(2016-07-30) Where There Is Smoke
Where There Is Smoke
Summary: Two girls out hanging, things happen
Date: 2016-07-30
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Dax is off with his unit, cool. But it's Saturday and staying in the school would be totally lame all day so Becca is working on her own squad goals. She and Felicia caught the train out to Thunderbay and are walking around a mall with less seashells and beachy themed clothes and something with a little more real city feel. Looking around at the shop windows she wrinkles her nose at the pink camouflage in the sporting goods store's display. "I wonder if that's for tactical ops in the Barbie dream house?"

The last time Felicia came to Thunderbay was with Dax and Oliver, and that time didn't end well. At least it didn't if you asked the guys. She had fun…kinda scary, bullets flying fun. "Unless it is for hunters who want to look /Fabulous/ for the deer." she makes a little dipping move and tosses arms in the arm at the fabulous "No judgment though, they have every right to do so." it’s nothing she would wear of course. As the pair move through the shopping plaza she sips at an icy beverage people watching, mostly the other teens that are hanging out here as well.

Rolling her eyes, Becca smiles. "I think the deer appreciate the heads up at least." She looks at Felicia and shakes her head a little. "Nothing against pink-but that's just so many shades!" She says and drags her eyes away. "I guess the other schools are still out of class too, it's busy isn't it? Kinda weird."

Felicia gives a sage nod, trying not to giggle. She has such a hard time being serious "If it saves Bambi's parents I'm all for it." she does gesture to some of the blue shaded camo "I do like that though." blue is her favorite color an all. "Yeah. School doesn't start in the north east until after Labor day usually." which is a releif to her. "Still have another month of freedom before we have to deal with slow torture." a sip of her drink is taken "Ya know what we should do?!" some thought has come to her mind that has her starting to show some excitement.

"I like school, I'm good at it." Becca says and looks over at Felicia curiously. "What should we do?" She asks, dividing her attention between looking at Felicia and scanning the crowd to make sure there's no creepers crashing their day out. "Is your suggestion a seafood bake, because I've been making puppy eyes at Tabs to get a seafood bake."

The academic part Felicia is pretty good at. If by pretty good means maintaining a high C/Low B GPA. It's all the rules she has problems with "That makes one of us." not that she would admit to being great at it is she was. "You mean a crab boil?" which is the New England name for the same thing "That could be fun. Toss up a bonfire, h ave some music and call it a party." she grins all for a party. "But no, that isn't what I had in mind." she points to a hair salon "I was thinking we get our team colors streaked through our hair."

"That, yes. Bonfire and seafood and a lack of adult supervision." Becca nods and considers her hair for a moment. "Ohhh. Our hair is so dark though, think it'll work?" She asks as she brushes her fingers through a lock of her own hair. "I'm game if they can do dark hair."

"Huh…" Felicia gives Becca an apprasing look. She expected Becca to balk at least a little at her suggestion and not agree so readily. All those arguments she had in favor…worthless "Of course they can. It's called bleach Becca." she grins an a bounce comes to her step as she heads over to the salon "We can get a pic of us afterward and send it to Dax..and your mom." there is a wink given to Becca. The teen titan has heard a bit about Becca's tiger mother as is all for ruffling of the woman's feathers.

"Won't that take a lot of bleach? My mom would have a shit fit." Becca adds as she follows Felicia. She looks a little dubious about the bleach but why not try new things? "Like, I answered the phone in Spanish instead of Chinese and I swear you could hear the flames shooting out of her mouth." She grins a little. "I'm not even supposed to cut my hair-which I don't mind. I like it long."

Felicia shrugs "I don't think it is actual bleach, bleach." she has no idea, she's never done anything like this before either. There is a chuckle from the teen "Yeah. I was wondering about that." she was there for one of those instances "If you want I can teach you some French and you can answer in that. See what that gets you." a brow arches upward "Really. Not even cut your hair. I would have shaved it all off by now. Screw that noise. It's my hair I'll do what I want with it." always the rebel.

"I mean, I trim it from time to time, but I like it long. If I ever cut it or like, got an under shave or whatever, man." Becca shakes her head and rolls her eyes a little. "She's very traditional." She adds and offers Felicia a grin. "Are your parents super relaxed or something?"

"Well as long as you like it." Felicia tends to do things just to be contrary, whether she likes some or not. She must have control issues or some sort. "And undershave or a fade would be cool." now she is thinking about something like that for her "I dunno know. I haven't lived with my parents since the accident…and before the accident." she gives a shrug, "I don't remember any of that. I guess they are lenient, but that's just them trying to appease me I guess. To me they are strangers, to them I am still there daughter…something like that."

"Sounds complicated. Man, why do the weird kids have it the roughest? Except like Aidan and Kays, they have nice home lives it sounds like." Becca says and looks at her reflection in the window before shaking her head. Red streaks sounds wild enough for her tastes. "I bet its a lot cooler with part of your head shaved…I don't know. Seems so wild."

"We don't have a monopoly on rough lives." Felicia points out "There are plenty of flatline kids that come from rougher places than we do. There was one kid in the rehab facility I was in that got put there after his dad beat him with a baseball bat." she winces at just thinking about it, "I was just in a car accident that broke my brain. I don't consider that rough in comparasion." she heads into the salon, giving a have to the lady at the counter "Think I should do that…shave the side of my head?" she totally would…the right side.

