(2016-07-07) Thunder Bay Thrift
Thunder Bay Thrift
Summary: No one is safe from criminal paparazzi! An early glimpse into Rebecca's brand of plot fu.
Date: 2016-07-07
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NPCs: Some poor, unknown fools.
Scene Runner: Rebecca

Becca and Tabitha wander the street around University Square. There's already a few bags in hand. Rebecca had wanted to thank Tabitha for the lobster and get a little girl time in. The half Asian girl is wearing cut off shorts and a hoodie that drowns her a little. It's not hers and it's comfortable so she doesn't seem keen to take it off once it gets warmer. Rolling up the sleeves she smiles to Tabitha. "This is fun. I don't come into the city often. The thrift shops are way better."

Tabitha nods her agreement to that sentiment. The tiny girl of indeterminant origin has been putting her finds into an army surplus duffle she's carrying on her back. She didn't feel like putting much effort into personal illusions for this trip, so she's wearing a long sleeve light turtleneck that reaches to her shins, yoga pants, and fingerless gloves to hide the various glyphs that festoon her body. A sun hat and dark glasses complete the identity concealment. She hasn't commented on the hoodie Becca is wearing, but there have been occasional sly grins. "Yep, there's a little something of everything around here. It's a fun town."

"I dig it. Starting to get tired of so much Burger Barn." Becca chuckles and lets her eyes move idly around. She's not really looking at anything so it doesn't strike her as odd, nor does she really notice the occasional set of eyes directed their way. "Is your band going to be able to come by and visit again before the summer ends?" She wonders, pointing out a store called the Cat's Meow with a wry grin. The display windows are filled with the weird and retro.

The sight of the shop gets a grin from Tabitha. She also hasn't been paying attention to the occasional looks in their direction. For different reasons at different times, she's gotten used to stares. They barely register anymore. "Not sure if they'll come down to Shady Cove, but I told them about Keakilani's offer to let folks hang out on his island and they're naturally interested in having a tropical island vacation. I'm thinking of flying to the island long enough that I can open a portal there. Make the commute easier." She heads over to the shop window and peeks in before heading to the door. "Wonder what this place will have in store?"

"I have no idea, but it looks amazing!" Becca smiles and follows Tabitha to the door. She doesn't look back, so she doesn't see their picture being taken as they go inside. The inside of the shop is just as wild as the outside implies. They have clothes that date as far back as the fifties with the knick nacks to match. The older woman at the counter looks up as the girls enter and offers a little nod. "Feel free to look around, dressing rooms are in the back." She gestures, her hand shakes a little as she points the way and resumes her busy work at the counter. "An island? That's pretty cool. I'm sure you guys will have a blast." She smiles and picks up a rotary phone. "Whoa, think people still use these?"

Tabitha doesn't notice the photo being taken, either. She's too excited at what's awaiting them inside the shop. She smiles at the shopkeep, then starts looking around with Rebecca. The phone gets a grin and a shrug. "Not sure. Bet one of the gadget types back at school could think of something, though." The comment about the island gets a grin. "Keakilani extended the invite to everyone at the school. And if I can geta portal set up, and Lani says it's alright, folks could ferry there and back with no trouble."

"That's pretty awesome!" Becca smiles and sets the phone down as she finds a seventies dress to hold up. It has bell sleeves and is the brightest orange and yellow lava lamp mess over. "Can you believe this? They must have worn these to land planes!" It is ugly, by every stretch of the imagination.

Tabitha winces as the dress is presented, "Gah! I can taste how eye burning that thing is!" She makes a warding gesture against the dress like she might against a vampire. "It's horrible!" Then she grins wide, "We MUST get it!" She looks around at the various accessories in the vicinity, "What else can we get to make it even worse?" The topic of the island and easy access gets a shrug. "I've been practicing old skills that I forgot when I became Tabitha. Portaling is my favorite, even if it does knock me on my keister. But I think it's worth a long nap to spend some time in the Pacific heat."

"I miss the west coast." Becca smiles and finds some gaudy jewelry. "This could be your costume Tabs!" She teases. "You can afford to be hard to miss right?" Cause Becca is totally squishy. "I totally nap after a good power drain. Napping on the beach out west sounds dreamy." She finds some other stuff to look at like crazy wide bell bottoms. "These are beautiful." She tells Tabitha somberly.

Tabitha smirks, "If I wore that into combat, it would /attract/ incoming fire. Maybe even make new enemies join… just to burn that dress!" She shakes her head, still grinning while poking through some shoes that look like they might have walked through Woodstock's mud. "This shop is great. I could spend days here." She nods about power naps, "Yeah, I could do with a change from New England weather. Why they didn't set the school up near Hawaii, I have no idea." She gets a shrewd look and shrugs, "Maybe that's what I'll do with my rock star money."

