(2016-07-30) What's Your Weird?
What's Your Weird?
Summary: Cafeteria style meet and greet
Date: 2016-07-30
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One thing that brings it 'round that she's really back at the school is the caffeteria food. It's alright as far as flavor goes, and it is as plentiful over the summer months as during the school year, but it can't hold a candle to the restraunts in D.C. or the Netherlands. Still, a girl's gotta eat so Tabitha is here with her customary 'enough food for about half an army' sitting on the table she's claimed. The tiny musician is working her way through it while reading a couple books on ancient languages she's got sitting to one side. Since she's not out in public she's wearing just shorts and a t-shirt instead of items meant to conceal the glyphs on her skin, which cover pretty much ever spare inch except her face, hands, and bare feet. There's also a thin device wrapped around her left arm barely visible under her sleeve.

Cafeteria food is the bomb dot com, if you ask Link. It's certainly better than nothing! And the fact that he doesn't have ta cook it or clean up the dishes is definitely a bonus. The only tricky thing is trying to get through the lunch line with a tray on his lap without dumping everything on to the floor. Luckily, he's got a solution for that.
Taking the tray and setting it on his lap, he places his hand on top of it for several seconds, concentrating. Then, he tries moving it and it won't budge off his lap, so he nods to himself and begins acquiring foodstuffs for consumption. Drinks, however, are a little more problematic, as there is a fountain-type dispenser, which he can't quite reach easily and fill up his cup at the same time. Frowning, he looks around for a little support from someone in the immediate area. And that's when he spots Tabitha. "Hey, shorty. Can you help a brotha out real quick?" he asks, gesturing at the soda machine.

Tabitha would normally ignore anyone she doesn't know calling her shorty, but a glace through her aura's senses shows the issue pretty clearly and she nods without physically looking over. "Sure. What do ya want?" She doesnt' get up from her seat but instead expands a few tendrils of her aura over to the machine. They snag a glass (or more, depending on Link's needs) and fill them up based on what Link asks for. The tendrils avoid the ice dispensers, though. That's a no-go-zone. Once the drinks are loaded she actually lifts her head away from the book she's been reading and looks over towards Link. "So where's a brotha wanting to sit?" She says this with a small smile.

"Cherry Coke's good. Thanks," he says, blinking and watching the tendrils go to work in fascination. "… huh." Once they've done their duty, he begins to move, but then Tabitha asks him a question and he smirks. "Brotha go'n be sitting in the same spot for a minute, shorty. But if you good for some company, I could park at your table. Or if you wanna eat in peace, just as easy for me to be over here. Name's Lincoln, by the way. But you can call me Link."

Wandering in a little dazed from too much sun, Becca picks up a tray to start moving through the line to get her usual dinner of lite on meat, plenty of veggies and rice. She looks around and waves to Tabitha with a quick smile before focusing on all the options for chow.

Tabitha's grin widens at the response and she answers by bringing his drinks over to the table she's sitting at and setting them down. "C'mon over, Link. Plenty of room." The energy tendrils of her aura then fold back into her body, joining the thin sheen of her aura when it's at minimal output. When Link is closer she introduces herself back. "Tabitha Jones. Good to meet you. When did you land among our esteemed numbers?" Depending on Link's TV viewing habits or how plugged in he is to the music scene, he might recognize her from the Standing Tall band competition last month. Rebecca's arrival gets a grin and a return wave, "Hey there, Becks. Pull up a chair once you've got your rabbit food, yeah?"

"Nice to meet ya," Link responds, upnodding in Tabitha's direction as he slides a chair out of the way so he can park at Tabitha's table. "Came in like … two weeks ago?" Link offers, making a face as he tries to remember. He shrugs and reaches down to put the brakes on his chair so he doesn't roll away from his meal. When Tabitha waves, he cranes his head around to see at whom. Rebecca will get a quick once-over, then he'll smirk and upnod in her direction as well if she looks to him. If not, he'll go back to his food. Burgers. Does a body good. "You seem like you got your stuff down, so … you like a senior or something?" he asks, lifting the dead animal to his mouth and taking a large bite.

