(2016-07-11) Back For the First Time
Back For the First Time
Summary: Kaylee and Rebecca are catching up in the Hub after Kaylee's vacation, up until her arch-nemesis shows up.
Date: 2016-07-11
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Ocean Floor Hub Coral Springs

The central hub of the lowest level is utilitarian in nature, simply an open space with white walls. There are serval tunnels leading off from here. One is wide open and the ocean can be glimpsed from this tunnel, it is marked Paragon Island. There are double doors that can seal off this tunnel if needed. Of the other tunnels, the prominent ones hold plaques overhead. Each indicated it belongs to one of the four school teams. There is an occasional soft sofa like bench all the walls for students, along with some plants that do not require much sunlight.

A notice has been posted. An official sign now hangs on the yellow taped laundry room door, it reads: Notice: Restricted Access, Students Prohibitied.

Becca is occupying a couch, stretched out with a book. Earbuds connect her to her phone and she sings along to her tunes as she reads. The Athena girl is wearing a grey hoodie thats too big for her and some cut offs. Her sandals are abandoned on the floor.

In-bound from the gym, Kaylee's in mostly her workout gear- Prometheus basketball shorts, tank top, sports bra, sneakers. She's also get her basketball tucked under her right arm and her hair pulled back in a pony. She's making her way from the elevator towards her dorm hub when she notices Becky laid out on the couch. "Hey, Becky!" she calls, waving as she pauses to say hello.

"Hey! Yay! You're back! I feel like you were gone forever!" Becca smiles and pops out her ear buds to hop up and go hug her friend. "Oh my gosh! It's been like, crazy here."

Kaylee grins and is totally happy to hug Becca back, giving her a squeeze. "… really? I was only gone for a week …. Did you have a good fourth?" she asks, spinning the basketball around her body absently. At the mention of it being crazy, she chuckles and nods. "I kinda noticed! We got back and it looked like somebody had gone in and totally disorganized most of my room! Why? Has anything else been going on? How's Daxton?" she asks, grinning brightly at that last bit. Maybe there's news!

The fourth? Becca turns a little pink but she smiles. "It was really good. Then Felicia took me flying in her little plane and I got stuck for like a day. And ummm, Tabby and I went thrift shopping and this creepy slick guy had an envelope of like-stalker photos and a note given to me. It was way weird! Dax went chasing after him when he found out." She stops for air and then asks "How was your trip? Have fun with Violet?"

What!? Kaylee gapes. "Stalker photos!? Of YOU!? Doing what? Oh my gosh, that's terrible! Did you tell any of the staff? Did he threaten you or anything? Oh my gosh, that's WAY creepy, Becky! Are you okay?" she asks, stopping the basketball and reaching out to touch Becca's arm, concerned. And then there's the mention of Violet, which makes her smile and duck her head a little. "Oh, my trip was SO good! My brother David got to come home from being out to sea, and my brothers found out about my powers and about me and Violet. And yeah, it was really fun having her home with me, getting to meet my friends and stuff. It was really nice," she repeats, nodding the entire time.

"Just like around town and stuff." Becca says. The 'and stuff' must be Dax related cause she turns a little pink. "It was super vague. I asked Tabitha to help me look into the weirdness. I already have to talk to staff about some help with custody court stuff." She shakes her head. "Did your folks like Violet?" She asks and shrugs a little. "For now Dax and I agree it's best if I stick to the school since the security here seems to keep who ever is taking the photos at bay. It's probably some crazy tactic my mom's family is pulling cause she wants visitation rights to me from China."

"Whaaaaaaaat!?" Kaylee asks again, incredulous. "Wait, what the heck is going on? Do you wanna talk about it? You can totally tell me about it in my room while I change, if you want? This sounds really crazy."

"It's probably nothing. My dad won getting me in the school, so maybe if she can prove it's not conductive to actual study or whatever being away from a parent then living with say, her, in China." Becca shakes her head. "It's so dumb." She huffs and looks at Kaylee. "I 'm gonna get the staff to back me on this being the place for me. Noooo way am I moving to China."

"Of course not!" Kaylee agrees. She'd never allow it! "But … what the heck is she trying to prove during the summer? I mean, we're NOT studying. Most of us, anyway. And there's hardly the same staff now as there is during the school year …. Besides, what's she gonna do for you in China that's better than what we can do here?" Kaylee asks, furrowing her brow. She sighs a little and shakes her head. "I'm really sorry your family is messed up like that. I can't even imagine how that must feel."

