feels a shiver down her spin and turns around in a circle. "I feel.. uneasy." In her home, where she was usually so at ease.

"If not, we'll find something," about the beanstalk, its there really or they'll make some other adventure. Either way, he's in. "Well, best seafood, I have to try this out." ANd ths could be his first time trying out merfolk cuisine in general, but he has that spirit of adventure. Derek will try anything once, even stuff that probably looks gross to others, or sounds gross. "It been a great summer, I love your family. Seems I did okay around them, hopefully they let me stick around a little." What, Derek the rebel, worried about what some girls parents say. THat might be shock for some of the kids at school. "Maybe we can visit them some holidays even?" Then he notices her shiver, and swims closer to grab her hand, "You okay? We don't have to eat." Cause eating might not make her feel so well.
The mysterious figure watches a moment longer, then starts swimming towards the duo. If she notices him, she may recognize him (awarenesss check vs 4)

<FS3> Annaliesa rolls Awareness Vs 4: Failure.

"You've got the air, I've got the sea, we'll find it, between you and me." Annaliesa rhymes without intending to. "You know, I like your fearless attitude, willing to try new things." The smile returns, easily enough. "They adore you, Derek, you'll be sticking around. I think they're awed that you can fly." He mentions visiting them and she laughs a little. "My parents will be in Shady Cove already." Another glance around, she says nothing because she still doesn't notice the approaching figure. Again, she lets the uneasy feeling go.

"They adore me," he says, as if not used to that feeling. A shiver inside, a curious grin on his face, something new. Someone else's family adored him. He was doing something wrong, or something right. "Exactly, what is there to fear. I mean, I guess, if I die, I join Onida or something." Like there is an adventure after death, not that he wants to think of dying. A swim down, he'll get the door for her, to try this amazing see food.
That is when the man comes to them, or catches up. "Ah," calls the voice of the Kione, "Young Ms. Brooks." His voice above a hiss under the sea here. She will recognize him then. Senator Krutchan vin Gadoon, a leader of his people, responsible for displacing her mother from her high position on the council. Her mother suspects he's trying to take over. A few hold outs think they Kione simply want to enslave the merfolk, and harness the ability of the Sirens. "Fancy seeing you here with this … walking ape." Humans, he doesn't think highly of them at all.

"They do adore you." Annaliesa knew for a fact her mother and grandmother were smitten by his charm and good looks. Her father was happy to have another mature male around to talk to. "Oh there are plenty of things to fear, Derek. Even down here.. there are the good and bad, like on the land, with land people." When he gets the door, she swims, about to go through.. until she hears her name. Turning, she catches the man, his tone, the familiarity of him. Yes she recognizes him and she stiffens. "Sir vin Goonie." The nickname the little merkids called him when she was younger. Then he disrespects Derek and she scowls. "If you've nothing important to say, leave me alone, we're busy."

"Gadoon," he corrects, some seething quality in his voice, "But I forget you are a kid, you and that brother of yours." Why he choose to mention them and not her mother is anyone's guess. "Nothing important at all, that is saved for the council. I fear your family no longer has such business." He'd rather not have Sirens be some important despite wanting some for whatever reason. "Fare well, Ms. Brooks. Perhaps our paths will not cross again." A shrug, a slight laugh.
He'll leave them alone, Derek will remain silent for the moment, being likened to an ape after all. "What was that all about, that guy did not like us." He would say her, but the insult was enough, they're together in this.

"Oh right. Gadoon." Annaliesa offers no apologies following the correction. "Not a kid anymore," she inputs with her own threatening manner. "All grown up. And I've been receiving training." Why she offers that, she doesn't know, but she can't seem to stop. "My family no longer has such business.. Yet. But I'm graduating in several months and isn't it convenient there'll be a spot opening on the council about then?" A cocky half smile is given, she can give as good as she gets. "Oh our paths will cross again. Count on it." Giving her own slight laugh as he leaves them, and she turns to Derek. "Mermaids aren't the only sea creatures."

"Ah yes, this training," says the man with a slight chuckle, muffled through those tentacles that seem like a beard. "Maybe the spot will serve you well, maybe anther more qualified candidate shall arise from the rank and file." He says, offhandedly, though that is a concern, that seat on the council. He slowly walks away, chewing on that thought.
"I'm realizing, he has it in for you it seems. What did you do to him?" A slight shake of his head, "You plan on doing that, coming down her to be on that council?"