"Yeah? How is the band doing? A lot of online traffic for you guys?" Becca asks and finds a fringed leather jacket with a flourish. "Ta da! This is wild. Man! All of this stuff is so retro." She grins and sets it aside. "Dax would hate everything in here." She chuckles. As they shop a man walks into the shop and approaches the old lady shop keeper. He hands her an envelope with a few bills on top for the old lady and points over to the girls. The man dressed in a nice suit, dark hair slicked, the whole nine. Envelope handed over he starts to leave.

"Yeah, it's been busy since the contest. But the good busy. T-minus 6 days until the first album drops officially. Then it'll be time to relax a while." Tabitha grins wide and nods at Becca's assessment of what Daxton might think of this place. "Yeah, he's more the floppy grey hoodie type." She grins at the hoodie that Becca is wearing, then her expression goes neutral. Outside, with a city of millions around them, she was content to let the stares slip past her mind. But in here it's hard to miss the handoff and the man pointing at the two of them. She turns so she's facing away from the front counter but keeps an eye on the man via her enhanced senses. "That didn't look like anything good."

"What?" Becca looks at Tabitha, confused. She was distracted by the look at the hoodie she had on and shrugs. "It still smells nice." She offers and watches Tabitha. The little old lady makes her way over, hands shaky. She really is a shaky old lady. "That man said this is for you dearie." She tells Becca and offers the envelope with Chinese written on it. "Ummm, thanks." Becca blinks and looks after the guy as she furrows her brow. Looking to Tabitha she shakes her head. "Weird."

"That." Tabitha nods to the envelope as the old lady hands off the envelope. "The guy that dropped that off was slick enough to make shady look clean." She is sidetracked long enough to reply to the 'smells nice' remark with a small smile, "Yeah, I can imagine." She leaves off just how far she's imagined. Sometimes it can be a bit… frustrating to be poly in a school filled with so much hotness and just as many new, fragile friendships. Easier to just keep her mouth shut these days. She looks at the envelope and rubs at her temple as the words shift in her mind. "'Listen to your mother.'?" She looks from the envelope to Becca. "Anything inside?"

"I don't know…" Becca says and carefully opens the envelope. There's a smaller note inside also in Chinese with a few photos of Becca in town, or with her friends. She pauses on the last photo of a campsite and shows them all to Tabitha as she reads the note. "It's not even from my mom. It just says "Remember your obligations. You bring dishonor on your family." It's not signed." She rubs her face and looks around the shop a little more paranoid. "What the hell does that mean?"

Tabitha looks at the pictures and frowns, almost all thought of the shopping gone from her mind (it would take a nuclear strike to scrub out that dress). "I swear that school isn't even a sixth as secret as the factulty insists it is." As a precaution and note of paranoia, she extends her aura invisibly out from herself to check the store and the area around it for the man that dropped off the letter or anyone that looks suspicious in the same way. She doesn't usually push her senses out with the aura, so the massive input makes her need to close her eyes and lean against the clothing rack. "No idea what it could mean, beyond the obvious. You and your mom on decent terms?"

"I mean, we fight." Becca starts to ball up the photos and watch Tabitha. She'll find the man getting into a very nice car. Less subtly is the person waiting across the street to snap their photo as they come out. "She's a seamstress in LA. Well, she's moving back to China but this? I don't get it." She says quietly and tears up the note looking upset.

Tabitha gets a handle on the sensory input after a moment. She's seven years out of practice, but it comes back easily enough. She takes note of the cameraman, then focuses her attention entirely on the car the delivery man got into. She'll snag license plate, make and model, even try to get her senses sharp enough to look at the VIN tag. That done, she'll return her focus to inside the store and the friend that's suddenly had her day turned bad. She stands back up and reaches over to put her hand on Rebecca's arm (drawback of being so tiny is draping an arm over anyone's shoulders is never gonna happen when they're standing). "It's alright. We can figure this out. I have no idea what it means, but it seems to… impersonal to really be about your Mom."

"It's so weird. Why would anyone be watching me? My parents aren't extraordinary, no one else in my family has power. I don't think. Let's just get back to the school. None of these were in the school." She says and looks at Tabitha. There's tension in her body and she gathers up the mess of balled up photos and the torn up note, it occurs to her she might need them later.

University Square. The girls are in a shop called the Cat's Meow. It's filled to the brim with vintage chic but the girls aren't laughing anymore. A very expensive car pulls away from near by as inside Becca gathers up some balled photos and torn up writing.

