(2016-07-26) Scene of the Crime
Scene of the Crime
Summary: After finding out Dax got jumped a group goes back to check out where it happened
Date: 2016-07-26
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Old City Park

This area used to be a more prominent area of the town, when the local warehouse was active and the abandoned houses were filled with people. Now, it's just an eyesore, a blight on the town. The concrete basketball court has cracks and greenery poking up through it here and there, the goals are still in place, but the nets are long gone. Bleachers on one side are missing a few slats, but are generally safe to sit on. There is a large tractor tire that serves as a sandbox. Or a litter box for stray cats. A swing is rusted, the chains holding strong despite the rust, and the wooden slats faded from red to natural wood. A jungle gym and monkey bars, teeter totters, and a very squeaky merry go round complete the playground equipment. Surrounding everything, amid everything, there are vines and greenery, overgrown grass, it looks as if the local forest has taken over and engulfed the area in greenery.

A small pond where fishing is possible is tucked away amid some trees, a bridge spanning across it, though the rails and some of the foot boards are missing in some places. This too is overgrown with flora, vines, plants, greenery abounds. It's a derelict park, but somehow, kids still find it useful now and then, but mostly the older ones, while parents choose to take their younger kids across town to the new park.

The things you find when you're in the mood for picking through the 'wrong side of the tracks'. To say that Tabitha has been practically invisible at school the past month would be putting it mildly, and that's only partly because her burgeoning music career and the release of their first album (a 2-disc set, even). She's also been spending some Quality Structured Time at such places as FBI Headquarters, the US Capitol, and The Hague for much less comfortable reasons. These things plus the work she's been doing into trying to decipher just what the flying fuck she actually is have her not often in the mindset to be good company. But this mindset fits in perfectly with a location like this. Old, creepy, creaky, rusted through, overgrown, and host to any number of questionable substances.

She likes it. Feels homey.

Daxton's sitting on the merry-go-round, being unusually still. His hair is ruffled and the smell of pizza is still on him. One hand pressed to his thigh, the other is swiping at his phone, sending some message.

Becca has a bag over her shoulder, it's kind of nice to get out and about so she's looking around. She's never seen such a creepy park. Her phone is in one hand, having hunted some pokemon on the way over. Looking back over her shoulder she makes sure that she wasn't followed or anything weird. Hopefully that is all over now.

She must have gotten the same message as Rebecca because Felicia is with her, her own phone out. She is totally into the whole Pokemon Go thing. It's an anime and there are few things she likes better than anime and getting a chance to be a pokemon trainer…she signed up for that one day one. "Oh look!" the taps at her phone "There is a lapras around here somewhere! I haven't gotten one of those yet.

Felicia looks up from her phone and around the park, spotting both Tabs and Dax "There he is." of course he is on the merry go round. She begins to head that direction, greeting Tabs as she does "Heya Tabs!" then addresses Dax "What'd ya do this time?" she says it with humour, no freaking out from her yet.

Not that she'd say anything, but Tabitha wouldn't really mind if there were some kind of creeper, stalker, or other ne'er-do-well around deserving of being introduced to all this lovely playground apparatus face first. Sometimes she wishes it was in her nature to just tear loose and throw a tantrum, but last time she checked there weren't any small towns nearby that needed demolishing. She returns Felicia's greeting as she starts to climb the jungle gym with her hands still in her pockets. "Hey there, Felicia. What's a lapras?"

Daxton is not playing Pokemon Go. Whatever message is sent and he sets his phone face down on instinct as he looks up. His left hand is still pressing his thigh, now that they're closer the girls might see the red that's staining the fabric underneath his hand. "Hey. Bring the stuff?" Blue eyes flicker over both girls, and he tries to keep his face smooth, although there's a nervousness to the speedster. He doesn't answer what happened just yet. In fact he seems relieved that Tabs is asking about the lechrican thingie.

"Lapras? Oooh, I need more water types." Becca says and shows Felicia her phone. "I just got a staryu on the way here." She says and looks at the hand on Dax's leg. "Ohh, is that blood?" She asks eyes widening a little, though she hefts her bag. "Nurse Joy, here to help." She tells him, hopefully Felicia gets it.

