(2016-07-16) Health and Wellbeing
Health and Wellbeing
Summary: Kaylee checks in on the recently very absent Tabitha
Date: 2016-07-16
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For most of her time at the school, Tabitha's half of her dorm room had been filled with instruments, music kit, and boxes of bundled wires. Now it still has all of that, but there is the addition of a large bookcase filled with books on history, myths, geography, and language. There are also a number of high resolution pictures on a wall-mounted corkboard that show various shots of the glyphs that adorn much of her body. These have been laminated and are covered in various marks and notes in sharpie.

The bed doesn't look very slept in but rather has been turned into a nest of pillows in which Tabitha is sitting. She's dressed lightly in an old, worn camisole and boy short style undies and is writing in a large legal size notepad which is already more than half filled with scribbled entries.

Dressed in her typical late night attire, Kaylee's got on an oversized black t-shirt with a rock band she's never heard of on it (most likely pilfered from her roomie) and an oooooold pair of basketball shorts that hang past her knees. She's still also wearing the black leather bracelet on her wrist. Her glasses are also perched on her nose and her hair is braided into pigtails.
Having ventured into the Athena dorms, Kaylee locates the right door and knocks quietly on it, folding her hands behind her back while she softly calls out, "It's Kaylee Blake! I was just looking for Tabitha!"

"Look no further." Tabitha sends a thin thread of aura over to open the door, beckoning Kaylee in once it's open. "I'm here, and you are here, and we're both here together. So pull up a pile and take a load off." For once she's not putting any effort into making herself look 'regular'. Her eyes are her 'natural' smoldering charcoal, her copper w/ black streak hair has grown down to her shoulder blades and hasn't seen a brush in a while, and her glyphs are visible on all parts of her body save her hands, feet, and face. Once Kaylee's in she looks over to give her a tired smile. "So how're things going with you and the Violet that gives daisies?"

Kaylee smiles as she comes in, but she hesitates when she sees Lilith. She winces and reaches up to tuck some hair behind her ear, hurrying the rest of the way in after she reassures herself it's Tabitha. "Sorry … I … well … you look a lot different," Kaylee admits. She looks around for some place to sit, then opts for the the desk of Tabitha's roommate. She does eye the clutter and disorganization and fights a very strong urge to start sorting and tidying- though she soon realizes that it's probably pretty well handled by its owner.
Kaylee swings her feet a little as she looks around at all of the different stuff in Tabitha's room. Instruments … boxes of whoknowswhatsits … the pictures on the wall that look somewhat familiar and yet still wholly foreign. "Are those pictures of the markings on your body?" she asks, pointing at one of them at random. "They look kinda similar."

Although she's been at this for a while and is fairly wiped, the hesitation and wince are hard to miss. So while Kaylee is finding a seat, tabitha closes her eyes for a handful of seconds. When she opens them the burning charcoal of her natural gentek eyes has been covered over with the appearance of deep blue human eyes. She nods to Kaylee's remark, "I know. I'll live." She smirks a bit as she notices Kaylee supress the urge to clean, then nods as she asks about the pictures.

"Yeah, they are. Nathaniel took high-res images when I was visiting home last week. We tried to get shots of all the ways they change over time, which is why they might not quite match what you can see on me right now." She holds up her left arm next to a picture of the same arm and the glyphs do look somewhat different in the details. She nods to the notepad in her lap. "We've been trying to copy as much down as we can, too. Best guess we've got is that all the markings might be some kind of message or history." She shrugs and lightly taps her pencil against a pillow. "Nathaniel says he's been trying to contact a specialist, but apparently she's very flighty."

"Specialist? Like, an anthropologist or something?" Kaylee asks, tucking hair behind her ears again as she takes in the images. "Do you know HOW they change? Like, what's making them shift like that? Or how you got your powers? Or-," Kaylee stops herself. She frowns a little then shakes her head, swinging her legs a little and picking at her shorts. "Nevermind, Tabby. I mean, not that I don't want to know or don't want to help you. I'm totally there if you need me. But … that's not why I came," she offers.
Kaylee pauses for a second, holding her legs out and kinda-sorta reaching for her toes, but not really. "Oh! And you asked about Violet. She's great. And we're great. So things are … great," she decides to repeat, grinning. "She came with me to visit my family for the Fourth, and that was pretty swell. And she gave me this when we got back," she adds, holding up her wrist and twisting her arm so that the little chains on her bracelet tinkle lightly. "But, what I really came here for was just to check on YOU. I haven't really seen you or sat down and talked with you since the concert, so I wanted to see how you were doing."

Tabitha shrugs one shoulder, "Not really sure what kind of specialist. Nathaniel goes all quiet when I ask, so I'm guessing it's 'super secret squirrel' type stuff." She makes a brief gesture to the books and photos, "All this is part of trying to figure all that out." She continues copying text from her legs onto the notepad, then stops and slumps after a few more lines. "Damn, now it's back to cunneiform."

She closes the notepad and tosses it to one side, then tucks the pencils she was using into her hair like porcupine quills. A smile comes to her face as Kaylee tells her how she and Violet are doing. "That's good to hear, and it looks good on you. So does her t-shirt." She shoots Kaylee a quick wink, then sits back in her pillow nest. "Well, the band is doing well. We did our press tour for a week or so, recorded some fluff bits for our album release, then I spent some time back home. Unfortunately, I also found out that the two ringleaders of the attack at the stadium were not who they pretended to be. They were modified human supers pretending to be Adam and Eve. But all that is in the hands of law enforcement for now." She idly starts tossing one of the smaller pillows from one hand to the other while she talks. "Our album will be releasing next Thursday, so that'll be one part fun and three parts publicity stuff."

