(2016-07-27) Dorky the Explorer
Dorky the Explorer
Summary: Kaylee and Sorrel spend the afternoon wandering around and decide to do some exploring while they're at it.
Date: 2016-07-27
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Abandoned Hospital Shady Cove

Huge old abandoned hospital with different rooms here and there, the doors either off their hinges or open. Or missing all together. The floor is concrete, dirty from years of being unused as well as exposure to the elements, the ceiling high with a few gaping holes. Staircases, some leading to upper floors, some leading.. nowhere, are located near an old elevator shaft that leads to.. certain death.


Well, summer is winding down and school is just a few weeks ahead. So now's the time to do all those things you forgot you said you were gonna do this summer! Like explore Shady Cove! And since Sorrel was still kinda-sorta new to the area, Kaylee offered to bring her along! Not having a car means they've probably spent the better part of the afternoon meandering around, just looking at stuff and talking. But as they walked down Maple Drive, where Kaylee was told is another skating area, the neighborhood got worse. Buildings were in worse repair, some of them were abandoned. Like, say, that big old hospital over there! Normally, Kaylee would be fidgeting and suggesting they leave and head back home. Buuuuut … her girlfriend has started to rub off on her, at least a little.
"Hey! … look at that building! It looks like it used to be a hospital! Why do you think it got abandoned?" Kaylee would ask as they got closer to it, peering at it through her glasses, trying to see if there's any writing or posted warnings on the building that might give some clues as to its history.

Sorrel was pretty much just following Kaylee's lead, still not that familiar with the area but recognizing some of the buildings at least. As they come into the more run down area of town, it doesn't seem to bother her. Hands in her pockets, bracelet visible on her wrist as she is wearing a tank top and shorts. Ah summer heat. She had the sense enough to wear sneakers though since they were going to be walking around Shady Cove. When Kaylee points out the abandoned hospital she grins, looking over at it with a shrug "Maybe it was haunted? Or maybe some nurse went on a killing spree and they had to shut it down. Or maybe they neglected to pay their bills and got evicted!" She liked having options.
It is a summer night. The weather is cool and overcast.

"Oh come on! Yeah right!" Kaylee responds to Sorrel's suggestions, laughing. "There's no such thing as ghosts. And if someone had gone on a killing spree, don't you think there'd be all kinds of people talking about it?" She says, tucking a few strands of hair behind her ear. "But … it looks like it's been empty for a really long time. … do you wanna go check it out?" Kaylee asks, turning to look at Sorrel curiously. "It doesn't look like there are any police warnings or fire warnings or anything …."

Sorrel grins, shaking her head "Easy explanation for that one. It's a cover up!" She drops the theories there though, nodding "I'm game if you are. I haven't had a near death experience today so this will help towards filling my quota!" She starts towards the building. "If there's a killer clown with a knife in there though…I'm tripping you. Just so you're aware!"

Kaylee laughs again and rolls her eyes. "Good luck! I can turn invisible," she replies, moving to follow Sorrel towards the building. "And I highly doubt there's gonna be a near death experience. If it were DANGEROUS, they would put up WARNINGS," Kaylee retorts. Because kids don't tear down warnings, ever, or anything. "Besides. I thought you said it was a killer nurse!"

"Sure…but everybody needs a side job right? Maybe she was a clown!" Sorrel could make any theory work. Getting to the building now, she looks at it a moment before grinning and pushing the doors open. If they even needed to be open. "We should still probably keep an eye out though. Just in case they keep an eye out for trespassers…or just in case there are is anybody living here…" Definitely didn't want to get caught off guard in a place like this. That was nightmare fodder! She leads the way and keeps herself in front, making sure Kaylee stayed in step though just in case they needed to bolt.

"Right. Gotcha," Kaylee agrees to watching out. As they enter the hosptial, Kaylee takes her glasses off and slides them into the pocket of the light hoodie she wears. She blinks a few times and then her eyes start glowing a light blue color, her Dune effect kicking in. "At least nobody will be able to sneak up on us, if there IS anybody in here," she adds, nodding to herself. Then, she cants her head to the side. "Where should we go? I've … well … I mean, it's an abandoned building. What should we look for?"

"Sounds good." Sorrel still keeps an eye out though. Force of habit. "Well…depends on what we want to look for? If we just want to explore I say start on this floor…go down one way and then the other. Repeat until we get to a point where we can't." She looks down the hallway one way, "Or…if we want to look for something specific, like equipment or a specific room…we go in that direction."