Felicia shifty eyes back and forth when asked about the stuff "We have the stuff. You got the money." of course there is the perpetual grin threatening to peek through at her movie/meme thing. "Well it certainly isn't barbecue sauce." she tells Rebecca as she eyes the blood stained pants leg. "It's a pokemon Tabs…" she does get Rebecca's reference and gives a chuckle "You just need pink hair and braids..

Tabitha stops her 'hands free, feet only' climb of the rusted heap of metal pipes at Rebecca's question. "Blood, what?" You see, Tabitha was not in the park because of a call from Daxton, so she's not in the loop on injuries and bleeding. "The hell you been doing, Dax?" She kicks off the jungle gym lightly, jump-gliding over to land behind Rebecca and Felicia. "Did I miss the thing? Because I would hate to have missed the thing." Her aura came out to allow the mini-flight and NOW she can sense/taste/hear the distinct tang of human iron-base blood. Her eyes focus sharply on Daxton's leg and her heart rate picks up sharply. She almost licks her lips but catches herself, then jams her hands deeper into her pockets and mutters while turning away.

Daxton's not old enough, but his parents are. And his mother is a nurse, so the natural response is (although his voice is much more subdued), "Helloooo nurse." The hand not pressing into his leg motions in a gimmie motion. "It's superficial, but bleeding like a mother." His jeans are toast, unfortunately. A trip to the thrift store will be needed soon. Tabs gets a look and her offers a small smirk, "You could pull it off." Hair like that, that is. Mayeb not pokemon hunting. He seems to be in a not making eye contact mood for very long though, his eyes dart past the girls, looking out and around the park, missing Tabs turning away. "I just need to clean it out and throw some glue stitches on it."

Daxton's not old enough, but his parents are. And his mother is a nurse, so the natural response is (although his voice is much more subdued), "Helloooo nurse." The hand not pressing into his leg motions in a gimmie motion. "It's superficial, but bleeding like a mother." His jeans are toast, unfortunately. A trip to the thrift store will be needed soon. Tabs gets a look and her offers a small smirk, and then looks away. He seems to be in a not making eye contact mood for very long though, his eyes dart past the girls, looking out and around the park, missing Tabs turning away. "I just need to clean it out and throw some glue stitches on it."

"Well, lets see it." Becca says, smiling a little and tucking her phone away. She slides her back back off and chuckles at Felicia. "Does the school even allow crazy colors?" She wonders as she opens up the bag and offers Dax a pack of gauze. "What nefarious home booby trapped for delivery boys today? We should salt their lawn or something."

So many cartoon references! And one coming from Dax even! "I don't think you missed any things Tabs." because that would mean she missed the thing and that would make Felicia quite put out. "Is it? Or are you just saying that?" she doesn't think Dax underplaying his injury is that far fetched. "Well Gabrielle has to blue hair. Sure it's natural, but it's not a 'natural' color." eyebrows lift at Tabs and her turning "You okay there Tabs?" a nod is then given to Becca "Saran Wrap their cars."

"What would they do if we did crazy hair colors, shave it off us?" Tabitha uses her annoyance at many aspects of the school's rules to try and cover the clashing in her head. The reaction to the blood is visceral. Natural. But it's coming from somewhere in her head that is neither Tabitha nor Lilith and that's just plain unsettling for so many reasons. "Mabel's got her green hair, too. And, well…" she shrugs and pulls back the hood on her flannel hoodie. Her hair is a bit left of normal today, being raven black with candy apple red highlights. Rebecca's comment to Daxton gets a raised eyebrow. "Are there more assholes doing that wired yard bullshit? Let's absolutely do evil upon them."

Daxton's hand lifts and he then lifts the material from his jeans away from it with a wet , sticky noise.. The gash is a little deeper than superficial, but not by much. Although it's a good 4 inches long. He lets his gaze land on the wound, somehow that settles him some. "No booby traps." His brow furrows when Fel questions his medical ability. He might have gotten Hippa law wrong, but he knows wounds, "I just didn't want the school to record this…I don't want them saying I can't work or go help Oli." He doesn't really have any opinions on hair color, whatever makes people happy, right?

