(2016-07-28) Meeting Afterthought
Meeting Afterthought
Summary: Dax, Rebecca and Felicia meet with Afterthought about the unpleasant situations
Date: 2016-07-28
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NPCs: Afterthought
Scene Runner: Daxton


An old train station used to be here before it was abandoned and the forest has slowly taken it over. There are several decrepit train cars, the building itself is a safety hazard though mostly only locals even know it exists and know better than to venture inside it. The surrounding forest is thick, no obvious paths through the thicket and the canopy above blocks out a lot of the light.

Daxton had asked the two girls to come with him, not really explaining where they were going except to say he was doing some "damage control." With two shrunk girls in the hood of his hoodie(Which needs seat belts!) , and a very large to go coffee from Oli's work Daxton slows down and stops near some of the abandoned cars. He's vibrating, an indication he's nervous or excited about something.

He didn't explain and Felicia didn't ask, the words damage control was explanation enough for her. Other than that though she doesn't know the plan. Are they supposed to stay in hiding? Are they allowed to come out and be normal. Felicia has no idea so waits for some indication.

Does this mean they have mini coffees? Cause that might be about the cutest thing ever. Becca trades curious looks with Felicia. She's not sure what all the mystery is about. "I should have made a picnic lunch for us." She says with a peek around all pint sized. "Were you gonna jump down, Fel? I can air walk us."

Daxton's head's been a little scattered since the attack, he probably should have filled the girls in more, but…too late now He can hear the tiny voice of Becca speaking, and he's about ready to respond to them when a different voice sounds from one of the train cars. "I didn't know this was a party, Tempo." Hopping out from the rusted blue car is a tall, dark hair individual. Thin and wearing dark jeans and a loose fitting t-shirt. Long dark hair and eye make-up that would make Violet jealous tops off the look. The androgynous figure tilts it's head, dark eyes scanning Daxton almost like a medical prob. Despite the weirdness , there's concern in the voice, "How are you healed already?"

Of course they have tiny beverages..how could they not? Felicia sips on hers even, making sure the lid is on tight at all times. "I always carry food on me." she tells Becca. And usually a few drinks as well. There is a shrug given "Fast way, slow way as long as we get down.". then she hears the voice and looks quizzically at Becca and mouths "now or wait?

Becca shrugs. "I think they know." She mouths back and offers Felicia a hand to slip through the hood and down to the ground behind Dax. He can explain Tabitha if he wants, but being small seems like a disadvantage just now.

Daxton stands there eyeing Afterthought back. It's been a while, and he didn't realize he was as worried as the empathic. Team bonds are a strange thing. "We have a healer I didn't know about." The large coffee is held out, "Double expresso, no cream, no sugar." That felt right, he hopes it is. His other hand reaches up, offering a hand to the two girls in his hoodie. He never meant for them to stay hidden, he's just a dumb boy and didn't explain. Although it may be too late, Becca might miss his hand (Or phase through it!)

Aftertought's heard tilts the other way, dark eyes flickering from the offered coffee to the escaping barbie dolls form Dax's hood. Finally a soft, almost hauntingly pretty smile appears, "You've been to Wonderland." Dark shadow tentacles form around After though and reach for the coffee. While Dax is trusted, Becca and Fel are unknowns. Or maybe not? Afterthought studies the tiny Felicia, having put the sammy on the tiny titan once before.

Felicia knows Inferno’s voice but this one isn't familiar, and hasn't been put in the okay column just yet. She takes the offered hand from Becca and lets her get them down in a much less dramatic way than she would. Oh it's that one crosses her mind upon seeing Afterthought. Once their feet are on the ground she will upsize them and she studies AT right back, though her expression stays pretty neutral for the moment. She will give him the same benefit of the doubt as she has given Inferno.

Phasing through Dax's hood, she floats them down and let's Fel to her thing. Relieved to be her height again, Becca sips her coffee and studies AT when they look much less large, it's better that way. "Wonderland sounds like fun, just normal girls here-no such luck. I'm Becca." She offers with a bright smile. The hand Dax lifted to help them down she taps lightly. "Thanks for the offer, Champ."

