(2016-07-25) Not the Brightest Bulb (For Once)
Not The Brightest Bulb (For Once)
Summary: Coral Spring kids hang out in the hub
Date: 2016-07-25
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Ocean Floor Hub Coral Springs

The central hub of the lowest level is utilitarian in nature, simply an open space with white walls. There are serval tunnels leading off from here. One is wide open and the ocean can be glimpsed from this tunnel, it is marked Paragon Island. There are double doors that can seal off this tunnel if needed. Of the other tunnels, the prominent ones hold plaques overhead. Each indicated it belongs to one of the four school teams. There is an occasional soft sofa like bench all the walls for students, along with some plants that do not require much sunlight.

A notice has been posted. An official sign now hangs on the yellow taped laundry room door, it reads: Notice: Restricted Access, Students Prohibitied.

It's just after supper time, and Kaylee Blake is just getting back to Coral Springs. She'd been away the whole weekend, trying out for the Thunder Bay travelling bball team and is just now finally returning. As she makes her way out of the elevator in the dorm hub, Kaylee's got her basketball duffel bag slung across her torso. And that torso is clad in a brand new red and white 'Thunder Bay' basketball jersey! Somebody made the team!

Becca is hanging around, munching on a bowl of fried rice as she lets a fresh coat of toe nail polish dry. It's a bright, acid green that is hard to miss and therefor amazing. She has head phones on, bobbing her head a little.

Jacob is halfway through a paperback, a half-finished bacon burger sitting nearby. Not the world's easiest juggling act, that. "How was the game?" he calls over to Kaylee, having spotted the splash of color but not yet put it into proper context.

The last month or two, Rosa has been scarce. She was actually off in Arizona, not far from her home, at a pre-collegiate biology program.

The last month or two, Rosa has been scarce. She was actually off in Arizona, not far from her home, at a pre-collegiate biology program.

Leave it to Rosa to be doing more school stuff during summer vacation.

She isn't far behind Kaylee, coming out of the elevator with a heavy duffle bag dragging behind her, and her nose staring at her beloved Kindle. She looks up from the device and regards the group for a moment before she asks, "Do any of you know who Ron kissed first in Harry Potter?"

Kaylee blinks a little and then waves at Jacob when he asks the question. "Oh! It wasn't a game, I had tryouts with the Thunder Bay travel team. It went … well … awesome," she replies, grinning. She moves out of Rosa's way so she can come off the elvator as well, and then makes a bit of a face at the question. "Um … can't you use Google on that thing?" she asks, reaching up and tucking a few strands of hair behind her ear.

"Something Lavender or other?" Becca offers and looks at Kaylee. "Cool jersey." She grins and offers her bowl to the girl. "Fried rice?" She's such a helper, offering to share food.

Jacob gestures toward Rebecca, nodding and snapping his fingers. "Lavender Brown, right? There was a love potion involved. Or something." He glances over to Kaylee and shrugs. "Lots of fanfic to wade through. And hey, yeah, what position did you get? Or do you know yet?"

Rosa blinks at Kaylee. "Well, sure," she says, "but that'd be cheating." She glances toward Becca, drops the duffle and takes a moment to tap at the screen. "That's it. Thank you," she tells Becca before pausing a moment. "Sorry. I don't know you." Pause. "Or… others of you. I'm Rosa." Eyes go back to her Kindle. Tap tap. "That puts Hermione in D1… and… Ginny in F1…"

"Lavender?" Kaylee blinks, her brow furrowing. But, when that turns out to be the right answer, her eyebrows raise in surprise. Huh. Weird name! She shrugs a little, adjusting the bag on her shoulder. "Oh, no thanks, Becky. Everybody that made it had dinner together. There's twenty of us, two teams. I'm on the B squad right now, but I was CLOSE to making A. And I'll be playing the 3, Jacob," she says, smiling. When Rosa introduces herself, Kaylee offers her a little wave and then sticks her hand out, saying, "Hi! I'm Kay- …." But, then Rosa's back at her Kindle again. "… lee."

"Becca, hi, that's Jacob over there also reading. How's the class Jake?" She asks and takes a couple bites of her dinner. "You don't know what you're missing Kays. I get better and better at this."

Jacob shrugs, setting the book aside and working on the burger some more, before it has a chance to get cold. "Better than the first half. Not that that's saying much, but the heat's actually been annoying me more than it has." He peers over toward Rosa as well. "What is that, a Harry Potter bingo app or something?"

