(2016-07-28) Cellphones and Skipping Stones
Cellphones and Skipping Stones
Summary: Various folks meet and talk. One 'off the books' mission is revealed in order to hide another.
Date: 2016-07-28
Related: Takes place soon after Meeting Afterthought
NPCs: None
Scene Runner: NA

Empty parks are amazing. Especially for teenage mutant minor offenders like Becca is trying to be. The girl is pushing rocks into trees, which would be harmless if they weren't splitting the tree. Maybe she's projecting and rocks into other rocks just isn't as satisfying. At any rate, she's got a good rock filled gap in the large tree she's assaulting and considering other trees around to burn the energy off.

As long as she doesn't take her emotions out on the rusted out playground equipment left over from an era where kids were expected to worry about their own safey, Tabitha's fine to watch Rebecca let off some steam. She's sitting on the top of the large jungle gym in clothes a bit warm for the weather; jeans, work boots, and a wool flannel hoodie over a t-shirt. The hoodie still has some smears on it that have gone to near-black. Leftovers from their last excursion here. She's mostly watching Rebecca's various tricks with an interested eye.

Jacob has been watching for a little while as well, off to the side to take advantage of what's left of the bleachers. He wouldn't go near that tractor tire, he might fall in and get sucked in by the lightning sand. Finally, he decides to speak up and test the waters. "There's a crooked one over there," he points out, gesturing with one hand, "might be able to crack it clean through if you hit it from below."

Daxton stayed behind talking with Afterthought about somethings. A.T. is definitely more clingy than Dax remembered but put up with it, figuring if he could give the goth reason to feel comfortable he not gets texts every few hours asking if he was okay. So once the meeting was over he frowned and started walking , looking for Becca. The speedster for once isn't in his pizza t-shirt but he also has on the hoodie he wears when he taxis people around ala Felicia. He's frowning as he steps out from the direction of the abandoned train staiton, blue eyes scanning and then widening when he sees Becca. He's guessing the conversation did not go well.

"If I actually break it-I might get in trouble." Becca grumps and looks over at Jacob and then looks around realizing there's a few faces. "Oooh, Dax, sorry. I put my phone into the pavement if you were trying to get a hold of me…" She admits with a flush. "I don't think it's gonna work if I pulled it out….hi guys."

Tabitha waggles her eyebrows and gives Becca a jaunty little finger-wave when her voyeurism is noticed. The phone-in-pavement reveal gets a laugh, "That's one way to confuse stalkers. If you need a temp phone, I can loan you the pre-paid one the orphanage sent here with me. It's old, simple, has no GPS features of any kind, and is fully anonymous." She gives Daxton his own wave when he arrives and nods over to Jacob as well before returning her attention to Rebecca. "I'm going to wager that you gave your mom a call?"

Jacob glances over toward Tabitha, then back to Rebecca. He didn't get the memo on whatever the deal is or was with Becca's mom, but… "Hi. Sounds messy, whatever it was." Other than that, he'll wait to get some more context.

Daxton frowns and starts making his way over, "I didn't…Didn't know how long you'd be on for." No reason to give Godzilla reason to hate him more, right? His head tilts, nodding at Jacob and Tab, but then goes back to focusing on Becca, "Did it go so bad you're having to assault a tree?" Once he is close enough he offers a hand.

"Court ordered calls-she lost custody-but she still can call or email." Becca says to Tabitha and looks over at Dax for a moment. "She wanted to know how you were, so I played slightly stupid and said you had trouble at work, pot holes or something. Then she went all racist dragon hose beast so I phased my phone into the sidewalk." Her eyes drop for a moment. "Anyway, how is everyone else? Come for the fishing?"