"Oh man, who's the latest victim?" Becca asks with a grin as she wanders over, she even stops for hot tea just to keep with the theme of foods teens shouldn't waste their time with. She nods to Link and looks over at Tabs as she slips into a seat. "Seems like nothing but pizza and milkshakes lately. Gotta double down on the health food while Dax is out." She jokes.

"Nope, sophomore. Well, sort of." Tabitha shrugs between bites of her own widely varied meal. Everything from casserole to meatballs to pie. Off to the side, the two big books on ancient langauges she's got in the space next to her are getting their pages flipped occasionally even though she's not looking at them. "Been here about five months, myself. Seems like longer sometimes, with how… busy it can get." Rebecca's comment about Daxton gets a snort. "Yeah… well it's hard to turn down free food from work. And his powers plus the whole teenage boy thing mean he's got a bottomless pit for calories." Says the waifish girl packing away food fit to feed a football team. She nods to Link when Becca asks about him, "Rebecca, this is Link. Link, Rebecca."

"Victim?" Link asks, looking between the two ladies. He looks confused for several seconds but then just shrugs and lets it go, since it's probably not a huge deal anyway. "Wass good with ya, Becca?" he asks, giving Rebecca another upnod. He then turns his attention back to Tabitha, raising his eyebrows again, suitably impressed. "Five months and you already pouring soda with your powers? Shoot, and I thought /I/ got used to life changes with a quickness," he says, chuckling. "They be letting people transfer midterm like that, though? Don't that make it kinda hard to stay on track in class?" he asks.

"No kidding. I had cookies in my room the other day, I totally spaced and mentioned them and he accused me of holding out on him-jokingly, but man he can put away the junk food." Becca shakes her head with a grin and waves to Link. "Hey. Oh, well, some people just get their gifts. I've been here for two years, I'm way behind Tabs power wise." She points out and sips at her tea before thinking to blow on it and makes a face. "Hot. Dumb."

Tabitha shrugs at the mention of her proficiency with her powers. "Well… I've had them for a long time. Lots of years, lots of experience using them in the field." She doesn't go into more detail, not wanting to drop the burden of knowing her background on anyone new. She nods about midterm transfers, though. "Yeah, it can be a pain, but sometimes it's needed depending on circumstances. We had a lot of late term transfers this past year. It'll be interesting to see how the next term goes."

"Oh! … years? … /huh/!" Link nods some more, as that makes more sense to him. He's about halfway through his burger already and sets it down so he can grab a mouthful of fries. "You been here for two years, too, huh?" he asks Rebecca, turning back to her. "What you got going on? Mind reading? Laser eyes? Phenomenal cosmic powers!?" he asks, the last bit an imitation of genie from Aladdin. … if anybody's ever watched that movie, anymore.

"I wish, I just phase through matter." Becca shrugs and works on her singular chicken breast. "And walk on air or water-but thats just cheating really. It's all still phasing." She says and raises her brows at Link. "What about you? What's your weird?" She asks between bites.

"Itty bitty living space…" Tabitha says the follow-up line to Link's genie impression, grinning around her apple cobbler at his listing of possible powers. Then she rolls her eyes as Rebecca tries to talk herself down. "Your phasing has saved lives, Becca. My five best friends, specifically. There's no 'just' about that." She grins wide at the phrasing Becca uses to ask Link about his powers. "What's your weird? Ha! Good way to put it."

Link grins and nods to Tabitha, lifting a fry in salute to her getting the end of the quote right. And then Rebecca tries to kill him. The comment about 'what's your weird' catches him off guard and he starts laughing. And then choking. Because laughing with a mouth full of mashed up fries is dangerous! His eyes go wide for a second and then he starts trying to cough, thumping his chest and rocking a little, though he holds up a hand to ward off any attempts to help him. It takes him several seconds, but he finally dislodges the miscreant bit of potato and reaches for his drink, taking several gulps before setting it down. "Shorty, you killin' me with that. 'What's your weird.' You funny," he says, voice hoarse though he's grinning at Rebecca.