"Adults." Becca rolls her eyes. She's had quiet enough of adults lately. "You should have told me you were bleeding-I thought it was for someone else from your text. I could have grabbed sweats so you don't walk into the school with bloody jeans on." She grumps at Dax and gets out the peroxide to go with the gauze. Clean it so we can glue it." She looks at the girls and rolls her eyes. Boys are ridiculous sometimes.

There is a wrinkle of nose from Felicia as a hand goes to her hair "Gawd I hope not." she is quite attached to her hair, it gives her something to hide behind. "Don't blame you there. The teaches make big deals out of everything." she grimaces at the wound, but she's seen enough of them herself to realize it isn't overly serious "We can always just rip the bloody parts off, give him some cutoff jeans…maybe some daisy dukes." she gives a wink to Dax.

Okay, now that gets a genuine grin from Tabitha. The thought of Daxton in daisy dukes. She turns back around and gets a look at the wound on Daxton's leg. On one hand, yeah that sucker is bleeding worse than it should for its size. On another hand, that gut-deep visceral reaction is still there but now it's causing something to crawl up from the Really Damn Deep parts of her mind. Something old, dusty, and potentially very useful. Or not, depending.

She kneels down on one knee in front of Daxton, not taking her eyes off the wound. There is a bit of a glow coming from the pockets of her hoodie where her hands are stuffed. "Um… I might… I mean." Her right hand comes up from her pocket to run through her hair. The glyphs on the arm are glowing softly and are also growing, moving up the back of her hand to form a vine pattern. "I think I can do something better than super glue. Maybe." She looks up at Daxton and shrugs. "It feels like I can, anyway."

Daxton gives Becca a slightly confused look. Why else would he ask her to bring a first aid kit? "If it was for someone else, I would have run and got the kit myself." He thought that was assumed. He takes the bottle, although he rolls his eyes back at her, girls. His own nose wrinkles, "No one wants to see that." He may have the legs for it, but…no. He tenses when Tabs is suddenly kneeling in front of him, the rusty merry-go-round squeaks with the movement. Blue eyes narrow, eyeing the glowing glyphs, "What do you mean?" Unfortunaly he's seen enough from Tab's other self and distant memories to be wary.

"I want to see little shorts." Becca murmurs with a small smile before shrugging at Dax. "You said you were ok. I feel like now you have to wear some cut offs." She teases and looks at Tabitha curiously. "So, how did you cut your leg, Champ?" She asks Dax before she nods to Felicia and touches her own long locks.

Felicia was just joking about the short-shorts, she certainly doesn't wanna see that, unlike the other two girls. She takes a step out of the way letting Becca have some room to play nurse and help with the wound. She'd probably make it worse. Tab gets a curious look as she moves closer, her gaze going to the glyphs and what not.

"My vote is kidding around with the pizza slicer at work." Tabitha puts in her injury theory while now looking at both of her hands. The glyphs on her left arm are mirroring those on the right, softly glowing vine patterns that go past the back of the hand to twine down her fingers as well. She returns Daxton's narrowed gaze with a slightly confused one of her own. "I mean… you remember when you visited me at the orphanage and I cut myself? You said something about my healing would be nice to have?" She looks back down to her hands and touches her fingertips together. The glow from the glyphs brightens where they touch and takes on a healthy green tinge. She shrugs one shoulder. "That might be something I can do? It feels like something I remember doing sometime."

Daxton distracted briefly by Becca, flashing her an even more confused look. Him in little shorts would be terrifying, on so many levels. He's hesitant to answer her, eyes flickering to Fel almost pleading (Mayeb it's still about the shorts!), "…I was jumped." You know, normal stuff. Tab's glowing green, which usually isn't a healthy tint on people's skin draws his attention. "Might be?" He's been a test subject too many times in his life already, so he's justifiably hesitant and glances up at Becca, looking for her opinion.

"If you can't, how south would this go? I only brought first aid for the easy stuff." Becca says to Tabitha and clenches her jaw a little as she processes what else Dax said. "You were jumped? How does someone catch a guy as fast as you?" She wonders and looks around again. "Did you wreck them? Where were you? Fel and I can go check it out." She says calmly looking at Felicia.