Kaylee huhs and nods, turning around a little. "Well. It's probably gonna get dark pretty quick, once we get away from the doors," she says. She holds her hand up and flexes it a couple of times, considering it. "I'm fully charged, so I could play flashlight all night. We should be pretty good to go!" She lowers her hand and moves to lean over the front counter. "Huh … there's like … NOTHING here. I bet people have already found all the cool stuff and moved it," she says, making a pouty face as she settles back down to the floor. "Well, you decide. I dunno where to go."

"Alright…but we still probably don't want to stay too late. Just in case." Maybe she was just used to how things were back home. "Yeah. I imagine if the hospital staff didn't clean everything out when they left, it was taken care of for them by looters or druggies." They might be able to find some cool stuff though. She starts down one of the hallways. "Nurses' station was probably first to be hit. Direct access. Then the hall and back supply areas for whatever else." That's what she'd do at least. Approaching one of the run down patient rooms she pokes her head in and checks it out for a second before entering. "People might not have been as likely to go room by room. Worth a look yeah?"

Kaylee follows Sorrel, shrugging her shoulders a little as Sorrel peeks her head into one of the rooms. "Yeah, if you want? I dunno … I just think it's kinda weird, ya know? Ooo! I know! Was there ever anywhere in the hospital you always wanted to go, but couldn't? Like, they've got all those doors and stuff that say staff only …. Lets go see what's in there!" Kaylee says, grinning and clapping her hands a little.

Sorrel looks around inside of the room, but hears Kaylee's hesitancy. She turns back around, exiting the room with a shrug and figuring saying 'The Morgue' wouldn't go over well. "Yeah sure. We can check out the restricted areas. Kind of loses the thrill though when there's no staff to enforce it…" she smirks a bit. "I'll follow you, Light Bright!"

Kaylee rolls her eyes and snickers at the nickname. "Well, I mean, if you don't wanna do that, we can go room to room, sure. Really, the only other time I've ever done anything like this, my girlfriend wanted me to show her my old clsssroom and stuff, so I knew right where to go. Besides, this place isn't going anywhere. If you wanna hit up the rooms here on the first floor today, we can come back again and go look in all the 'no entry' places next time," she says. "Oo! Maybe next time, Violet will come, too! She'd love it."

Looking over to Kaylee, Sorrel seems to think a moment before shaking her head. "Nah it's fine. I'm down for whatever. Just glad to get out of the school." She looks down another part of the hall "Down there. Might have a staff break room or locker room or something?" she offers.

Kaylee smiles and nods, holding her hand up again. She squeezes it into a fist and then flexes it out and it starts glowing, very much like a flashlight. "Time to find out!" she says, and starts walking down the hallway. She makes a face, then, snickering as she looks back to Sorrel. "Oh gosh. I hope they didn't leave any snacks in like the vending machines or anything. You know how nasty they would be now? And I bet there'd be tons of bugs or rats or something! Eww!" she says, shuddering at the disgusting thought, even while she's smiling.

"Yeah. Total gag fest" Sorrel says, looking around. Hey. It got her out of the school…that was the focus here. She lets Kaylee do her Light Bright thing, following behind her. Sure enough, after walking for a bit, "Hey look! A door that says Staff Only!"

Kaylee looks up at it, then grimaces and looks back at Sorrel. "Yeah … sorry. I should mention- I can't read anything when I'm using my omnivision. At least, nothing that isn't lit up. So … yeah … labels are gonna be all you, 'kay?" she asks, grinning. "You don't think it's still locked or anything, do you?" Kaylee asks, even as she goes to pull on the door. Which swings open. "Oh! Nope!" Mystery solved. "I wonder what's in here …."

Sorrel lofts a brow "Oh yeah. Sure…no problem." Inside the Staff Only area is what you might expect. Chairs. Tables. Indeed there were vending machines! A couple for drinks and a couple for snacks. One that seemed to be solely dedicated to coffee. They were unplugged from the wall and the fronts were destroyed. Yep. Looters. Sorrel walks across the room, towards the vending machines, letting Kaylee wander where she wanted. Cabinets and counters lined the walls for the most part. Sinks. What appeared to be a closet and another door that was a shared gender bathroom, both symbols being on the door.

Kaylee walks in and shines the flashlight around, then frowns a little. "ME having a flashlight probably doesn't help YOU very much, huh?" she asks, shaking her head. Her hand stops glowing and instead she rolls up the sleeves of her hoodie, pressing them up as far as she can. Then, she stands still for a second and concentrates, taking a few deep breaths. And then, she starts glowing throughout her whole body. It might look a little funny, shining through her clothes- jeans are totally opaque and the hoodie shuts in any light. But, the fact that she has the front open and is wearing a regular t-shirt kinda lets a little light through. But, she works pretty well as a light bulb, for the most part. "Though, this is a little harder for me to keep up. If I start to dim, just say something to remind me," she offers.