Tabitha nods her understanding of the frustration of being watched. "Yeah, the school has some serious anti-surveilance tech convering the main structure plus the nearest islands." She looks at the torn letter and crumpled photos and holds her hand out. "I can take those if you want. Once we get back, I can scan them and see if any of Nathaniel's contacts can shed any light?"

"It's just us. How telling can that be? The burger place, the roller rink, the shootout, I mean, do they not want me to leave the school? I don't get it. Why do you tell someone you're watching them?" She wonders and shoves it all back in the envelope. "It doesn't make any sense." Becca presses her lips together and looks at the old lady a moment. "Let's get out of here. That was way creepy."

Tabitha nods and puts things back where they found them. Normally after so much browsing she'd feel she had to buy at least something, but not today. "Sounds like a plan. And I don't get it, either. There doens't seem to be any… motive for the photos except to alert you that you're being watched. And the letter reads like the person who sent it expects you to automatically understand?" She shakes her head, then holds her hand up just before they open the door. "Wait a few seconds." She snakes her aura across the street to the guy waiting with the camera. She then sucks every single erg and ohm of energy from the battery, memory, even the chemical potential in the LCD screen. To call his camera a brick would be a great insult to bricks everywhere. She gets a somewhat evil grin as she does this, then nods to Becca, "Safe now."

Daxton said he'd come after getting off work, and lucky for him, he got off early. So here he is, coming into the college campus top speed. He has to take a moment to walk off his shoes heating up, he didn't think to wear his actual running shoes. So he's sitting outside on a brick wall with his sneakers off cooling so they don't melt. The trails and tribulations of being a speedster who doesn't plan ahead. While he waits he's on his phone, doing something. He does glance up every once in a while, making sure his surroundings are still secure.

"Are you serious?" Becca looks up at the ceiling. "I have no idea what it means. Listen to my mother…it's like I'm being scolded, I don't understand." She steps out of the shop and looks around. The creepy smooth man and his car are long gone. The photographer looks down at his camera and tries to get it working, looking up and getting ready to move since the girls are. She looks towards the train station and spots Dax. Hunching into his hoodie she bumps Tabitha. "Hey! Dax." She says and shakes her hair back and straightens, putting on a smile. The poor camera guy goes for his phone instead.

A phone which is dead the moment it comes into view. Tabitha isn't giving the ass a chance to get any more shots. "Sorry I can't offer anything helpful on the note or photos. But I am keeping creepy guy's lapdog busy." She grins when Becca points out Daxton and nods. "Excellent. He's early. Hey, when we get to him, keep close together. I'm bricking the cameraman's gear as he shows it, but I can do something more useful when we're all together."

Daxton looks up, flashing the girls a quick smile as he finishes off whatever text he was sending and slips his phone into his jean pocket, "Hey…let me get my shoes on…They started to melt." He grins a little wider at the hoodie before smoothing his face and looking between the two girls, "So what's up?"

"Ummm, nada." Becca shakes her head and gives Tabitha's arm a small squeeze before walking over to the wall. She leans up against Dax's side and makes a face at him. "We need to get shoes that can keep up with you." She teases and keeps half an eye on Tabitha. Look, totally normal teens hanging out right here.

Tabitha's eyes narrow ever so slightly as Rebcca makes with the normal teens bit, but she doesn't break chracter. "Yep. And guess what, Dax? We found your Prom King dress! It's an Arbor Day miracle!" She might be making with the normal talk, but she's still keeping her 'eyes' on the cameraman. And when the three of them are close together she pulls the second part of her fiendish plan. Next time the other pedestrians or traffic break line of sight between them and the creeper lacky, she whips up a quick surface illusion at the edge of her aura that makes them look like three entirely different random tourist types, plus two dogs. Becuase it's on her aura's surface and not on their bodies, it's easier to maintain and she won't have to explain to Daxton why he suddenly looks like a fat Red Sox fan.

Daxton's eyes narrow, looking between the two girls, "What's going on?" Although he's quickly thrown off questioning when Tab brings up Prom. A frown and an eye roll, "No thanks. Been there, done that." He finishes tiing his shoes and hops off the wall. "So why are we here?" He's not shown any interest in college.

"Umm, not here." Becca shakes her head and keeps on smiling. "Tabitha and I were looking at the thrift shops. Oh, here." she fishes out a hoody to replace the one she's wearing. Looking back at Tabitha she wonders "Is it ok now?" chews her lip and resumes smiling. So much fun, the three of them. The photographer looks frustrated but his gear is down and he's lost sight of them so he retreats for now.