"You can just wash the blood off in the pond." Felicia suggests as she notes the look being given to her…she assumes it was about the shorts thing, because healing…well that's cool…and useful. "Sounds about right." she nods though her expression goes stormy, "Pretty normal as far as things go for you." she trades that look with Becca meeting the other girl's gaze and giving a nod "And by check it out we mean give them a holy beat down."

Tabitha shrugs, "Yeah." The green her glyphs are glowing is the color of an old forest in spring rather than the more sickly version. Her attention is drawn away from her hands by the 'I was jumped' part. Her eyebrows go up as she nods to Becca's response. "What she said." Then she considers Becca's question about what could go wrong here. "If I'm wrong, or if I'm right but use it incorrectly, then I could end up making the cut worse. Not 'emergency room' worse, but worse. But if I'm right and nail it, it would be as if you'd gotten it stitched up weeks ago." The memory of the last time she used this is becoming more clear, although she doesn't think she should discuss the circumstances of that moment right now. If she's remembering it right, she caused a lot of the wounds she later mended.

Is that a hint of pink in his cheeks? It's embarrassing, no one should be able to catch Daxton. "It was my last run…they called in for a delivery, I was at the door and when it opened they has some kind of flash bomb." He seems ok now, his eyes go back down to the wound. "I was fighting mostly blind. I know I snapped bones, but…" He shrugs, "They'll be gone. It was professional." Tabs offer is taken, he just nods, better to test it on him than in the field. And better to do that then get asked the question he's dreading but knows is coming.

"Address please." Becca says after trading looks with the girls. She certainly will chance going back there and seeing if she can find a who. "Unless this is tied up with your team?" She doesn't want to step on toes. Her eyes move to Tabitha doing her work.

It's Dax's leg. Felicia would probably take the risk, but she can understand how others might not be so willing to do so. She doesn't comment one way or the other on the healing Tabs can do. "Professinals like the group that's been hunting you, ya mean?" she'll totally step all over toes. She waves off the rest of Becca's question "We can get the address from the pizza place." unless Dax relents and gives it to them.

<FS3> Tabitha rolls Aura Surgery + Reaction: Good Success.

Tabitha returns the nod from Daxton with her own. "Alright, then." She keeps her mind off of the professional hit that Daxton was lured into. First off, if this was the worst he got from it after being flashbanged, then his ambushers were decidedly third string. Secondly, she's got something else to focus on. She settles down so she's kneeling fully down, shifting her legs until she's got as much of her lower half touching the earth as she can manage. She couldn't say why it feels like the right way to do this, but she's not about to fight her instincts.

She lets out a deep long breath and then puts her hands over Daxton's injured leg, then lowers her finger tips to touch the skin around the cut. A pulse of energy flows down the glyphs and into Daxton's cut, bringing a feeling of warmth and wholeness. The sensation lasts for a bit more than a minute while she maintains contact, then the energy leaves as quickly as it entered, flowing back into Tabitha. The instant the energy returns to her, Tabitha cries out and falls back on her ass. Her own leg is now bleeding from a cut identical to the one that used to be on Daxton's leg, dark forest green ichor flecked with gold flowing into the dirt. Her own rapid healing closes the wound, but much more slowly than it usually wound.

<FS3> Daxton rolls Super Speed: Good Success.

Daxton's jaw also clenches, "They left. They're not going to be there…" His lips press together, "I don't know…I'm waiting for AfterThought to call me back." He reaches for Becca's hand when Tab starts her thing, glancing over at Fel. He knows how she feels, honest, but this is different, "They were speaking Chinese…I don't think Unit 23 had any Triad interactions." Maybe. Hopefully AfterThought will say they did and this isn't connected to anyone else. He hopes. Becca's hand is held tighter and he looks back to the underclass man as his leg is healed.

Third string? or is Dax actually that fast to be able to evade a hit blind? They won't know for now. And it's not going to be discussed currently because as soon as Tab starts to fall Daxton leaps up and has his arms around her so she's not landing on her ass. He doesn't look happy though, eyeing the now slice on Tabitha's leg. "God Damn it." Well, never doing that again.

"Chinese?" Becca looks up at Daxton as her expression darkens and she looks around them before taking a stubborn set of her shoulders. "I want to check it out." She says and steps back as Dax moves to catch Tabitha and she looks back at Felicia, unsure what she might know. "Are you sure it was Chinese, Dax?"