Daxton's not the most literary dude, so he missed the shrinking jest. His head tilts, almost a mirror of Afterthought's. The stare off between his old teammate and new schoolmates has him looking between them, "Everyone's cool here." Thankfully Becca seems to be in the same mind set and he flashes her a very quick smile of thanks.

The tall goth's eyes turn to Becca as she introduces herself, "No one here is normal." It's not said meanly, in fact there's a hint of humor and a quirk to that haunted smile again. "I'm called Afterthought." The coffee is sipped on, the shadow tentacles wind around A.T., almost like they're hugging the Unit 23 member before dissipating, "This is nice…thank you Tempo." Dark eyes move back to study the speedster.

"Well I'm awesome." Felicia corrects Dax a bit of humor seeping into her voice. If her ego is showing it's a good sign, she is taking the whole situation in stride, like she does most everything. "Truth man." she nods at AT's words, she is by no means normal…and that's not counting the powers.

"Well, abilities aside." Becca shrugs and props a hand on her hip. "Do you like being called Afterthought? I mean, like, we could use names too unless this is one of those secret identity things-which, legit, but I mean, we're all friends." She looks at Felicia. "Man, though, I need to step up my codename game."
Daxton's eyes roll , but he relaxes when Fel brags. Good sign indeed. The speedster stays quiet, this is about Afterthought seeing he's around people who care, that there's no reason to start planning kidnapping him back into Unit 23.

Afterthought seems to be studying Rebecca now, openly. "It's who I am, why would I like it or not?" And then it seems to dawn on A.T. what Becca means and a low chuckle, not quite masculine, "Oh…you mean my birth name….I don't have that anymore."

Daxton shifts at that, taking an unconsciously supportive half step closer to Afterthought.

Felicia really doesn't have a code name either. Someone tried to tag her with one once, but she shot shrinks dink right down. "it's what you answer to that matters, eh?" she tells him. That's her opinion at least. her gaze shifts briefly to Dax when he moves.."So…what are we here for?

"Oh. Well, that's alright. Afterthought then." Becca nods and smiles a little. "Or At-At maybe? You like Star Wars?" She asks and sips her own drink. "I mean we all just call Daxton Dax cause mouthful." She explains and smiles at Dax brightly. "Oh, fair point Fel. I'd guess we're meeting one of Dax's teammates, which is cool-honestly. You guys wouldn't much care for my friends back home. Valley girls." She says and waggles her brows.

Daxton smirks softly, "Honestly? I’m just trying to not get texted every 4 hours asking if I'm bleeding out." He tenses, expecting the smack from Afterthought, which comes in the form of a shadow tentacle. It's not hard, and he totally could ahem avoided it, but let's it connect with his shoulder. The speedster laughs. Becca is given weird look when she says his name is a mouthful. "It's two syllables!"

Afterthought nods to Fel, "It is mine now." Becca's suggestion gets an eyebrow lift, "….no….I'd rather not…" Not At-At, at least. Who wants to be called that? Dark eye flicker over to Daxton shooting him a questioning look before looking back to the two girls, "You are his friends?"

There is some tensing from Felicia at the swatting, but she doesn't do anything. Dax is fully capable of defending himself if necessary and it clearly isn't. "We're lazy." a smirk is given at the shortening of his name. "And they can't take that from you." she has to agree with the AT-AT, as much as she loves Star Wars, who would want to be called that instead of Han or something "I can't speak for Becca but yeah, friends." this isn't a competition so she doesn't mention the teammate thing.

"Ahhh, yes." Becca says looking at Dax then AT. "Something like that." She grins a bit and chuckles at Daxton. "It's all the hard consonants." She tells him with a nod. "Like Chinese, lots of hard sounds." She might be a little nervous. Charm and airy smiles only go so far, and she'd prefer Dax not be whisked away to his unit. "It's not lazy! Maybe a little lazy. But it's more…familiar. Full names can just feel so stiff."

Daxton frowns, although he's not really annoyed. "It's not that hard to say."

The Unit 23 member that isn't Dax smiles that ghost smile again at him, "I like Tempo better. It's warmer." A head tilt and another eyebrow raise as Afterthought looks between Becca and Dax and there's a slight deflating, like something unwanted is realized, "oh." There's a shift and A.T. looks back to Daxton, "Did you go to your medics? Have you been cleared for combat?" That's a clear shift in the conversation! A pause and then more coffee is sipped on, and if either girl is observant enough , Afterthought seems to be hovering off the ground about a quarter inch, barely noticeable.