Blinking, Becca shrugs at Tabitha. "I ask everyone that, more or less. That can't be a new thing." She says and offers Link a napkin. "Sorry about that. Here. Try not to die, the staff might make us eat even thinner fries to prevent choking hazards and no one likes shoe string fries short of dipping in shakes. So."

Tabitha shakes her head, "First time I've heard it put that way. Just gives the standard 'show and tell' question more punch, y'know?" She keeps a sliver of perception on Link as he works the ball of starch out of his windpipe, then reaches over to the soda machine with her aura to snag a refill pitcher of cherry cola and another one of lemonade for herself. "Here, have a top off." She pours Link a new glass of cola the sets the pitcher down before folding the aura back into her skin. "So what is your particular brand of weird, Link? Mine is… well, it's a laundry list."

Couhging a couple more times for good measure, Link shakes his head and keeps grinning. "Nah, that was hilarious," he argues. He accepts the napkin and wipes his mouth off and then his hands. "Not sure 'bout everything, but I know I can do this," he says. He then picks up a napkin from his own tray and starts rolling it up into a little ball, before he holds it out to Becca for a second. "Wanna hold this for me for a second?" And if Becca does, indeed, move to take the napkin ball from him, she'll discover that it's actually INCREDIBLY heavy. For a paper napkin, anyway. Probably ten pounds if its an ounce- he's not really 'precise' about his manipulations.

"Whoa." Becca blinks, her hand dipping at the unexpected weight. She looks at Tabitha and lets the napkin ball phase through her hand to the table with a thunk. "Density control or something? Gnarly." She offers and looks at Link. "Or is it gravity?" She wonders as she picks up her tea for a sip. "I could think of the most inappropriate pranks to play with that ability."

Tabitha watches Rebecca's hand as the napkin weight is passed over, and then as it passes through Becca's hand to thunk onto the table. "Pretty cool, Link. Lots of uses for that, indeed." Her aura will reach over and pick up the napkin from the table, and she nods as the increased mass is noted and again as it returns to normal. She'll use her aura to flatted it back out and set it on the table. Then she shrugs between bites. Her family size meal is nearly gone, and she's not showing any signs of slowing down. "At their core, my powers start with me being basically a living black hole. It gets funky from there."

Link nods to Rebecca as she nails it. "Yup. Gravity, density and mass. Anything I can touch, I can pretty much lock down or reinforce. I turned the dude that shot me into pretty much a punk-ass pancake," he says, smirking. "Couldn't make myself bullet proof before hand, though. Been working on that, here. Not quite ready to block a bullet, yet, but I'ma get there," he explains. At the mention of the black hole, he quirks an eyebrow and looks over at Tabitha. "Girl, you itty-bitty to be having stars in your belly. … though … I guess that explains where all the food goes," he smirks. "But, I thought not even light could escape a black hole. Seems like you got lights that are goin' all over the place."

"Oooh, I know how that goes. I got shot at like-a month ago, learned real quick just how fast my body can phase. Weirdest feeling ever." Becca tells Link and looks at Tabitha. "A stable black hole? That's gnarly. So you must be super dense, I bet the nurse hates having you step on the scale." She grins and works on her rabbit food.

Tabitha nods, weighing in on the issue being traded around. "Yeah, it's not fun getting shot at. Give me a knife fight over a shoot-out any day." Then she's grinning at the reactions from Link and Becca about her powers. "Like I said, it gets funky from there. She slides her chair back away from the table, then lets her aura become fully visible and extend out a couple feet from her body. "The aura absorbs energy, any kind. Kinetic, electromagnetic, radiological, chemical, even atomic. That energy is fed into my body and fuels all of my other powers." She floats up off the floor a foot or so. "Flight, strength, resilience, healing, fusion plasma sheath, portal-based teleportation…" She shrugs and drops back into her chair, using the aura to pull herself back up to the table. "I can also use the aura like limbs, tools, or other forms. I'm still building my skill with mainpulating it. Basically I'm a swiss army knife."