Felica watches the healing curiously she begins to move to help Tabitha, but Daxton is faster "They might not be, but they may have left evidence behind." her brow furrows at the language bit, glancing over at Becca for a moment, she clearly knows some of it. Then Dax's cursing brings her attention to Tabitha and the wound that has formed on her leg "Well that's interesting." and vaguely familiar but she can't put her finger on why just yet.

Tabitha lets out a small 'oof' as she is caught by Daxton. Fortunately when he catches her this time there isn't a repeat of their first encounter in the laundry room. She sucks in air and winces as the cut on her leg doesn't heal as fast as it should, pulling the hem of her shorts down and using them as a pressure bandage until the skin closes off. She dabs at the green and gold blood with the sleeve of her hoodie, trying to make it look more like she spilled paint on her leg rather than being plain that she's the product of mad science. Her attention picks up on the details of Daxton's encounter after a moment and she also shifts her gaze over to Rebecca. Then she nods. "Yeah… I'm with the 'go and check the place out' crowd. Sure they're gone by now, but can never tell what might get left behind by a crew that's bailing out after a botched ambush."

Tabitha is set down gently and Dax looks back at Becca, "I don't know for certain, but it sounded like it." He may need to learn it now, for tactical reasons. Al three girls are glances at with a small frown before he nods. If they're all there it should be okay. He looks kinda scary, his left jean leg is soaked from his wound and his left hand is bloody. The hem of his work t-shirt even got some of it. He bends his leg, testing the heal, "I can run us over, if Felicia can get you all small."

"Maybe. I'm a little nervous our powers don't mix well." Becca smiles a little tightly and looks between Tabitha and Daxton. She really doesn't want to be wrong about her troubles being over. Looking at Felicia she says quietly "I was being stalked by some photographer and given a warning in Chinese." Looking at Tabitha she asks softly "Are you ok?"

"If it wasn't Chinese what other language could it have been?" Felicia asks, her tone suggesting that of course it was Chinese, which is aimed more at Rebecca but also a bit at Dax too. "What's the chances of me getting you stuck a second time?" she nods to Dax "I can do it if they are willing." the nod is then moved to Rebecca "Yeah, stalkers suck.

Tabitha nods a bit, "Yeah, I'm fine." She stands up and flexes her leg a few times. She's not much better in the bloody looks department, with his blood and her own on her hands, leg, shorts, and hoodie. She shrugs at the mention of doing the 'shrink, speed, unshrink' transit method. "If Felicia's game, I am. Be faster than flying, and less potentially conspicuous." Then she grins impishly, "Besides, I'm used to being tiny." The topic of Rebecca's asian stalkers sobers her up a bit, though. "Yeah, the guy that dropped off the cryptic threat and photos had a 'high class thug look', in a sharp suit cut loose for concealed weapons." She brushes herself off, deciding not to care about spreading the blood, then stands up straight. "I'm ready."

Daxton's jaw works itself as he thinks and then shoots back at Fel, "I don't know. It was asian, that's all I know." He starts to lift his hand to rub his eyes but stops and switches to his right hand. "I can carry Becca if the rest of you are small." He'd rather not run all three of them separately. He's not wearing his hoodie, so Becca may have to carry them as he carries her then. Carry inception!

"I'd be willing to risk it. Won't hurt to see if it really is non compatible." Becca says and nods to the girls. "I don't disagree. All the more reason to drag me along Dax-if anything is Chinese I can read it."

<FS3> Felicia rolls Size Change: Failure.

You raise Size Change.

Felicia spends 1 luck points on A reroll for size change.

<FS3> Felicia rolls Size Change: Good Success.

"Huh." is all she says to that. Felicia knows Japanese herself, but hasn't shared that knowledge with anyone, and she isn't going to point out that the two languages sound different and give it away now. "Right." she looks between Tabs and Becca, putting a hand on both of their shoulders "going down." the usual warning before she initiates the size change.

Tabitha makes sure to keep her hands and arms inside the car and to put her aura in its folded and locked position before Felicia shrinks them down. When they've been shrunk she looks up and around with wide eyes. Then she gets a thought and her smile gets almost too big for her face. "When we go back up, I am going to feel like a GIANT!"