Tabitha lets Rebecca field Daxton's question, although she does give him a quick evil smirk as he backpedles at the mere mention of Prom. She waits an extra minute after the photocreeper retreats, does another sweep of the area with her extended senses, then nods to Rebecca. "Yeah, looks clear. And I've got us covered just in case I'm wrong. Consider us to be in a privacy bubble." She'll walk so that she's on the other side of Daxton from Becca, then smiles as she hands him a new hoodie but doesn't make any remark.

Daxton thought they were plotting some dance thing, but the forced smile from Becca has him straightening and squaring his shoulders, "What is going on?" The hoodie is taken but he doesn't look at it, instead looking form one girl to the other and then glancing around the area. It's too late to see the camera man, unfortunately. "Why do we need a privacy bubble?" He doesn't sound amused.

Becca offers the envelope to Dax. There's photos of Becca on her own and with others around town, at the beach, even camping. The photos are kinda crumpled and there's a torn up note. Chinese writing is on the envelope and the note. "The envelope says to listen to my mother, and the note says to remember my obligations and that I've dishonored my family." She tells him quietly, Tabitha says they have privacy. "I don't get it. Tabs says it's like who ever it is thinks I know something already. Unless this is some creeper way for my mom to get me to study more and stay in the school." She shrugs. This is out of her depth really.

Tabitha lets Rebecca lead the way as she's the target of this mess. "A guy came into the thrift store we were in and paid the old lady at the register to hand Becca the envelope. He was dressed slick, but walked dangerous. Got into one of those 'really, this isn't a limo it's just a car' limos and drove off. There was a cameraman keeping an eye on us, but I bricked his gear and threw up a bubble illusion to break the trail. He gave up looking a couple minutes ago, but I'm still keeping us covered so stay close." She changes up the illusion after a bus drives past. Now instead of dog walking tourists they're two sorority bimbettes hanging off a college football hunk, and outside of two feet away no one can hear them talk.

Daxton straightens more, blue eyes scanning the area before looking back to the envelope. His voice is steady, "Who tore the note up? How did you get it?" But Tab answers that at least. He makes eye contact as he turns back to look at Becca, all business, "Does your mother have this kind of pull?" He's already got a few ideas, but he's also got a bad filter when it comes to parents. There's a twitch in his hand as he sees some of the more personal photos. "Do you know how connected your mother's family is? Would your father know?" His jaw tightens more and he glances around again like he'll be able to pinpoint something, "Why didn't you tell me, I could have gotten info out of the photographer."

"My mom is a seamstress. She's a little strict but-" Becca shakes her head. "We can't tell my parents. They'd flip and want me back in LA. I don't understand this at all. I mean, I guess my obligation is school? None of these are at school." She points out and she rubs her jaw. "Tabitha was blocking the photographer, I kinda just want to get out of here."

Tabitha takes a brief moment to lay a hand on Daxton's arm briefly. "Easy. It just happened and it's Becca's first time being a surveilance target." She says this with the air of someone who knows with certainty that dozens of acronym agencies worldwide have candids and action shots of her on file. "If I'd known you'd gotten here early, I would have texted you the photocreeper's location. And I've got the car's tags and VIN to pass along to Nathaniel's people once Becca decides what to do." She nods her understanding of Rebecca's desire to just get some distance. "I can portal us back to the school. We'd just need to find somewhere out of the way for two minutes."

Daxton's arm is vibrating, he's keeping it in check, but he's vibrating. "No, you don't tell your mom anything. And feel your dad out. He's got to know something." That manly jaw of his stays tight. He's not happy with any of these answers. He's a damn Ares, they run and tackle the photographher, it's what they do. "Get her out of here. Give me the plate numbers, I'll do a perimeter sweep." He can do that, at least. There's something very different about him currently, he's not slouching, and is making eye contact. Strange for the speedster.

"I don't have to call her for another week anyway." Becca nods and looks up at Dax. "Please don't go yet." She asks softly and looks up at him then over to Tabitha. "You don't have to wear yourself out. Let's just go back to the school and maybe look up that car info you got? A who might help figure out a why." She adds and rubs her face.

Tabitha has no trouble understanding the shift in Daxton's demeanor. He's in mission mode. But she shakes her head at his request for the car's info. "Intel before action this time, dude. Way too many unknowns to go chasing after a needle in a needle stack." She then nods to Rebecca's comment about not draining herself. "I'd be fine by morning, and I was thinking about using it so we'd duck past anyone they might have in Shady Cove. Have to presume they've got more than just the one guy taking pictures. But however you want to call it, I've got your back."

