(2016-07-25) Mr. Squeakers and the Hippo Law
Mr. Squeakers and the Hippo Law
Summary: Ransacking the Abandoned Hospital, not the best idea…but this is Ares
Date: 2016.07.25
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Abandoned Hospital

Huge old abandoned hospital with different rooms here and there, the doors either off their hinges or open. Or missing all together. The floor is concrete, dirty from years of being unused as well as exposure to the elements, the ceiling high with a few gaping holes. Staircases, some leading to upper floors, some leading.. nowhere, are located near an old elevator shaft that leads to.. certain death.

The abandoned hospital is pretty creepy in the day time, but even more so at night. Which is when a small group of Ares descended on the place. Why? In search of free building materials of course. if the school wasn't willing to build an American Ninja style course, then why not do it themselves. The group has split up into smaller ones, which taking a floor/section in which to gather the necessary items. Is the ransacking of the hospital totally legal…probably not, but the idea hasn't crossed Felicia's mind…heck this might not of even been her idea…completely. She hasn't gotten so far as to doing any collecting as of yet. She is roaming around, shining her flashlight into places though, checking things out, exploring if you will, since she has never really had a chance to do that as of yet.

Daxton is also noir doing so much collecting as he's just running up walls and flipping. In some ways it play testing, but mostly he's just screwing off. It was a dumb day at work, slow too, so he's out early which is why he's here. "I can't believe the school is being so cheap about this." He's not certain who's in charge either. Maybe the school was never even asked. He's taken to wearing his Ares costume shoes when working, it makes for less road rash. He sticking relatively close to Fel, letting her take the lead on where to look.

There is a shrug from Felicia as she pushes open the door of another room "I'm sure there was something about budgets and students getting hurt." she pans her flashlight around the room, the beam reflecting off the broken windows, the dusty TV hanging partially off the wall. The TV looks like it is going to fall if it is so much as breathed on. Debris and glass litter the floor, the bed and the chairs looking worn by both use and time. "You know the usual stupid reasons."

"Well…someone said to use this stuff….can you even imagine some of the school trying to use this?" He's now standing up on the back of one of the chairs that looks like it's going to crumble underneath his weight. And he's definitely not the heaviest in the school. He starts there, balancing. "We might do better cleaning the building up and just coming here…" Blue eyes scan the room, he's not so distracted that he's not keeping aware of the doors and windows. Even though Becca said it was over, it's never really over. Cause their lives suck.

With the way Dax is bouncing around it is hard to keep up with where he is from moment to moment, so Felicia shines the flashlight around until the beam finds him "Don't sneeze." she suggests, eying his choice of perch as she moves to look around and old cup rolling across the floor as her foot kicks it "Could do that. Set up an obstacle style course though the hallways and staircases." she taps at the mattress on the bed sending up a plume of dust which makes her noise wrinkle and she rubs it to keep from sneezing.

Daxton smirks, he's been in a better mood since Becca's come back from CA. "I might bring down the whole building if I did." Sneeze, that is. He does couph softly at her dust cloud, "Just no one with asthma can run it." Cause they're never getting //all the dust out.

"I'm not sure if that is a good thing or not." Felicia tells him about the whole building coming down. "I doubt any of the team would appreciate a building falling on them though." she could care less really. Not like it would hurt her. "No one with allergies either." she pinches her nose, that tickling sneezing sensation still bugging her. As far as his moods go, he is pretty mercurial as it is, so she may not put his good mood together with the reappearance of Becca. "Think this beds and the gurneys will make good hurdles?"

Daxton wiggles slightly, shifting his weight on the mattress causing the rusted springs to squeak. "We can flip them on their side or stack them…" His eyes flicker out the door again though, so memory tugging , but he can't quite pin point it. His lower lip is chewed as he tries and fail to catch it.

"And set them up so that the runner has to weave in and out of them." Felicia makes weaving in and out motions with her hand "Might be able to do other things too. Imagination is the limit!" she gives a bit of a grin. She doesn't have excellent night vision, just the normal but her flashlight is shining on him enough to notice his eye Rick to the door "hear something?"

Daxton shifts on the mattress again before hopping off, creating his own small dust cloud. "…no. Just….sometimes I feel like I can almost remember something…" It's moving him to an uneasy mood. "Like…it's not the hospital, but sometimes the way a room is set up, or the gurney…" He folds his arms, trying to not shiver. it covers up the Lighthouse Pizza logo on his shirt, but not the scent of pizza that clings to him. Who needs Axe body spray?