"That's what's weird. I never really hung out much in town before this summer. It's stupid." Becca flops onto the couch and smiles at Kaylee. "It'll shake out. She looses in court more than she wins. So-" She shrugs. "I'm guessing your parents aren't divorced. Did Violet terrorize your brothers?"

Kaylee moves to sit on the arm of the sofa Becca flops onto, dressed in her gym clothes. She's holding her basketball in her lap, now, as she shrugs her shoulders. "Still. That's REALLY weird. If you ever need anything from in town and Daxton isn't around, be sure to ask me. I'd be happy to run in and get it for you until this gets sorted out," she offers, smiling. And then it's back to her family.
"No, my parents aren't divorced. They're still totally in love. It's really cute, sometimes, and other times you just wanna puke," she explains, grinning. "And no, Violet didn't really terrorize anyone. She was actually pretty quiet and reserved, a lot of the times. I was kinda worried at first, but we talked about it and it was just … kinda hard for her, with her family background. And she wasn't smoking!" Which is probably the more important news, given that it makes Kaylee grin and bounce in her seat when she announces it.

"Oh? She's quitting smoking?" Becca asks and raises her brows. There's a book on the couch and Becca's phone playing music through her earbuds. She curls her feet up on the couch. "Uuugh! I almost wish school was starting soon-almost."

The scent of pizza proceeds the poor teen as he slowly makes his way into the hub. He's wearing his delivery t-shirt and a has a blue hoodie over an arm. The Daxi-Taxi hoodie has been getting a lot of use thanks to Felicia it seems. He's even though about finding someone that can sew for seat belts. As he rounds the corner the speedster, who is definitely not speeding, looks tired, but content. It was a decent tip day and no wires! The two girls are spotted on the couch and he pauses, unsure if he should zip by or not.

Kaylee nods and giggles, reaaching one hand up to play with the end of her pony tail a little. "Yeaaaaaah …. So, it totally tastes kinda gross when we kiss if she's been smoking. And she knows I really don't like it, and I worry about her and everything. Plus, I think she was really trying to make a good impression for my family, even though my parents already knew. So she didn't smoke the whole time we were there! It was so nice of her," Kaylee finishes, grinning.
At the mention of school starting up again, Kaylee just smiles and shrugs a little. "I'm looking forward to it, too. But I'm trying out for the travel team in Thunder Bay this weekend, and we'll have a couple tournaments this summer, still, so I'm not THAT excited for school to start," she says. And then there's that smell of pizza and Kaylee makes a little face, though she's mostly gotten it wiped away by the time Daxton is visible. However, she can't help but look a little sour as he enters the hub, sighing as she prepares to share space with him. Unless he decides to ignore them!

Rolling her eyes, Becca sticks out her tongue at Kaylee and hops up to say hi to Daxton. "Hey champ, like your lunch?" She asks with a little chuckle. That's still amusing to her. There's a quick look for any new road rash. "You look tired, wanna sit for a bit?" She asks and slides her hand over his arm lightly. Heading back to the couch, she smiles at Kaylee. "That's awesome. It sounds like you two are really getting along."

Daxton looks uncertain, but then ofcuses on Becca, "It was good, yeah. Thanks." She gets a quick smile and there seems to be no new road rash on the speedster. "Just a long day, not bad though. I was going to bring you a milkshake, but I completely forgot…sorry." He glances over to where Kaylee is, even as Becca is leading him back, "I'm not interrupting, am i?

"Nope!" Kaylee chirps as she stands up from the arm of the sofa. "I was just heading for the shower. Have a good night, Becky. And absolutely let me know if anything happens or if you need my help with anything, okay?" she asks, giving her friend a serious look for a moment. But, then it's back to smiling and she spins her basketball around her waist again as she heads off for the Prometheus dorm.

"No, negative in the interruptions. You're sweeter anyway, than milkshakes." She teases. "Oh. You too Kays, we can get lunch or something, you can teach me basketball." She offers and looks to the girl before scooting a little closer to Dax. She's not going to wrestle the two together.

Daxton blinks and then inhales only to sigh. he sits down, frowning slightly now, "I could have just gone to my room, she didn't have to leave." He's a little on edge it seems now, a slight vibration to his whole body.

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