"That's fair, my parents were divorced and fighting before I got…weird. Plenty of kids like that in LA though." Becca says and considers Felicia's question about the shave. "It'd be pretty wild. Will the Carnival care?" She asks, thinking about Felicia's job. She worries about getting in trouble still-or other people getting into trouble.

There is a shake of her head "Don't be silly. The guy that runs the big roller coaster has a mohawk like this," she holds her hand a good five inches above her head and it is teal with orange tips…it's a carnival." pretty much anything goes as long as the employees are relatively clean and sober while on duty.

"May I help you?" the woman behind the counter asks though the last bit of the statement is drowned out by blaring alarms a few stores down and a some screaming and yelling.

"Aaaah…" Becca holds up a finger. "Hold that thought?" She asks the counter lady and leans through the door briefly to look down towards the alarms, her eyes travel back to Felicia and she raises a brow. "Wanna snoop?"

Felicia isn't far behind Rebecca in the whole checking out the scene down the way "Totally up for some snoopage." not that they are going to have to actually do any sneaking or sly snooping. It is pretty obvious what is going on…well sorta. A crowd has developed in front of one of the store fronts, smoke is starting to billow out from it. There are shouts coming from the store as well as from the crowd as a couple of people, age and gender hard to tell from this distance, try to flee through the crowd.

"Sooo, people, or smoke?" Becca asks already stepping out of the salon as she scans the crowd and then the store. Her instincts say to check and make sure no one is trapped in the store first and she looks that way.

Felicia is looking at both as well, trying to decide the same thing "Life saving comes before criminal busting." she is sure there are camera's that caught the whole thing, so the perps face will be on news before the day is over. She begins to run toward the smoking store, though it is going to take judicious use of elbows and manhandling to get through the crowd, for her at least. Becca may have an easier time of it.

Running toward the crowd, Becca holds out a hand. "Grab on, I can get us through if you don't mind moving through people." She says with a quick look to Felicia. If she takes her hand, Becca will phase them both through the crowd to the smoking building. "Oh, only rule, you have to hold your breath." She adds quickly, before she forgets.

Well Rebecca has put up with shrinking a couple of times and the one time getting stuck even, so Felicia can at least trust the phaser with this. "That sounds disgusting!" oh yeah she is so all over that and takes the offered handing gleefully. At the last minute she takes a breath and holds it as she follows close behind the other girl on they way through the crowd…literally and into the smokey store.

The store is one of those niche knick-knack stores that sells various home decor and new agey stuff from supposedly all over the world, but was probably just manufactured in some Chinese sweatshop and marked up to put money in some corporations account. There is some fancy stuff though Swaroski crystals and some genuine gold and gem jewelry, the cases they were in smashed, most of the contents taken and/or scattered about. It seems that in the process the thieves knocked over some candles and set the curtains that were on display on fire, which has quickly spread, throught the store thanks to the number of paper goods, japanese umbrellas, various posters..stationary etc. There seem to be to employees, an elderly lady, who seems to have been injured during the altercation, she's on the floor beside the smashed cases, her leg broken, the other employee is injured as well, but not as badly and is trying to get the elderly woman up so they can get out.

Coming to a halt, Becca looks around quickly and spots the employee and the elderly woman. "Fel, if you can help them I can keep us all from getting burned I think!" She says loudly and draws her shirt over her mouth to keep the smoke out.

Felicia nods to Rebecca "Of course." what else was she gonna do "Hey," she says to the younger of the two "I'll get her you go with her." she gestures to Rebecca. "I'm going to pick you and get you outta here..okay." she says to the injured woman, of course she is having to talk loud to be heard over the fire alarm, but she can mange that one. She doesn't wait for much a response as she bends over putting one arm around the woman's shoulders the other under her legs and lifts her with ease. Then looks to Becca to see what her plan is now.

Becca puts hand on Felicia's back and then the other shop keeper. "Ok, everyone just keep holding on and lets walk nice and easy." She says and looks around at the flames. "When I say to-deep breath and I'll walk us straight out the wall there, ok?" She says. If they can avoid the flames it's probably for the best.

"Through the wall?!" the younger one says in shock as the smoke makes her get all coughy. She is kinda balky but she certainly doesn't want to be in the flame and smokey store any longer. the older on has pretty much passed out from the shock and pain of her broken leg. "Just go please." Felicia nudges the employee the smoke has alreayd started to get to her and she is coughing as well. Outside the sirens of fire trucks can be heard closing in on the place.

"Hold your breath, we'll be outside in less than ten seconds." Becca says and drags the clerk with her as she pushes Felicia ahead with the granny. She's not enjoying the smoke either, so she's eager to get outside as fast as she can get them all through.

A collective breath is taken, Felicia using her chest to block the woman's face so she can't breath for those few seconds as well. As soon as they are out and solid fire man are coverging in the small group, and questions are flying as other fireman start to put out the fire. The two employees are taken to be dealt with by paramedics, and after some questioning the two teens are allowed to leave, though warnings about such behaviour are given. Salons and stuff will have to wait. Now they have a more important task…to get the smoke smell out of their clothes and hair.

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