Daxton's a dumb boy sometimes, and he did lose a bit of blood. As soon as there's 3 tiny ladies for him to transport he'll offer his palms out for them to climb on. He knows Becca and Felicia have down this before but he warms Tabitha, "It's not just fast. Hold on." Seems like that's all the warning he gives before all three are held closer to his chest and he's takes off. It isn't just moving fast, he's actually stepping through time, so it feels (for his passengers anyway) like he's teleporting from step to step. He runs to a sec ion of town that's mostly rental houses. He stops a block away, just to be safe. There's the tiniest of sways from the speedster as he bends over to set the girls down. "It's down the road."

Becca holds on tight, though she grins at Tabitha. "It does feel nice to grow again." She tells her and does her best not to say anything teasing to Daxton about having three girls and only two hands. As they're set down, she stands on the sidewalk and looks up at Daxton. "Are you ok, Champ?"

"Yeah, and you thought you were tiny before." Felicia tells Tabs. This takes short to a whole other level. Yeah, she is old hat at this now, but it hasn't gotten old yet. She is also gotten past the whole clinging on thing, she trusts Dax not to drop her and if he does, it's not like it would hurt her. If Becca did say something about three girls and two hands she would probably gag, so could thing Becca is restraining herself. She doesn't really wait to be set down, she pretty much leaps when Dax comes to a stand still and once the other two girls are down upsizes them all. And no one gets noticably stuck either!

Tabitha starts off trying to watch as Daxton runs them over, but has to close her eyes and pull her aura in tighter as the sensation of slipping between time starts to give her a pressure headache. She also takes a moment to truly enjoy the sensation of growing taller, even if the end point is just back where she started. Once everyone is situated and Daxton has had a chance to recover from the less than wise act of running when he's a quart low, she lets her aura out again. "And now it's my turn to add something to this excursion. Stick close, no more than ten to fifteen feet away, and I can keep us from being spotted while we poke around and burgle a house, technically speaking."

<FS3> Tabitha rolls Aura Illusion: Failure.

Tabitha spends 1 luck points on reroll on sneaky.

<FS3> Tabitha rolls Aura Illusion: Good Success.

Daxton nods to Becca, but he has planted his feet a little further apart to help him keep balance. Moving he's fine, it's the standing still he's having problems with. "I'm okay…I just need to get some water after this…" Possibly a burger…and a nap. He even manages to force a small smile at Becca before stepping closer to Tabs to make sure they're covered by the illusion.

"I can get us in too. If we're worried about a locked door." Becca says and slips close to wrap her arm about Daxton's waist so he isn't so unbalanced. "Not that I've burgled before, but I'm told my power is suited to the task." She says humorlessly.

Water…Felicia has water. She digs into a pocket and pulls out a tiny bottle which she upsizes as she hands it to Dax. She has stuffs, remember "Unless you'd rather have a monster." she looks up and down the street. Thankfully it is the middle of the day and adults will be at work while teens there own age are glued to electronic devises. No one will be paying attention to them, unless a group of Pokemon hunters wanders by "I doubt whoever jumped Dax locked the place up when they left…not if they were squatting in the place."

Tabitha nods to Felicia, "Very true." She takes a moment to make sure that her aura's cloaking illusion is solidly in place before starting towards the house Daxton indicates. She'll keep her pace slow both to keep the illusion from slipping and to let Daxton get rehydrated. When they arrive at their destination, she'll send her aura out further to extend her senses around and into the house. She'll send it under doors, around wall cracks, and through air vents in order to make sure that the house isn't still occupied. Not that she thinks they couldn't take any gangsters that might have been stupid enough to stick around, but it's always nice to know ahead of time.

<FS3> Tabitha rolls Alertness: Good Success.

Becca doesn't saying anything about having three girls at once, Daxton manages to not make a comment about her dressed as a kitty cat. The water bottle is taken with a nod and he opens it, leaning slightly against the smaller Becca, "No…water is good.." He must be feeling it if he doesn't want the Monster. There's more nods as he sips on the water, agreeing with Fel. As they walk he scans the area, but takes a sec to look down at Becca, making sure she's okay too.