Tappity tap. Rosa waves a hand at Kaylee, then Becca and Jacob in turn. She raises her eyes again, looks a little sheepish. "Sorry, it's a timed logic puzzle," she explains. "And very poorly constructed. The clues don't lead to single answers and…" She shrugs helplessly. "But it's been ages since I read the books."

Kaylee giggles at Rebecca, moving towards her and dropping her duffel bag off by a couch. "Well, I'm totally not hungry, but you can at least show me what you made?" she offers, pulling her glasses out of the pocket of her sweats. She puts them on, settling them in place as she approaces Becca, prepared to look into the bowl. "Are you in a summer class, Jakey?" she asks, casting a glance in his direction before she plops down onto the couch next to Becca.

"Even the boys?" Becca shakes her head and offers Kaylee the bowl. "It's just pretty basic fried rice. I thought about adding meat of some kind, maybe shrimp but then I'd have to go to the store." She says and nods to Jacob. "Well, bright side, only a month-ish left of summer." She tells him with a chuckle.

Jacob nods to Rebecca. "I hear that. Yeah, catching on English lit," reaching over and moving the book to where Kaylee can see. It's one of those compendiums with super thin paper. "And Rebecca here is a workaholic, I just picked this up from upstairs earlier."

Rosa looks down at her duffle bag, drags it over toward the Ares door, then settles on a couch. Tap tap. "Well, we're here to learn," she says. "Why -not- work a lot?"

"Ugh! Only a MONTH!?" Kaylee asks, looking at Rebecca. "How is THAT a bright side!?" She shakes her head as she passes the bowl back to Becky. "Well, at least our first tournament is already next week," Kaylee says, smiling to herself about that. As Rosa settles in on a couch, Kaylee does as well, tucking her legs underneath her. "So, Rosa! Where've you been? And welcome back!"

"I like school." Becca shrugs and picks up her bowl, standing up carefully so she doesn't mess up her polish. "I need school if I'm going to be a doctor or a lawyer." She jokes and nods to the other kids.

Jacob gestures with one hand. "See, what did I tell you? More people around during the fall, though. And more variety, doing one class all day does get old pretty fast."

"Thanks," Rosa tells Kaylee, smiling, if a touch shyly. "I went to Arizona State for a biology symposium for high school students. It was a bit elementary, I'm afraid, but I made good contacts. And I got to visit my family."

Kaylee blinks a little as Becky gets up, but she offers her a wave and a smile. "See ya, Becky! And you don't need THAT much school! You're super smart," she offers. Then Kaylee makes a face at Jacob. "Yeah, and more HOMEWORK, and more CHORES, and LESS FREE TIME!" she reminds, shaking her head. "But, I guess it will be kind of nice to be able to practice with my team again. That's probably the one thing I'm looking forward to with school starting again." She tne turns her attention to Rosa, her eyebrows raising in surprise. "A … biology … symphony?" she asks, utterly confused. "What on earth is that? And what kind of contacts?"
Rebecca has disconnected.

"I'm not saying you're wrong," Jacob replies to Kaylee. He leaves it at that, though, just grinning a little bit as he waits for Rosa to fill in the rest of the story. He's heard the word before, but what's it actually mean besides a fancy word for 'meeting'?

"A conference?" Rosa suggests as an alternate word. "A bunch of high school students and college professors who are interested in biology. Some of us got to present our research and meet people who can give us recommendations for college and stuff."

"… research?" Kaylee asks, obviously confused. They're high school students! Who does research unassigned? "… do you WANT to go to Arizona State for college?" she adds. Then, she frowns and expands on the couch, stretching her legs out and smoothing out her sweatpants. "Gosh, I don't see how you guys are doing so much school work in the summer! I work really hard during the year, but then I take the summer off."

"I would," Jacob explains, "I just got my schedule all thrown off by coming here in the middle of the spring. Should be back to normal after this year. So what are you doing this month, Kaylee, just hanging out? Or just visiting before you go back to vacation?"

"Well, they have a good biology program," says Rosa, "but MIT is better, and they have a good chemistry program, too. It's all a few years away, but…" Pause. "Yeah, research. I've been doing my own research for years. It's how I wound up here." Her nose wrinkles faintly. She's proud of her work, and likes the school, but is not entirely pleased with that particular experiment. She casts a somewhat sympathetic look at Jacob — she has known lots of people who've had that particular issue.