"Maybe it will." Annaliesa counters, then turns to fully give her attention back to Derek. "I didn't do anything to him. It's a long standing rivalry between his people and mine. My ancestors to be specific. This city was free territory back then, it just was here, no one owned it. My great grandmother came up with the idea of the council. His people spurned it, thinking it would all die out. When it flourished, he came up with a nonsense claim on the city and has been trying to take it over since. He says he's some royalty and should rule the undersea life. Like he's Triton or Poseidon or something. Few take him seriously, but he has some followers. None of the merfolk though. He wants to enslave us, I think. Or so it's been said."

"No way that's gonna happen on my watch," retorts Derek regarding slavery. "How can he do that, if your grandmother came up with the council." He could learn more about democracy it seems in American history and politics classes. THat hand he hers, he pulls her into a hug, "I don't know what his deal is, but you have more friends now, he doesn't know what he's getting into." Or the reverse is true, "I don't like the idea of him messing with you or your family. I don't like how he keeps talking about Sirens either." SHe was special, a mermaid, and more so, a Siren. "Why would anyone want slaves these days?" A shake of his head. "Maybe he was the uneasy feeling babe?"

"It won't happen." Annaliesa agrees, not looking back towards where the man departed, afraid she would see him watching them and it'd give her the heebie jeebies all over again. "Grandmother just came up with it. It's a democracy people are voted in." A breath. "And out." Exhale. "I would never get people wrapped up in my mess like.. others at our school. Well, you maybe." As his arms come around her, she snuggles up to him, "Why wouldn't one want a Siren to command?" The words are playful with a hint of knowing in there, knowing that most would, for sinister reasons. "It was likely him yeah. I feel creeped out every time I cross his path."

"Mmm," grins Derek into that snuggle, "I heard they're far more suitable to commands, if they are willing, and they one giving commands is loyal to them." A shrug, a squeeze, "Its a good system, and with other races, the council sounds like it gives everyone a say." A vote? Still, doesn't matter, her safety does. "As much as we did for Daxton," then a pause, "Well you got me baby girl. Team Us, through thick and thin. He was creepy, I'll give him that, with the face growth." Tentacles. He gets them inside, "So, we should try this seafood you're talking about." Cause he is sure its not Long John Silvers deep fried foods.

"They're also loyal to one, when they choose to be." Annaliesa is comfortable beneath the surface of the water and she hums out a haunting tune, briefly. "It's a good idea, the council. We will see what happens. I don't plan on living down here, but I have cousins, other family." Leaving Daxton out of it, she finally glances back towards the direction the man had gone before swimming inside with him. "Good seafood. Tender and fresh." Raw. Oops.

"I feel like I need to pay attention in school this year," admits Derek to Annaliesa, "Be ready to help you, it sounds like serious business. Do you need to tell your family you saw him and he was being all threatening, just so they know. Or is that always how squidface is?" Its just a thought, and food. "Tender and fresh?" He says, in a whisper mumble voice, giving her one more squeeze, "Just the way I like my seafood." More implied of course, he'll learn about raw here soon enough it seems, he's on the rollercoaster, enjoying the time other than crazy squid guys. "Before school, I want to go camping once, near where I found the amulet." From which his abilities seem to come.

"You should be paying attention in school every year," Annaliesa gently chides him, but with a playful smile. "I know I would love the help." She ponders the rest. "Oh, maybe. This is the first time he has mentioned Vinny. My father and brother aren't merpeople, so.." It concerns her, sure. But they were there. "It can wait for now. I will tell them when we catch up with them again. Tomorrow, we get to go tour the volcano." Just her and him. She smiles, brushing her hand over his arm. "And raw." There's a brow waggle and she chomps her teeth together. "Of course, we can go camping in the middle of the week, less people around that way. You can fly us there."

"Oh, I do, just not to school," the attention Derek pays, he's aware of everything else most likely. "OH, yeah, I would love the help too. Let's help each other Liesa. Focus on that volcano, or this food you have me trying." A squeeze, he moves them towards the line, or to a place to sit if its a service sort of place. "Hopefully everyone has cooled down over the summer, I don't want to go back to drama and people flying off the handle for no good reason." A grin, and a nod, "You could swim us there, to figure that out. Us, in the water." And definitely camping in the middle of a week here.