Becca has her stubborn face on. "You're ok." She tells Dax quietly and looks at the girls. "I hope it's unlocked, that's easier." She says as they walk towards the house. It doesn't appear as if anyone is home. To Tabitha's aura the place feels empty of people.

<FS3> Felicia rolls Density Manipulation: Failure.

Felicia can be preety ninja like in the stealth department when she wants to be. Today, she doesn't wanna be. She really sees no reason for it under the circumstances "I haven't meet a door that I can't get through." there certainly are some somewhere, but she hasn't been to the places that have those kind of doors, yet at least. She really doesn't stand on ceremony or really wait for the all clear, she just walks up to the house, tries the door and if it is indeed unlocked with walk right on in. Not without preparing herself though, at least she hope she is prepared, she won't fully know until something happens.

There are many ways that Tabitha can use to get into a locked house. Fortunately none of those are required as Felicia walks right in. Once she's certain that there's no one waiting for them, she'll pull her aura back in closer to her body and follow the Prom Princess into the house. She also notes, "Remind me when I'm looking for a place to live to never rent from whoever owns this place. They don't clean their vents /at all/." She'll start searching around for anything funky, using her aura more than her eyes as it's more sensitive. "Too bad we can't check the hospitals for recent broken bone admissions. These guys probably wren't the kind to get injuries treated on an HMO."

Once inside Daxton leans against the wall and just watches the other three look around. He's still sipping on the water bottle. He offer lightly to Tabs' joke, "I'm not either."

The house is a little trashed from clear signs of a fight. It's filled with show room furniture. There's blood, some of Dax's, some of the baddies. There's even a cold, trampled pizza. Becca looks around slowly and heads for the trash can first, not that it's a good bet. Can't hurt to hope. "Jeez, Dax. Maybe we should keep you on campus for a while."

"People clean out the vents?" who knew…Felicia didn't, but she is the typical teenager and doesn't think of cleaning vents, let alone anything else all that much. "Pizza abuse much!" she gestures at the poor, stepped upon pizza "What a waste of a good.." she looks at it a moment "sausage and olive pizza." she shakes her head as if was a travesty. Becca's comment has her snorting in amusement "As if." yeah she doesn't think that will happen, ever, in a zillion years. With that said she goes to check out other parts of the house to look for clues and stuff.

Felicia/IDLE - Set.

<FS3> Tabitha rolls Elysian Channel + Mind + 2: Good Success.

While Rebecca goes for the trash, Daxton takes a breather, and Felicia goes to check the other rooms, Tabitha is settled into the center of the living room. Her aura is sending out wisps of force around the room and into the connected rooms as well. She's taking in the blood, the flashbang shell, damage to the walls and furniture, and a series of scorch marks. All of these give her an idea of how this particular dance played out. As she studies the room she feels her mind slip into the state where she just knows things without knowing how or why she does.

She stands up and starts to move around the room as if ghosting some of the combatants. "This was supposed to be a curb stomp. Ambush the boyfriend, leave him in a bloody heap as a message. Either they didn't know he was powered, or they thought they had brought enough powers of their own to counter." She moves from one set of damage to the next, her body sometimes moving to mirror the positions the combatants were in before causing the wreckage. "Brick bruiser type, at least one, and maybe a pyrokinetic of some kind as well. Kept trying to hit Daxton, kept missing. And then he was gone, their plan failed, and they bugged out…" She looks over to Rebecca, "Have you found anything in the trash? Maybe the message they had planned to leave with Daxton's broken body?" Isn't she the cheerful one in her minor fugue state?

Daxton grunts around the water bottle, not liking that idea at all. His phone vibrates before he can argue that though and he pulls it out to read whatever text he just got. "Huh." He sounds surprised, and blinks looking up at Becca, "Apparently I've been to China." And then Tabitha is dropping that wonderful image. He nods though, "I'm pretty sure some of them had powers, yeah." Did he not mention that? Oops.

Looking hopeful, Becca blinks. "So this might not be connected to me?" She washes her hands after digging through the trash. It won't be a long lived hope. There's a familiar envelope that looks like it got knocked under the couch. It's not hard to find for anyone looking around in the living room and Becca is twisting up her hair to keep snooping around.