"Really?" Kaylee asks, blinking at Jacob again. "… well, I guess maybe it wasn't such a big deal, since I'm only a freshman," Kaylee reasons. She shrugs, then, and lets it go. But Jacob's next question has her laughing and shaking her head at Jacob. "Jakey! What are you talking about? I've been here all summer! I only went home for a week for the Fourth, and then went to tryouts this weekend. Besides. I just live up in Delaware. It's not really like I'm THAT far from home," she explains. Then, she's listening as Rosa explains and her eyebrows raise as she nods, impressed. "Wow. That's really amazing. You must be SO smart, if you're gonna go to MIT! My dad played basketball for them!" she says, grinning.

Jacob inclines his head toward Rosa, but it's Kaylee's words that he addresses, turning and leaning forward. "See, I kind of thought so, I'd seen you around enough times, I just lost track of some of the details is all. You probably told me a couple weeks ago and I forgot." He is kind of a jock, after all.

Rosa gives a small shrug. "I do pretty well," she says. "When I don't explode extinct frog DNA all over myself. Cool that your dad went to MIT." Way cooler that he went to MIT than that he played basketball for them, in her opinion — but really, she's the science girl.

Kaylee just grins and makes a face at Jacob. "You were probably too busy snogging with Tabby," she teases. And then, she grimaces, realizing she may have just put her foot in her mouth. "I mean … um … well … you guys are still together, aren't you? I haven't really seen Tabby much since the concert …." She ducks her head down a little, reaching up and playing with a few strands of hair nervously. Then, she adds quietly, in response to Rosa, "Yeah, he's an engineer for Seaside."

Rosa nods her understanding. "Good work for him, then," she says, flashing a smile. It doesn't last long — but Rosa is pretty reserved, by and large. "If I can get into MIT that'd be ideal. But CIT would probably be okay, too. Or Berkely. And closer to home. But, you know, I guess I don't have to worry about that for awhile."

"Well, but there's no reason not to start early!" Kaylee encourages, turning to face Rosa more now that Jake's gone back to his book. "Like, I've been practicing basketball pretty hardcore since I was 13. I REALLY wanna play in college, so I work really hard at it. And thankfully, I mean, I dunno if you follow college sports at all, but UConn's women's basketball program is one of the best in the country. And next year, I'll be a junior, so I can actually start attending their summer basketball camps. So, it's totally a good idea to get an early start on trying to impress schools, if you know exactly what you wanna do already."

Jacob makes a face at Kaylee. "I'm going to be nice and not tell her you said that," he points out. "I'd be kind of a lousy boyfriend if I went and failed this class and had to go through it /again/ and then not have any time for personal time." Yeah, he's going to leave it at that.

Rosa smiles. "Well, I think my presentation impressed some of them at least," she says modestly, glancing downward for a moment. And then she sighs and rises. "I am very tired," she notes. "It was a long trip from Arizona. But it's nice to meet you both — and I'm sure I'll see you around soon." She grabs her heavy bag and lugs it off into the Ares dorm. "Good night!"

Kaylee waves at Rosa as she prepares to leave. "Sleep tight, Rosa! It was so great to meet you!" she calls. Then, she yawns and blinks, surprised at herself. "Boy! I guess I'm pretty tired, too! Plus, I gotta unpack and do some laundry, too," she realizes, standing up and stretching a little. She grins over at Jacob. "You go ahead and tell her! I haven't seen her either! See? Too much making out," she teases, making a face. Speaking of …. "Oh!" and her eyes flash a bright blue color as she remembers. "And Violet should be back soon! She'll be so excited!" And that hurries Kaylee along, as she scurries over to claim her duffel bag. "Nini, everybody! We'll see you around!"
Rosa leaves, heading towards the Ares Dorm Hub [OA].
Rosa has left.

Jacob is about ready to finish up and head out himself, from the look of things. "Cool, tell her I said hi." Clearly he hasn't caught on to the relationship update on /their/ end. Give him a chance to run into them together, though.

Kaylee waves back at Jacob as she slings her duffel over her shoulder. "I will. If you see her, don't spoil my surprise! I'm soooo gonna snugglepounce her when she comes in!" she says, absolutely beaming. "Nii-iiight!" she sings, heading for her dorm.

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