Daxton's frown increases, "I'm not wearing myself out. It's the logical thing to do. Gather more intel." As in go find the damn car. "You're being stalked Rebecca, this isn't something we should take slow." he completely disagree with Tabitha, and that shows on his expression as he folds his arms. The vibrating is becoming visible now.

"I never saw the car." Becca shakes her head but concedes to Tabitha's point. "I didn't think of that." She admits and looks back at Dax. "I don't know what to do honestly. That car could have gone anywhere Dax, the guy left a few minutes before we left the shop. Is that too much of a lead?" She asks him.

Tabitha takes a close look at Daxton, especially at the vibrating, then takes out her phone. She texts him the pertinent details of the car; VIN, license, make, model, color, and the direction it drove off in. She also includes a small message after the info: 'She's your girlfriend and this has her spooked. Weigh all sides.' She does think of a crack to make when Daxton talks about not taking things slow, but she keeps it to herself. Can't help the small smirk that pops up on her face when he says it, though. She nods to Rebecca and offers her a reassuring smile. "It's alright. This is a new thing for you." She shrugs one shoulder, "I've been to this rodeo a few times before."

Daxton's chances would have been much better if they had told him immediately but he lies and shakes his head, "Not for me." He pulls out his phone, speed reading everything and just nodding, "Stay wit Tabitha, get back to the school. I'll call you if I find anything." A moment pause and he brushes a kiss kiss to Becca's cheek and then is just gone, presumably in the direction that Tabitha told him.

Taking a deep breath, Becca nods. "I'm going to figure this out." She murmurs and curls her hands into fists. "I'm just confused…surprised." she worries at her lip straightens her back a little. Dax's cheek kiss is bracing at least. "To the school then?" She asks Tabby.

Tabitha stays out of the way while Daxton kisses Becca then vanishes. She lets out a short sigh, then focuses on Becca fully again. She nods briskly, "Of course you are, and confusion is entirely natural with shit like this." She also nods about heading back to the school, then looks around at their surroundings. She smiles tightly when she spots a tanning salon around the corner. "Let's head in there. I'll cover the booth and we can use it to portal back privately."

"Ok, lead the way." Becca nods and looks over at Tabitha. "Hey…do you suppose this might have something to do with my mom moving back to China? I know she's planing on getting visitation rights to me going out of country. Do you think she thinks going out with Dax and having fun makes her look bad? That'd be insane." She's so baffled.

Tabitha considers the ideas Becca raises as they head into the tanning salon and Tabitha pays for two hour sessions. She leads Becca into the booth and takes a minute to make sure the place doesn't have any of its own brand of creeper peepers. "No idea, really. Both of my childhoods were what one could generously call 'unconventional', so I don't have much foundation in that sort of thing. But you're right, it does sound insane, and I hope it's not what's going on." While she talks she's clearing a spot on the room's longer wall of any furniture or other flotsam and jetsam. Once that's handled she removes her hat and glasses, puts them into the army duffel she's been putting her purchases into, then hands it over to Becca. "Here. Safer if you toss this through before you pass. We'll be coming out near the ruins on Paragon Island. Once it's open, please hurry through."

She stands next to the wall, floats up a couple feet from the floor, and takes a pose similar to the classic daVinci 'Vitruvian Man'. She closes her eyes and after a few seconds a ring of energy forms linking her head, hands, and feet. The ring grows brighter, expands outward until it's bottom touches the floor. Then the energy moves inward, covering Tabitha completely although she is still visible as a silhouette in the unstable disk. A breath later and three things happen all at once. The energy disk becomes stable with an almost audible 'snap', its glow is replaced by a seemingly infinite blackness with a rim of violet at the edge of the disk, and then a cutout circle of the Paragon Island forestis suddenly there in the room with the two of them.

Watching Tabitha, Becca gaps. The portal opens and Becca tosses the bag before jumping through as instructed. She looks around the island from the other side still amazed. "Woah, that was so gnarly." She says and stoops over to pick up the duffel bag as she waits for Tabitha to come through.

From the Paragon Island side, the tanning room is visible through the disk. And once Becca is through, Tabitha doesn't so much 'come through' the portal as its rim seems to break like crepe ribbon. The energy reverses through its stages from before, stable becoming unstable becoming nothing, and then Tabitha is on the ground where the portal stood. She's pale, her hair is matted to her head, and the fire in her inhuman eyes is barely an ember. But she has enough in her to stand up and grin at Becca, "Yeah. It doesn't suck. Well, mostly." She nods in the general direction of the sea tunnel to the school. "I think it's nap time."

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