(2016-07-12) Baby Oil and Moist Towelettes
Baby Oil and Moist Towelettes
Summary: Just a normal, everyday conversation about socks, marble floors, and Tootsie Pops
Date: 2016-07-12
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NPCs: Katrina Evans
Scene Runner: NA

Becca is flopped onto the long couch circling the main room in the hub. It's such a dignified space and Becca is…totally not. The teen in her shorts and a tee that declares her love for LA sings along to some pop song and practices pointing and flexing her toes. Nobel Athena, perhaps not intended for teens!

Prize money and advances on projected album sales have allowed Tabitha to update her wardrobe and some of her equipment, but there are two things she hasn't upgraded yet. The main thing, and the one that she'll never replace ever is her beat up looking double neck guitar. She refurbished that herself and knows ever sliver of its body and minute shift in tone from its strings. It's currently slung across her back while she talks on the other things she hasn't replaced, her tablet computer. That one she's just using until it's unusable, and right now she's video chatting with someone on it. Her aura is holding the tablet in the air by her head so she's hands free. "Yeah, I never have showed you the interior of this place have I? Well let's remedy that, Trin. This is the commons for my current team. As you can see, it has more of a… museum vibe than a lounge one." She spots Rebecca as she's turning the tablet to show the person on the other end what the place looks like. "Hey there, Becca."

"Wha?" Becca slides off her headphones and waves. "Hey." She looks up and smiles wryly. She's curious about the tablet and wraps her hair into a quick bun. "What's kicking Tabs?" She asks curiously. The room really is museum worthy, maybe they should be more dignified as teens.

Or maybe they should just be teens and do stuff like slide across the marble floor in their socks. Which is what Tabitha does to cross the gap between one side of the lounge and the side Becca's on. Closer up there's a picture on her tablet screen: An older teen girl whose features show a blend of First Nations and Asian. She's obviously talking with Tabs over skype and is reclined against the trunk of a tree she's climbed.

Tabitha shrugs at Becca's question as she comes to a halt next to the brazier. "Not much. Just shooting the breeze with my orphan sister back home. Say hey to Katrina Evans, the 'Hurricane with Hips'." She shifts the tablet in midair so it's facing Becca. "Trini, this is Rebecca Sanders. She's a genuine, no faking California Girl."

"Hey, was she the one the did the costumes for the band?" Becca wonders and smiles at the girl in the tablet. "Straight from LA." She confirms at Tabitha's comment and considers sock sliding on the marble. "How don't we do more sock clad indoor broom ball in here?" She wonders aloud as the idea occurs to her. "Make sure the floors are like, super waxed?" The chaos.

Tabitha nods while on the screen Trini breaks into a huge grin. "Yep, that was me. I do what I can do keep those dregs from stinking up the stage!" Then Trini makes a show of being Very Impressed with meeting an actual person from LA. "It's like seeing a unicorn!" Then she rolls her eyes and smirks. That smirk is almost a perfect twin of the one on Tabitha's own face. Tabitha also seems intrigued at the idea of sock-footed shenanigans. "Well, I've got no idea what broom ball is, but this floor does just beg to be taken much less seriously."

"We used to play it on ice rinks back home. You go out on the ice in street shoes and you basically play hockey with a wall ball and brooms." Becca explains to Tabitha and looks at Trini. "Oh, those costumes were totally killer. They looked great!" She tells the girl in the tree and smiles bright. She'll take even jokingly being called a unicorn. "Dax was suggesting a movie night or something too."

Trini takes the compliment from Becca with a bashful grin. "Thanks." Leaning against the brazier with one hand just casually dipped into the flames, Tabitha shudders at the mention of the game involving ice. "Frozen floors are a no. That's for penguins and polar bears, not heavy metal hotties like myself. But a sock version sounds like it could be fun." Then she smiles as Becca mentions Daxton and spins the tablet so she can present Trini with an 'I've got bad news' expression. "I'm afraid you're going to have to tuck that crush under the pillow, Trin. Becca's already found out how many licks it takes."

"Licks?" Becca asks turning slowly red. "Ummm." The teen tugs the up the collar of her shirt and presses it to her cheeks a moment. Perhaps licking hasn't been much on the agenda. "But anyway, waxing the marble should make it slick enough to really get sliding."

Tabitha lets Becca hang for a moment before her grin breaks, "As in 'how many licks to get through the shell'? Tootsie pops?" On the screen, Trini rolls her eyes again. "Don't listen to my overly excitable orphan sister. She thinks everyone should jump into one big pile with some baby oil and moist towelettes and wiggle themselves to exhaustion." Tabitha does not contradict this idea. She just nods at the thought of waxing down the floor for shenanigans. "Sounds like a plan. We'll have to think of a way to bribe the boys to to the waxing. It'll be good for them."