< FS3> Felicia rolls Alertness: Success.

"As far as code names go it is pretty choice." a lot better than the few that has been suggested for her. Something else Felicia agrees with AT on. She isn't hitting it off like she did Inferno but it isn't a total disaster. She gives. a bit of an amused snort "We don't ask permission for that sorta thing. We just go and sort it out after we get back."

"Well, you didn't tell them-clearly, I figured I'd leave that ball in your court." Becca shrugs at Dax. She does reach out to slide a hand into his briefly and give it a squeeze. "They're your team, Dax." She adds and lets go before looking at AT. "He could stand to rest a day, and replace the blood he lost, but he's already zipping around like nothing happened." She offers and gives Dax's hand a last squeeze before letting go. She looks over at Felicia and nods. "We try to leave the teachers out of the loop as much as possible. Easier to move that way."

Daxton winces as Fel outs him, turning towards A.T. "I'm fine. I lost some blood, but I've been drink and had like 3 burgers for dinner yesterday. I'm fine. I swear." Both hands are spread out, like that somehow proves he's good. "I ran here without any problems." He glances to Becca, dropping his hand to take her's, "I've not really had a lot of hang out time with any of them, Becca." Mostly it's been tactical talk.

The goth's head tilts again, looking between the play between all three younger people. "I would call you Alice. Eat me. Drink me." She points to Fel's pockets, where she keeps her stash of snacks. But the Afterhtought's hair is swaying with a head shake, "You know better than that, Tempo. Injuries should be recorded." A worried frown creases the forehead, "You have to be careful, with us not with you…" While A.T. believes Daxton has friends now, the idea he's safe with them isn't cemented just yet. A hopeful suggestion, "You could just come back for the summer…return to finish school…?"

Felicia wrinkles her nose at the newest suggestion "That hardly strikes fear into the hearts of the masses." she says to AT. A hand goes to her pocket and she glances down at the drink forgotten in her hand. She'll just keep drinking that instead of going for a monster, no need to double fist it. At the subtle accusation her brow wrinkles as well "Funny, we /used/ to say similar about you guys. That he had to be careful around you." stress o the past tense there.

Now it's Becca's turn to look weary. She holds onto Dex's hand a little tighter but she doesn't say anything. "Wasn't much of a wound after our healer got her hands on it. She's real tough. We try to take care of Dax. If you leave it to him, he'd live on junk food and run himself ragged." She smiles up at Dax. She's happy to run his lunches and fuss.

There's a sudden tension in the air, Tempo frowns, giving Becca's hand a squeeze back, "Guys, don't…I'm safe. The school is safe." Outside the school not so much, but he doesn't mention that. He nods, agreeing with Becca, "I was dumb, shouldn't have been caught unaware like that. It won't happen again." His hand tightens a little bit more on Becca's, silently hoping she'll stop giving A.T. reasons to worry.

"He's the youngest of us…we've always taken care of him. Always come for him when he needs us." Afterthought doesn't seem insulted by Fel, just worried for her teammate. Something Becca says (or maybe doesn't say!) sparks something and Dax is turned back with some excitement, "I got a cook book. Pulse says I make the best meatloaf she's ever had. Inferno heats it up, we can have hot meals anywhere now." A.T. seems a bit jumbled, but smiles again at Daxton like he's really been missed.

It's totally going to happen again, Felicia thinks it, but doesn't say it out loud. Her censor is working for once, at least for this little nugget. "That is what teams do. Take care of each other, always have the others back and are there when needed. Ares is all over that." well the members of Ares she knows best at least. "no worries there." and then the talk turns to food and the other team members, to which she has not much to say.

"Oooh, I love to cook, I have an easy fried rice. Heats up nice too." Becca says, eyes brightening. "Oh, and this no bake cookie recipe. It'd be great for on the go. Lots of peanut butter for quick energy that lasts." She nods and looks up at Dax. "You should have said you had friends that cook too!" To AT she adds "Even showed Dax this great trick making tin foil packets with meat and potatoes to cook in a camp fire. You like camping?" She asks and looks at Felicia. "You guys totally should have been Athenian League."