Kaylee listens, wrinkling her nose up in a smirk when Tabitha points out that she's wearing one of Violet's shirts. It smells like her! And they haven't been sleeping in the same bed together every night, regardless of what anyone else might think. She listens more and nods along with Tabitha's report on the band, and on the criminals, and back on the band. And then she glowers a little, shaking her head. "Well, that's all nifty and stuff, but … you didn't answer my question, Tabby. How are YOU doing? You. Who just went through an identity crisis like two months ago and who just got attacked a few weeks ago. How is TABBY doing?" she asks. And then she hops down and moves to collect the book that was tossed aside, grabbing it and beginning to pile it with the other books towards the edge of the bed. She'd move them to the desk, outright, but … she doesn't want to intrude!

Tabitha watches Kaylee attempt to put some order to her piles with a bemused look, but doesn't do or say anything to stop her. Some folks need to tidy. And she isn't the type to spend much brain-time worrying about how those who are paired off in one form or another spend their time together. She doesn't answer Kaylee's direct questions about herself right away. It takes her time to find the words that feel more or less right, and in the end she just settles on what just seems the least problematic.

"Still going through the identity thing. No end to that on the horizon anytime soon. Every time I wake up it takes me a few minutes to pull myself together." She shrugs as she says this part, "So I don't sleep as much. I'm still sorting through my pre-Tabitha memories, trying to get them into some kind of coherent timeline. That's happening, if a lot more slowly than I'd like." She's quiet for a moment, then continues in a quiet voice. "Some of those memories make me sick. But sometimes they feel very right… and then that makes me feel sick when I come back to myself. I wasn't anywhere near as bad a person as Adam and Eve, but that's not saying much." She examines her hands, looking at their tops, then the fingers. Looking for something, maybe.

Kaylee listens as she finishes stacking the books. Then she sighs and climbs onto the bed, intent on trying to give Tabitha a great big hug, if it's allowed. "I won't even pretend to say I know what you're going through, cuz you'd know I was lying. But … well, maybe I'm just silly. But I don't think it's half as important what you HAVE done as what you WILL do. Violet has a lot of … well, I don't think they're regrets. But she remembers a lot of the bad stuff, too, no matter how hard I try and not let her. But, she feels BAD about it, and she won't do it anymore, and that's what's matters. You can't undo the past, but you can definitely try and do the future better!" And that's Kaylee's pep talk! She grins and nods at the end, absolutely determined that she's right.

Tabitha is always happy to hug, no matter the circumstances. She accepts the big hug from Kaylee with a tired smile, then listens quietly as Kaylee gives her pep talk. She doesn't interrupt, both because listening is polite and because it'd be easier to divert the course of a river than get Kaylee off track. And in the end she just nods a bit and adds just a small response of her own. "I can only hope that the U.N. war crimes commission decides to agree with you."

Meep! UN War Crimes!? Kaylee pulls back and blinks at that, looking at Tabitha with a shocked face. She blinks several times and then swallows. And then she puts on her determined face again and furrows her brow, folding her arms across her chest. "… well … if they don't … then … then …," she tries to come up with an alternative. When she can't think of anything she might do, she just harumphs, moving to stand back up. "Well, they will. Because I'm right. And they're adults, so they should know it, too. Besides. You're eunder 18. They can't do anything. Or we'll just plead … like … insanity or something and prove that you're all better now and that'll be the end of it." Kaylee nods with certainty. Kaylee turns to head for the door, but then pauses and turns back part way. "… but … even if they don't … you can't really do anything ELSE but try and show you're better. So … try not to let it bother you … TOO much?" Kaylee offers, biting her bottom lip.

When Kaylee pulls back to look at her, Tabitha is looking back with an expression that eloquently says 'yep, you heard that right'. Her eyes follow Kaylee as she gets back up and works through the implications. Eventually, once Kaylee finishes, she sits up straighter in her pillow nest. "Odds are somewhat even right now. On one hand, I was the textbook definition of a child soldier. That provides some legal protection. But on the other hand I spent almost eight of my first ten years doing a lot of things that decent people simply don't do."

She doesn't go into any kind of detail, because she's not trying to make Kaylee feel bad. Then she does perk up a bit and nods to herself. "Best thing I've got going for my defense is that I can prove that I wasn't involved in any part of the Gardens Massacre, and that I didn't know anything about it until after it happened." She offers Kaylee a more energetic smile than she's managed up until now. "So yeah, it should be fine."

Kaylee listens quietly to Tabitha's explanations and nods. She considers things for several seconds and then just sighs and moves back to give Tabitha another hug, before heading for her own dorms. "Things will be alright in the end. If it's not alright, it's not the end," she recites as she hugs. "I've gotta get to sleep, Tabby. But … if you ever want or need to talk, or just want somebody to hug you and tell you that you're gonna be fine, I'm right over there," she says, pointing at her dorms. "Violet, too. Just don't think you've gotta go through this all by yourself."

Tabitha smiles at Kaylee's turn of phrase. "Well said." She returns the hug and nods, "I know, and I appreciate it to no end." She lets Kaylee go with a smile and a light friendly nudge towards the door at the mention of sleep. "Go get your rest. I'll see if I can't manage to do the same tonight."

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