"Will do" Sorrel looks back, "thanks." She goes back to checking out the vending machines. Yep all the food was gone. Some dead roaches inside though. She'd not tell Kaylee about those. Instead, she moves around to the back of the machine, trying to see if the backs of them were still in tact.

"You know, I wonder how many people have come through here besides just us," Kaylee wonders, moving to the center of the room. "I mean, there's still furniture in here …. I wonder why nobody's taken any of it." She frowns a little, clasping her hands behind her back as she studies the room while standing in place. "Seems pretty wasteful, huh?"

Sorrel shrugs "Honestly? Homeless people probably use it to sleep or for shelter when the weather gets bad. Druggies could use it to shoot up or hang out. Plenty teenagers too I'd imagine…" Always looking for a way to prove their stuff. Oh wait…that's ironic. "This place is the perfect cliche for a game of truth or dare." Sleepover anyone?!? "The furniture probably gets used by the people who come here for whatever purpose…" Curiosity gets the better of her. She heads over towards the bathroom door…

Even though Kaylee has a girlfriend, she's still faaairly ignorant when it comes to … a lot of that stuff. They both were! Besides, an abandoned hospital is just a liiiittle too creepy for Kaylee to have any thoughts of romantic encounters. Or less than romantic encounters. "Right, but that's what I'm saying. We could totally take some of this furniture, clean it up and donate it or something. I mean … that'd be a good thing to do … right?" Kaylee asks. And then Sorrel's heading for another door, and Kaylee moves to follow her. "What's through there?" she asks. Since she can't see the sign at all.

"If the people that come in here use the furniture, then the good thing to do is to leave it alone so they can keep using it…" Sorrel says simply. She continues forward, smirking "The bathroom…when you gotta go right?" Was she serious? Who knows. Reaching for the handle she turns it, opening the door and letting it swing out. Covering her mouth and nose with her arm just in case, she peeks in. Her eyes widen and a brow lofts at what she sees. "Oh…" A larger alive rat feasting at the remains of a much smaller very dead rat. As the door exposes the animal to unexpected and unwanted intruders, it turns it's beady red eyes towards the door and lets out a menacing hiss with it's teeth bared.

"You can't be serious …. Sorrel!" Kaylee calls, just as Sorrel opens the door. Aaaand that's the nice thing about not actually looking at stuff with her eyes. No squeals of terror over mice or other rodents! As the door swings open and the area gets exposed to her light, Kaylee can make out the rat and its prey fairly easily. Especially when it starts to hiss. She grimaces and reaches out for Sorrel, shaking her head. "Sorrel … you should REALLY close the door …."

Sorrel nods looking to the rat "Enjoy your…meal there, buddy." With that she closes the door as swiftly but unthreateningly as possible. "Well…to be fair we are in it's domain" Sorrel can't help but grin, shaking her head and shuddering. "Still. That was fucking gross," she laughs a bit. "Alright alright…I guess we should get out of here huh? Can always come back and check it out some more when there's more daylight to work with." Or at least she planned to!

Kaylee shivers and nods, backing away. She stops glowing, then, and just holds her hand out in front to light the way back, since they've already seen most of it. "Yeah, totally! I'm gonna ask any of the other kids if they've already explored it or anything. Or if they know anything more about it. Maybe I'll look online and see …," she muses, tapping her lips with her index finger. "Anyway! At least you had a LITTLE excitement today, yeah? Wasn't a total bore?"

"Sounds like a plan." Sorrel would offer to do the same, but…she didn't really know that many people still. Part of that might be intentional. At Kaylee's last statement she shakes her head and gives a smirk "Nah not a bore. Let's see…what did the judge call it? Ah yeah…'balance'. He said I needed to find a balance…" So at least the school seemed to be accomplishing what he wanted when he sent her here. Joy. "To be honest I'm just glad to get out of the school so thanks for that…and for the LITTLE bit of excitement" she chuckles.

Kaylee grins and nods. "Of course! Any time! I love doing stuff with people, so if you ever want somebody to go somewhere and do something? I'm your girl! Well … most of the time, anyway. I should really introduce you to my girlfriend, Violet. I think you two would get along pretty great. She's super awesome," Kaylee says. … and then she blushes and grimaces, shaking her head. "Sorry …. If you didn't already know, I'm kinda easy to get excited, and then I'm almost impossible to shut up," she admits, tucking some hair behind her ear as they make their way out of the hospital. She puts her glasses back on when they get back outside, the glow in her eyes fading as she switches back to normal vision. "Well! Now all we have to do is walk back to the school!" she says, grinning and laughing a little as she starts off in that direction. And they should be back in time to still get something to eat in the cafeteria before it closes, too!

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