Tabitha winces in sympathy as Rebecca describes her mother and the conversation with same. "Damn. Y'know… with a few phone calls we could sneak you over into Maine and make you a ward of the state. Might be worth considering." She's only half joking, really. The last month or so she's been realizing that her caretaker is basically a paramilitary Dumbledore and could probably make something like that happen. She grins and shakes her head at the question about fishing. "Nah. Caught enough off Cedar Island that one day to last a while. And I doubt there are any lobster in the pond."

Jacob gestures toward Tabitha and nods. "If there were, someone probably would've gone after them already by now. Lobster are a big deal." That's it, ramble about the side issue, Becca's probably been dwelling on Racist Mama drama long enough as it is.

Daxton's jaw tightens, but he nods, trying to make light of the comment, "Well…you know how bad white boys are at running." He wiggles his hand at Becca, trying to get her to take it. "Like I told Afterthought, I'm fine. We'll figure it all out, promise." A playful smirk is given, "Is your phone toast name, or can you retrieve it?" Phasing ain't his bag, yo. The tiniest head shake at Tab's suggestion, he doesn't think that would work.

The lobster draws a laugh from Becca. She chuckles and shakes her head. "My dad is pretty chill, I think my mom is on drugs or something lately." She furrows her brow. "I really want to try one of those like, pot of shellfish you boil at the beach and just sorta toss in all the shellfish you find and eat it all with like, butter or something-what are those called?" She takes Dax's hand and leans in enough to bump her forehead to his arm. "Don't worry. I don't negotiate with radioactive lizards. My phone might be ok, but I put it in cement so it could also be toast."

Tabitha wrinkles her nose at Jacob's response to the lobsters. "If they did, had to be tourists. Around here, lobsters are more common than cockroaches. We use them for hot dog filler and Lunchables." She smiles at Becca's desire to have a good old fashioned beach bake. "Clam bake, or crab boil, or New England goulash. One of those names might have been made up just now. And it's a good idea for something to do before school starts again. Maybe after we all get back from The Thing?" She stands up on the jungle gym, takes a step forward and acts like she's walking down to the ground on empty air. It ends up looking more like she's riding an invisible unicycle.

Jacob arches his brow. "Are they really? I knew there was a good supply but I didn't realize there were /that/ many. Never really went looking." City boy, that one. "I did go to a shrimp boil once, about a year ago, it's a lot of trouble and mess but it was worth it at the end of the day. And which Thing are we talking about?"

Daxton stays steady for Becca's bump. Solid. He just nods his agreement that whatever pot of food that would be sounds good. Dax is pretty sure he knows what thing Tabs is talking about, but he's not really brought it up with Becca, as he was going to do it without her. Tab gets another tiny head shake before he blurts out, "I'm gonna be going with Oli up into space." That's a thing! look! Distraction mission!

Becca's hand slips through Dax's and she grabs it again. "Space?" Her eyes rest on his for a long moment. "Ok, I'm sure it's important to Oli or he wouldn't ask." She offers at last and uses her free hand to tuck her hair behind her ear. Her gaze dips and she looks at the others. "After that then." She says putting on a smile.

Tabitha was shrugging as a response to Jacob's question about The Thing when Daxton tiny headshakes her. "Just a friendly t… SPACE?!" She stops in mid walk/float/unicycle and drops to the ground. Fortunately she was close enough that she doesn't faceplant upon landing. She stares wide-eyed at Daxton for a few beats, then stands up and dusts herself off. "Well… I guess that's a thing."

Jacob hadn't gotten the memo on /that/, either. "Sp—?" But nope, Tab beats him to the spit-take, and he darts over in an attempt to intercept her before she lands. Might have made it, too, if she'd started a few feet higher up. "Um. Yeah, /that/ is some next-level stuff, all right. Are we talking way out wherever Captain Liberty's been working lately?"

Daxton scoffs and rolls his eyes, "Yeah, for some reason he thinks me trying to run in zero G is going to be helpful." He keeps his hand still, letting Becca get a solid hold of it. "I don't know how long it will be," it is space, "We might want to do it before?" And then as an after thought (ha), "I don't think he's advertising we're going. don't spread it around, okay?" He shrugs to Jacob's question, "Don't know. I'm just going for back up. We haven't been briefed on any details yet."