On the tablet, Trini strikes a listening pose and then sticks her tongue out. "I'm hearing the dulcet tones of Old Man Nate. I'll give the bellowing giant a hug from you, Tabs. Was good to meet you, Becca. You and Daxton be good for each other, k?" Tabitha blows Trini's image a kiss then grins. "Kick him in the shins for me."

"I-yup." Becca nods and looks between the tablet and Tabitha incurably red. "Umm, I bet Dax would help out with the waxing. I think he's concerned that I'm bored." She suggests and crosses her legs up on the bench as she watches Tabs say good bye. "I kinda wish I had siblings, you two seem really tight."

Tabitha shuts down the tablet and finds a seat on the couch a short bit down from Rebecca. Her double neck guitar gets gently set down next to her with the tablet placed on top of it. She nods at Rebecca's suggestion of enlisting Dax's help with floor waxing, then smiles at the comment about siblings. "Yeah, we are. Katrina and I ended up at the orphanage within days of each other. It's hard to describe how it was, back when I only had days of memory and my body was nearly half covered in burn scars. But she helped me and I helped her, and here we are almost a decade later the best of not-really-but-totally-sisters." She shrugs as she sits cross-legged and plays with her socks. "Why's Dax so worried about you being bored, though?"

"We agreed that sticking close to the school would be a better idea for now. He managed to run down the photographer and got an email, but we'll see where that leads." Becca explains and smiles at Tabitha. "So he suggested a movie night, get some people to hang out. Maybe drag all the cushions off the seats or take over one of the cozier hubs, watch scary movies." Becca suggests and smiles. "Think your guy could run down this email? It seems pretty generic, so I don't know how promising it will be."

Tabitha nods, "Yeah, I can send it to him and ask him to look into it alongside the vehicle details." She also nods about the movie night. "Prometheus hub is very cozy. Good place for scary movies." She says this with the authority of one who has used it for just that purpose. "The couches in there are huge and about a mile deep. Perfect for mass cuddles." Yes, Trini was only exagerating a bit when she described Tabitha's near ideal relationship scenario.

"Prometheus, awesome. Those guys will totally let us invade." Becca nods and smiles. "I'll get the email for you, it's on my desk I think. Scary movies and foods and friends sounds amazing. Cuddle piles too, it'll totally weird Dax out." She smiles and slides to her feet looking at Tabitha. "Thank you for your help, honestly. I don't know much about shady stuff or where to start."

Tabitha chuckles, "Well, I'm happy to help by putting my own more than shady past to work. And to recruit Nathaniel, now that he finally come clean to me about his own network." She shakes her head, still occasionally mentally floored at the idea that her orphanage caretaker heads a global network of spooks and head crackers. "Of course, tracking this sort of thing down is certain to cross into 'legally shady' areas but that doesn't bother me as much as it did a few months ago." She shrugs and pulls the guitar onto her lap to tune. "Maybe that's why I haven't been feeling as comfortable in here as I did when I got here."

"In Athena? Do they let us change teams? I don't know that I'm charge ahead and think later kind of girl. I've honestly never seen Dax like, get into charge ahead and He-Man before." Becca says looking at the guitar. "I hope when you get out of there the band's taken off enough you can do that and not worry about more trouble like the band competition. You shouldn't have to deal with stuff like that."

Tabitha nods, then screws her face up, "Yeah, but despite the reasons I was created I'm also not the Ares gung-ho type. But no reason we shouldn't be allowed to change teams, since they're just training groups for arena fetch." She shrugs and strums a few quiet chords on her guitar, more out of reflext than intent. "I've been thinking about how regaining my pre-Tabitha memories has been changing my personality and how I look at things. When I first enrolled I was very much a fit for Athena. Now, though… I'm feeling like I could fit to Prometheus more." She shrugs again, then smiles at Rebecca's sentinment. "I hope someday I can be at a point where I can focus just on my music. But that won't happen for a while, yet. The people that attacked the VIP pre-show… well, they are who I used to be. And I'll have to deal with all that someday soon."

"Well…you don't have to deal alone." Becca offers, looking at Tabitha. "I seriously am dreading that dumb game starting up again. I can't stand playing fetch." Becca chuckles and shakes her head. "Especially since you're such a good musician. I kinda worry you know, that folks like you and Dax will have to spend a long time running, and I'd hate for that to be the case. I dunno, I'm in your corner Tabs." She shrugs and slips her hands into her pockets looking a little awkward about the verbal diarrhea.

Tabitha nods her agreement about arena fetch. "Yeah, I have no intention of every playing that game. Sports are generally a 'no' to me, at least stuff like that." Then she chuckles softly at the comment about her and Daxton, a gesture perhaps out of synch with the topic. "It's not a retreat, it's an advance to the rear." Then she shakes her head, "Or, more acurrately, regrouping for a counter attack." She stands up and slings the guitar over her back again and walks over to Becca to offer a hug. "And I'm in yours, Becks."

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