Annaliesa smiles at the suggestion and swims over to a table to have a seat. A menu is there, on the table, just like if the place weren't filled with water. "I want shrimp," she orders. At least they will be peeled and deveined. "What would you like Derek? The shrimp are good, as are oysters on the half shell. Among other things. Crab meat is especially good." Her lips quirk, aand she looks up from the menu.

"Oysters and crab sound good, maybe we can split oysters? And share crab and shrimp." Then a grin, "Seafood under the sea sounds more delicious than I would of guessed." So, how exact;y does it work, you being a mermaid, me being a human?

"My mother is mermaid. My father is human. Do the math. Or biology." Annaliesa tells him with a sweet tone of voice and a smile. "Sure, we can split it all." The order is given, she orders a freshwater tea to go with it. With a head tilt she looks down his body then back at his face. "We will have to see, we can swim to the volcano."

A pause, then a a grin, "Wait, the volcano is under water?" He was thinking something on shore in Costa Rica, but now its more exciting even. "I don't want to wait now." To go see it, or her, but the food sounds just as good, even if raw, it has to have seasoning or flavor or something. "Yeah, biology isn't my strong suit." Then a grin, teasing, but an honest moment, "This has been a great summer. I'm glad I met you babe."

"It's not underwater, we can swim there then get out when we want to tour it. It's somewhat active still though. The smell of sulfur is thick there." Annaliesa laughs. "How about we eat and go? We can then go camping in your place afterwards." As the food arrives, she continues. "There are two volcanoes in Costa Rica, but one.. the crater, you have to see it. It's amazing.." Her expression softens. "I'm glad we're together."

"Ohh, see, I get it, mostly," . Derek is grinning all the same, and he listens as she talks. When the food arrives, he looks at it a moment as if not expecting the raw state of things. But then, he's willing to try it too. "The crater? Is it still active? You did say it was hot." Said like he really wants to see it more if its still active too. "I could try my thing there," or not. He reaches for the shared oysters in the half shell, pondering how to eat it under water, probably just slurp it up, no need to tilt even. Then again, that could be rude, grabbing a half shell, he looks around to see how others may be eating it too.

"Poas crater lake, there is always steam rising up from it. It's something to see. I wanted you to see it before you left." Annaliesa grins in return and looks down at the food hungrily. Maybe she catches the hint that something was going on there, with the food and Derek. She scoops up an oyster shell and tilts her head back to swallow it down, setting the example. "Mm, good stuff." Curious to his own reaction, she reaches for a shrimp, trying not to obviously watch him.

Good thing he's a New York boy, he's used to raw oyster. Okay, maybe a little lemon and salt with it, but still, Derek knocks it back. Not as smoothly as her, and squints just a little, getting used to that flavor. "Lets camp up there one night, or close as we can get." WIthout alerting park officials of course. "This isn't bad," or could be better by his expression, but its the first time he's trying the food of merpeople. "So, I'm totally going to be on the Arena Fetch team this year, you thinking about playing, or watching at least?" Or some other school spirit stuff, that's as much as he does and its more fun to play for him.

Annaliesa takes note of the reaction before giving him a smile, "You're a champ for trying it at least. We can get burgers once we're there." Deciding that was enough seafood for him. Raw at least. She takes a couple more shrimp and a bite of crab meat before offering him her hand. "We can start out now. Camp there, since you can fly us in somewhere close that's usually off limits."

Annaliesa takes note of the reaction before giving him a smile, "You're a champ for trying it at least. We can get burgers once we're there." Deciding that was enough seafood for him. Raw at least. She takes a couple more shrimp and a bite of crab meat before offering him her hand. "We can start out now. Camp there, since you can fly us in somewhere close that's usually off limits." If he agrees to leave with her, she continues, "Maybe I'll be on the sidelines, cheering you on. Or I could play. What do you prefer?"

"I like both," he says, he will eat raw shrimp, that is good, some raw crab. Actually, just the shrimp, not the crab come to think of it. "You in a cheer outfit.." He growls a little with his words even, emphasis. "But then, on the same team, they usually get water in at some point during matches, so someone who can control water or ice is good too. Especially on defense." A shrug though, "You could play, and cheer me on later?" He likes both

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