"Sure, my lips are sealed." Becca says trying not to sound grumpy. "Did you tell your friend?" She asks and gives Dax's hand a squeeze once she's solid. "You ok Tabs?" She wonders and leans into Dax's arm. Her eyes look up to the sky for a moment.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Tabitha covers her shock at the news about a mission to space happening by shrugging and nodding, "Yeah, should probably do the clam bake before that. Because space." She seems to be at a loss for words at the moment, so she covers it up by walking in the direction of the fishing pond. Her aura twists in her right hand as she walks and after a few paces she's got a stack of flat rounded discs in her hand. She takes one of them in her left hand and throws it to skip it across the pond, but it flashes and fades away as soon as she lets go.

Vague adventure is vague. But still! "Well, hope you have fun," Jacob says. "Take a bunch of pictures so you can share when you get back, all right? I'd suggest a video call but you'll probably be busy." He glances after Tabitha as she heads off, clasping his hands behind his back to keep from fidgeting with them.

Daxton chuckles, "God no, Afterlaugh would flip out. Unit 23 wasn't always the most open minded about helping others. We're still adjusting" Orders were workers. He's been saying 'we' a lot when talking about Unit 23. The speedster leans back, trying to give Becca support with that motion. He knows she's having a rough week. Her hand is squeezed back, "We can set up the boil is you want, or we can go camping. Whatever you want." Supportive boyfriend is supportive! He may even buy her candy! Or marshmallows! He quickly looks over to Tabs, making sure it was just a stumble and not something more drastic. His head tilts slightly in confusion and he glances back at Becca to see if he missed something. Jacob gets a nod about the pictures, but he doesn't think he'll really be able too. Dax frowns more when Jacob stands there and kinda motions in Tabs direction with his head. It's a clear, 'go to her' motion.

"Well, if we have a clam bake then we get yummy seafood." Becca points out and adds more quietly. "It's not like we can't slip off and go camping after-before you go to space." She looks at Tabitha and over to Jacob, raising her brows and holding onto Dax. "I should tell you more about the call-later." She adds very softly.

She tries to throw the other skipping 'stones' she made, but each one fizzles out as soon as Tabitha flings it towards the pond. She tries to make more but this time they won't even form in her hand; her control over her aura's physical nature is shot at the moment. So to satisfy her current urge to do something, almost anything with her hands, she reaches up under the back of her hoodie and pulls out the balisong knife she keeps at the small of her back and starts flipping it in her left hand.

She tries to keep her voice calm and conversational. "We'll need to go grocery shopping for the bake. I can go out into the ocean for the shellfish and such." She pauses for just a beat, "Still plenty of choice inside the 12-mile limit." Her right hand rubs at a spot just over her left bicep while she's flipping the knife. The way the hoodie doesn't deform under her hand, there's likely something strapped to her arm there.

Jacob glances over toward Daxton and nods. Yeah, he caught on to that much, at least. He takes his time along the way to pick up a few rocks, two handfuls by the time he makes it over to Tabitha's side, silently offering one of them to her.

Daxton's no love guru, but he sighs, his hand tightening on Becca's. "Yeah. I've got some cash, we can go grocery shopping for whatever." That's to both girls. Whatever will make Becca happy! There's more nodding to his girlfriend, "When ever you want, slugger. " He smiles, "We'll find a better place." Since last time there was pictures snapped when they went camping. He Watches the two near the water and turns to look at the small girl next to him, "Want to go walking and tell me?" Maybe each couple just needs some time alone.

"Yeah. I think it's a good idea. I don't want you caught by surprise by anything else." Becca nods and leans in to kiss Daxton's cheek. "A walk sounds good. We can pay respects to my cell phone."

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