Of course it's going to happen again. Everyone here knows that, even Afterthought. But Daxton lies to make things smoother. The speedster looks baffled at the news of A.T. cooking, "Meatloaf?" But then he grins, "That sounds awesome. Maybe I can get a day off and run over for dinner sometime." That's a good compromise to him leaving the school for the summer, right? His head shakes, looking down at Becca, "I didn't know…it's new…" He then glances up at the goth to confirm it's new. His memory is kind spotty.

Afterthought's lips quirk into a brief smile, "You would pick the group names for the god of war, Tempo." Dark eye go to Becca and she's listened too. There's a hesitance, like Afterthought isn't sure how to respond, "That's…good. I'll need to find a recipe like that. I like cooking. It's different." An eyebrow raises in amusement at the idea of Daxton cooking and Afterthought laughs quietly, "It's okay. Forced camping isn't as fun, I'd guess." Dax gets a nod, yes, it's new.

There is a moment of confusion from Felicia, and then she realizes the assumption. She'll let Dax make the correction if he wants. She'll stay mute about who picked the team name otherwise. "Athena?" she questions Becca "I don't think so. Bad fit there." for her at least "Maybe Becca can write it down for you?" she suggests in a helpful sorta way.

"Oh, dude, I have a slew of easy recipes. The dorm kitchens aren't all that fancy so like mug cake and stuff is the way to go." Becca nods at Felicia with a smile before leaning against Dax lightly. It's a thoughtless motion, she's more comfortable close by. Her phone buzzes a little reminder and she looks down at it. "Oooh, mandatory check in with the she-parent soon." She murmurs and looks at the group. "Might have to excuse myself in a bit to assure the madre I'm still alive and well." She offers a bright smile, all things normal.

Daxton will wait and go over the school set up with A.T. later. He does smile, squeezes Becca's hand at the mention of sharing recipes. That's a good sign, in his mind. Two sides of his life getting along, right?

Afterthought blinks and then nods slowly, eyes going to Daxton like there's a silent thing being communicated. The goth is smart enough to place some of the pieces together, "We weren't able to track down any possibilities of Unit 23 issues in China that could come here for retaliation." Dax hasn't told them yet what they found, apparently.

"Huh." Felicia says at that bit of news, of course there is no surprise from her. She does dig into her pockets and offers a shrunken down pen and note pad to Becca which will upsize once the other girl takes it. "Could they be mistaking you for another unit?" straw grasping yeah, but occulms razer and all

"We can look into things on our end too." Becca says with a nod. Her phone starts to make Godzilla roars and she answers as she takes the note pad and pen with a mouthed "Thank you.". She can write recipes and duel her mother. She props her phone to her cheek with her shoulder so her hands are free, walking backwards easily. "Mi madre! Como estas?" She asks in an exaggerated tone. "Bueno, y tu?" The angry Chinese lady on the other end makes her grin before she rolls her eyes, blowing the group-mostly Dax a kiss she slips through a tree before switching to chinese as she walks off to deal with the mother.

Becca's hand gets another squeeze and he watches he walk off, frowning. Daxton doesn't like godzilla mother, at all. Fel's question gets a shrug and he looks at A.T.

The other Unit 23 member also watched Becca depart before looking at Daxton quizzically. "Is her mother part of the Triad?" Seems AfterThought is afraid to just ask! A deep breath and A.T. also shrugs "I'm not that good of a mind reader."

The use of Spanish has Felicia sending the girl a puzzled look, but she'll ask later. "I suggested yakuza, but wrong country." she ponders not overly concerned about mind reading,just like she isn't worried about the floating thing "Could be a triad. Lotsa triad activity in New York….or so I heard."

Daxton's hands are shoved into the pockets of his hoodie and he sighs, "She doesn't think so." His tone indicates that he's not certain.

A.T. just nods to Felicia, agreeing it's the wrong country. Head tilts again as Daxton is studied. "I'm glad you're okay. You should come for dinner."

"Of course she doesn't think so." the well duh is implied. "Would you think your mom was part of some crime syndicate?" Felicia asks quite seriously. The invitation has her looking between the former teammates "You should go." she will throw out a level of trust "I'll cover for you at the school." she's good at making shit up that is plausible "when you need to sneak back in just text."

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