Tabitha's concentration on… whatever it is her brain is doing slips as Daxton's phone vibrates. It's not a thing that she can hold onto very well. She blinks and rubs her eyes while Daxton read the text and reports he's been to China before. "Huh. Guess U-23 got around. I didn't spend any time in mainland China. Lots of outings in sub-Saharan Africa, though." She starts moving furniture to see what she can see when the envelope is found under the couch. With Becca off washing her hands, she has to project a bit for her voice to carry. "Becca? I'm sorry, dear, but you've got mail." She holds the envelope up so Daxton can see it. "This is just like the one that got dropped off at the thrift store we were at."

Daxton's started vibrating, leaning against the wall. The cracks from the fight now have dust falling from them. He quickly throws a text back before looking up at the tiny Tabs and the brandished envelope. Before Becca comes back into the room he lets his frustration show. He knew it, but hoped it wasn't the case. A very low swear, "Fuck." but then he smooths his face and just watches Becca when she comes in and in theory reads the note.

Becca takes the envelope with a weary expression. "Thanks. I'm getting tired of the fan mail though." She offers and carefully opens up the envelope. This one just has a series of numbers on the outside and a few documents along with some photos of Becca and Dax at the pizza place and a blur zipping through the door. "Huh. I don't understand these though." She says and hands the pages over to Tabitha, trusting the girl can read Chinese. The one is a contract to scare off the boyfriend, that's clear enough. The other is like an auction house bill of sale, or at least a copy of it. The numbers on the item match the front of the envelope. It's also written on the back of one of the photos Becca appears in with Dax. "I'm not one hundred percent sure this was meant for us." She says slowly.

Daxton pushes off the wall to walk over and look down at the writing he can't read and then the photos. His jaw clenches but he doesn't say anything. Instead he waits to have it explains. He sways again slightly, the bottle of water only helping so much.

Tabitha can read Chinese, although to her it just reads as English. She looks over the photos, the bill of sale copy, and the same number repeated on all three, then nods slowly. "Yeah, I'd have to agree with you there. This is target identification and orders, not a 'screw with her head' fan letter." She'll hold out the items for Daxton to look at as well, pointing out what she's reading so he'll be on the same page on things. "Can't figure out what the number on everything means, though. Maybe some kind of code designation, or an account number for their payment…" She trails off as her mind comes up with more ideas less plausible than the ones before. After a moment she raises her head and looks around. "We shouldn't stay here too much longer. I can fly us out so we don't send Daxton into a tailspin."

Daxton pushes off the wall to walk over and look down at the writing he can't read and then the photos. His jaw clenches but he doesn't say anything. Instead he waits to have it explains. He sways again slightly, the bottle of water only helping so much. He does rub his face now, not quite following everything, "I think we should see if Sorrel can find anything on this." He agrees on not staying here longer but pouts slightly, "I could get us out of here…" He's not that bad! Another slightly sway he stills.

"Let's get out of here." Becca nods and looks up at Dax with concern. "I'll try and write everything out in English and ask her to look it over, see what she can dig up. I'm sorry Dax." She tells him quietly. Her eyes move to the windows and she puts everything away. "I'm good to go when you two are. If Sorrel can't shake anything loose maybe we can do some sleuthing." She says before adding "Though I don't imagine being seen with me is the smartest idea right now."

Tabitha fixes Daxton with a 'seriously?' expression. "You are my friend and I love you dearly. But I only let you run us here because I was excited to be shrunk down, and I didn't know where we were going. You need some orange juice, maybe a nice BLT, and a nap." She gives him a questioning look when he mentions Sorrel. "I haven't met a Sorrel yet." Then she turns that 'seriously?' expression onto Rebecca. "And you can just stop that 'stay away from me' nonsense right there. You are not going it alone on this." She calls Felicia to come down, then heads over to the house's back door. "Now just stand close, and when we're in the air stick your arms out and yell 'WHEEEEE!'."

Daxton shuts up. He'll argue with them later. Girls are so tiring! Instead of echoing Tab he just stands behind Becca and wraps his arms around her waist, pulling her close for when they get flown home.

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