Felicia nods "I hate that. Almost makes you want to bang your head against something hard in hopes of jogging something loose…ya know." that's something she can relate to at least. "We can skip the patient rooms and check out the administrative side of the wing if ya want?" there is a slight grumble of her stomach as she swings the beam of light to the door. yeah pizza smell is better, even if it makes her hungry for it.

Daxton's jaw works itself as he nods, still eyeing the door slightly. It's not quite paranoid, but it's close. "I'm afraid I'd not have much left if I started trying to shake it loose." He shrugs, "it's okay…we can keep looking. I need to be okay with places like this. When I get the go ahead for the mission, me freaking out in the middle of it isn't going to help." Hopefully he won't at all. In and out, easy-peasy. He licks his lips and looks over to her and her wiggling light beam, "I can't believe they just leave all this stuff here when they closed down. Seems like a waste. And in violation of hippo laws." Awh…he's so close!

There is a long look and then Felicia shakes her head "Sometimes you make it to easy." she leads the way out to the room and up the nearly pitch black hallway. There is a scurry of feet up ahead and her light arcs in that direction to light up a large rat scurrying away to hiding. She can't help but crack up "Don't wanna violate those hippo laws, supposedly hippos are more dangerous that crocodiles. "

Daxton does frown now, unsure what he said that was an easy target. But he also knows better than to ask. He follows her, giving a quick glance behind them. He tries to correct her, "No, that's some medial law where you can't divulge info or something." He glances back at the scurry rat and his nose wrinkles, "Maybe not here. I can't imagine Anna sharing a course with Mr. Squeakers there." It's said with humor, not meanly. He and Anna are okay currently (But who knows what that will change!).

"I know what hippa law is. My parents had to sign enough of those forms to last three lifetimes." Felicia still finds it amusing though. The mental image of a hippo in a suit like a lawyer..well it's funny to her "Honestly I can't imagine Anna even coming here, let along running an obstacle course through here." she goes in the direction that the rat went, catching sight of him up ahead turning down another hall.

Daxton frowns again after the correct word is used. That…sounds right too so he just struts, whatever. He nods, letting the titan chase down the rat, for whatever reason. He slows as he looks into several rooms. Maybe it's just because it's dark, but there's more of that nagging feeling. He's not certain he actually wants to remember anything. He quietly responds, "Yeah…if we want her to be able to run it…we might want to set it up at the school…" She still might not.

"if you see anything interesting or useful give a shout." Felicia tells him as they pass room after room. There is a pause as they come to a four way intersection of hallways. Footsteps can be heard coming from above. She shines her flashlight upward in enough time to see the ceiling start to collapse right on top of them!

<FS3> Felicia rolls Reaction: Success.

<FS3> Daxton rolls Super Speed: Good Success.

When things happen, collapse or catch fire, most sane people run away. Dax has proven on several occasions he's not sane though. The speedster is already running towards the falling ceiling, although he's angling up enough speed to start up the wall. If it's collapsing and there were footsteps, someone might be coming down with the ceiling. The teen's arm is already darting out to snag whoever it is. Hopefully not Derek, cause that could be awkward catching him. Derek doesn't need anyone else holding him!

She isn't a speed demon, but she really doesn't need to be. As the debris falls around her she just ducks and covers letting it bounce off her rock hard back, she may be buried but all she has to do is stand and that problem will be solved.

The body that falls through the floor is that of an underclass man, that is just as startled about falling through the floor as he is about being caught "holy shit…thanks!" he says after a few moments to figure out what happened and in what order.

There is the noise of shifting debris as the teen Titan stands, covered in dust. Felicia lets out a few sneezes before looking around "Everyone okay?" the hallways certainly out. The hallway back is full of the upper floor, which means finding an alternate route out or lots of digging.

Daxton's above the debris, so he's mostly dust free. The underclassman is held until their on the ground and nothing else is falling. Daxton nods at the thanks "No prob." His gaze shifts to Fel and he can't help a small smirk, "You look like a ghost." His eyes then travel to the blockage and then up, "Think you can shrink both of you Fel? I can run us out of here." It's too unstable for this many kids to be wandering around, no Coral Springs Ninja here.

"Boo!?" Felicia tells him as she gives a shake of her hair and more dust goes flying. She is going to be picking dry wall from her hair for days. She eyes the other Ares, the floor creaking under her increased weight. "yeah, I can shrink us down if you can get us out." she moves to the under Ares so she can do just that.

Daxton doesn't have his hoodie, so they're gonna have to deal with hand held or clinging to his shirt Daxi-Taxi. Once they're small he takes a few steps backwards and then is running up the wall and flips up into the hole in the ceiling. He doesn't stop there as the floor isn't all that stable and he just books it out, giving calls to any other Ares they see to evacuate.

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