(2016-07-18) Beach Plans
Beach Plans
Summary: Rain drags her brother to the beach
Date: 2016-07-18
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Training Grounds

In the center of the island, a large open area, roughly 100 meters round, stands as training grounds for the students of Coral Springs High. Bleachers on one side to sit have been erected by the faculty. A few pillars to mark each school can hold a flame atop it should it be needed at night. A mix of dirt and sand, any number of activities take place here. A few trails meander off from the training grounds and go around the island itself.

It's hot. It would have been a lot nicer to have done the workout inside where it's nice and cool, but a point was made that they can't just be physically fit in the Fall and Winter. With Sky's need to expend some pent-up energy, the morning workouts are actually doing him some good.

Today's, however, was rough.

He's already on his second bottle of gatorade after the workout and he hasn't moved from his chosen, shaded spot on the bleachers. He's still a little flushed from exertion…or it may sunburn. Hard to tell just yet.

Coming from the tunnel that leads from the school is Rain. She doesn't bother searching for her twin, she knows exactly where to find him. With a beach bag over her shoulder she heads over to where he is recovering »>I'm headed to the beach…you look like you could use a cool down. Why not come with me?«<

Schuyler doesn't even look up or uncover his eyes that were shielded by an arm from the sun, «I'm stinky and sweaty…» as if that's a reason why he shouldn't go to the beach. His arm moves just enough so that he can open one eye. He notes the beach bag she has with her, «Did you bring me swim trunks?»

»>Exactly the reason you should go to the beach. «< Rain replies as she looks down at him, her body throwing a shadow across his face »>A good rinse off in the ocean will help.«< she pats the bag »>Of course I did….and lunch to eat while we are there.«<

There's just a blink of a grey eye before Sky pushes himself upright. «And sunscreen. And an umbrella.» Because sunburn pink doesn't go with his whole 'Goth' look. He still brings his bottle of gatorade with him, to make sure he stays hydrated, «Thanks.» He probably did need a reason to just not be around people for a little while. There's a slight wince of ache as he gets to his feet but he nods his readiness to move. «So, am I looking more buff?»

»>Yes.«< to the sunscreen at least, he can tell by her thoughts that she intends to rent one of the really large cabana style tents that the little store at the beach has. Why lug it when you can just throw money at it. The final question has her making a face at him »>I am probably not the best person to ask that question.«<

Schuyler rolls his eyes, «Who else am I going to ask?» It's not like there are many girls around besides the ones who seem to want to dress him up. Ugh. He flexes a bicep as if he can tell a difference even as he walks along with his sister. «Are you bored? Being here?» It's not like she is doing remedial studies. She could be out having fun, going to camp, going on a trip…

»>One of your team mates? There has to be one that doesn't want to use you as a living Barbie doll.«< Rain has ceased to find that amusing, now she just wants to bash heads for upsetting her brother. »>Maybe?«< she shrugs and pokes at his flexed bi-cep, what little there is of it »>it's going to take time.«< his question has her pausing a moment to look at him »>Not really. «< she does go out and have fun…like she is now. »>None of that stuff is fun without you.«< answering the stuff he left unsaid,

«Only met guys and I'm not into them like that,» Sky offers matter-of-factly. «I haven't met any girls in Ares and I'm not going to ask my roommate.» Their relationship is weird as it is. No need to make it weirder. Sky can't help but give a little smile as he gets the sensation that his sister wants to get at the silly girls who talked about dressing him up. Thatta girl!

«!!> is exclaimed when she pokes at his bicep, but he lets that drop for now. Instead, her last comment has him actually smiling even as he goes to wrap an arm across her shoulders. «Aww! You -do- like me!»

»>Maybe that's because you are rooming with me instead of your team.«< and of course most of his team is probably off for the summer »>Yeah.«< Rain wrinkle her nose at him »>On every other Monday at least.«< she gives him a playful nudge.

Schuyler grins at the nudge and the answer, «Eh, I'll take it.» His thoughts and expression grows a little more thoughtful, «It's weird rooming with someone who doesn't trust you. I mean, it's weird rooming with anyone, period, but he doesn't trust me. And he thinks about girls.» The combination seems to be less than appealing. «It makes me worried that he'll meet you…» and then he'll have to deal with his roommate thinking about his sister! Eww.

»>So what if he doesn't trust you.«< to Rain that sounds like the roommate's problem, not his. »>We'll I'm sure you will get used to it after awhile.«< there is a bit of a laugh »>There could be worse things to think about I suppose. «< she then really cracks up when she picks up his thoughts about her meeting the roommate »>if that happens I will do my best to be as unappealing as possible.«<

Schuyler shrugs some, «He thinks I'm just going to read his mind all the time. Most of the kids here do. I mean, I could,» But he does understand that it's an invasion of privace. He then looks pensive though, «I wonder if I could make him think about other things. Without him noticing.» Now that could be interesting and a potential challenge. Probably not something encouraged by the school, however. He looks at his sister with a serious expression, «If he thinks of you that way, maybe I'll make him start thinking about boys.»

».They'll eventually learn that's not the case.«< Rain lifts her sunglasses as they get inside where it’s cooler and not so bright »>Probably not something you should try.«< she suggests »>Though in the case of me, I encourage it.«<

Schuyler hasn't pried into anyone's mind yet. It's not to mean he won't if he feels something necessitates it. Like someone thinking about his sister in a way that he doesn't approve of. Her comment about the encouragement merely gets an impish grin before he reaches for the beachbag so he can change into his swim trunks. «I'll be right back…» and they can continue on to the beach.

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