Link listens to the description and furrows his brow a little, reaching up to scratch at the back of his neck. "So .. what … the black hole is just like, a battery or something? Or like the engine? And … if you absorb energy …," he wonders. "We'll have to see who's powers are stronger some time. See if I can pin your aura down." Then he hmphs and shrugs his shoulders, popping the last bite of his burger into his mouth and chewing rapidly, before washing the bite down with another drink from his soda.

"I'm sticking out of that contest." Becca smiles. "I have a certain set of skills." She says trying to rasp like Liam Neeson before chuckling. "I'm good sticking to that." She adds and works on her rice and veggies in quick order. "Powered P.E. is never dull though, that's for sure."

Tabitha grins as she settles back in to finish off the last of her dessert and pour a new glass of lemonade. "No one's been able to even figure out /where/ my aura is located. Another student told me it exists across multiple dimensions, but only itersects with this one at my location." She grins at Rebecca's mention of PE class. "Yeah, it can get a bit… hectic. Especially dodgeball."

Link chuckles at the mention of dodgeball and shakes his head. "Yeah … dodging ain't really my forte. But … it'd be an interesting experiment sometime. See if I can add mass or density to your aura and then pin it down with my gravity. Or if your aura would just absorb it. … or maybe we'd cancel each other out or something? Who knows," he says with a shrug. He then turns and smiles at Rebecca, too. "We could try stuff, too. See if you can still phase if I'm trying to add density to you? All this stuff to try out," he says, chuckling. "I'm sure there's some eggheads somewhere just dying to mash us all up and figure us out, huh? We ever get studied or anything while we're here? Or is they just watching us all the time, taking notes somewhere?"

"Study us? I don't think that happens here at the school. The staff are all like us too." Becca shakes her head and looks to Tabs with an arched brow letting her weigh on on that. "Dodge ball is easy, I never get pegged." She grins and rolls her eyes. "Not super popular on the teams for that."

"And the balls never seem to reach me. They just drop to the ground several feet away." Tabitha smiles at the dodgeball talk but goes quiet soon after. The topic of experimentation and testing is a touchy one for her, among others here. "At the school the most done is a series of examinations so the medical staff knows how to adjust treatment to our abilities, espeically those of us who have a… non-standard biology." She slumps back into her seat and takes a long drink of lemonade. "Outside of this school and its allied groups… the world is full of groups that have programs in place to experiment on people to turn them into supers, or those who are already supers. There is even one group capable of… creating their own from scratch."

Link grimaces when Tabitha gets all dour and serious. He shakes his head, waving his hand through the air to clear it. "Hey, nah, that's cool, man. Actually? I ain't trying to be no lab rat, I was just curious if we was funded by some scientists or something. It's all gravy, baby," he says, offering a wink to Tabitha to try and avoid driving her off into the morose. And then Rebecca is getting up from the table and heading off. "Oh! Well, we'll see you around, shorty. Deuces!" he says, holding up the proscribed number of fingers as she leaves.

Tabitha nods to Rebecca as she gets up to leave. She then shrugs and grins to Link, "Nah, it's all good here. Staff can be be royal pains in the ass, and I have my doubts as to their competance sometimes, but the classes are decent and the students almost all top notch people. Whatever their origins or paths coming here." She starts stacking her empty dishes with her aura. "We've got a few grouches, a couple dipshits, and everyone has a bad day here and there, but I haven't yet met anyone truly bad here." She sends her dishes over to the proper place and polices her trash, then stands up and goes over to Link to offer her hand. "Welcome to the strange tides, Link."

Link chuckles a bit. "Well! Good thing I can't really feel it, most the time, then," he replies to the comment about staff. He starts stacking his own dishes, then, putting them in a stack and then holding putting his hand on top of them for several seconds- gravity-synching them together again so he doesn't have to worry about dropping them. When Tabitha makes her way over to shake his hand, Link reaches down and undoes his breaks so he can turn and hold his hand at an angle, grasping her thumb, then her fingers, then snapping. "Thanks for the welcome. Sure I'll be seeing ya," he says, all smiles.

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